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Found 3 results

  1. Yesterday (7/31) the Game Boy turned 30 ... So, who feels old now? *I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot. I'll never forget my first time playing Game Boy and getting one of my own... The first time I every saw/played a Game Boy was when a kid a day care let me play his. I remember it was during the Summer and we were watching a movie (we had the lights off of course), so he had one of those lights on his GB. I asked if I could play and the game I got to play was Tetris (the game he had currently been playing). This was the first time I played Tetris and I didn't really know what I was doing, but the concept was simple, stack blocks. A while after that I remember having a dream where I went to the store and got a GB of my own. I woke up excited to play my new GB to only realize, it was just a dream. That year I asked of a GB for Xmas and I think my parents bought it used from someone, because it came with a nylon pouch case and quite a few games. I played that thing all day that Xmas and at the end of they day when we were eating dinner, I remember telling my parents that Super Mario Land was my favorite game out of the ones I had gotten. I played the shit out of my GB as a kid. That thing was always with me. Eventually, I got a GBC (not sure what happened to my original GB, as I gave it to my little bro) for Xmas when it came out (never had a GB Pocket). However, I do of an OG GB. A few years ago we were cleaning out my Gamdma's house (see was selling it and moving in with my Aunt). and in her shed we found a OG GB and a few games, plus the official battery pack and OG headphones that came with it. Turns out it was my Uncle's and he didn't really have any use for it anymore, so he let me have it. Though, the screen is messed up, but the games are like new. I guess it had been sitting in my Grandma's basement all these years and eventually got put in the shed when we cleaned out her basement. Some of my best memories with GB are playing GB with my friends at day care, mainly Pokémon (gen I). We had all gotten on of the games for Xmas the year Red and Blue came out (we had recently gotten into PKMN, but that's a whole other story) and even though we were all at different parts, it was like we were all on the same Pokémon journey together. I remember for a good while I was the go to guy for the link cable, as I was the only one who had one. I loved the Game Boy! So many good games and so many good memories, especially with friends. ^_^
  2. I'd be down for Nintendo releasing GB games on mobile, especially if I don't have to play with virtual buttons/d-pad. Though, from looking at the patent, it looks like it only supports standard sized phones. I have an iPhone SE, so if they ever release this, I wouldn't be able to use it. Plus, I have a LifeProof case on my phone. So, even if it did fit my phone, I'd have to constantly be taking it out, which is kind of a pain.
  3. Nintendo has filed for a trademark for the Game Boy that seems to point to a Game Boy Classic Edition... Link to Article: https://gonintendo.com/stories/292288-nintendo-grabs-game-boy-image-trademark-for-use-with-merchandise I'd kinda like to see a Game Boy Classic Edition. Though, would it have a monochrome screen like the original or a color screen for GBC games? Personally, I think it should have a color screen with screen filters like on the 3DS VC when playing GB games. Also, it'd be cool if it could hook up to your TV and you can use any wired (USB/Wii CC) or Bluetooth Nintendo controller (would come with a USB adapter for Wii CC controllers).
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