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  1. Been a long time subscriber of this guy but as of late he doesn't make a lot vids or make ones where I have to share it, this happens to be one of them. So basically what this 25 minute video is getting at is that ppl who are Debbie downers and extreme fanboys of Switch should alter their expectation according to what we know and what we don't about the system and not assume the worst or best scenario of the Switch. For the 15 minutes he address Debbie downers on four points: Gimmicks, optional controllers, Nintendo's closet attempt of a standard console, and power. I g
  2. It's a official more folks watched the Nintendo Switch trailer then of those who actually own a Wii U console. The trailer (highest viewed video on Nintendo of America YouTube account) is now sitting at 15 million views, 440,000 likes and 18,000 dislikes. The Wii U is around 13 million consoles worldwide so to have a trailer of something that is 3 and half minutes in length, that is to come out next March viewed more times than the Wii U install base, speaks volume to the potential consumer who may be interested in this console. Nintendo congratulation on th
  3. http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/10/24/nintendo-patents-may-reveal-unannounced-switch-features Some interesting patent news for possibly un-shown features...
  4. Do you think the Switch Screen will be 3d enabled? Or would you prefer that fad go away? And if ii is replacing the portable lines out right, do you think it will continue streetpassing the way the 3ds's have? It is not a bad size to pull it off, but I dont see it being as portable as the ds/3ds. Thoughts?
  5. Actor from the Nintendo Switch Trailer discusses his experience... Video: https://www.twitch.tv/dickhiskhan/v/96441430
  6. http://www.polygon.com/2016/10/21/13362890/nintendo-switch-not-dualscreen In case there were any doubts.
  7. Full Article: http://letsplayvideogames.com/2016/10/a-deep-dive-on-lpvgs-nintendo-switch-reports-and-info/
  8. If it wasn't apparent, (and I'm surprised no one mentioned this in the dozens of Switch threads) no further details on the Switch till next year. As much as that sucks, it make sense for current business stand point, at least for the 3DS and the NES Classic. (not so much the Wii U, that thing is dead) I'm somewhat satisfied what we know about the Switch for now, just want to know what kinda games it will have really but I really hope what they have to share is substantial. January is probably less than 3 months away from the release of the system so it has to be good and on point l
  9. Famitsu recently reached out to Nintendo to ask about the Nintendo Switch, which was unveiled to the world yesterday. The majority of this interview doesn't provide much new information, but one of Nintendo's answers regarding a question about whether or not it will be compatible with Wii U or Nintendo 3DS titles leaves a bit of room for interpretation... So basically your old physical media absolutely will not work with Nintendo Switch, but what does this mean for downloaded software? The way the answer is phrased makes it very specific that they only mean physical games
  10. Did anyone else like what we've seen of the game so far?
  11. Apparently the switch is only the new home console successor and not the handheld successor as well...? A successor to the 3DS is coming at a much later date....? Link: http://gonintendo.com/stories/267188-rumor-switch-will-not-be-the-successor-to-3ds-replacement-comi
  12. We've seen what Nintendo has in store for next gen hardware. We're still light on details, but I'm sure some of you have already made up your mind.
  13. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/zelda/movie.htm The official Japanese website has been updated with a few new videos of the game. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases for Wii U and Nintendo Switch in 2017.
  14. Nice to see Nintendo taking a step back and moving away from disc-based games, but I am kinda skeptical.
  15. Threw together a few questions to gauge everyone's reaction to today's reveal.
  16. Nintendo has confirmed to IGN that the Switch dock is mainly just an easy way to connect to your TV, and will serve as a charge station. Some may have believed the rumors that the dock would boost the hardware capabilities and view this as a bad thing, but if you have multiple TV's in your home the benefit will be that buying additional docks will probably be inexpensive. Personally I'm glad that the dock isn't anything more than it is. They also said it will feature Amiibo support, for Switch games that use Amiibo. Source
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