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  1. In the name of transparency, this is a prioritised list of things that need to be done. Check back often for updates. Red indicates high priority. Yellow indicates medium priority. Green indicates low priority. If you feel that something is missing or want to see something made a priority, please share your input here! Fix the Twitch block so that online streams are shown as online Optimise mobile viewing so that scrolling is smoother Create a ranking system Potentially allow members to choose their own name colours/styles Make it easier for Pelord and other staff to create content for the site Continue improving post editor functionality and usability Complete: Provide a dark skin Decide on a name (not set in stone) Purchase a domain Bring back emoticons Improve the dark skin (still some work in progress) Install some site mods (still more on the way, however) Increase per-user file storage limit to 128 MB
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