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  1. Last one's been dead for ages, so here's a fresh thread to talk about anime, manga, and any other general weebery. It seems like most anime discussion online nowadays is all about seasonal stuff, but the quality is usually sparse, and I can never keep up anyway. So talk about your favorites! Your underrated gems! Anything you found recently that gets you hyped up! Or talk about seasonal stuff anyway. Rant and rave, look for recommendations, anything you'd like ✨ As a fun idea to start, how about a 3x3 of your all-time favorites? Here's a link to make one automatically if you need it: https://anime-bingo.aikats.us/ Just uncheck "free space" and change the grid to whatever you like. Here's mine: Beck - Samurai Champloo - Stein's Gate Pokémon Special (Adventures) - Ping Pong the Animation - 3-gatsu no Lion Hourou Musuko - Princess Jellyfish - Welcome to the NHK I recently got around to watching Ping Pong after hearing about it for years, and was absolutely blown away. Normally I don't even watch my favorites more than once a year at best, but I've watched it multiple times in the last few months alone. All I have to do is hear the music and it instantly hypes me up to revisit it. Super bizarre for me, but I had no choice but to put it in the all-time favorites after that. 3-gatsu no Lion is also a relatively recent watch for me, and having only finished S1, I think it might be my #1 of all time. Ranking isn't something I typically think about a lot (the 3x3 is unordered), but it's so intensely relatable and had me choking up or outright crying nearly every episode, even at happier moments, just from the sincerity of all its emotional scenes. Doesn't hurt that it's also beautiful to look at. The color work, the backgrounds, the characters. It's all so good I can't rave about it enough ;u; I also wanna rave about Princess Jellyfish for a minute. Unlike the others, it's been a favorite of mine for a few years at this point, but it's regardless one that I think anybody who even remotely enjoys slice of life stories should check out. It sounds kind of weird and trope-y from online summaries, but it's absolutely anything but that. It's really funny and wholesome, the art is gorgeous, the plot is really cute and intense when it needs to be, and I love all the characters immensely. The creator, Akiko Higashimura, also made an autobiographical manga called Kakukaku Shikajika that was really sweet but emotional as all hell. She's by and far my favorite mangaka nowadays on the strength of those two alone.
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