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Found 4 results

  1. So this was one of those games that would be fun to play occasionally with friends online. One of those "Game Night" type of games. I haven't played this since the Sunday after I got the game. This is also my first Mario Party in a while with the last one I played being 8. I wanted to try something if anyone that owns the game is available. This is mainly asking for just this Friday coming up but maybe things could change with the occasional (not weekly) Game Night for either this or other games that can fit that mold like Among Us, Duck Game and other games that I know I shouldn't be getting because of my backlog. So all in all: Friday at 10pm Eastern Discord Voice Chat Stream and/or Record Anyone interested?
  2. And I wouldn't play these classics games any other way, bonus stars or bust.
  3. The 3DS is getting its third Mario Party game, and possibly the most interesting one of the three. I can't help but wonder why it's making its way to the 3DS instead of the Switch, is it because they're working on a Mario Party 11? even then, I'd rather have two Mario Party games on the Switch instead of three on the 3DS. They could easily delay and polish Mario Party 11 to release at another date and Mario Party: The Top 100 would hold people over for at least a year. This game is just going to feel awkward getting released on the 3DS, combining the franchises home console and handheld mini games into one, that's 100% what the Switch is. I feel like they just decided to be lazy and not invest time into polishing the game to Switch standards.
  4. For those in North America, Mario Party: Star Rush is now available to purchase and pre-load on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS in North America. Looking to download the game and play as soon as you can? Take advantage and be ready for its launch on November 4. You'll need around 3,011 blocks to download the game. Who's RSVPing for this party?
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