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Found 3 results

  1. ^Click for my Youtube Channel^ Twitch Channel @TKrazyO on Twitter Welcome to the topic! I'm known as TKrazyO (or The Krazy One for short) on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter. Long story short I play Nintendo games so I play those systems on the channel. Lately I have changed it up from just doing videos to doing playthroughs and Let's Plays with or without commentary. Some that I started may have been put on hiatus because of bigger games coming out that I want to play. Those I'll get back to way later than the interest suggests. Because I go into all these games blind that may have something to do with the longer lengths of my videos getting to 40 and even 50 minutes depending on the game. I try to get as low as 20 - 45 minutes but as I said, it could get longer. That could also be impacting my viewer base, or lack of. I'd like there to be more to interact with since that was one of my goals. My main goal is to provide interest in the games that I play so that others will try these games out! So I upload every week, two videos minimum for the weekly Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament & Smash Saturdays replays! I stream the Mario Kart and Smash Nights on my Twitch, the former being Thursdays @ 10pm and the latter Saturdays starting @ 8pm with a Pre-Game Playthrough! Below we'll see the recently uploaded videos with the Mario Kart & Smash Bros. videos below that! Most Recent Videos (Updated throughout the week) Ninfora Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament Playlist (Latest Upload/Tournament): Smash Saturday Stream Playlist: Below will be the Ongoing Playthroughs being uploaded on my channel. Ongoing Playthroughs: These are the playthroughs I've finished if you want to give these a watch! Finished Playthroughs: A new section featuring the playlist of my Unfinished Business series games. Unfinished Business: And these are the playthroughs I stopped part way through because of other games coming up. I'll return to these when I don't have too much on my plate like I do now! On Hiatus (Until I stop starting new playthroughs): I will consistently update this topic with recently uploaded/published videos. If I convinced you to check out the channel or any of my videos then I have done my job. If you'd like to subscribe, feel free. Totally up to you! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for videos, my somewhat there commentary, or games I should play, feel free to share. For now, I'll be seeing ya!
  2. Anyone notice that Nintendo has essentially repeated the year 2014 with Switch releases this year? Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors…there's even going to be another Super Smash Bros. game later this year! I suppose we can cut them some slack though, since all of those were excellent games on the Wii U and they're still fantastic on the Switch. Hyrule Warriors in particular benefits from a number of improvements introduced in the 3DS version of the game, and Switch owners don't even have to pay extra for the extensive amount of content that was originally paid DLC. The subtitle here is no exaggeration—if you want the full Hyrule Warriors experience, look no further than Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. This is literally the third time I've written a review for Hyrule Warriors so let's just quickly run through the essential details: it's a Musou game meaning you cut through thousands of enemies on each map and battle powerful bosses big and small. Each level throws dozens of key targets and objectives at you and you'll have to work quickly to complete everything with the time and characters you're given. Hyrule Warriors draws upon some of the most memorable characters from the Zelda franchise (as well as a few oddball choices) and makes them playable in this hack 'n' slash adventure. The entire game is a trip down memory lane, including remixed/reimagined locations and music from past Zelda titles. This game definitely leverages your nostalgia for the Zelda series but at its core it's also a really fun, frantic, and addictive action game. As the Definitive Edition this includes all of the DLC on the cartridge as well as all of the features that the 3DS version added, including Linkle's Tale, the Wind Waker content, all of the adventure maps, etc. When you look at it all it almost feels like an endless supply of content: 32 levels in story mode (each of which can be pretty long) plus 9 adventure maps which are made up of dozens of short challenges. Although all of the DLC characters are present here you still need to unlock them, as well as unlock new weapons, costumes, fairies—there really is a ridiculous amount of content here if you choose to play it all, and in this version you can play it on the TV or in handheld mode, solo or with a friend. Much like the Switch itself this Definitive Edition takes the best of both worlds from the Wii U and 3DS versions. One of the few new features is the ability to buy item cards on adventure maps after you've unlocked that item at least once. In order to unlock everything on an adventure map you sometimes need to use items to uncover secrets: burn a bush, bomb a wall, push a statue—all standard Zelda adventurer's fare. You earn items by completing adventure map stages but previously you'd have to replay stages to have enough items to cover all of the secrets on a map (especially if you make mistakes and waste items). Now you can just spend a few rupees, so the process is much less repetitive. On the downside, some aspects of Hyrule Warriors are definitely beginning to show their age. After last year's Fire Emblem Warriors some features feel outdated, or just don't work as smoothly as you might like. Specifically, giving your ally characters orders is less robust than in FEW. The AI allies have never been particularly powerful in these games but at least in FEW you could specify actions better. Also, if you tell an ally to move to an area, they never "forget" that command. If you take control of them and move them somewhere else, they'll still follow the previous command and return to that point. It's just inconvenient to have to babysit ally commands so much. Hyrule Warriors looks great on the TV, which shouldn't be any surprise, but it also runs pretty well in handheld mode. There are definitely some dips in frame rate while undocked, which is most noticeable during the intro/outro animations of characters and stages, but rarely do the frame rate dips interfere with the gameplay. Otherwise this Definitive Edition retains the stylish art design and infectious, remixed soundtrack of the original game, both of which can be a treat for longtime Zelda fans. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is mostly the same game we saw in 2014 and in 2016, but the combination of features offers everything you could want from the game in one handy, portable Switch title. If you've only played the Wii U version, you're getting the benefit of all of the DLC and Legends add-ons. If you've played the 3DS version, you're getting the benefit of a higher quality resolution plus features like co-op. If you've played both you're probably a huge Zelda fan and will want to buy this one anyway. Regardless of your familiarity with Hyrule Warriors, the Definitive Edition is a wonderfully addictive action game and remains a delightful love letter to Zelda's storied history. Rating: 8 out of 10 Rupees
  3. Who's among the few who will venture to buy this game for the 3rd time? This is a unique position this game is being sold as, depending on which version you bought and if you bought the DLC there will be more or new content to justify a buy, if you have interest in this genre of gaming and if like Zelda games too. What category do you fall with this version of this game and do you think this is worth the buy for $60 dollars or as a buy again?
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