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  1. I find it's always good to temper one's expectations. You never quite know what Nintendo is going to pull, particularly with Smash. It does seem, with all this stuff popping up, however, that an announcement is imminent. There's been quite a gap since Min Min, though a very understandable one. There was about a two month gap between characters in the first Fighter Pass.
  2. So, what do folks think about this? Suda 51 was apparently asked about Travis Touchdown in Smash (again) and responded with a "That's gonna be a big 'no comment' from me!" which is, quite frankly, far different from his past responses. He's commented about Travis in Smash for a long time (for example, here's an article from 2009!) A "no comment" could just be a no comment, he could be trolling fans by making a "no comment" knowing how people will read into it, he could be under a requirement to make "no comment." Whatever it is, it interests me.
  3. This has been a strange part of Trump's campaign. Beyond masks, he has said the same about protests. There will be protesting in the streets under a Biden administration, seemingly unaware that these protests are happening now, under his very own Trump administration. Statements like that make is seem he is running as a challenger, almost, rather than the sitting president.
  4. That first Twitter response- bring the memes- is right. Invest in some Ghibli templates, people. So far, the images skew newer, which is fine. More are coming, and I'm sure the old favorites will crop up soon enough. Given my favorites are the likes of Princess Mononoke and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, I'm looking forward to seeing what they put up for those.
  5. I'll update the main post later, but in the mean time, Challenge Game? Challenge games. All three count. Beat one, beat two, beat three; you do you.
  6. While there a time and place for altering the data (such a sports statistics, as a team's performance at home can vastly different from their performance on the road), this is most definitely not the place to do that. Red or blue state, we're talking human lives here, and Trump isn't just the president of the red states. He's the president, and his response to COVID-19 (and lack thereof) is something he has to own, whether like it or not. It's going to be one of the things that defines his presidency.
  7. Fitness Boxing 2? Holy shit. I'm not sure if I'd upgrade- I'm still quite active with the first one- but hearing the save data carries over is excellent. Also, one of the new instructors is named Karen. Seriously.
  8. The game I always hope to see at these things was pushed into 2021; but maybe we'll get another small peak at No More Heroes III. The announcement of the delay did end with "Please stay tuned for key art from Darick [Robertson] himself, as well as further announcements and news regarding No More Heroes 3." Look at that, someone beat me to the punch.
  9. I know, back in the day, Club Nintendo had some physical rewards, but I could not tell you if there were US exclusive. I just remember a few of them existed, particularly the Game & Watch collection.
  10. Yes, worked for me. Though initially, I saw this posted on GoNintendo roughly an hour ago, and logged in then, so it's potentially remembering me from before. The phone ring holder was already sold out then.
  11. The only one I'd be vaguely interested in (the phone ring holder) is already out of stock. Stickers and postcards are (as I type this) still available.
  12. That's no moon, it's a space station. I did play the 3DS remaster (Chronicles), and liked it. Decent FPS, but not the game you're talking about.
  13. On that point, the gulf between critic and user reviews for Mulan is noticeable, but certainly not as a dramatic as some other films. It's got 77% from critics (Certified Fresh), 55% from users. Still noticeable, but 22% is not as big a difference as something like Hail, Caesar! That's an 85% from critics, nearly double the 44% audience score. Venom skews in the opposite direction- 29% from critics, but 81% from the audience. Sometimes what critics want and what audiences wants differs; especially when you consider the audience is everybody (or everyone who cares to vote).
  14. Specifically in regards to Mulan, there have been a number of issues with that movie that have frustrated folks. There are always risk when remaking a movie (or rebooting a franchise), and Disney found several ways to make wary of the Mulan remake. A few of those missteps include Yifei Liu speaking out against the Hong Kong protesters, the removal of the character Mulan, the bisexual erasure that came with removing Li Shang and the decision to price it at $30 (on top of the cost of a Disney+ subscription). I say this having not seen the new Mulan, but in regards to the gulf between the critics and the audience at large in regards to this film in particular, it had several things going against it before coming out.
  15. Beat: Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, Switch And updated through this post!