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  1. Last one's been dead for ages, so here's a fresh thread to talk about anime, manga, and any other general weebery. It seems like most anime discussion online nowadays is all about seasonal stuff, but the quality is usually sparse, and I can never keep up anyway. So talk about your favorites! Your underrated gems! Anything you found recently that gets you hyped up! Or talk about seasonal stuff anyway. Rant and rave, look for recommendations, anything you'd like ✨ As a fun idea to start, how about a 3x3 of your all-time favorites? Here's a link to make one automatically if you need it
  2. Welcome to the official Fall 2017 Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread! While it may not feel quite like it because of the remaining heat, autumn is on its way, bringing us all more anime to watch and the last (and traditionally, the most prolific) anime season of 2017! I have made some significant overhauls in the past few weeks under the hood, upgrading my previewing tool to become a fully functional website with improved queries to anime database APIs. I am very happy with the result! Because of my updates behind the scenes, there are a few changes with this preview's formatting. I
  3. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone on here had plans to hit up Youmacon in Detroit, MI in a few weeks. I plan on going, which will be my first time attending a convention of any sort. Also considering the option of entering the Melee singles and Sm4sh singles and doubles tourneys being held there as well. Competing in a Smash tourney would also be a first for me, and I am curious how my skills would stack up against other players competing.
  4. TPC is teaming up with Twitch for a two-month PKMN anime marathon... Ok, now this is pretty cool. I'd actually love to go back a rewatch some of the earlier seasons that I haven't seen in forever. I remember TPC streaming all the PKMN movies on Twitch for PKMN's 20th anniversary. I only had a chance to catch the first 3, but it was nice to seem again them after all these years. I still have my copy of PKMN the First Movie & the first 3 eps of season 1 on VHS.
  5. I actually don't have anything to post yet. It's still technically pre-show night, which means while I have gotten my badge and program and been to a panel where a bunch of voice actors acted out a Popeye radio show from the 30's, but I haven't run into any cosplayers or bought anything yet. In the meantime, I'm just going to layout my tentative schedule here because my phone is dead so I can't just use the app:
  6. Welcome to the official Winter 2018 Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread! It's time to start the new year off with a brand new anime season. This year's Winter season is perhaps one of the strongest Winter seasons I have ever seen! There's such a wide variety of shows that there's sure to be something catered to your tastes. Let's get right to it! New to seasonal anime? New anime airs each season of the year at roughly these time intervals: Winter (January-March) Spring (April-June) Summer (July-September) Fall (October-December) Each new season is typically covered by a mu
  7. Okay, so, awhile back I wrote and posted the first chapter of a Yugioh spinoff story simply titled, Bandit Keith. As the title suggests, the story centers around a minor Duel Monsters Season 1 antagonist named "Bandit" Keith Howards, who was last seen breaking free from sort of mind control perpetrated by the Season 2 main antagonist and running away from a burning warehouse, believing he was possessed by some ghost. However, other than appearing as a mirage in Season 4, we never really see Howards after that point. This struck me as odd since Howards, an American, was at that moment in time s
  8. Welcome to the new and improved official Summer 2017 Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread! Okay, so you can't see what's new about it like I can... But oh well! This iteration of the seasonal discussion threads for anime, manga, and light novels can now make use of querying the APIs for AnimeNewsNetwork and Anilist! This means that I no longer have to manually input in most of the information you see down below! You can surely expect previews to be faster than before going forward, especially as I make more adjustments in future threads. Make way for a summer full of promising shows an
  9. Spent Thursday night at my brother's house since he lives closer to Amtrak. Probably unnecessary, as this has been one of the most uneventful "first days" of any con I've ever been to. More tomorrow. Crash now.
  10. Welcome to the official Spring 2017 Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread! As the snow of winter fades away, the light of spring brings forth a new season of anime, ripe with long-sought sequels and promising new shows. Remember: You are free to discuss any and all anime, manga, light novel, or other Japanese media related content here, not just limited to what the current season has to offer! New to seasonal anime? New anime airs each season of the year at roughly these time intervals: Winter (January-March) Spring (April-June) Summer (July-September) Fall (October-December)
  11. Note to self: traveling to a convention immediately after clocking out of work is a terrible idea. some cosplays or something i dunno More tomorrow. Crash now.
  12. For some retarded reason my MacBook can't connect to my hotel's internet, even though my iPad can. But whatever. Paging @jnmario959 to let him know that no, I didn't abandon him. Dragon dildos, day 1: More tomorrow.
  13. The 3rd annual Steam Anime Sale is on now until Monday (April 3rd) at 10AM PDT http://store.steampowered.com/sale/anime-weekend-sale/ http://store.steampowered.com/search/?tags=4085&specials=1 If you've been waiting on a sale for some Anime RPG's or even Anime movies on PC, there's some great deals at the moment.
  14. Welcome to the Winter 2017 edition of the Official Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread (again?)! While this thread says Winter 2017, you are free to discuss anything here as long as it relates to anime, manga, or light novels - not just the new and upcoming stuff from the Winter 2017 season! Be sure to check out the preview for the upcoming Winter 2017 season below if you're looking for something new to watch in the near future! New to seasonal anime? New anime airs each season of the year at roughly these time intervals: Winter (January-March) Spring (April-June) Summer (July-
  15. After spending an hour on the phone with tech support, I'm pleased to welcome you to the first dragon dildo thread on N4A! Only a few photos at the moment, but more are on the way! Dragon dildos, day 1: More later.
  16. Welcome to the Fall 2016 edition of the seasonal thread for anime, manga, and light novels! This Fall season boasts an impressive showing of 47 new television anime - even when not including the numerous shorts, movies, and specials on the way! Fall seasons are always the largest of the four seasons of the year, but the number of anime just keeps on growing. While this thread says Fall 2016, you are free to discuss anything here as long as it relates to anime, manga, or light novels - not just the new and upcoming stuff from the Fall 2016 season! In addition, I have made some chang
  17. It doesn't have to have been for a game. A couple years ago I tried my hand at doing one, just for fun. It was my first attempt, and though I wouldn't call it amazing or anything(especially in the overall 'narrative'), I was pretty proud at how well I got some of the moments to sync up with the music. I find myself genuinely curious if anyone else here has attempted something like this. Do share, if you have!
  18. Nintendo has posted a job listing for an 'anime series 3D designer'... Link: http://gonintendo.com/stories/267704-nintendo-looking-for-an-anime-series-3d-designer I would assume if there was going to be a new Nintendo anime series, they'd get some anime production company to do it, like with the Star Fox and Kid Icarus shorts. Maybe they're just going to do some shorts themselves? Make that Kid Icarus anime sere happen, NINTENDO!!!! PLZ!!!! >_<
  19. So where do I have to send money to make this a full-length show?? If you know of something like this on the market already, let me know.
  20. So, I clicked on a video on YouTube and noticed this ad (Yes, the video I clicked on was PKMN related)... Has any else gotten PKMN Gen eps as an ad on YouTube?
  21. hamtaro is my favorite anime
  22. Was watching it last night. Classic. Great music.
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