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Found 2 results

  1. So it seems Warner Brothers is hopping on the mascot platform fighting game train with Multiversus. I normally don’t make topics, but I thought I’d at least share this news here. Oddly enough, Multiversus doesn’t seem to be coming to the Nintendo Switch at this time? I’m sorry for overdoing it with the topic tags. I got carried away.
  2. Indivisible is a Platformer/RPG hybrid currently in development for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, and today they just announced it will also release on the Nintendo Switch alongside all other versions in early 2018. The game is developed by Lab Zero Games, the studio behind the Skullgirls fighting game, and published by 505 Games. In Indivisible you play as Anja, a good-natured tomboy whose home is attacked, sparking a mysterious power within her. Anja will explore a vast 2D world via side-scrolling platformer gameplay, and she can summon incarnations of other warriors to fight alongside her in RPG style battles. Indivisible boasts hand-drawn 2D animation and a soundtrack from legendary Japanese game composer Hiroki Kikuta. Indivisible will also have a collector's edition release featuring a custom tin, art manual, and physical edition of the game. You can pre-order at their website http://www.indivisiblegame.com/ and check out more information on the game there. ****************************************** I hadn't heard of this game before now but it looks beautiful. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on its release now.
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