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  1. Hello and welcome to the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/Square Enix thread where we can discuss all things from the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/Square Enix series from the main games, spin offs, merchandise and what not. A bit about why I like the series: I only knew a little of Final Fantasy when I was young and practically missed all the hubbub about FFVII when it was huge back then (I had about Legend of Dragoon instead at the time) and the only time I got into the series was a high school buddy of mine who I haven't seen or heard from for a long time now introduced me to the guide of the game and I was mesmerized how good the game looked from the characters to the monsters and bosses to boot. My parents got me a PS2 later on after it launched as well as the game which they got used and stopped a little after the battle with the first boss of the game so I had to send it back and ask them to get a brand new copy instead. I was really deep into the series then and after that I was able to get FFVII and FFVIII for PS1 to play on my PS2. VII while it showed age to me was still very enjoyable and I didn't like VIII too much for some reason but I ended up getting it again later on PC via Steam in fact I own almost all the main line FF games on Steam (III, IV, IV: The After Years, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & X-2, XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns I'm surprised I and II aren't on PC yet and I know XII and XV will come at some point.) Anyways as of now I'm still a fan of the series and sadly I'm rather very cautious of FFXV (originally Versus XIII) since it has seen many changes and delays so I don't know if it'll be that good plus after the two demos I have played and also footage I have seen well it just doesn't seem as interesting or fun to me. Sure graphically the game looks great but with all that action happening it'll take time for me to get adjusted to it as it took me a while to get used to XIII with at least the sequel being a better improvement but the story for that went all over the place. I'm definitely interested in that World of Final Fantasy game but still not used to the super chibi look as I prefer the Theatrhythm FF look better. As for Kingdom Hearts when I saw the article about the first game many years ago I was very intrigued and followed it closely until I bought it for PS2. I had a blast with it and so I also tried out the sequel Kingdom Hearts II later on which was also great to me at least but I didn't like the card based battles too much from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and never did play Kingdom Hearts: Coded or Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep which so far seems to be the best one yet. I should definitely try to fetch the remasters that have recently come to PS4 such as Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts I.5 and II.5. For Square titles over I didn't even get the chance to play any Square titles until well in the millenium when FFX came out after that I tried of their works some even not FF related like The Bouncer, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and many others that I can't remember all of them. EDIT: This thread was originally in the old Nsider2 site so I decided to bring it over here to Ninfora so we can continue to discuss it.