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Found 87 results

  1. Everyone likes to compare Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE with Persona, but how does it actually stack up to those games? I've seen some people say that actually prefer Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE to Persona 3 or 4, but I'm curious how popular that opinion is from those who've played them.
  2. https://corporate.bestbuy.com/lucina-is-back-pick-up-the-rare-amiibo-exclusively-at-best-buy/ Best Buy exclusive restock, pre-orders live now. Release October 14. Featured amiibo: Lucina Gold Mario Pit Samus Mega Man Sonic Dark Pit Shulk Ness Ordered a Lucina myself just now.
  3. So apparently the scale figure for Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates has already been painted and showed up at New York Comic Con this week. Found a couple of photos of it on Twitter and compiled them to this Imgur album, which you can find here. Enjoy! Release date TBD.
  4. Bought an Awakening starter deck from a friend. Photo above isn't actually mine but it's better than any I could take to show all the cards that come in it, so just look at that instead. In addition, I also got the following cards that aren't found in the aforementioned starter deck. The third card isn't the first edition, it's the 1st year anniversary reprint from Cipher Caravan. The last one is a card sleeve. The only Chrom card I'm missing now is his SR (Super Rare) card from the Series 1 booster pack. Other photos I took: Series 6 launches this week, but that's no excuse to not jump in now.
  5. Has anyone ever tried referring to IGN's user-managed walkthrough wiki for help on how to get through the Lunatic mode of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest? If not, keep it that way, because it's the last place you should ever use as a resource. It provides advice so poor and inefficient that it's humorous in its own right. Anyone with a basic understanding of how the game works should be able to see how bad it is. Allow me to highlight a few key examples for your amusement. Chapter 9: Another Trial (Fort Dragonfall) - To save Azura, make use of both uses of a Rescue staff. Oh my god, talk about unnecessary. In Conquest, Rescue staves are extremely precious and you are realistically only going to find about a grand total of two during the campaign. So why would you dedicate an entire staff for a strategy that only requires keeping Azura on the move and out of the way until she can regroup with your main force. It works the same way on every difficulty mode. You don't need to use Rescue to bring Azura back; it's not like she's not trapped and is in unavoidable danger. Just have her pick up the Brass Naginata, use the Dragon Vein, maybe fend off the Mercenary if you want (you never need to engage with them), and have her sit in an untouchable corner until you make a path for her. Jeez. Chapter 10: Unhappy Reunion (Port Town of Dia) - Niles equipped with Replicate is a must to beat the chapter. Everyone's favorite defend map, and for good reason. There are a variety of ways to handle this, and one of the most common varying factors is how you handle use of the ballistae (particularly the eastern one), as you normally only have access to one bowman, that being Niles. Niles is a must because he has the natural ability to fend off the Pegasus Knights, who are extremely difficult to handle otherwise due to their high Movement. A second Niles with Replicate, a skill that would require several hours of grinding in a whole different class just to be able to give you a second Niles (unless you happen to find a Niles with Replicate in another player's castle, good luck with that), is not a must. There are other ways to obtain another bowman that do not require such investment, like reclassing Mozu to an Archer, or even just using Niles to capture an enemy Archer from a previous chapter and use them as fodder. Suggesting you give him Replicate is ridiculous by comparison, and I say this as someone who beat Chapter 10 on Lunatic without using more than one Archer or any superfluous grinding. Chapter 11: Rainbow Sage (Notre Sagesse) - Bring a Level 200+ unit with Replicate to solo an entire side of the map. First off, there isn't even such a thing as Level 200+ because the cap only goes up to Level 99, and it's only possible to reach that with gross abuse of grinding and Eternal Seals; you're otherwise only going to find your units stop at Level 20/40. Conquest's campaign does not expect you to go beyond this to beat Chapter 11, let alone rely on another player who's already beaten the game to have a super unit to steamroll through half of the map. It is entirely possible to beat both sides of the map with your main force with careful planning, especially if you take the slow and easy approach and just drag everyone from one side to the other as opposed to divide and conquer. This advice encourages you to just not rely on strategy anymore, which is completely antithetical to the design philosophy of the entire game. Whoever came up with this is a casual and undermines what's so great about Conquest and shouldn't be providing any advice for the game on Lunatic. Chapter 12: Bitter Intrigue (Macarath) - Be prepared to sacrifice a female unit. They're not even trying anymore. Use one of your female characters as a meatshield to hold any chokepoints when necessary (because males are a priority for being the ones who determine children), and not enemy fodder you could capture with Niles. What even happened to the Level 200+ unit who was suggested in the last map? They could just solo the rest of the game... Found this on Reddit and wanted to share, but I thought it would be good to provide in-depth explanations to anyone unfamiliar in order to illustrate why this walkthrough is so bad and that Conquest isn't some game that's impossible to beat on Lunatic without such extreme methods.
  6. In your opinion, which was the better Fire Emblem game and why? For Fates feel free to compare the paths individually or collectively versus Awakening.
  7. Don't think there was ever a topic talking about this, but for the past few years Yusuke Kozaki, character illustrator of Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates, has often posted one of a kind illustrations of various Fire Emblem characters on his Twitter account (@kymg). Someone on Reddit recently compiled the majority of them in an Imgur album, which you can find here. Just thought this was worth sharing because some of them are seriously cool and don't get passed around as much as they deserve to be.
  8. Seriously. I've been playing it recently and it's really refreshing to play a very traditional Fire Emblem game after Awakening and Fates.
  9. I've been tricked into doing this, and it's fantastic. Let's look at the rules shall we? Blind Run - Okay, most of the games I play are blind runs, so whatever. Permanent Deaths - Hey, that's the fun of Fire Emblem. No Translation Patch - Ah, so this run will be me making lame comments on the looks of things and having no clue what the chapter objectives are. Awesome. No longer doing, which many people are sure to be happy about. Well, what's premise of the game? Surely a little backstory would be helpful, right? That helped not at all. Maybe I should go read Tyranogre's playthrough of Genealogy of the Holy War to know the backstory and characters.... LATER! For now, welcome to: Chapters: Chapter 1 - Japanese Run - Fuck This Chapter 1 - English - Much Better
  10. something something green blue hair i'll update this to better standards soon but for now here's the complete fire emblem gaiden lp in its purest form feel free to shitpost so the loading times aren't as bad discuss
  11. something something silver hair micaiah sucks trails joke this run is shit don't read it will fix formatting later i guess discuss