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  1. Beat: Lonely Wolf Treat, PC I believe I am caught up through this post. I notice I had missed one of Irondog666's games beaten (specifically, NiGHTS), and the first post has been updated accordingly. Barring any other mistakes, we are at 98 games beaten combined!
  2. The Cing Collection: Trace Memory, Another Code R, Hotel Dusk and Last Window. Adventure games and visual novels have seen a resurgence in recent years. I kind of see 2010 as a turning point for the genre: that was the year 999 came out in America, as well as the year Danganronpa made its debut (though that wouldn't come to America until 2014). A few other series had laid the groundwork for the genre in America, with Phoenix Wright being the most notable, but the adventure genre hadn't seen its comeback when Trace Memory came out in 2005. To put that year in perspective, that was the year after LucasArts cancelled Sam & Max: Freelance Police and the year before Telltale Games released the episodic of its Sam & Max series. The genre was floundering, but times have changed so much since then.
  3. Ribbon Girl doesn't seem off to me, despite her status as Mii Fighter outfit. We've seen several characters who are both playable and Mii Fighter outfits, including Captain Falcon, King K. Rool, Link, Inkling, Isabelle, and Samus, among others.
  4. For those curious, since I've mentioned it a couple times in this thread, here is the running list of games beaten so far. I'll edit it into the main post as well.
  5. Nintendo throws the term "Nindie" around a lot, and it would be a pretty big move if they took the step of making an indie character playable in Smash. We've seen indie spirits, Mii costumes, assist trophies and music, and even a trophy back in Smash Wii U, so Nintendo clearly recognizes the indie gaming fandom. Maybe it'll translate into a playable character, of which Shantae remains my pick.
  6. Whenever I see such a score, I am reminded of this old Gamesradar feature, which is just wrong about Rez, for several reasons.
  7. I would also support Shantae wearing her ninja outfit as one of her alts. There's a will, Nintendo, just find a Wayforward.
  8. I'd also draw comparisons to Sheik. Ninjas are tough, in general, in that while I have nothing against Ninjara in particular, if a ninja character was to make it into this Fighters Pass, I can think of several I'd rather have. Ryu Hayabusa, Strider Hiryu and Yoshimitsu are probably the most notable.
  9. Spring Man and Ribbon Girl are the obvious picks. However, Spring Man being an Assist Trophy would seemingly rule him out. Then again, when Spring Man joins the battle, Alfonzo could take over. Leave it to him! The usage of the word unusual has me thinking Helix, though I'd prefer several of the other ARMS characters. Moving outside from the characters, though, ARMS has some awesome stages, and I'm interested in seeing which one gets the cut in Smash. There's some creative stuff in there. Spring Stadium seems obvious, but it'd also be the least inspired pick. I hope we get something crazy.
  10. Aw man, does the statement "This fighter's arms can exteeeend!" mean it's not Twintelle? That seems to imply it's not Mechanica, either.
  11. Better Wednesday than Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
  12. What system did you beat this on? Were these all beaten on the Switch? Just data for the running list I'm keeping; thanks.
  13. Continuing to watch old stuff here, though at least this old stuff is within the last 10 years! I had previously seen season one of Medaka Box, and just watched Abnormal. I'd describe it as a damn shame, which is weird because I wasn't wowed by it. While perfectly fine, the ending just stands out, far more than everything leading up to it. It feels like it's on the cusp of getting good, and then it ends. This seems to be the general reaction from folks online: apparently, the manga really picks up with the next arc, which never got animated.
  14. We are all caught up again, and I'll add another beat for myself in Contract Demon, PC. I've noted that two users (Tyranogre and Eliwood8) beat a "Challenge Game" in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore. As for March, well...
  15. 25th anniversary of DOOM? Wasn't that game released in 1993? Anniversaries must work differently in hell.