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  1. Welcome to The My Nintendo Thread! As the title suggests, this thread will be used for the discussion of everything My Nintendo related and anythign inbetween that will be of importance! From points you can earn, to the rewards you can redeem said points for, this thread will hopefully be able to solve any and all questions you may have! First things first though, you're probably asking yourself this question: What is My Nintendo? My Nintendo is the successor to the long running rewards program Club Nintendo. Like its predecessor, My Nintendo is a program that allows users to accumulate coins to acquire special rewards, such as discounts to be used on the eShop, as well as exclusive games! Nintendo Account Now before you go about taking advantage of My Nintendo, you will need a Nintendo Account, which you can create by clicking 'Nintendo Account' above. Creating a Nintendo Account is paramount and necessary before you can use these services for your benefit. Thankfully, creating a Nintendo Account is very easy and takes mere minutes to finalize! Once a Nintendo Account is created, you can link three different forms of Social Media accounts to your account: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. The fourth and final account you are able to link is your Nintendo Network ID (NNID). Once you have created your Nintendo Account, then the fun begins. Join My Nintendo here! With your Nintendo Account created, you are now officially ready to get started with My Nintendo! Earning Points Using My Nintendo, you are able to earn "points", which can then be used to obtain discounts, exclusive games, and many more! Earning points is very simple! My Nintendo points can be obtained by completing Missions. Missions range anywhere from linking Social Media accounts to your Nintendo Account, purchasing games off of the eShop when your NNID is linked to your Nintendo Account, using smartphone apps, and more! By completing these missions, you are able to earn two main different types of points: Platinum points are earned by completing various "Missions" on Nintendo's websites, as well as Smartphone Applications (Miitomo, Super Mario Run). Objectives such as linking you Social Media accounts and logging into Nintendo websites weekly (Miiverse, eShop), as well as completing in-game Missions for Smartphone Applications, will earn your Platinum points. These points can be redeemed for exclusive digital software from My Nintendo, such as special 3DS Themes only available on My Nintendo, exclusive games, as well as a myriad of discounts, and more! Gold points are earned by purchasing digital software off of the eShop as well as from the official Nintendo Website. Gold points can also be earned by purchasing retail copies of Nintendo Switch titles. These coins are earned only by game purchases, and are not earned by purchasing Themes, DLC, or physical retail games. Gold points earned can be used for discounts towards purchases on the eShop. There is also the chance that you will have a code that can be redeemed for points. If that is the case, go to My Nintendo, and click 'Menu' on the top-left of the screen. While in the dropdown menu, you will see a 'Redeem a point code' option; click/press that. Once there, enter your 16-digit code, and you'll then be on your way! If that doesn't work for you: on the Main Page, there should be a "Redeem a Point Code" button that is able to be pressed/clicked on, which will take you to the Point Code redemption screen. Note: the My Nintendo "Week" begins on Mondays, so you are able to earn the Platinum point log-in bonuses each week starting on Monday. There are four weekly log-in bonuses, which net your 30 Platinum points each; they are as follows: - Sign in to Miiverse - Sign in to Nintendo eShop - Collect the My Nintendo sign-in bonus - Sign in to your Nintendo Account on the Official Nintendo website In addition to these log-in bonuses, there is also a Monthly Mission worth 10 Points if you stay opted-in for promotional e-mails from Nintendo. You can find the complete list of Missions by clicking this link. PLATINUM POINTS EXPIRE AFTER SIX MONTHS OF BEING EARNED BUT NOT EXACTLY SIX MONTHS TO THE DAY. EXAMPLE: POINTS EARNED ON MARCH 3RD WILL EXPIRE ON SEPTEMBER 30TH AT 11:59:59 P.M. GOLD POINTS EXPIRE IN TWELVE MONTHS, AS OPPOSED TO SIX MONTHS WITH PLATINUM POINTS. THE SAME EXPIRE METHOD APPLIES FOR GOLD POINTS. To check if you have any points expiring, you can check out your Points History Page to get a specific number of points expiring. Redeeming Points for Rewards With those points finally earned, you're ready to start using them! As mentioned above, there are three different types of My Nintendo Points: Platinum, and Gold. With these different amount of points, a various amount of rewards can be obtained, such as exclusive My Nintendo rewards, discounts towards specific games, 3DS Themes, and more! As stated above, points expire after six months of being obtained, so be sure to sue them withing the allotted time frame! The full list of Rewards can be found at this link, and these Rewards will be more thoroughly discussed in the post below. Gold Points can be used for purchases on the eShop to give you discounts! The conversion rate is 1 Gold Point = 1 Cent Physical purchases earn you 1% back, while Digital purchases earn you 5% back EXAMPLE: If you buy a $59.99 game on the eShop, you will receive 300 Gold Points. If you purchase that same game at the same price, but physically, you'll earn 60 Gold Points. See the About Page for more info. And with that, the introductory post to the My Nintendo Thread has been complete! With this OP, I hope any and all information you were looking for has been found. If you have any questions, criticisms, tips on how to improve this thread, or anything else, please do not hesitate to make your voice heard!
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