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Found 5 results

  1. Tyranogre

    Miiverse returns! Sort of...

    A group of people were able to create an archive of Miiverse through the use of Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine. All in all, it totals to approximately 17 terrabytes of data. https://archiverse.guide/ You can't actually post anything new, but with a bit of searching, you should be able to find all your old drawings even if you didn't opt to have Nintendo send them to you.
  2. It was rumored a few weeks ago because of a firmware update but we've got an official date now: Miiverse is ending on November 7th at 10pm PT. You can see Nintendo's FAQ about it here. Even without the rumor it's not terribly surprising to see Miiverse end but it's still a little sad to see that aspect of the Wii U close forever. The FAQ details how Miiverse's demise affects some games:
  3. alienboyva

    [RUMOR] Miiverse ending soon?

    Apparently, data miners have found text in the recently released 5.5.2. firmware update for the Wii U, which points to Miiverse ending.... Even though I haven't used Miiverse in forever, it's kind of sad to see it go. It'd be cool if they replaced it with a screenshot button that lets us post to social media like on Switch. I wonder how long until Nintendo makes the official announcement?
  4. I am a bit concerned... my Wii U froze while using Miiverse (still had BOTW in the drive -- but it wasn't running). Then I got off of that and it went to a white screen. I reset it like I was supposed to and waited a couple of minutes and started it again and it loaded ok. I checked for updates and it's up to date. Note: I had vacuumed out the vents and what not earlier that day, as I was running into a bit of lag on BOTW and it seemed like it was getting a bit warm. Also, I've had a bit of lag in some other games, Mario Maker and Minish Cap, along with Super Mario World. I vacuumed it at that time as well and it helped. Not sure if the lag is a symptom of something or just normal, but I'm keeping a close eye on it. If it's anything wrong with the system, I'm screwed, as sending it in for repair is not an option as it would cost money I do not have. Anyone else run into this or a similar issue with their Wii U's lately?
  5. It's probably going to be shown at later date but I'm rather curious to see what the OS is and system features are going to be like on the Switch itself. I mean, with the Wii U before launch we saw the likes of this with the reveals of both Wara Wara Plaza and Miiverse. Now, will these get carried over or will they get makeovers? I can only imagine these will be carried over with and be more heavily expanded upon, with Switch receiving it's own section within Miiverse. I can see the eShop getting overhauled to accommodate Switch. With now it being more unified and the Virtual Console getting content frequently, an added section for themes that you change your home menu with, etc. The Mii's don't seem to be going away anytime soon thanks to software such as Miitomo, I just hope they get some kind update being on new hardware. Personally through, I think it's possible we could see some successor software akin to Tomdachi Life and Miitomo being integrated within Switch's operating system. It'll be great if we are allowed to purchase accessories to via eShop (or whatever rewarding way) to deck our Mii's out with. So, these are just some my ramblings that are on top my head right now. What are your ideas regarding Switch's OS and system features?