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  1. Hey. You. Yeah, you. You, person who hasn't played Ace Attorney. YOU CAN GET THE ENTIRE SERIES, SIX GAMES, FOR TWELVE DOLLARS. (As long as you don't commit the sin of being European, in which case Capcom doesn't know you exist. Be quiet, and maybe you can sneak up on them.) And Monster Hunter and Street Fighter stuff but who cares about that obscure shovelware? Now you can be like me, who bought the series three years ago but didn't play past the original trilogy before my 3DS's hinge cracked and now I've been too scared to open it ever since because it's a limited-edition Zelda XL and I'm very sad and also scared. THAT WOULD'VE BEEN A THREE DOLLAR EXPERIENCE TODAY. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2023/03/capcom-3ds-and-wii-u-games-available-for-just-usd2-99-in-final-eshop-sale-us oh and i guess the prequel thing is also available for $20 on switch but i don't know much about that one and anyway why are you reading this when you could be enjoying a hundred hours of spotty game design and queerbaiting practically for free
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