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Found 4 results

  1. Remember this? Well, it's real now. Who are you guys going to main?
  2. It's time to show your moves and fight for the title of Top Smasher! Join us on our Discord Server to meet with friends and play Smash! Event starts at 9:00PM EDT and goes until the last Smasher falls!
  3. Didn't want to make long sentence of the question, basically I'm saying if Smash Bros released for the first time on December 7, 2018. What be roster of characters based on relevancy of Nintendo IP's nowadays. To make this interesting and challenging, the roster size will be like the one based on the 64 game; 12 characters. Also, to make sure this isn't filled with shoe-ins with 3rd party. No 3rd party characters. (not even ones like Bayonetta is allowed) So only Nintendo IP characters and remember they have to be relevant today in gaming for Nintendo. GO! I'll post my roster once I see some posts here. *If you like you can also list 9 stages like the amount 64 as well. **I also do not take credit for this topic, I was inspired by the Patreon contributor questions asked on GameXplain weekly discussion vids for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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