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  1. So this was one of those games that would be fun to play occasionally with friends online. One of those "Game Night" type of games. I haven't played this since the Sunday after I got the game. This is also my first Mario Party in a while with the last one I played being 8. I wanted to try something if anyone that owns the game is available. Since I'm not streaming this Saturday due to the two night WrestleMania "Premium Live Event" I wanted to see if anyone would be able to play a 10 or 15 turn session around 8-10pm Eastern on Friday, April 15th? Was thinking all of us on Discord for voice chat and either streaming and/or recording for Twitch & YouTube. This is mainly asking for just this Friday coming up but maybe things could change with the occasional (not weekly) Game Night for either this or other games that can fit that mold like Among Us, Duck Game and other games that I know I shouldn't be getting because of my backlog. So all in all: Friday at 8-10pm Eastern Discord Voice Chat Stream and/or Record Anyone interested?
  2. New copy abilities and Co-op is shown. Tho this the 2nd time this game is shown, it is looking better with every showing.
  3. And I wouldn't play these classics games any other way, bonus stars or bust.
  4. This was unexpected for Nintendo to do, it makes sense for today is the launch of the system but I feel this was something they were always gonna share. A lot of ppl I feel have questions about this new family iteration of the Nintendo Switch. Didn't read all of the articles, just watch some vids on YT that covered some more important points such as the Joy-Cons supposedly working better. Of course the developers don't mention JC drift but use other words to describe the issue at hand. Anyway... here's the link to the articles: Nintendo Switch OLED Model - Ask the Developer
  5. The two year old game that has taken gaming by storm over the last year and claimed both Best Multi-Player Game and Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2020 has now sus'd its way onto Nintendo Switch with cross-platform play! Come together with 4-10 friends to work as a crew to complete their tasks each round while the imposter(s) among them try to sabotage and kill off the crew. Can the crew sus out the imposter(s) while keeping casualties to a minimum? Or will the crew find themselves among the dead before the round ends? Just be careful... trusting the wrong person could spell the end for you.
  6. Yes, the ability cancel games you pre-order is now a option on the Nintendo eShop. The reason for this is that when you PO games on the eShop previously, you were charged right away. Now you are charged a week before the launch of the game, meaning you have a week before to cancel game PO. Of course you can cancel anytime before 7 day as seen in the video. All that's left is to get refund, Nintendo. I honestly thought this was a video for refund for digital games, hopefully that is coming soon.
  7. A Nintendo Direct Mini as been announced for this morning at 7am PDT / 10am EDT. What to pay attention to is that the 3rd party titles here are previously announced so we don't know if there will be anything new from 3rd parties not already announced for the Nintendo Switch. They also make no mention of Nintendo first party titles as well. What will we see today? EDIT: According Nintendo Japan Twitter, the showcase is 10 minutes long.
  8. The demo is available to DL for Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition on the Nintendo eShop. You can also Pre-load the game as well too. Also, don't forgot that whatever progress you end the demo with, you can transfer it to the full game. The game releases September 27th.
  9. Thought it was strange that no one was talking about the new information that came out about Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so I thought I'd share the translated feature from Famitsu. Translation posted on GoNintendo. Story Characters Protagonist The protagonist was originally making a living as mercenary, but then they realized that they had knowledge to pass on, and so became a teacher at the academy. Their mother had already passed away, which is why they were living with their father, who used to be at the head of the Knights of Seiros. Jeralt (Different translations had it spelled Geralt) The protagonist’s father, with a legendary reputation, and known as the strongest Knight that has ever graced the Church of Seiros, no less! After the protagonist is invited to the academy to take the position of teacher, he comes with him and becomes a knight again. More Detailed Info - a veteran Knight who used to serve as Head Knight for the Church of Seiros - regarded as the strongest Knight of all time - Jeralt left his position to become a mercenary - Jeralt's wife has passed away - Jeralt ends up joining the Knights of Seiros once again after the events at the beginning of the game - this is when the protagonist ends up saving students from the Officer’s Academy Sothis A mysterious girl who ends up saving the protagonist during a fateful night. She has lost her memory, and for some reason, only the protagonist can see her. More Detailed Info - a mysterious girl who appears in the protagonist’s dream - after saving the protagonist using her powers to rewind time, she stays in contact with them - the two can actually communicate as if she was in their head - no one but the protagonist can see her - she has lost her memories - despite looking like a young girl, she actually speaks like an old woman Three Houses and their leaders: Black Eagles Among the three powers ruling the Fodlan continent, the Adrestian Empire is the one with the longest history. People from there are usually more skilled with magic than weapons. The leader of the Black Eagles is Edelgard von Hresvelg, who also happens to be next in line to become Empress. She’s voiced by Ai Kakuma. She’s said to be quite the talented and signified individual. More Detailed Info on Edelgard - from the Adrestian Empire, and its future Empress - may appear somewhat cold and prideful, acting with diginity - always maintaining her composure, calmy assessing the situation and looking at other people before acting Blue Lions The House tied to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Its leader is Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa), Prince of the Kingdom and future King. He’s said to be quite the polite young man, and the very embodiment of chivlary. However, it seems that he does have a dark side… Perhaps due to the prevalence of knights in the country, most students from that House are particular good with spears. More Detailed Info on Dimitri - leader of the Blue Lions, Prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and future King - said to be quite the honest fellow, and the very embodiment of chivalry - you can sometimes see a faint bit of darkness hidden behind his smiles Golden Deer Members of the Leicester Alliance nobility make up the students of that House. They are said to be quite gifted with the bow. The leader of that House is Claude von Riegan (voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga), member of the Riegan family (leader of the alliance). He’s quite the friendly-looking fellow, who thinks deeply about things, and can be quite sharp-minded. Compared to the other two, the Golden Deer House has a higher proportion of commoners among its students. Gameplay systems - divided in two parts: battles, and student teaching - battles put a much stronger emphasis on character training - the rewind system from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is back - battles have a large number of people taking part in them at once. - battles take place on a variety of terrains, which all have their own effects - terrain determines how units move around, and can give an evasion and defense boost for example - terrain includes the following: forest: increases evasion, making it harder for enemy units to hit you. A great place to wait for the enemy to ambush them; terrain that can heal your units; terrain that can warp characters around. - “Beat of Heaven” allows you to go back in time for a few turns, letting you fix any mistakes that you made - this can only be used a certain amount of times, and likely has a cooldown period - difficulty level influences how strong enemies are, and the modes allows / prevents allies from being revived after falling battle - there are normal and hard difficulties - there are casual and classic modes - when a character undergoes class change, their level is not reset to 1 anymore, and they can keep using the same weapon - a character can change classes as many times as you want, as long as they have passed the test for each class - during student training, you can move around in the Garreg Mach Monastery and interact with the various characters - the bond between teacher and student is said to be a key element of the game - at the Officer’s Academy, the students get to improve their skills - students can also be taught directly by the protagonist, and they can have conversations with them to deepen their bond - there’s a support system that kicks in during battles, with further details coming at a later date - in order to use specific weapons and techniques in battle, and in order to change their class, you need to raise your skill level - the higher their skill level, the stronger the skills they can acquire, and the stronger the weapons they can handle - each student have their own strengths and weakness - main skills include the following: Swordsmanship: sword-related skills Art of the Spear: spear-related skills Art of the Axe: axe-related skills Archery: bow-related skills Physics: dark and black magic-related skills Faith: white magic-related skills Flying: skills for flying units Heavy Armour: skills for armored units Horsemanship: skills for cavalry units - Main skills you can learn include the following: Swordsmanship Lv. 1 = when equipped with a sword, Hit Rate +5, Avoid +7, Dodge+5 Sword Slaying = when unit is equipped with armor and fighting a sword user, Hit Rate and Dodge +20 Art of the Spear Lv. 1 = when unit is equipped with armor, Hit Rate +7, Avoid +5, Dodge +5 Short-range counterattack = allow unit to counterattack when enemy is 1 space away; Physics Lv. 1: when unit is using dark and black magic equipment, Hit Rate +5, Avoid +5, Dodge +5 Faith Lv. 1: when unit is using light magic equipment, Hit Rate +5, Avoid +7, Dodge +5 - as the students progress, they eventually reach the point where they can take on exams - passing those allows them to change classes - in order take an exam, you also need an exam pass of the corresponding level - the higher the skill level of a student for the skill corresponding to the exam, the more likely they are to pass it - once a unit has passed an exam, they can change class at any time - even the protagonist can pass those exams - units have a base class, which changes depending on their origins - at the beginning, units have basic classes such as Swordsman, Knight, Fighter, Monk - these can move to a more advanced class by using a Level 5 or higher exam pass - class examples are as follows: Commoners / Nobles: no distinctive features, can use a little bit of magic Swordsman: they favor the sword. Speedy units with high Avoid rate; Knight: they favor the spear. Great dexterity, making it easy to hit enemies; Fighter: they focus on raw power. They can handle axe and bows with ease; Monk: they can use magic. There’s several types of Monks: White, Black, and Dark Lot of info! Here's what I took from it. It takes some ideas from Shadows of Valentia and upgrades them a bit. Nothing about building supports into marriage as of now. It sounds like if you use a certain weapon and eventually class change to a different weapon's class, you retain the use of the previous weapon. (ex. Myrmidon builds up enough skill points to take an exam for a Fighter class. Passes and changes classes. Can now use Swords along with Axes and Bows.) If that's the case, you can build a pretty powerful bunch. Only thing that needs to be touched on is the main story/conflict, since the world has currently been built for us. We just have to see how in depth we can get into unit building whether it's supports, classes, weapons and the like. I'll leave you with a bit of Anna! By the Gods I still need to beat Fates.
  10. Just found out about this last night. Tried to download it, but it's too big for me to do so. It seems to be around 4-5gb. Saw that my own systems space went down from 10gb to around 6.4gb. Ended up deleting it. So make sure to have enough room before getting it! Source: https://www.polygon.com/deals/2019/3/18/18271002/splatoon-2-demo-free-trial-nintendo-switch-online-deal
  11. Is this meh, a little too late or a gateway to certain apps that would benefit being on Switch.
  12. The Splatfest we've been waiting since the first game. Inkling versus Octoling! Pick your preferred kid for turf war starting July 6th and war commences on July 21st. Also, for those who have not purchased the octo expansion or completed, (the latter on is me) you can play as the Octoling just for this Splatfest. Kick-off of this Splatfest is: Friday July 20th 12:00am til Saturday July 2st 12:00am. This is a global splatfest as well. I wonder with that open where the tide will more lean to and if this means maybe for once the popular team might win for once? Where will you be when the these two sides clash?
  13. Finally, this game is coming out. It was suppose to come out the first month the Switch came out or so and since then there hasn't been much as in updates, until recently and now this news. This is great news and I'm really look forward to finally playing this title.
  14. Nintendo announced today the Better Together Update that would finally bring cross-platform online play to Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch is going to be released digitally and with a physical retail release June 21! This update will also include Xbox Live achievements for the Nintendo Switch! I am super excited for this since it will finally bridge the gap between everyone else already in on the Better Together deal and Nintendo gamers. Granted the few things I have heard about moving from Console Edition to Bedrock Edition isn't the greatest in terms of UI, menus, "annoying" micro transactions, etc., but I don't think I'll have too much trouble with the changes. Anyone else excited to finally be able to play "better together" in Minecraft?
  15. This upcoming weekend from Sat 12am to Sun 12am is another Splatfest in Splatoon 2. Theme as shown above is Money vs Love. They say love don't cost a thing but where do you stand over the old debate of money vs love? There's only right answer....choose wisely.
  16. So I got a Switch for Christmas, and I got Minecraft on there as well. Seeing how I never got to do any online multiplayer with anyone on the Wii U edition, I reaaaally want to do some multiplayer Survival mode and need players to do so. Any takers? I know The_Krazy_One, ArmoredFrog, and Samus2008 said they will eventually, wondering if there are any others out there.
  17. https://www.wsj.com/articles/nintendo-delays-rollout-of-64-gigabyte-switch-game-cards-until-2019-1514360941 Its good to know that bigger game cards are coming but again they have been delayed till 2019 so we will still see some games on Switch still requiring an SD Card for some time. Now I'm hoping that with these bigger game cards the meatier games don't get jacked up in price.
  18. So it has been officially confirmed. After 5 years, a WWE game is coming to a Nintendo platform, the Nintendo Switch. The last WWE game was WWE '13 on the Wii as the WWE games completely skipped the Wii U. Along with the Dragon Ball series which their last game was released on the Wii in 2009 (as that has also completely skipped the Wii U), this will be an interesting next few months. Xenoverse 2 & Fire Emblem Warriors in September and WWE 2K18 & Super Mario Odyssey in October.
  19. Welcome to the Nintendo Switch "Game Demos" topic! This topic is here to list the games available or soon to be available on the Nintendo Switch that currently have demos for them. An archive for if anyone is interested in a particular game but doesn't know if it has a demo, they have somewhere to check. If the topic is in view that is. I'll try to gather some information on each demo including file size, modes and length and list them along with the game. I will try to add to this list as demos are added. If you want me to, I could add demos from other regions to the list if someone would like to assist with that. It's easier to make this topic for Switch since there are too many demos to list for Wii U and 3DS. Nintendo Switch Demos (NA, JPN, EU) Just Dance 2017 (NA, EU) -901MB Snipperclips (NA, JPN, EU) -266MB Puyo Puyo Tetris (NA, JPN, EU) -685MB Solo & Local Multiplayer up to 4 players Versus and Swap modes Only 1 Win games Tutorials for Puyo Puyo & Tetris (Not Puyo Tetris Fusion) Includes Manual Blaster Master Zero (NA, JPN, EU) -95.5MB Features Area 1 and Area 3 Disgaea 5 Complete (NA, EU) -999MB May be able to transfer save to full game. Splatoon 2 Global Testfire (NA, JPN, EU) -408MB [If they hold more Testfires in the future] Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 (JPN) -1GB Minna de WaiWai! Spelunker (JPN) -371MB ARMS Global Testpunch (NA, JPN, EU) -1.4GB Play as all 10 characters Local Multiplayer including Hoops mode Online Exhibition matches Hour long event at specified times on this coming weekend (May 26th - 28th & June 2nd - 4th) May 26th & June 2nd @ 5pm PT/8PM EST May 27th & June 3 @ 5am PT/8am EST, 11am PT/2pm EST & 5pm PT/8pm EST May 28th & June 4th @ 5am PT/8am EST, 11am PT/2pm EST If I am missing any info or if you would like to provide some info about the demos listed, feel free to share.
  20. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0118LR9Z8/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1KMK2WFBGTZRO&coliid=I1TIEZK6W7G13H&psc=1 First to note, i don't have a Switch at this point But i was wondering, would this work well enough for a Micro SD card? I think it might work for now, but im not sure if it would be too small or just the right size I was considering getting the 256 one, but that's a bit...... pricey and im not sure if i want to spend that much on a Micro SD card right now Also, here's some other accessories i was considering - not sure if i'll actually end up buying all of them though (or if i'll actually use them, in that case).... are there any other or alternatives i should consider getting at some point?* Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask those who have bought any accessories *minus the amFilm Nintendo Switch screen Protector - i plan on buying that
  21. I'm honestly surprised no one made a topic about this since we haven't seen anything from the Switch's eShop until now. This details what pops up when you come out of sleep mode or when you turn on the Switch (Featured News), what's in the News tab, the eShop interface, features and how to merge your eShop wallets from the 3DS and/or Wii U. The eShop interface reminds me of the eShop area on Nintendo.com look-wise. I could see it changing in the future when VC games hit. Discuss or no?
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