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Found 19 results

  1. Earlier today Yacht Club Games hosted their own "direct" called Yacht Club Games Presents to show off their upcoming releases. King of Cards and Showdown will be out in December, and King of Cards is being touted as their biggest game yet. They also haven't forgotten about the amiibo for Plague, Specter, and King Knight, which will unlock amiibo fairy bonuses in-game. The most surprising news though is that a new Shovel Knight game is in development! Shovel Knight Dig is being co-developed with Nitrome, and although there's no release window yet, it's great to see a brand new Shovel Knight game in development. You can find more details on their site, or just watch the video above it's only about 12 minutes long. I can't believe we're still getting Shovel Knight content after all these years, and all as free updates if you've previously bought the original Shovel Knight game! I'm tempted to re-purchase Shovel Knight on the Switch though just to support Yacht Club though.
  2. Pearl and Marina amiibo have been revealed!. Will be coming in two-pack form for NA. Price is $24.99 and no release date has been given yet. Expect these to sell out very quickly as previous Splat2n amiibo are hard to find.
  3. Updated throughout the day* Hello, This thread will be for all things Splatoon 2. Setting up matches, posting swag splatoon related etc. For any of us who are not interested in trying the convulted phone app. Splat on inklings!
  4. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/nintendo-amiibo-figure/5723600.p?skuId=5723600 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/nintendo-amiibo-figure/5723549.p?skuId=5723549 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/nintendo-amiibo-figure/5723603.p?skuId=5723603 Three amiibo pages have popped up on Best Buy's site and are listing the game series as "Zelda" Is it Bayonetta, Cloud, and Corrin? Or is it the more likely second set of 30th Anniversary Zelda amiibo for Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword - all of which have compatible data in Breath of Wild Hopefully we can expect an announcement from Nintendo soon!
  5. Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World is yet another Wii U to 3DS port, shrinking the woolly gameplay of the console version down to a portable handheld experience. The 3DS version manages to preserve almost everything about the original game while adding a couple of minor new features. And we can't ignore the adorable Poochy amiibo that can be purchased with the game or separately. Although the new bells and whistles are fairly lackluster the core gameplay remains as charming as it was on the Wii U. The main additions to Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World are side features, so the core game is entirely unchanged–Kamek transforms several Yarn Yoshis into bundles of yarn and flies away, prompting Yoshi to give chase and rescue his friends. Across six worlds the game makes clever use of the yarn mechanic, which ties in perfectly with the usual hunt for hidden secrets in Yoshi games. Just finishing a level typically isn't too difficult, but finishing with all collectibles proves to be a more significant challenge, and reaps the rewards of bonus levels and new Yarn Yoshi patterns. Even on the smaller screen of the 3DS the game is wonderfully engaging and addictive. So what has changed? First and foremost is the addition of Poochy levels. These are auto-run stages where you can only jump or duck. Each stage has three Poochy Pups to find as well as three challenges to complete, plus they are good sources of beads (which can be used to purchase power-up badges in the main levels). As far as side features go these Poochy levels aren't bad, but there are only six of them in the game. They are designed to be short and even completing all three challenges on each stage doesn't add much length or depth to them. Adding six main levels would have been an impressive addition; six Poochy levels just doesn't feel that significant. That's not the only Poochy addition though. The Poochy Pups have been added to Mellow mode, the game's easy mode that allows players to explore and complete levels at a more leisurely pace. The Pups make Mellow mode even more mellow–the three pups act as yarn balls for Yoshi to toss, will sniff out secrets for you, and can even defeat enemies automatically for you. Mellow mode is meant for young or novice players who don't have a firm grasp of the game's mechanics, but the addition of the Pups is a little excessive. There's almost nothing left for the player to do at that point; the Pups practically finish the level for you. Of course, Mellow mode is optional so players can ignore it entirely if they so choose, but perhaps the Poochy Pups would have been better off as a secondary option that can be toggled in Mellow Mode to preserve some sense of real gameplay. Finally on the Poochy front there is the amiibo, which adds Poochy as Yoshi's helper in the main levels or can add a time attack mode to the Poochy levels. This is yet another decent addition that doesn't truly add much to the game. If you buy a Poochy amiibo it'll most likely be for the cute factor rather than utility. Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World also expands upon the Yarn Yoshi patterns found in the original game. More amiibo are now supported to add new patterns–great if you're the type that likes to collect 'em all. There is also a new Craft mode that allows you to create your own yarn pattern and share it via StreetPass. As with most creative features in games the value of this mode depends upon what you're willing to put into it. You have a lot of creative freedom here but as a purely cosmetic feature it's not necessarily the most interesting addition either. Additionally, the stamp patches found in the Wii U version have been replaced with pencil patches and now unlock new options in Craft mode rather than Miiverse stamps. Again, Craft mode offers a lot of freedom, but not necessarily a lot of incentive to explore it fully. The main feature that Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World removes from the original game is co-op. Much like Hyrule Warriors Legends this 3DS version is a strictly solo affair. Although this doesn't affect the core game it's still a little disappointing for anyone that enjoys a bit of co-operative multiplayer now and then. Despite making the downgrade from an HD console to a handheld, the visuals hold up pretty well in Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. Obviously the graphics aren't as crisp as the Wii U version–which is a shame since the fuzzy effects were excellent–but the art style still looks great. Plus the 3DS version adds a stereoscopic 3D effect, which looks cool in its own way. This version of the game also adds a series of stop-motion videos starring Yoshi and Poochy. As you might expect these videos are almost painfully cute, plus it's just nice to see stop-motion animation get a little love. The only problem is that the game puts these videos on a timer: one new video unlocks 24 hours after you watched the previous one–a thinly veiled attempt to keep players returning to the game day after day. The videos may be adorable but their unlock rate is obnoxious, or at the very least unnecessary. Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World is a fairly lateral move from the Wii U original. The game trades co-op and HD graphics for portability and Poochy levels, and in the end neither version is really better than the other as a "definitive" edition. However, given the Wii U's install base there are plenty of gamers out there that have not tried Woolly World, and hopefully this 3DS version changes that. Even on the 3DS this game boasts wonderful platformer gameplay and enough challenge to satisfy any level of player, all wrapped up in charming Yarn Yoshi string. If you already have the Wii U version there's not much reason to double dip, but if you don't you have one less excuse for ignoring the best Yoshi game in years. Rating: 8 out of 10 Wonder Wools
  6. http://nintendoeverything.com/fire-emblem-echoes-amiibo-apparently-unlock-a-special-dungeon/ There's been a fair share of news about Fire Emblem Echoes this past week, but I'd like to share one that really caught my attention. According to Amazon Japan, a special dungeon exists in Fire Emblem Echoes that can be challenged if you use the Alm and Celica amiibo. Presumably, this is a new dungeon added to the game, and not one that was originally found in Fire Emblem Gaiden. There's unfortunately not too much information about it at this time, but we know that it seems to exist. What are your thoughts on this new addition? Does this influence your interest in buying the Alm and Celica amiibo?
  7. Inti Creates delivers a sequel to their 2014 side-scroller with Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Like the first game this is a fast-paced action game in the style of games like Mega Man Zero, with a particular emphasis on not just surviving a level but playing well to earn a high score. Although the game plays it safe by changing little from the first game, the addition of a new playable character helps spice up the action. ASG2 directly follows the events of the first game. Gunvolt successfully defeated the Sumeragi group and broke away from the resistance group QUILL, but continues to work with Joule to maintain peace. A new threat arises though, one that again seeks to control adepts like Gunvolt and destroy humanity. Several characters from the first game return including Copen, a human with a grudge against adepts, along with a few new characters. It's a real struggle to find yourself caring about any of them, though. ASG2 has a soap opera vibe, where every interaction has the characters' emotions raised to eleven, but it's hard to feel connected to any of them. It doesn't help that the game throws so much information at you at the beginning of the game that it's overwhelming to try to make sense of it. In the end you aren't missing anything valuable if you skip through every cutscene you can. In the first game you played only as Gunvolt, but ASG2 adds a new layer to the gameplay by giving Copen an entire storyline as well. While Gunvolt has all the same moves as the first game, Copen offers an entirely different playstyle, which is refreshing. Gunvolt still uses the unique tagging/lightning attack system which requires you to balance your offense and defense at any given moment. Copen, meanwhile, is far more mobile and doesn't sacrifice defense in order to attack. Copen can dash into enemies to lock onto them then fire his gun from any angle. This gives his storyline an even more fast and fluid sense of action than Gunvolt, who is already pretty quick on his feet. Additionally, Copen takes a page out of Mega Man's handbook by gaining the power of defeated bosses. In this case boss weapons act as sub-weapons, so you never have to stop dashing about to switch to these attacks. In a way it does seem more old-fashioned since it's similar to Mega Man, but it also offers a lot of variety in terms of attacks, even more than Gunvolt. Copen may be an obnoxious character in the story but his gameplay is an excellent addition to ASG2. Like the first game there is more of an emphasis on playing well than just surviving to the end of the stage. There are hazards and challenges certainly but both Gunvolt and Copen have auto-dodge abilities so you can focus more on earning a high score than surmounting obstacles. In addition the stage design itself is not wildly complex or challenging, but maintaining a score multiplier makes the game more interesting. Synthesizing equipment is also carried over from the first game, and once again the game expects you to replay levels repeatedly in order to collect the necessary materials. Equipment is definitely useful to have but the repetition feels a bit unnecessary. At the very least each stage is fairly short, though. And in the same vein there are challenges that you can complete to earn more equipment, but these also require replaying each stage. The worst part though is that they don't stack and only unlock one at a time, i.e. there might be a challenge to complete a stage in under 11 minutes and completing it unlocks a new challenge to complete a stage in under 7 minutes. Even if you were under 7 minutes the first time you have to replay the stage again to make it count. It's nice that there are replay incentives in ASG2 but this is excessive, and seems to be trying to cover the fact that the game is a little light on content. The controls are pretty basic, even given Gunvolt's unusual combat style. It's not hard to pick up the game and jump straight into the action. Copen feels a tiny bit more clumsy only due to his diagonal dashes which sometimes feel inconsistent, but it's rarely a problem. Both characters have some touch screen use as well to activate skills or sub-weapons, and N3DS owners can just use ZL and ZR to switch Copen's sub-weapons which is handy. ASG2's presentation is very much the same as its predecessor. The sprite artwork is nice and the environments have a classic side-scroller feel to them but at the same time they are completely unmemorable. The basic enemies are fairly bland as well, and although the bosses have more interesting and unique designs they also lack that spark of style that makes character designs memorable in other games. The music is in the same boat: serviceable, but nothing stands out about it. And although ASG2 includes voice acting it's only in Japanese, so for most players it won't be that helpful especially during gameplay when you can't really spare the time to read dialogue boxes and attack enemies. Somewhat nonsensically these dialogue box portraits cover part of the screen, so you might lose track of enemies while characters are talking. Thankfully this can be turned off, which is massively helpful during boss fights when the screen is static. This game is roughly the same length as the first: five hours or so will see you through both Gunvolt and Copen's stories. Technically that makes the game shorter though, since both characters play through some of the same levels, but regardless you're getting about the same amount of content. ASG2 also includes a score attack mode with an online leaderboard to further emphasize its focus on high scores, if the high score trackers within the main game aren't enough for you. ASG2 even has amiibo support for Shovel Knight, whom you can fight with both characters to unlock bonus equipment. It's always fun to see Shovel Knight pop up in another game and the amiibo use here feels appropriate–it's a nice bonus but not so critical that it punishes players without the amiibo. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is everything its predecessor was and only a bit more. Copen does offer a fresh way to play and can be more fun to play as at times thanks to his emphasis on mobility, but the core of this game is really just another Azure Striker Gunvolt experience. That's great if you already loved the first game's side-scrolling action, but if you were on the fence this game won't really change anything significant. Rating: 7 out of 10 Stars
  8. Nintendo of America's online store is now selling select amiibo... Link: https://store.nintendo.com/ng3/browse/subcategory.jsp?categoryId=cat831312&pageSize=6&viewAll=true Ahhh...Summer outfit Isabelle for $9! <3 I so might have to get that. Isabelle is the only AC amiibo I've never seen as a standalone in-store. Oh, they also have zero suit Samus, which I also have never seen in-store. Too bad they don't have SSB Wario. I really want Wario in his WarioWare outfit.
  9. Nintendo Poland apparently posted all of this. Shine Thief (?), Coin Runners, Balloon Battle, Bob-omb Blast, and something involving Piranha Plants Inkling Girl and Isabelle are entirely new, that might be it. Presumably you can use all other amiibo that were originally compatible with the original Mario Kart 8 as well. Oh and yes Miis are still in the game in case there's anyone who doesn't know.
  10. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/01/goodbye_boxboy_has_some_lovely_kirby-related_amiibo_support Looks to be also having Kirby amiibo support too ...not just Box Boy! First video I have seen showing off all those new powers added to his blocks..... this game is a must have for me.... the video only confirms my original intent. Ohhh wow... a "challenge mode" where you have to save Qbi and his mini me. Looks at the clips further... you have to save him but some stages he is a solver part as well as having to be saved. Kirby costumes shown here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-01-20-goodbye-boxboy-lets-you-unlock-cubed-kirby-characters-with-amiibo Some cool warp powers... **** **** GX had a video with some slightly different clips
  11. I noticed that screenshots of them look quite good so far, and they're charging more.
  12. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/dl/kckj/index.html Nintendo has announced a third game in the BOXBOY! series in Japan, for the Nintendo eShop on Ninendo 3DS. Gameplay at the link above. There will also be a physical release of all three games, which includes an amiibo (for use in the third game) and an original soundtrack CD with 34 songs from the series. All of this comes out on February 2, 2017.
  13. http://nintendo.tumblr.com/post/153959693594/the-legend-of-zelda-30th-anniversary-amiibo-are Nintendo just posted this on their Tumblr that details how exactly the new Zelda amiibo work in Breath of the Wild. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases for Nintendo Switch and Wii U in 2017. The new Zelda series amiibo are available starting today.
  14. Kind of weird to see. They went out of their way to make the amiibo compatible with the English version Animal Crossing despite no announcement of Monster Hunter Stories releasing. The first big hint, I'd say.
  15. Nintendo has confirmed to IGN that the Switch dock is mainly just an easy way to connect to your TV, and will serve as a charge station. Some may have believed the rumors that the dock would boost the hardware capabilities and view this as a bad thing, but if you have multiple TV's in your home the benefit will be that buying additional docks will probably be inexpensive. Personally I'm glad that the dock isn't anything more than it is. They also said it will feature Amiibo support, for Switch games that use Amiibo. Source
  16. Out of curiosity, I was browsing the pages for the new Zelda series amiibo that recently went up for pre-order on Best Buy this morning. For two of the amiibo items, namely the Ocarina of Time Link and Toon Link/Zelda 2-pack amiibo, they come with a description that indicates something I had never heard of before. This is...oddly specific? They blatantly say you can use these amiibo with the appropriate game (granted, 3D/HD isn't stated, but I wouldn't think they mean the original games), which isn't something that was announced by Nintendo. As of right now they're only known to have unique functionality in Breath of the Wild. I compared these descriptions with the ones for other amiibo (including the 8-bit Link amiibo which doesn't specify a game) as well as these same amiibo at different retailer sites, but it's just these two amiibo at Best Buy that mention that they're allegedly compatible with Zelda games that currently do not support amiibo. Thoughts on this? Could this be a mistake or an actual leak? Keep in mind that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is in fact getting amiibo support later this year despite being released many years ago, so this isn't necessarily impossible.
  17. https://corporate.bestbuy.com/lucina-is-back-pick-up-the-rare-amiibo-exclusively-at-best-buy/ Best Buy exclusive restock, pre-orders live now. Release October 14. Featured amiibo: Lucina Gold Mario Pit Samus Mega Man Sonic Dark Pit Shulk Ness Ordered a Lucina myself just now.