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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to the Party Game Night topic! Is there a central game? No! There's a variety to choose. The plan is to bring a variety of games into the mix and rotate the selection whenever we play either week after week or every once in a while. We can try to decide on a game days in advance or on that night to play together for a good turnout. Fun is the main objective here! A few games are in the poll connected to this thread just to gauge who has those games but a full list of possible games will be listed below. Before that, the designated night is Friday with a start time of either 9pm or 10pm. The list of games will also have the number of players next to them as far as I know. I'll update the ones I don't know later. Jackbox Party Packs (Between 1-10 players) Mario Party Superstars (up to 4 players) Splatoon 3 (up to 4 players in a party, 8 players in private lobbies) Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online games [Mario Party, Kart, Golf, Tennis, Star Fox, Goldeneye, etc.] (2 to 4 players) Beat Em' Ups - TMNT: Cowabunga Collection (2 to 4 players) Shredder's Revenge (up to 6 players) Capcom Beat em' up Bundle (2 to 4 players) Uno (up to 4 players) Runbow (up to 8 or 9 players) Free to Play - Fall Guys (up to 4 players in a party, 60 players in private lobbies) Ninjala Rocket League Omega Strikers Any Battle Royale games Deception - Among Us (up to 12 players) Project Winter (up to 8 players) Party Type Games- Duck Game (up to 4 players) Ultimate Chicken Horse (up to 4 players) Gang Beasts (up to 6 players) Human: Fall Flat (up to 4 players) Overcooked: All You Can Eat (up to 4 players) Asymmetric Multiplayer- Dragon Ball: The Breakers (up to 8 players) Minecraft Nintendo Switch Online- Nintendo Entertainment System (2 Player) Super Nintendo Entertainment System (2 Player) Game Boy (2 Player) NSO Expansion Pack- Sega Genesis (2 Player) Nintendo 64 (2-4 Player) Game Boy Advance (2-4 Player) If anyone can think of more games to add to this list, feel free to share. Mainly looking for cross platform play to get more players. We'll be on Discord for voice chat with the games so if you haven't joined the server, here is the invite! We will likely be using the OG Chat for text and voice. This post is just to get the idea of the Party Game Night out there. It can be a weekly thing or a once in a while deal if a certain number of people aren't available weekly. We can also try to agree upon a game a few days in advance or on that night. I'll likely add or remove games from the poll to inquire on who has which games. So re-voting will be a thing.
  2. I've been mulling over making this topic since the latter half of 2022. Decided to make it now since it's a New Year! Posted it on the General Nintendo board since our other game nights deal with Nintendo games. So the main question is if anybody would be interested in another Game Night? Basically instead of it being centered around one game, it can be either a rotation from a list of games or call out a certain game to see interest in playing it that night. It could be one big group playing a game or multiple groups playing different games. As for the days I put on the poll, it excludes nights already taken and Monday (since I'm not available). Threw out a list of games I had that could be interesting to play. Suggestions are welcome. Could be games you have but need people to play or just games you're interested in but haven't bought. Put up some start time suggestions but not length because everyone has their own schedules which can be decided later. I'm gauging interest in playing a variety of games with a community I've been with for however long it has been. At the most I could maybe record sessions. Streaming them could be an issue with time. So just let me know if you're interested in this idea.
  3. So this was one of those games that would be fun to play occasionally with friends online. One of those "Game Night" type of games. I haven't played this since the Sunday after I got the game. This is also my first Mario Party in a while with the last one I played being 8. I wanted to try something if anyone that owns the game is available. This is mainly asking for just this Friday coming up but maybe things could change with the occasional (not weekly) Game Night for either this or other games that can fit that mold like Among Us, Duck Game and other games that I know I shouldn't be getting because of my backlog. So all in all: Friday at 10pm Eastern Discord Voice Chat Stream and/or Record Anyone interested?
  4. Hello everyone, welcome to Super Smash Bros Game Night! Here we meet up every Tuesday Night at 9 PM Eastern to have some fun, friendly matches of Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS. Anyone is welcome to participate, and can jump in or out as is convenient for them. Most weeks myself or another user if I'm absent will set up a tourney to use. This is usually just so it's easier to accommodate a group greater than 4 while keeping everyone rotating and fighting each other, it's also easier for users to hop in or out with the tourney format. We don't really use it to rank performance here. Our standard set-up is 3 stock, 8 minutes, all items off except Smash Ball on low. Sometimes we will use other item set-ups to mix things up though! Customs vary, but they seem to be off most weeks. If you want customs on feel free to ask. All characters and stages, including DLC, are welcome. We're here for fun so pick whatever you feel like. While 3DS players are definitely welcome, I will say that since this has started it seems we tend to do Wii U most of the time. Just a fair warning. While you can use the thread for communication, it's generally easier to use our chatbox if you're able: go to https://discordapp.com/ sign up/log in join server: 0th3WloVn6vz2Z23 Suggestions are very welcome, don't be shy!
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