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Found 24 results

  1. The two year old game that has taken gaming by storm over the last year and claimed both Best Multi-Player Game and Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2020 has now sus'd its way onto Nintendo Switch with cross-platform play! Come together with 4-10 friends to work as a crew to complete their tasks each round while the imposter(s) among them try to sabotage and kill off the crew. Can the crew sus out the imposter(s) while keeping casualties to a minimum? Or will the crew find themselves among the dead before the round ends? Just be careful... trusting the wrong person could spell t
  2. Yes, the ability cancel games you pre-order is now a option on the Nintendo eShop. The reason for this is that when you PO games on the eShop previously, you were charged right away. Now you are charged a week before the launch of the game, meaning you have a week before to cancel game PO. Of course you can cancel anytime before 7 day as seen in the video. All that's left is to get refund, Nintendo. I honestly thought this was a video for refund for digital games, hopefully that is coming soon.
  3. A Nintendo Direct Mini as been announced for this morning at 7am PDT / 10am EDT. What to pay attention to is that the 3rd party titles here are previously announced so we don't know if there will be anything new from 3rd parties not already announced for the Nintendo Switch. They also make no mention of Nintendo first party titles as well. What will we see today? EDIT: According Nintendo Japan Twitter, the showcase is 10 minutes long.
  4. The demo is available to DL for Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition on the Nintendo eShop. You can also Pre-load the game as well too. Also, don't forgot that whatever progress you end the demo with, you can transfer it to the full game. The game releases September 27th.
  5. Thought it was strange that no one was talking about the new information that came out about Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so I thought I'd share the translated feature from Famitsu. Translation posted on GoNintendo. Story Characters Protagonist The protagonist was originally making a living as mercenary, but then they realized that they had knowledge to pass on, and so became a teacher at the academy. Their mother had already passed away, which is why they were living with their father, who used to be at the head of the Knig
  6. Just found out about this last night. Tried to download it, but it's too big for me to do so. It seems to be around 4-5gb. Saw that my own systems space went down from 10gb to around 6.4gb. Ended up deleting it. So make sure to have enough room before getting it! Source: https://www.polygon.com/deals/2019/3/18/18271002/splatoon-2-demo-free-trial-nintendo-switch-online-deal
  7. Is this meh, a little too late or a gateway to certain apps that would benefit being on Switch.
  8. The Splatfest we've been waiting since the first game. Inkling versus Octoling! Pick your preferred kid for turf war starting July 6th and war commences on July 21st. Also, for those who have not purchased the octo expansion or completed, (the latter on is me) you can play as the Octoling just for this Splatfest. Kick-off of this Splatfest is: Friday July 20th 12:00am til Saturday July 2st 12:00am. This is a global splatfest as well. I wonder with that open where the tide will more lean to and if this means maybe for once the popular team mi
  9. Finally, this game is coming out. It was suppose to come out the first month the Switch came out or so and since then there hasn't been much as in updates, until recently and now this news. This is great news and I'm really look forward to finally playing this title.
  10. Nintendo announced today the Better Together Update that would finally bring cross-platform online play to Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch is going to be released digitally and with a physical retail release June 21! This update will also include Xbox Live achievements for the Nintendo Switch! I am super excited for this since it will finally bridge the gap between everyone else already in on the Better Together deal and Nintendo gamers. Granted the few things I have heard about moving from Console Edition to Bedrock Edition isn't the greatest in terms of UI, menus, "a
  11. This upcoming weekend from Sat 12am to Sun 12am is another Splatfest in Splatoon 2. Theme as shown above is Money vs Love. They say love don't cost a thing but where do you stand over the old debate of money vs love? There's only right answer....choose wisely.
  12. So I got a Switch for Christmas, and I got Minecraft on there as well. Seeing how I never got to do any online multiplayer with anyone on the Wii U edition, I reaaaally want to do some multiplayer Survival mode and need players to do so. Any takers? I know The_Krazy_One, ArmoredFrog, and Samus2008 said they will eventually, wondering if there are any others out there.
  13. https://www.wsj.com/articles/nintendo-delays-rollout-of-64-gigabyte-switch-game-cards-until-2019-1514360941 Its good to know that bigger game cards are coming but again they have been delayed till 2019 so we will still see some games on Switch still requiring an SD Card for some time. Now I'm hoping that with these bigger game cards the meatier games don't get jacked up in price.
  14. So it has been officially confirmed. After 5 years, a WWE game is coming to a Nintendo platform, the Nintendo Switch. The last WWE game was WWE '13 on the Wii as the WWE games completely skipped the Wii U. Along with the Dragon Ball series which their last game was released on the Wii in 2009 (as that has also completely skipped the Wii U), this will be an interesting next few months. Xenoverse 2 & Fire Emblem Warriors in September and WWE 2K18 & Super Mario Odyssey in October.
  15. Welcome to the Nintendo Switch "Game Demos" topic! This topic is here to list the games available or soon to be available on the Nintendo Switch that currently have demos for them. An archive for if anyone is interested in a particular game but doesn't know if it has a demo, they have somewhere to check. If the topic is in view that is. I'll try to gather some information on each demo including file size, modes and length and list them along with the game. I will try to add to this list as demos are added. If you want me to, I could add demos from other regions to the list if so
  16. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0118LR9Z8/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1KMK2WFBGTZRO&coliid=I1TIEZK6W7G13H&psc=1 First to note, i don't have a Switch at this point But i was wondering, would this work well enough for a Micro SD card? I think it might work for now, but im not sure if it would be too small or just the right size I was considering getting the 256 one, but that's a bit...... pricey and im not sure if i want to spend that much on a Micro SD card right now Also, here's some other accessories i was cons
  17. I'm honestly surprised no one made a topic about this since we haven't seen anything from the Switch's eShop until now. This details what pops up when you come out of sleep mode or when you turn on the Switch (Featured News), what's in the News tab, the eShop interface, features and how to merge your eShop wallets from the 3DS and/or Wii U. The eShop interface reminds me of the eShop area on Nintendo.com look-wise. I could see it changing in the future when VC games hit. Discuss or no?
  18. After watching the Switch presentation again for the second or third time. I rather noticed that there was lack of talk about the Mii's making there mere transition to the Switch, this is not only followed up with news we've heard recently that Streetpass and Miiverse not returning on the console. This has lead me to question if they are getting replaced or updated in some manner. If they do end up get replaced what kind of avatar creation system would Nintendo go with in particular? If they do end up getting replaced, I just want to see something much more flexible than the option
  19. The Nintendo Switch. This new console allows the player the ability to take their traditionally at-home gaming on the go using the actual system as a handheld. That sounds pretty great and all as there are definitely some moments during which I wished I could play certain games during car trips and whatnot. However, the greatest concern for me in regards to having your NS on you is: what happens if you lose or damage your NS? Again, you are literally carrying your console around with you to play on the go, so just like all handhelds it is prone to getting lost or damaged while out
  20. It's probably going to be shown at later date but I'm rather curious to see what the OS is and system features are going to be like on the Switch itself. I mean, with the Wii U before launch we saw the likes of this with the reveals of both Wara Wara Plaza and Miiverse. Now, will these get carried over or will they get makeovers? I can only imagine these will be carried over with and be more heavily expanded upon, with Switch receiving it's own section within Miiverse. I can see the eShop getting overhauled to accommodate Switch. With now it being more unified and the Virtual Conso
  21. Something popped into my head whenever I saw people discussing ways to connect online on Switch. It mainly has to do with them wanting an Ethernet port. So there in lies the question. If there was an Ethernet port on the dock and you were connected online through it, what would happen if you switch to portable mode? Would it just disconnect? In that case it would probably only be able to connect via Wi-Fi if you think about it. What are your thoughts on this? Also, what do you think of the tagline "Switch it up!"?
  22. Provided Nintendo even offers downloadable Wii U titles on the Nintendo Switch in the first place, which option would you be the most comfortable with? If I could have added a poll to a post in the Nintendo Switch topic, believe me I would have done that.
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