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  1. Hey all, Life has been keeping me incredibly busy for the last several weeks! Ninfora was birthed during what has been perhaps the busiest point in my life, and as I've discussed casually on the forums, I'm hoping to have quite a bit more free time coming up. I would like to dedicate a lot of my free time to continuing to improve Ninfora. I want to make this site as enjoyable as possible to use. Time, however, is a finite resource. I've created a short poll that can help me gauge what's important to focus on. Effort that's put into area is effort that's not put into another. I want to see you guys are happy with, and what you think needs to be improved. Determining what you are least satisfied with will allow me to prioritize what's important. Feel free to submit feedback here as well. I'm hoping to make it easier to submit and discuss suggestions in general. The "mega-thread" presently pinned to the top of this board has been immensely useful, but there's also a lot of noise that makes it difficult to pinpoint which suggestions should take precedence. Thanks for your time! Your responses will shape the path that Ninfora will take in the coming weeks/months.
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