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Found 4 results

  1. The Site News, Feedback, and Help board has been closed in favour of containing discussion in one thread. Occasional site news will be posted here, and you may use this thread to provide feedback or ask for help with using the site.
  2. I've been wondering about this for about a week now. I thought that the user name colors might have been a locked feature that could only be accessed after a certain amount of posts, but I see that Mystery Ninja already has a different color beyond the default gray and has just a few posts. I was wondering how would one change their user name color? Is it a setting option somewhere and I'm just missing it, or is the color done on request?
  3. Hey y'all, every game forum seems to have one of these so I decided to create one here. I'll start with mine. I saw it when I was a young kid at a friend's house. I believe it was on the Sega Genesis but it may have been Master System or another console. I remember the game was a platformer and had very cartoony graphics. You play as kids in a haunted house but I believe the house was just for one level, not sure. One of the characters is a chibi-looking boy. There are numerous ghosts all across the screen and you have to jump from chandeliers. The closest the game looks like that I've found is Adventures in the Magic Kingdom on NES (the haunted house level) but it isn't that. I don't remember the plot, just that it's a platformer, there are all these ghost enemies, and you're in this dark haunted house jumping from chandeliers. Anyone remember this game or know what it is?
  4. I've tried searching myself for the answer, but no dice, so I'll ask here: Okay, so I never really had a Google Account, when I play Pokemon Go I always used the Trainer ID to sign. A couple times a friend of mine signed in using his Google Account. I've since started using Google Account, but now when I choose that option it shows: ---------------------- My Friend my.friends.email@gmail.com Signed out My Name my.email.here@gmail.com Use another account ----------------------- How do I remove his account from showing up here? Other info: I don't use the Gmail app I'm not signed in to my account on the Google app My Mail app is linked to an Outlook account I've only ever logged into my Google Account in Privacy Mode on Safari - so why is it being saved here? I'd rather, and so would he, to just remove his account from my phone/Pokemon/Safari
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