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Found 9 results

  1. Site: http://www.pokemongo.com/en-us/ | http://pokemongo.nianticlabs.com/ Price: FREE / In-App Purchases | Pokémon GO Plus: $34.99 | What is Pokémon GO? | Pokémon GO Plus | System Requirements | Updates | Welcome to the Pokémon GO Discussion Thread! Here you can discuss the game, Pokémon GO PLUS, and, show off our Pokémon collection. Get out there and Catch 'em all! Events / Important News ⚡ Raikou appearing from Research Breakthroughs starting in Aug.! 🌎 8th monthly Community Day: Aug. 11th, 2-5pm ET
  2. Welcome to The My Nintendo Thread! As the title suggests, this thread will be used for the discussion of everything My Nintendo related and anythign inbetween that will be of importance! From points you can earn, to the rewards you can redeem said points for, this thread will hopefully be able to solve any and all questions you may have! First things first though, you're probably asking yourself this question: What is My Nintendo? My Nintendo is the successor to the long running rewards program Club Nintendo. Like its predecessor, My Nintendo is a program th
  3. Site: https://dragalialost.com/en/ Release Date: September 27th Price: Free (In-app purchases) Hmmm...Not sure about this one. I mean, it looks like it could be fun, but it seems like generic mobile RPG. I might give it a try when it launches.
  4. Nice to see an new mode coming to SMR. I enjoyed SMR for what it was, but still haven't bought the full game for some reason. I might actually get the full game since it's 50% off. Personally, I think the game should have been $5 to start with, though I have no issues paying $10 for. EDIT: More info...
  5. Nintendo is recommending that you have at least 1 GB of free space if you plan to download Fire Emblem Heroes.... Link: http://gonintendo.com/stories/272825-nintendo-customer-service-recommends-1-gb-of-free-space-for-fire I plan on downloading this on my Nexus 7 tablet, cuz I feel this game would work better on a bigger screen. It's only 16 GB and has a few GBs of free space, so I should be good (hopefully it runs good). If I really need the space, I could always download it on my iPhone SE which is 64 GB. Yeah, this really isn't a problem for me, but I could see it bei
  6. IIRC, this has been out for a while in JPN as Pokémon Comaster and is just that failed Pokémon Trading Figure Game revived as a mobile game. IDK, this looks like it could be pretty fun if you like strategy games and PKMN.
  7. We finally have details on Miitomo's big update and we will soon be able to customize our rooms, which I'm sure, is a feature petty much all users wanted. *NOTE* This update is required to continue using Miitomo. Are you still playing Miitomo? If not, is this update enough to get you back into it? Discuss...
  8. First, a story. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II under T-Mobile. The last official update my phone received was Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Pokémon GO has a minimum Android OS requirement of 4.4 KitKat. Once the game dropped and I noticed the OS requirement, my heart sunk. At this point, I had three options: 1) Live life without Pokémon GO, which I wouldn't like as someone who's played every generation of Pokémon since Gen I while all my friends simply hopped onto a fad; 2) buy a new phone, which isn't something I'd want to do for a free fucking Pokémon spinoff; or 3) flash a custom
  9. For those still playing Miitomo, there's a major update coming soon...
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