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  1. I think part of that is because Nsider went across console generations: it hit the GBA, GCN, DS and Wii. It's going to feel like it lasted longer than it did, especially given the long tails of the DS and Wii.
  2. When it comes to what counts and what doesn't, we've accepted demos before, we've counted epilogues before (Future Connected in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definite Edition), we've counted different routes within the same game (Fire Emblem: Three Houses), and I have no issue counting a game within a game (within reason) or something like Bowser's Fury as its own thing. This is, in my opinion, about your backlog. If it's a game you're playing that you're looking to finish, I'd willing to count it. I tend to be lenient when it comes to counting out. As an aside regarding Bows
  3. I have older right-wing relatives who I’m Facebook friends with, and some of the nonsense they post is just unbelievable. For example, I see them share memes comparing facemasks to armbands worn at concentration camps, and call those who advocate for a mask mandate Nazis. I’ve seen Dr. Fauci, in particular, repeatedly called a Nazi. I’m already seeing Hitler Joe Biden memes, complete with the mustache, similar to what we saw with Clinton in 2016 and Obama before that. And, given the latest controversy, I’m seeing posts comparing the Dr. Seuss situation to Nazi b
  4. With the note that those older definitions remain valid definitions. While Nazi is overused as an insult, Nazis still exist, including those who actually participated in the Holocaust. Just last month, the US Department of Justice deported Friedrich Karl Berger, 95, to Germany, for his role as an armed guard at a concentration camp during World War II.
  5. Around 2019, maybe? It's not a new word, but it's definitely gained popularity online these past couple years as an insult. It's getting to the point where "simp" is going the way of Nazi, cuck, SJW and incel, as just another insult tossed around the internet to mean person who disagrees with me about something.
  6. Yes. I just pick one title each month, but they can be beaten any time during the year. BDII could be beaten in March, in June, in December, and it still counts. As for those streaming apps, all those game count. Using Switch NES and SNES apps as an example, I beat a few of those last year, and counted them on my list as Switch games. I’d count them as games for whatever console you’re playing them on.
  7. I'll have to do a update of everything later, but in the meantime, February's challenge game! Also, as of this edit, that Google Doc should be up to date!
  8. First, don't you forget about what they did to Snake. Second, this might go back to Mythra's Spirit. I would suggest Nintendo could upgrade any Spirit in the game to playable without any changes to the Spirit's appearance, as it has already been rated as appropriate for the game. Mytha's appearance as a playable character reflects her appearance as a Spirit. Mythra is notable in this regard. Both Mythra and Camilla had their Spirits changed from their original appearances, and this was a minor point of controversy when the game came out in 2018. Controversy aside, the
  9. Something about Skyward Sword just seems off. I enjoyed it back on the Wii, but something about this HD version looks off. I can't quite place it. I think it's the textures and the shading. The visual style is sort of a moving painting, and for some reason, it doesn't feel like it translated well in the HD upscale. Of course, that's just an initial reaction based on a brief trailer.
  10. Yes, keeping expectations in check is always good going into these directs. I simply hope for the same things as always: Eternal Darkness 2, a new F-Zero and another Another.
  11. Technically, the way this is worded blames Hatsune Miku for that Avengers movie starring Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman and Sean Connery.
  12. It might be wishful thinking. Just figured I would throw that out there, the next one is 100, and it seems easy to plan for a number like that. For what it’s worth, the 100th Virtual Console game on the Wii was Zelda II.
  13. Maybe next time. That's not just me hoping for the best. The press release announcing the latest batch of games includes this line: The next one is #100. Nintendo might have something big planned for triple digits. Maybe it's one of the games you mentioned, maybe it's something N64 related. Maybe it's nothing at all, but adding four games to bring the total to 99 feels deliberate.
  14. Amazon has done stuff like that before. Remember Daemon X Machina? Amazon cancelled preorders for that game, a cancellation which cancelled out the old 20% Amazon Prime discount on pre-ordered video games. Amazon Prime used to offer a 20 percent off discount on preordered video games, but between Daemon X Machina's announcement and release, they eliminated it. So, in the case of that game, cancelling the preorders meant those who opted to reorder through Amazon would have to pay full price, rather than at 20% off. I just read it as a corporation trying to squeeze a f
  15. First, we are updated through this post. Second, let's let you know what January's Challenge Game is!
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