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  1. ^Click for my Youtube Channel^ Twitch Channel @TKrazyO on Twitter Welcome to the topic! I'm known as TKrazyO (or The Krazy One for short) on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter. Long story short I play Nintendo games so I play those systems on the channel. Lately I have changed it up from just doing videos to doing playthroughs and Let's Plays with or without commentary. Some that I started may have been put on hiatus because of bigger games coming out that I want to play. Those I'll get back to way later than the interest suggests. Because I go into all these games blind that may have something to do with the longer lengths of my videos getting to 40 and even 50 minutes depending on the game. I try to get as low as 20 - 45 minutes but as I said, it could get longer. That could also be impacting my viewer base, or lack of. I'd like there to be more to interact with since that was one of my goals. My main goal is to provide interest in the games that I play so that others will try these games out! So I upload every week, two videos minimum for the weekly Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament & Smash Saturdays replays! I stream the Mario Kart and Smash Nights on my Twitch, the former being Thursdays @ 10pm and the latter Saturdays starting @ 8pm with a Pre-Game Playthrough! Below we'll see the recently uploaded videos with the Mario Kart & Smash Bros. videos below that! Most Recent Videos (Updated throughout the week) Ninfora Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament Playlist (Latest Upload/Tournament): Smash Saturday Stream Playlist: Below will be the Ongoing Playthroughs being uploaded on my channel. Ongoing Playthroughs: These are the playthroughs I've finished if you want to give these a watch! Finished Playthroughs: A new section featuring the playlist of my Unfinished Business series games. Unfinished Business: And these are the playthroughs I stopped part way through because of other games coming up. I'll return to these when I don't have too much on my plate like I do now! On Hiatus (Until I stop starting new playthroughs): I will consistently update this topic with recently uploaded/published videos. If I convinced you to check out the channel or any of my videos then I have done my job. If you'd like to subscribe, feel free. Totally up to you! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for videos, my somewhat there commentary, or games I should play, feel free to share. For now, I'll be seeing ya!
  2. E3 this is finally coming back this year, but it looks like neither of The Big 3 (Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox) will be taking part in any form... *see tweet below* I know Sony hasn't been there the last few E3s and Nintendo has since been doing digital E3 presentations, but it's odd that with E3 finally coming back that neither Microsoft or even Nintendo will there. Maybe they realized during the pandemic that they don't need to speed all that money to go to E3 and create a massive booth, when they can just put out a digital event and be done. Is E3 dead?
  3. I've been mulling over making this topic since the latter half of 2022. Decided to make it now since it's a New Year! Posted it on the General Nintendo board since our other game nights deal with Nintendo games. So the main question is if anybody would be interested in another Game Night? Basically instead of it being centered around one game, it can be either a rotation from a list of games or call out a certain game to see interest in playing it that night. It could be one big group playing a game or multiple groups playing different games. As for the days I put on the poll, it excludes nights already taken and Monday (since I'm not available). Threw out a list of games I had that could be interesting to play. Suggestions are welcome. Could be games you have but need people to play or just games you're interested in but haven't bought. Put up some start time suggestions but not length because everyone has their own schedules which can be decided later. I'm gauging interest in playing a variety of games with a community I've been with for however long it has been. At the most I could maybe record sessions. Streaming them could be an issue with time. So just let me know if you're interested in this idea.
  4. Yes, how did you all feel when you first saw written dialogue for Isaac in Golden Sun: TLA? It was a shock for me when I first seen this coming up on almost 2 decades ago. I was really taken back not that Isaac would be in the sequel of Golden Sun but to speak was quite the surprise. Tho at the time, I should of knew Isaac would speak here as Felix barely spoke at all in TLA, as opposed to Golden Sun he did. Also, at the time Dragon Ball GT was starting to air on TV and when I seen I Isaac speak, to me he would sound like Kid Goku but with a slightly deeper voice. Imagine a slightly deeper voiced Kid Goku saying these lines: The memories of Isaac in TLA were the fondest in that house after the Jupiter Lighthouse. At the time, it seem like so much was going on and I am just a mere witness of this event unfolding before my eyes. Was Isaac speaking in Golden Sun: TLA a shock for you as it was for me?
  5. This is more than BotW 2, you can't talk about this game without mentioning more upcoming news on titles we know little about but even less so than BotW 2. All we can do is wait and see, as things don't appear what it seems at Nintendo.
  6. Spawn Wave made a video that he got sourced from Nintendo Life about this question... Source Is the Delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad, actually from Miyamoto? I won't spoil whoever knows the origins of this quote or not but it's an interest story to say the least.
  7. Welcome to The My Nintendo Thread! As the title suggests, this thread will be used for the discussion of everything My Nintendo related and anythign inbetween that will be of importance! From points you can earn, to the rewards you can redeem said points for, this thread will hopefully be able to solve any and all questions you may have! First things first though, you're probably asking yourself this question: What is My Nintendo? My Nintendo is the successor to the long running rewards program Club Nintendo. Like its predecessor, My Nintendo is a program that allows users to accumulate coins to acquire special rewards, such as discounts to be used on the eShop, as well as exclusive games! Nintendo Account Now before you go about taking advantage of My Nintendo, you will need a Nintendo Account, which you can create by clicking 'Nintendo Account' above. Creating a Nintendo Account is paramount and necessary before you can use these services for your benefit. Thankfully, creating a Nintendo Account is very easy and takes mere minutes to finalize! Once a Nintendo Account is created, you can link three different forms of Social Media accounts to your account: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. The fourth and final account you are able to link is your Nintendo Network ID (NNID). Once you have created your Nintendo Account, then the fun begins. Join My Nintendo here! With your Nintendo Account created, you are now officially ready to get started with My Nintendo! Earning Points Using My Nintendo, you are able to earn "points", which can then be used to obtain discounts, exclusive games, and many more! Earning points is very simple! My Nintendo points can be obtained by completing Missions. Missions range anywhere from linking Social Media accounts to your Nintendo Account, purchasing games off of the eShop when your NNID is linked to your Nintendo Account, using smartphone apps, and more! By completing these missions, you are able to earn two main different types of points: Platinum points are earned by completing various "Missions" on Nintendo's websites, as well as Smartphone Applications (Miitomo, Super Mario Run). Objectives such as linking you Social Media accounts and logging into Nintendo websites weekly (Miiverse, eShop), as well as completing in-game Missions for Smartphone Applications, will earn your Platinum points. These points can be redeemed for exclusive digital software from My Nintendo, such as special 3DS Themes only available on My Nintendo, exclusive games, as well as a myriad of discounts, and more! Gold points are earned by purchasing digital software off of the eShop as well as from the official Nintendo Website. Gold points can also be earned by purchasing retail copies of Nintendo Switch titles. These coins are earned only by game purchases, and are not earned by purchasing Themes, DLC, or physical retail games. Gold points earned can be used for discounts towards purchases on the eShop. There is also the chance that you will have a code that can be redeemed for points. If that is the case, go to My Nintendo, and click 'Menu' on the top-left of the screen. While in the dropdown menu, you will see a 'Redeem a point code' option; click/press that. Once there, enter your 16-digit code, and you'll then be on your way! If that doesn't work for you: on the Main Page, there should be a "Redeem a Point Code" button that is able to be pressed/clicked on, which will take you to the Point Code redemption screen. Note: the My Nintendo "Week" begins on Mondays, so you are able to earn the Platinum point log-in bonuses each week starting on Monday. There are four weekly log-in bonuses, which net your 30 Platinum points each; they are as follows: - Sign in to Miiverse - Sign in to Nintendo eShop - Collect the My Nintendo sign-in bonus - Sign in to your Nintendo Account on the Official Nintendo website In addition to these log-in bonuses, there is also a Monthly Mission worth 10 Points if you stay opted-in for promotional e-mails from Nintendo. You can find the complete list of Missions by clicking this link. PLATINUM POINTS EXPIRE AFTER SIX MONTHS OF BEING EARNED BUT NOT EXACTLY SIX MONTHS TO THE DAY. EXAMPLE: POINTS EARNED ON MARCH 3RD WILL EXPIRE ON SEPTEMBER 30TH AT 11:59:59 P.M. GOLD POINTS EXPIRE IN TWELVE MONTHS, AS OPPOSED TO SIX MONTHS WITH PLATINUM POINTS. THE SAME EXPIRE METHOD APPLIES FOR GOLD POINTS. To check if you have any points expiring, you can check out your Points History Page to get a specific number of points expiring. Redeeming Points for Rewards With those points finally earned, you're ready to start using them! As mentioned above, there are three different types of My Nintendo Points: Platinum, and Gold. With these different amount of points, a various amount of rewards can be obtained, such as exclusive My Nintendo rewards, discounts towards specific games, 3DS Themes, and more! As stated above, points expire after six months of being obtained, so be sure to sue them withing the allotted time frame! The full list of Rewards can be found at this link, and these Rewards will be more thoroughly discussed in the post below. Gold Points can be used for purchases on the eShop to give you discounts! The conversion rate is 1 Gold Point = 1 Cent Physical purchases earn you 1% back, while Digital purchases earn you 5% back EXAMPLE: If you buy a $59.99 game on the eShop, you will receive 300 Gold Points. If you purchase that same game at the same price, but physically, you'll earn 60 Gold Points. See the About Page for more info. And with that, the introductory post to the My Nintendo Thread has been complete! With this OP, I hope any and all information you were looking for has been found. If you have any questions, criticisms, tips on how to improve this thread, or anything else, please do not hesitate to make your voice heard!
  8. Nintendo has announced plans to turn one of their old plants into the "Nintendo Gallery". This museum is expected to open by March 2024.... *See tweet below* This is really cool. We've had museum-esque sections in games like Super Smash Bros., "Kirby's History" in KIrby's Dream Collection, the "Nintendo Collection" in WarioWare Gold, etc. So, it's great to hear that Nintendo is actually opening their own museum. I know Nintendo has dipped with their toes in to actual museums in the past with the Shigureden In Japan (founded by former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi) and the Louvre in France, both using DS/3DS systems for interactive tours. I wonder if Nintendo's museum will do something similar? *See spoiler below* Anway... Hopefully something like this can come stateside, if they work with the Smithsonian or something?
  9. As the developer of some of my favorite games throughout the past few generations (Strikers series, Luigi's Mansion DM & 3 to name a few that I've played), as the story on GoNintendo says, "It's about time!" Their most notable games were the aforementioned Nintendo IP games with their other outings being 3rd Party Licensed games. We'll see what the future holds for them. Source: https://gonintendo.com/stories/374944-nintendo-acquires-luigi-s-mansion-3-developer-next-level-games
  10. You saw the title, the last demo for BD II is out now. In addition to DLing the demo before this game release on 2/26/2021, you can get 100 platinum coins. Thought I share that if anyone is looking forward to this game and want a taste of this game more. Not sure if its the same demo with listed improvement from the last mini direct or something else but the last one in March was good playground. So check it out!
  11. Details on the Mario Kart AR ride: OMG! I so badly wish I could go! Too bad the one in Orlando has been delayed infedently, so who knows when we'll ever get a SNW in the U.S. That Mario Kart AR Ride, tho! Anway, I can't wait to see all the pics/footage from people when this finally opens next year.
  12. I wonder if I'd buy a game called Paper Mario's Series Of Unfortunate Events?
  13. A Nintendo Direct Mini as been announced for this morning at 7am PDT / 10am EDT. What to pay attention to is that the 3rd party titles here are previously announced so we don't know if there will be anything new from 3rd parties not already announced for the Nintendo Switch. They also make no mention of Nintendo first party titles as well. What will we see today? EDIT: According Nintendo Japan Twitter, the showcase is 10 minutes long.
  14. Here is the link for 2-step verification when signing into your Nintendo account. https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27496 It's pretty straight forward, all you need to complete it is a smartphone and the Authy 2-factor Authentication. I had trouble typing the code manually so when setting up the code like the the Google Authenticator scan the QR code and Authy will accept that code and new code will be provided, along with back-up ones as well. This app will be the 2nd step in signing into your Nintendo account when you are on web browser and also when you are signing into eShop on Nintendo Switch. The app will generate a couple backup codes for you to sign in with in addition to your password when you sign into Nintendo account on a browser or on the eShop. This just another security layer to you from unauthorized access to your Nintendo account. EDIT: Nintendo have now officially reported that 160,000 Nintendo accounts may be compromised so not only set yourself up with the 2-step verification but change your password as well as suggested by Pichi. Emails will be sent out to those who have been compromised, regardless still set your Nintendo account up with this 2nd step. They also say credit card information is still secure but those who are worry of that, should take that off of their account, only your nickname, D.O.B., email address, country and regions is affected. NOTE: The edit above applies if your Nintendo account with the Switch is linked with your NNID from Wii U and 3DS. So to see if your linked go here: https://accounts.nintendo.com/ When you login, you are already in 'user info' area and at the bottom of that page under 'Linked accounts' you can see where your NNID is linked with your Nintendo account with Switch. Also, before or after the 2FA, under 'Sign-in history', you can see if any unauthorized sign-ins have occurred. That is a good way to know if someone other than your own have signed, incase Nintendo have not emailed you as one of the compromised accounts. Under that you can see the my '2-Step Verification settings' is set up. Thanks @purple_beard & @alienboyva for these updates. I hope this can gives those with this sort of worry, a peace of mind about their security.
  15. This is an old topic I made before Christmas last year about the holiday sales going on. Since all of those ended and more popped up as a New Years sale, just decided to keep this one up for now. I'll probably use this topic until the end of the month and then just let it die. As far as I know, these all end on the 16th-17th depending on your timezone. These are all North American sales! I won't include DLC this time around since this takes me forever to cover. I'll update the rest later. These lists are too long and I started this an hour ago. Nintendo & Select Titles Sega/Atlus Capcom XSEED Inti Creates 2K Games Devolver Digital WB Games Ubisoft Bandai Namco
  16. I knew there were devices like the SEGA Channel on the Genesis and the Satellaview for the Super Famicom in Japan , but I've never heard of this device. WOW! It's pretty impressive that they were able to do online gaming on the SNES/Genesis via dial-up back in the day. It's kind of funny that they had to deal with some of the same issues we had to with modern online gaming, like people disconnecting when they are about to lose, people harassing others, etc. This video is very well produced. I like how they have interviews with people who worked on the device/service and people who actually used the device back in the day. It's pretty cool that they revived the service via a modern day internet connection. *Note* Video is over 1 hr long
  17. Smash World is Game-Specific Service that was announced at the last Smash Direct back in November of last year and is to launch sometime in 2019. Here's a clip of it from the last Smash Direct: I'm not surprised if no one knew about this or forget this is coming but for sure no is talking about this anywhere on the internet. I don't blame anyone, I was just thinking today if there was a place where we can upload the replays and pictures directly with Nintendo Switch Online app and then I remember this. So did Nintendo just forget about this? With all the hype with 3.0.0 and Joker incoming, I can see why this app was overlooked. Should expect news on this soon? Since announcing this to release in 2019, there's been no update, also it does help there's no timeframe in 2019 this will release. Does anyone care for Smash world?
  18. Thought I share this because there's some actual good deals in here for once. Link: https://happyholidays.nintendo.com/cyber-deals/ Just make you have decent Micro SD card if you plan to DL some of these games. Happy shopping!
  19. Didn't want to make long sentence of the question, basically I'm saying if Smash Bros released for the first time on December 7, 2018. What be roster of characters based on relevancy of Nintendo IP's nowadays. To make this interesting and challenging, the roster size will be like the one based on the 64 game; 12 characters. Also, to make sure this isn't filled with shoe-ins with 3rd party. No 3rd party characters. (not even ones like Bayonetta is allowed) So only Nintendo IP characters and remember they have to be relevant today in gaming for Nintendo. GO! I'll post my roster once I see some posts here. *If you like you can also list 9 stages like the amount 64 as well. **I also do not take credit for this topic, I was inspired by the Patreon contributor questions asked on GameXplain weekly discussion vids for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  20. Here's my deviantART account. http://dnlink.deviantart.com/ Update for 9/19/2018:
  21. I'm feelin' pretty confident that we'll get its final name revealed in the E3 direct next week. I'm not too sure about the release date but there's chance that we'll get it in full unless they do a fall/winter timeframe. What do think the final title Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch will be called?
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