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Found 13 results

  1. I love this song. How about you guys? What are you listening to?
  2. A podcast I listen to went over their top boss music picks so why not do the same here (feels like it's been a while since we had a thread like this). Share your favorite boss music, doesn't have to be final bosses, just something that stuck with you. Can be any version/arrangement. In the interest of brevity let's limit to just 3 picks though. First one that comes to mind for me is Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI. Almost feels unfair to count it since it's such a long, epic track but it's just perfect for Kefka and I love every part of it. Yep just leaning on my two favorite games for these picks but c'mon, all the music in Chrono Trigger is so good and Magus's Theme is so intense and dramatic, it really feels like the culmination of your quest (even though it isn't actually the end). This one from Bravely Default also jumped to mind pretty quickly. It's an awesome song to pump you up while fighting a boss but the way each character's theme plays around the two-thirds mark, when it feels like the tide is shifting in your favor, is fantastic.
  3. Hey, guys. My name is Reilly and I'm a musician. I had this thread on the DIY board in New OldSider, but there's no creativity board here, so it's going on Power On for now. Anyway, I have this YouTube channel where I post music covers and stuff on as many instruments as I'm convinced I can handle. I'mma share them with you guys. For those curious, I'm primarily a classical trumpet player. Got my B.M. in Music Performance on trumpet a few years ago. I have a good amount of experience on bass guitar, piano, and trombone, and I have a bunch of other instruments that I fool around on every now and then. Currently working on a M.A. in Music Ed, so I have enough of an understanding of all the instrument families to be able to play any instrument decently, though I'll let you guys judge how decent I actually am. I managed to stick to a once-a-month update schedule in 2015, but my job has been busy and I haven't been able to keep up the pace. Still gonna update whenever I can, though. I'm also open to requests, so if you want to hear me cover anything, feel free to comment with a suggestion. Most recent 12/31/2019: Final Fantasy VII—J-E-N-O-V-A VGM covers/arrangements 12/31/2019: Final Fantasy VII—J-E-N-O-V-A 7/24/2019: Fire Emblem Recruitment Theme Medley 5/16/2018: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask—Deku Palace 1/5/2018: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild—Hyrule Castle 9/7/2017: Sonic the Hedgehog—Title & Green Hill Zone Themes 4/19/2017: Fire Emblem Fates—Desire Below 11/7/2016: Pokémon GO—Map Theme 6/28/2016: Final Fantasy VII—Fight On! 3/30/2016: Xenoblade Chronicles X—Primordia 11/26/2015: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time—Lost Woods Theme (Saria's Song) 9/6/2015: Super Mario 64—Main Theme 8/4/2015: Balloon Fight—Balloon Trip Theme 6/3/2015: Star Fox 64—Star Wolf Theme 3/17/2015: Pokémon Gen I & II—Kanto Gym Leader Medley 1/7/2015: SSBM—Fire Emblem Other covers/arrangements 9/6/2019: Preparing the Krabby Patty for Brass Choir 8/3/2017: Animals as Leaders—Another Year 7/12/2016: Black Eyed Peas—Where Is The Love? 4/15/2016: Herbie Hancock—Chameleon 2/14/2016: Cyanide & Happiness—Junk Mail 12/25/2015: Trans-Siberian Orchestra—Wizards in Winter 10/20/2015: Nena—99 Luftballons 7/2/2015: Rodgers & Hammerstein—My Favorite Things 5/9/2015: J.S. Bach—Invention No. 1, BWV 772 4/7/2015: Red Hot Chili Peppers—Under The Bridge 2/10/2015: Muse—Knights of Cydonia Original music 12/31/2016: Snails Have Teeth Other links Find me on Facebook! The Hard – A NYC-based funk trio led by guitarist Tom Harden, in which Reilly plays bass The Hard on Facebook Tom Harden on SoundCloud, featuring some live recordings of The Hard
  4. I noticed in TKO's welcome thread that a goal of this group is to have an organized space for it so creative content doesn't get lost amongst the plethora of discussion content on the site, so I figured I'd make one organized space that can serve as a directory of all the creativity showcases on Ninfora. General Threads Ninfora Creation Gallery – If you don't output enough content to warrant an entire thread to showcase it, but you still want to put it out there for others to enjoy and critique, this is the place for you! Art sharing thread – Not for your own personal creations. If you've stumbled across any art that you just love and want to share, post it here. Video Creators/Live Streamers TKrazyO on YouTube – TKO primarily does Let's Plays and streams of Nintendo titles. Kirbymeister2's YouTube Channel – KM2 does gameplay showcases and video game reviews, as well as reviews for toys and figurines. Musicians Reilly's Music Thread – Reilly is a multi-instrumentalist who covers all sorts of music. About half of his covers are VGM, while the rest are assorted genres that include rock, jazz, and classical music. Visual Artists IU's Gallery – IU showcases his Metroid fan art in this thread. Mega Man X Fan Art Project – Marxforever's personal Mega Man X inspired fan character showcase, featuring concept art and sprite work. DNLINK's Art Gallery – DNLINK shares his fan art sketches and paintings from a variety of sources. Laclipsey's Art – Laclipsey shares his video game fan art in this thread. Other Lance's Art – Lance writes fan fictions and short stories and shares them in this thread. Bandit Keith…Again: Rewriting an Anime Fan Fiction – Written by Grimlock, this fanfic tells the story of Bandit Keith after his last canon Yu-Gi-Oh! anime appearance. If you want your gallery/showcase thread (or a direct link to your work) added to the list, shoot me a PM or leave it in the comments.
  5. Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, the composer on classic Nintendo games, such as Mertoid, Kid Icarus, and Earthbound has released his very fist album called Django under the name "Chip" Tanaka. Listen to more here: https://chiptanaka.bandcamp.com/releases Man, this album is so good!!! I can definitely here some Earthbound vibes in some of these songs, especially Django. May favorite song so far is Pulse Ride. DAT BEAT @1:40!!!! <3 ^_^
  6. I'm sure that many people on here record or stream either gameplay, music or what have you. But what equipment goes into that process and what programs do you use to edit it all together? This is pretty much a "What equipment & programs do you use to create your content?" topic where you can share what you use to make videos, music or art. I will start and hopefully we can get a train started. To Record/Stream: Elgato HD60 Capture Card* Game Capture HD Software (Elgato)* Recording Audio: Audacity Plantronics RIG505 Lava Stereo PC Gaming Headset (for Livestreaming) CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone Editing Videos/Thumbnails: Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus paint.net Video Compression: Handbrake (for 1GB & up videos) *Can't use full potential since running on Dual Core Processor For recording videos I mainly do 720p @ 60fps to be on the safe side as my 1080p* attempts have had problems. Depending on the game I'll go as high as 11 mbps for recordings. For streaming I have this amount of speed at my disposal: ^I connect to a streaming server in Georgia (ping) that gives a result close to that one. I usually go for 3 mbps but I can go up to 4.5 depending on if anyone is on Netflix or using the internet. Hopefully I didn't forget anything. I'll leave links to some of the programs and items I brought up if you're interested in those. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  7. This club is here for those on Ninfora that are either Youtubers, Live Streamers, Musicians and/or Artists to share their content. Mainly to confine it to one space rather than the content being lost in either General Gaming or Power On with how active those boards tend to get. We can also have discussions on either the content, suggestions for certain mediums and/or assist with any problems others are having with either video making, composing, artistry or editing. This will be a learning experience for all of us so let's get out there and show them what we're made of. ^That was lame but I couldn't think of anything to say here.
  8. Topic. I know there's a bunch of games and picking a single song from each is not easy, so feel free to skip a few games. Also, you don't have to give reason if you don't want to. LoZ - Overworld. It's a defining song for the series, hard to choose otherwise AoL - Palace Theme. I like to think Melee gave this song the exposure it needed. It's catchy, and has a nice flow. LttP - Tough one. I'm going with Lost Woods though because this particular version doesn't re-appear. LA - Ballad of the Windfish. Hands down. OoT - Kakariko Village. I absolutely LOVE this song, and would've chosen it for LttP but see above. MM - Song of Healing. So many feels. Clock Town day 2 is second. WW - Ending Credits theme. No it's not cheating. TP - Midna's Lament. The game has a stellar soundtrack, but this is one shot full of feels. It gets it. Midna's Theme though... SS - Ballad of the Goddess; in particular when Zelda is singing it. Fi's Farewell is a very close second. ALBW - Lorule Field theme. Cheating a bit here because the Dark World theme from LttP is so killer. This mix of it is also awesome. ST - Hyrule Field theme. It's a really nice mix on the classic, riding that train... so good.
  9. Choice Provisions has been sharing bits of their work on Runner3 for a whole now (see more on their site's Devlog) and they've just debuted the first piece of music from the upcoming rhythm game, complete with concept art for Foodland. The music is being composed by Matt Harwood who also did music for the rest of the Bit.Trip series, so the general vibe should feel familiar. I've gotta say it seems even goofier than Runner2 but I can already picture running along to the beat. (Also I'm not sure if this is more appropriate in General Nintendo or General Gaming–technically I don't think Runner3 has been officially announced for any console yet, so I'm just gonna put it here.)
  10. Well, since the Americans have finished Thanksgiving it's now officially Christmas for the next 5 weeks. So, to get in the spirit let's make the Ultimate N4A Christmas playlist! Everyone go ahead and list three absolute musts for a Christmas playlist (not necessarily your favourites, can just be mandatory listening). Also, you must list the artist since so many Christmas songs are redone, covered, remixed, etc by so many different people, so make sure you include the artist! My three: "Fairytale of New York" by The Pogues "Baby It's Cold Outside" by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer "The Christmas Can-Can" by Straight No Chaser
  11. iam8bit will be opening preorders tomorrow for their 2 LP vinyl of "Hero of Time", a collection of music from Ocarina of Time featuring a 64-piece orchestra Estimated to ship Q2 2017 at a price of $40, this could be another "must have" for Zelda collectors.
  12. Hello, everyone! First I want to start by saying that BlueJackG stands for Blue Jack Generation, and it is basically an entertainment channel on Youtube. My name is Jack, and my mascot, the little blue alien girl, is called Blue. Two characters that make music and play video games, or at least that was the idea, still working on it! Introductions aside, I mostly work on remaking old VG music into a more modern sound, trying to keep the same feel of the original. It's what I call the childhood imagination, as in what kids would imagine the 8-bit soundtrack sounded like to them. I remember listening to some Gameboy music, and imagining it in a style, like orchestred or jazz, or any other style, and I though I could make this come true. It all started with the Wario Land soundtrack, as a fan I just loved to imagine how Wario's music would sound like! Anyway, here's some of my work, I organize everything in playlists: Bowser fan: I don't use MIDIs for my music, unless I need to fix something minor, so here you have some music that is the proof of that: I'm getting know for these too: Here's some original music I do too! No based on video games: I hope you enjoy! Plenty more to come!
  13. Novembre at their finest. Just the right amount of dreamy atmosphere and crunchy metal heaviness. They retain their signature ability to dynamically shift a song into a completely new tempo without losing the flow. Gets me every time. Insomnium have just dropped their one-song opus, Winter's Gate, Dark Tranquillity are poised to drop Atoma in November, and I just acquired SubRosa's For This We Fought the Battle of Ages and Ulcerate's Shrines of Paralysis and have yet to listen to them, so there's still a chance this song could be topped, but until then, this is clearly the best song of 2016 for me. What's yours?
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