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  1. Special thanks to ArmoredFrog for the banner! Hello once again, Ninfora members! This is Lt. Surge, host of the widely popular and retired Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii game nights! Every Thursday night, I am willing to host a night of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! All the craziness of the new eighth installment of Mario Kart in what I am hoping to be a successful night of fun, laughter, and nail-biting races! Joining is pretty straight forward: RSVP your spot by indicating your interest in participating and use our tourney code to enter the weekly tournament! Also, the last Thursday of every month will see the speed class in the tournament change from 150cc to 200cc for a night of high speed and crazy item shenanigans to say farewell to the current month and start anew with the following month. For those that wish to be in contact during the races, there is the forum's Discord server and the MK8 channel that was built on the server. There, we can chat via text and even join the voice chat channel in the same app. With that said, I hope to see plenty of racers every Thursday! See you on the flip side! For those interested, you can find all of the tournament highlights and streams in the following playlists, straight from The Krazy One's YouTube channel Discord invite is here. Tournament Playlist (Edited Videos) Streams (In original format ~Unlisted) Battles
  2. ^Click for my Youtube Channel^ Twitch Channel @TKrazyO on Twitter Welcome to the topic! I'm known as TKrazyO (or The Krazy One for short) on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter. Long story short I play Nintendo games so I play those systems on the channel. Lately I have changed it up from just doing videos to doing playthroughs and Let's Plays with or without commentary. Some that I started may have been put on hiatus because of bigger games coming out that I want to play. Those I'll get back to way later than the interest suggests. Because I go into all these games blind that may have something to do with the longer lengths of my videos getting to 40 and even 50 minutes depending on the game. I try to get as low as 20 - 45 minutes but as I said, it could get longer. That could also be impacting my viewer base, or lack of. I'd like there to be more to interact with since that was one of my goals. My main goal is to provide interest in the games that I play so that others will try these games out! So I upload every week, two videos minimum for the weekly Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament & Smash Saturdays replays! I stream the Mario Kart and Smash Nights on my Twitch, the former being Thursdays @ 10pm and the latter Saturdays starting @ 8pm with a Pre-Game Playthrough! Below we'll see the recently uploaded videos with the Mario Kart & Smash Bros. videos below that! Most Recent Videos (Updated throughout the week) Ninfora Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament Playlist (Latest Upload/Tournament): Smash Saturday Stream Playlist: Below will be the Ongoing Playthroughs being uploaded on my channel. Ongoing Playthroughs: These are the playthroughs I've finished if you want to give these a watch! Finished Playthroughs: A new section featuring the playlist of my Unfinished Business series games. Unfinished Business: And these are the playthroughs I stopped part way through because of other games coming up. I'll return to these when I don't have too much on my plate like I do now! On Hiatus (Until I stop starting new playthroughs): I will consistently update this topic with recently uploaded/published videos. If I convinced you to check out the channel or any of my videos then I have done my job. If you'd like to subscribe, feel free. Totally up to you! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for videos, my somewhat there commentary, or games I should play, feel free to share. For now, I'll be seeing ya!
  3. Note: This review focuses on the new elements of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. If you want to see my original review from 2014 for the Wii U game I've included it in the spoiler below this review. It was only three years ago that Mario Kart 8 released on the Wii U, with DLC support afterward to make the biggest Mario Kart game yet. So it may seem a little recent to release an enhanced port, but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe features everything that was great about the original and improves on the few areas where it faltered. The rest of the changes in Deluxe aren't huge but they help make one of Nintendo's biggest franchises just a little bit more accessible without diminishing the essential kart racing fun. Even though Deluxe doesn't add fresh tracks it does introduce a few new features, mainly catered toward novice racers. The new steer assistance mode helps keep your kart on the track by automatically preventing you from steering off into the dirt or into a pit. This feature is definitely made for inexperienced players–it feels incredibly odd if you're already used to Mario Kart, and it comes with two significant disadvantages. For one, you can't go off track even to hit a shortcut–a common component of many Mario Kart tracks. For two, steer assistance prevents you from using an ultra boost, another new feature in Deluxe which is essentially an even better drift mini-boost. Hence skilled players will want to steer clear of this "easy mode" in Deluxe. It's helpful while you're learning the tracks or just need a helping hand, but its negatives far outweigh the positives once you know how to race properly. Deluxe adds another "easy mode" addition that is somewhat less problematic: auto acceleration. This is basically cruise control–instead of holding down the A button to accelerate your kart simply moves forward on its own. This is another feature that will feel odd to veteran players, but if you're on hour three of a marathon Mario Kart session this feature is actually kind of nice since there are usually few reasons not to hold A throughout an entire race. It's just those few exceptions that make auto acceleration seem like a bad idea. You can still press B to brake but sometimes it's better to just take your thumb off the accelerator, which you can't do now. You also can't use the brake to do a full stop or move in reverse, and while these are rare scenarios in a typical race auto accelerate still eliminates these options. The rest of the time though auto accelerate can be a nice break for your thumb. One of the more significant changes that veteran players will be happy to see is the ability to hold two items. And not just drag one behind you with one in reserve; Deluxe has double item boxes as in Double Dash. In the original version of Mario Kart 8 it was so easy to be caught defenseless since you could only hold onto one item at a time, but now Deluxe has opened up far more strategy–and far more item chaos. Additionally you can't swap between your items, you always have to use them in order (although the boomerang flower makes for a unique exception). Still, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and this is probably the main way to make Deluxe feel fresh for players who already spent plenty of time with the original on the Wii U. The other major addition is of course the full, proper battle mode that the original game was lacking. Battling on a track just isn't the same as duking it out in an arena, plus Deluxe goes all out with five battle modes. Four are classic modes while Renegade Roundup is brand new and pretty unique. Players are split into two teams, the authorities and the renegades, and the "cops" try to catch all of the "robbers," while the robbers try to stay free until the time runs out. It's a cat and mouse game that is perfect for a racing game, especially when you throw in items into the mix to help you make a getaway, or catch the crook. The only minor downside is that matches can end up being very short if all renegades are caught quickly, which can be disappointing in online play when setting up a room might take longer than the actual match. Plus it'd be nice if online matches gave both teams a chance to play both sides in a single match since this is the only asymmetric mode. Regardless, Renegade Roundup is a great addition to the now full-fledged battle mode, and Deluxe tops it off with several great arenas to battle in. There are a handful of other minor additions, including new characters like Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy from Splatoon, but otherwise the core of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the same as the Wii U game (assuming you bought all of the DLC as well). And like the Wii U game, Deluxe is a fantastic culmination of Mario Kart gameplay, with plenty of imaginative track designs that never seem to grow stale. If you already bought the Wii U version with DLC you may need to debate whether or not you're willing to buy it all again, but if you haven't played Mario Kart 8 before this game is a must-buy for the Switch. Rating: 9 out of 10 Blue Shells Original Mario Kart 8 review:
  4. Pretty impressive for an enhanced port. If every major release for the Switch this year has the same momentum Nintendo might actually hit their Switch sales goals for this year.
  5. Just a poll to gauge the interest of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which releases this Friday. Who will get it on Friday? Who will wait until later to buy it? Who will not be getting it at all? Also, be sure to join us on Thursday night at 10pm EST for some regular Mario Kart 8 action.
  6. Kids meals' toys always bring me back. They were usually terrible quality but as a kid I'd love to get them. Also I feel like I should highlight the fact that you can enter the sweepstakes without purchasing McDonald's: just follow the link to http://www.PlayatMcD.com Worth a shot for anyone that hasn't bought a Switch yet!
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