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Found 6 results

  1. Special thanks to ArmoredFrog for the banner! Hello once again, Ninfora members! This is Lt. Surge, host of the widely popular and retired Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii game nights! Every Thursday night, I am willing to host a night of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! All the craziness of the new eighth installment of Mario Kart in what I am hoping to be a successful night of fun, laughter, and nail-biting races! Joining is pretty straight forward: RSVP your spot by indicating your interest in participating and use our tourney code to enter the weekly tournament! Also, the last Thursday of every month will see the speed class in the tournament change from 150cc to 200cc for a night of high speed and crazy item shenanigans to say farewell to the current month and start anew with the following month. For those that wish to be in contact during the races, there is the forum's Discord server and the MK8 channel that was built on the server. There, we can chat via text and even join the voice chat channel in the same app. With that said, I hope to see plenty of racers every Thursday! See you on the flip side! For those interested, you can find all of the tournament highlights and streams in the following playlists, straight from The Krazy One's YouTube channel Discord invite is here. Tournament Playlist (Edited Videos) Streams (In original format ~Unlisted) Battles
  2. Welcome to the Party Game Night topic! Is there a central game? No! There's a variety to choose. The plan is to bring a variety of games into the mix and rotate the selection whenever we play either week after week or every once in a while. We can try to decide on a game days in advance or on that night to play together for a good turnout. Fun is the main objective here! A few games are in the poll connected to this thread just to gauge who has those games but a full list of possible games will be listed below. Before that, the designated night is Friday with a start time of either 9pm or 10pm. The list of games will also have the number of players next to them as far as I know. I'll update the ones I don't know later. Jackbox Party Packs (Between 1-10 players) Mario Party Superstars (up to 4 players) Splatoon 3 (up to 4 players in a party, 8 players in private lobbies) Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online games [Mario Party, Kart, Golf, Tennis, Star Fox, Goldeneye, etc.] (2 to 4 players) Beat Em' Ups - TMNT: Cowabunga Collection (2 to 4 players) Shredder's Revenge (up to 6 players) Capcom Beat em' up Bundle (2 to 4 players) Uno (up to 4 players) Runbow (up to 8 or 9 players) Free to Play - Fall Guys (up to 4 players in a party, 60 players in private lobbies) Ninjala Rocket League Omega Strikers Any Battle Royale games Deception - Among Us (up to 12 players) Project Winter (up to 8 players) Party Type Games- Duck Game (up to 4 players) Ultimate Chicken Horse (up to 4 players) Gang Beasts (up to 6 players) Human: Fall Flat (up to 4 players) Overcooked: All You Can Eat (up to 4 players) Asymmetric Multiplayer- Dragon Ball: The Breakers (up to 8 players) Minecraft Nintendo Switch Online- Nintendo Entertainment System (2 Player) Super Nintendo Entertainment System (2 Player) Game Boy (2 Player) NSO Expansion Pack- Sega Genesis (2 Player) Nintendo 64 (2-4 Player) Game Boy Advance (2-4 Player) If anyone can think of more games to add to this list, feel free to share. Mainly looking for cross platform play to get more players. We'll be on Discord for voice chat with the games so if you haven't joined the server, here is the invite! We will likely be using the OG Chat for text and voice. This post is just to get the idea of the Party Game Night out there. It can be a weekly thing or a once in a while deal if a certain number of people aren't available weekly. We can also try to agree upon a game a few days in advance or on that night. I'll likely add or remove games from the poll to inquire on who has which games. So re-voting will be a thing.
  3. So I got a Switch for Christmas, and I got Minecraft on there as well. Seeing how I never got to do any online multiplayer with anyone on the Wii U edition, I reaaaally want to do some multiplayer Survival mode and need players to do so. Any takers? I know The_Krazy_One, ArmoredFrog, and Samus2008 said they will eventually, wondering if there are any others out there.
  4. Anyone else here get this yet? I mean besides being plagued with connection issues and random crashes, it's an absolute blast to play. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like these types of games, doesn't play online, and hasn't seen a single Friday the 13th movie I downloaded it on Friday and already have over 24 hours play time on it.
  5. The one problem people have been having is with connecting online with their Nintendo Switch. Another being the lag in Bomberman while playing online. I was planning on making this topic a few days ago but I decided to wait until I got my Ethernet Adapter up and running (which took a few days because I thought the problem with it not working was with the adapter itself but it ended up being the router, so I had to change some settings and configurations to be able to use one of the other Ethernet ports for the Switch). We've all probably heard that the range or connection isn't that great with the Wi-fi which is surprising to me since I've never really had a problem until the Switch. So the point of this topic is gauging and comparing our Switch's connection speed (Wi-fi and/or Wired) to what we get through our ISP's connection (or through your phone if you tether to it). Feel free to share that and/or what you pay for those speeds if you'd like. I know I will. So I pay for 12mbps Download speed from AT&T. Currently paying $52 until I think May or June where it goes back up to $57 (upgraded for $5 off for 6 months). Speedtest.net gives me (although the test server is a comcast one): On Speedtest.att.com it gave me: Now to compare the speed on the Switch. First is the Wi-fi speed. The thing is it fluctuates heavily. It could be 5mbps at the highest and around 2mbps or lower. The upload is always low but this is from recently checking it before I got the wired connection working. Be sure to block out the IP Address before sharing if you're sharing a screenshot of the Switch speed test. And this is the speed that I got when the wired connection started working. A whole lot better. Just something a little extra, this is what it says my speed (sync rate) is in my router settings: In a way that will give you an idea on what my connection is currently. On the Wi-fi side it's something they should fix. Share your speeds. Something unrelated when I was going through my Switch's SD Card on my computer for the pictures. It's cool how the album folder separates the pictures into different folders depending on the year, month and day you take a screenshot. An example would be, let's say you took 20 pictures in March scattered throughout the month. Three on launch, five on the 7th, four on the 20th, and eight on the 30th. It would be separated like this: Inside the Album Folder 2017 -the year Inside that would be a 3 Folder (the month of March) Inside that would be another 3 Folder, a 7 Folder, a 20 Folder and a 30 Folder (Indicating the days in that month) And inside those folders would be the screenshots taken on those respective days during that month I think every pic was 1280 x 720 as jpeg pictures. I'm sure that last thing was known already but I thought I'd share all that. My part 10 of BOTW will be up later on today.
  6. https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/ Let me say this before the rebuttals start pouring in. This is an early look at what's to come, and yes, it could be incomplete. However, some of the integrated negatives in the plans that are very clearly laid out, and others don't make sense not to announce along with current information if they are planned. First of all, I don't have much hope for any kind of online community integration any time soon. Nintendo has confirmed they're getting rid of Miiverse, and while it's possible they can make a new social platform later, it's probably not going to be part of the initial firmware or software. And in case that doesn't make it clear, that also means sharing your screenshots will only be available through third party services until things change. Secondly, were you looking forward to party systems and chat through your console? Well you're out of luck, because it's all app based. That's right, Nintendo is not only charging you for the functionality you were getting through their system for free, but you'll be paying for functionality you're already getting for free on your phone. And without proper integration with the hardware, navigating and joining your friends is going to be more indirect and frustrating than ever. They would be fools not to update this eventually, but how long it will take or how well it will be implemented is up in the air. The parental control video also suggests strongly that prominent implementation of personal accounts and account management is still not going to be a thing. Which means no proper DRM through eshop either. That's even worse when you consider we're going to be paying console prices while having handheld risks to our system. PS+ lets you download games every month and play so long as you're subscribed. Xbox Live gold one-upped them by letting you keep and play any games you get through your subscription, whether or not your subscription is active. Nintendo's answer? To let you play a a single virtual console game every month... for that month and only that month. As if all that's not bad enough, Nintendo isn't prepared for even what you see. Parties and chat aren't scheduled until this summer, and regions other than the Americas won't even have online functionality on day 1. This was one of the biggest areas of Nintendo's game plan that needed improvement... and it isn't looking good.
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