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  1. Though I do miss the days of asking if it can run Crysis.
  2. Beat: Senran Kagura: Peach Ball, Switch This game's story mode is one of the most brilliantly stupid things I've seen.
  3. I hope so. A phrase like "Collect and power up with monster cards!" does make me wary, as I immediately see how something like that could be monetized a la FIFA Ultimate Team Packs. I hope that's not the route Wayforward is going with this. I hope it's just an in-game collectible that you have to find in hidden locations or earn by beating challenges or enemies.
  4. Just you wait, Garfield Kart: Furious Racing drops in November.
  5. So, I believe I'm caught up through this post. Whichever you prefer. While it's not an exact apples to apples comparison, I'm playing Senran Kagura Peach Ball right now, and have beaten the game in that I've triggered the end credits multiple times, but I haven't beaten all the story mode levels. By the rules of the thread, I could count it (as could you with that visual novel), but like you, I'm waiting until it's all wrapped up.
  6. Been on vacation that past week, and haven't been online to answer questions/update this post. To address the first question (visual novels with multiple routes), in general I'd say no. I can't speak to Kyonyuu Fantasy, but I know visual novels generally have a "skip" function which can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to replay a game. As for the second question, regarding endings, in general I'd say any non-Game Over endings count as beaten for the purpose of this thread. It's typically whatever triggers the end credits. Assuming, of course, the game has end credits.
  7. For example, I have a P.N.03 avatar.
  8. If nothing else, it was a series. I imagine everyone here has a favorite game that simply never got a sequel.
  9. I allowed it for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, so I have no problem allowing that here as well. Of course, feedback from players who have played multiple paths would be appreciated, but I doubt it will be a controversial matter.
  10. Now I'm reminded of how much I enjoyed the Trauma Center video games. Great stuff, but there hasn't been a new one since 2010.
  11. Geez, it's like no one here plays Madden.
  12. I will update the standings later, just wanted to post July's challenge game. Yeah, I don't imagine anyone is surprised by that.
  13. The Hawkeye TV series introduces Kate Bishop and features a logo similar to that seen during the Aja/Fraction run. I'd love to see that storyline brought to life. Bring on Pizza Dog, Grills, Hawkguy, the Tracksuit Mafia, bro, Dog Cops, boomerang arrows and hawkblocking. Jane as Thor isn't a major surprise given the comics, though it is a bit of a surprise given the MCU just sort of forgot about her. She was one of those characters that just got left behind, and Portman said she was done with the role years ago. Specifically, in 2013. It makes sense to bring her back, but this is the MCU, so she could have just been recast. Just ask Terrence Howard, Ed Norton or Hugo Weaving.
  14. So, uh, no Umihara Kawase Fresh? It dropped on July 9 and the physical version is available now, but there was no mention of it in this or last week's Nintendo Download. Reports state it's not on the eShop yet, either. What's going on here?
  15. One of the games has this pair of sentences in its description: And somehow, that game isn't Senran Kagura Peach Ball.