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Found 13 results

  1. Okay, this is pretty friggin awesome. YouTube user versat13 discovered a glitch that allows a bunch of weird things to happen, one of which is duplicating the Master Sword. But what makes this even more interesting is that when the duplicated Master Sword is dropped, it doesn't stay down. Instead it shoots into the air and the text "The Master Sword has returned to the forest" appears. Video of the glitch in action follows: English instructions:
  2. So, I didn't get my 80% completion by LAST Tuesday like I thought. In fact I didn't finish it until last night (though I was trying to get as much as possible before the FINAL battle) Anyways.... What. A. Ride. The visuals and the entire sound department were completely on point. The vibrant lush fields and chilly landscapes, the decrepit ruins of old temples and destroyed villages made you feel like you were really exploring something wonderful here. And you were. When you see my stats below, you'll see just how thoroughly I explored this world. Putting in about 10 hours a day I explored pretty much every inch of this beautiful world. Recalling memories with wonderfully voiced cutscenes. Discovering peaks and valleys and towns with phenomenal renditions of classic Zelda music mixed in (Rito Village gets high marks here and I hope other people caught on to the Death Mountain tune homage to the first game!) The story was excellent, though I will admit the ending a fell a little flat to me, but I guess when the antagonist AND protagonist don't talk, you can't play much. But at least they basically explained why they don't. Reading through diaries, journals, and talking to all the townsfolk in addition to the memories gave you a nice feel of what's happened to the world in the past 100 years. As most of you know, I went into this pretty blind. So tickle me surprised when I come to find out I won't ever be getting a hookshot, or other items in the game. And no dungeons! Absurd! But this quickly dissipated with each passing moment in Hyrule. In fact some of you might remember my old thread about Zelda going in direction where Link heads to each town scattered over the world to get the MacGuffin by helping the local town, and making the Master Sword and unnecessary and completely option sidequest. Well guess who what they wanted? Getting to know all the different facets of Hyrule and their people was wonderfully done, I didn't bother caring about trying to place it in the timeline, yet. I was too busy soaking it all in. I was a little upset I never found/got the green tunic or Epona (but I found a few other special horses), but then again this post is LITERALLY my first stop since I left the internet a week and a half ago. So maybe I missed them, maybe they're not in the game. I might just look that up today... This game has set a new precedent for the series, and I'm excited to see where they take the series after this massive entry into the series which I've welcomed with open arms. So, onto stats! Here's where I was at when I finished the game in photos! Keep in mind, every piece of gear you see has been upgraded to 4 stars (if possible). Korok seeds killed my completion percentage, but oh well!
  3. YouTube user mety333 who already found out (or at least popularized) the trick to reach the vertical limit in BotW is still screwing around with the games physics and found another neat little trick. It's suggested that you have an amiibo that drops steel crates when scanned, or at least just find an area with a few.
  4. Thanks to some creative camera angles and the right equipment, you can create your own Guardian Battle Royale!
  5. Using what appears to be a bit of oversight and some ingenuity, user mety333 has created his own "flying machine" and reached the invisible ceiling in Breath of Wild. So, stock up on Stamina Elixirs and meals and get ready to glide to wherever your heart may take you:
  6. I wanna say I found these on Reddit, but I can't remember... Anyways, these are fairly zoomed in and can be printed off easily. Some LOOK like doubles, but it's mainly because some of it was chopped up some of the border areas were missing so there's some overlap. What I did was print each of these off, and have been systematically doing one page at a time. Check these maps against yours, if you have the seed use a marker and shade it in on the map. If you don't have it, drop a stamp on your game map, then shade it in. Also, this map shows the location of where you GET the seed, so flower trails, races, and 'roll the boulders' might require you to do a little sleuthing when you reach the location. Happy hunting. http://imgur.com/a/4ffOf http://imgur.com/ZnLU9A3 http://imgur.com/WcXA7nl http://imgur.com/z334d5J http://imgur.com/0XAZcR9 http://imgur.com/M6FvlZD http://imgur.com/7qz3DZo http://imgur.com/4nhDHBv http://imgur.com/jPNrXR5 http://imgur.com/sDEBNpQ http://imgur.com/aGqWsbs http://imgur.com/w3N2RuF http://imgur.com/34fxmj2
  7. Well the game has been out for 2 and a half weeks now, and just wondering how the experience compared to your expectations? Let us know how much you followed the game/your exposure before playing; as well as if you've completed it or not. Try and keep everything as spoiler as possible and mark accordingly.
  8. Nendoroids are always adorable, but the first look at Breath of the Wild's Link nendoroid is a jump in adorableness similar to how awe-inspiring the first look at BotW itself was: There will be both a regular and DX version release (no date yet mentioned), the DX version will include a wooden club, an axe, a piece of meat, a hood, and even a horse that Link can mount! http://nintendowire.com/blog/2017/01/30/first-look-breath-wild-link-nendoroid/
  9. With two weeks away, what are your final 'hopes' for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? This is to be a 100% spoiler-free thread, so please don't mention anything that's been shown in any screenshots, videos, or articles. If someone posts something that they want in the game and it IS in the game, please do NOT confirm it. Ex: "I hope (weapon) is in the game" - "It is, don't worry" Alright: -Somehow work in the 'Dark World' theme -A Pegasus Boots item or upgrade for extra fast dashing, or perma-run that doesn't affect stamina -Trading quests!!!
  10. Has anyone already posted this somewhere? I only did a quick sweep before going for it because it's late and I wanna sleep...but dayum. Chills. Steve, it's relatively safe, but I don't actually know how much you're trying to avoid.
  11. Very simple poll/question. We've seen 3 (I believe) official trailers now, and there's been quite a bit of gameplay footage (which I have seen bare any of) that's been shown. As far as I know they've yet to show the standard, iconic green garb of Nintendo's legendary hero. So I ask you TWO things: Will it appear in the game at all? Will it have significance?
  12. Although there's not much new there but telling you how to preorder or what amiibo are compatible (though they're only mentioning 30th anniversary ones and older ones, and not what they do). There's also an About Page with some info we already know about and some Zelda history and some other interesting sections. Get. Hyped. http://zelda.com/breath-of-the-wild/
  13. Mod edit: This is false. There is no new Zelda trailer happening. - Uh huh...