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  1. blcdude1

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Is the opinion that Sakurai's tweet meant Nintendo only selected Nintendo characters as DLC? I hadn't read it that way; but am in the minority on that?
  2. blcdude1

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    So, in case you missed it, yesterday Grasshopper Manufacture formally announced that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is getting a physical release and season pass. More notable than that is the company publishing said physical release: Nintendo. Do we think that has chance on Travis Touchdown's potential as a DLC character? There obviously is a good relationship between Suda 51 and Nintendo- he even was featured during the Switch Reveal Conference in January 2017- so I'm thinking Travis is at least a possibility.
  3. I have so many questions. Do click the link, be amazed, and wonder.
  4. blcdude1

    Political Containment Thread

    Obviously, Clinton does bear some responsibility, but can't shoulder the entire blame. Don't take my word for it, take hers: "You can blame the data, blame the message, blame anything you want - but I was the candidate. It was my campaign. Those were my decisions." (From What Happened) The blame can be placed at the feet of a variety of sources, such as (but not limited to) Clinton, Comey, Trump, Russia, the electoral college, fake news, the news media, the deplorables, the voters, the non-voters and even Jill Stein (who played spoiler a la Ralph Nader in 2000).
  5. blcdude1

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Personally, I think the commercial should have one lone Donkey Kong player using the bongos.
  6. I'll probably getting Switch Online in a month or so, some video game is coming out that I'd want to play online, but some of those new features would sweeten the pot.
  7. blcdude1

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Which is why I suggested it be replaced with a more positive portrayal. I believe replacing it with positive representation is a better solution than just removing the negative stereotype. Within reason, of course. For example, even though its shape is shared with a Ku Klux Klan symbol, I don't see anyone calling for the removal of the Triforce from Smash or the Legend of Zelda.
  8. blcdude1

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    The only negative impact I can think of is while G&W's feather is bad representation, it's still representation. As far as I know, with its removal, there is no Native American representation in Smash Ultimate. There are options for Spirits, but the options aren't great. Two series with native characters featured in Smash are Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter, but let's not pretend Wolf Hawkfield and T. Hawk aren't stereotypes as well. There's also Tiger Lily from Codename S.T.E.A.M., but Tiger Lily has long, problematic history. It would be nice to see some sort of representation. EDIT: After posting this, I remembered the Ice Climbers, Nana & Popo. Even if Nintendo has not formally defined them as Inuit, and likely will never address where the Ice Climbers actually came from, the inspiration is definitely there.
  9. blcdude1

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    For what little my opinion is worth (I hear the exchange rate is a penny for your thoughts) I don't read "This time the selection was made entirely by Nintendo" as meaning "Nintendo only selected Nintendo-owned characters as DLC." Nintendo might have selected a third-party character and worked out an agreement. By which, I'm not ready to rule out anybody. For example, we know Ubisoft is represented in Spirits Mode. At the very least, Rabbid Peach is making an appearance. Not only that, but Fox just showed up in Starlink. Given this, I could totally see a Ubisoft character showing up.
  10. blcdude1

    Your Smash Ultimate 5 pack DLC?

    If nothing else, the removal of the stamina meter does lessen the need for an echo of any of the Pokemon Trainer's three Pokemon, as they can now stay battling without fatigue setting in, lessening that need to switch. That said, given its appearance and moveset, Charizard might be the easiest of the three to echo, as one could just pick a dragon, and there are plenty to choose from.
  11. blcdude1

    Your Smash Ultimate 5 pack DLC?

    I'm just spitballing here, but Ivysaur's Bullet Seed and Vine Whip remind very much of Amaterasu when equipped with Rosary Beads. Which is, of course, a terrible, terrible idea, in that if Okami ever somehow makes it into Smash, she should not be an Echo of Ivysaur. I'm guess, what I intend to suggest is they made Charizard its own fighter in Wii U/3DS, they could make an Echo that Echoes just one of the Pokémon rather than the Trainer as a whole.
  12. blcdude1

    Smash Bros Direct - Nov. 1 - Discussion

    I wonder if they'll remember StarTropics as well. I think it's only appearance in Smash has been in the Chronicle; no trophies, no stickers, nothing. He'd be an easy one to make as a Spirit Battle; I mean, come on, who else in Smash attacks with a yo-yo and baseball bat?
  13. blcdude1

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I'll answer the Captain Falcon one. There was a game called F-Zero Maximum Velocity on the GBA, which took place 25 years after F-Zero. One of the playable characters, Kent Akechi, claims to be the son of Captain Falcon. I'd note this is a claim; this wasn't show to be true or false in the game.
  14. blcdude1

    Your Smash Ultimate 5 pack DLC?

    Even so, Nightmare is probably far more realistic than someone like Klonoa. Well, seeing this was a pleasant surprise. For those who haven't heard it, give it a listen. As for No More Heroes songs, I'd suggest the goofiness of Bizarre Jelly 5, especially if they could keep the vocals in tact. That said, Smash has had issues with vocals in the past. Snake Eater comes to mind; while it's still a great instrumental track, the lyrics are excellent. We also lose the lyrics in Mysterious Destiny and Tomorrow is Mine from Bayonetta. And somehow, the DK Rap, of all things, also faces new lyrical problems in Smash. As bad as the N64 version was, it at least benefits from being cheesy as all hell. But the remixed version we've heard in Smash? It somehow gets worse with each game. Sonic seems to be the exception; most of those songs come lyrics in tact.
  15. blcdude1

    Your Smash Ultimate 5 pack DLC?

    I decided against including Assist Trophies or Spirits (Sorry, Shantae and Alexandra Roivas), leaving me with the craziness below. 1. Geno, Forest Maze Stage, Beware the Forest's Mushrooms Song I mean, this is obviously very Geno-heavy in its theme. Let's just get that out of the way early. Geno please. 2. Banjo-Kazooie, Spiral Mountain, Treasure Trove Cove Theme I see it as a floating platform stage touring the hub level. As for the music, I mean all of the songs, but I'm just picking a personal favorite. 3. Professor Layton, Crown Petone, Descole's Theme Probably far less likely now than it was when Smash Wii U/3DS came out, I still love the Profesor Layton character. The stage, I'll admit, is an odd one: the Crown Petone is lifted from the Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva, and is an opera house shaped like a crown. I just like the design. As for Descole's Theme? In a series with great music, this is perhaps my favorite piece. 4. Saki Amamiya , Urban Ruins, Ideal The Sin & Punishment character has gone from recurring Assist Trophy to MIA. Unlike Tingle, he's not on a stage, and unlike Kat & Ana or even Lakitu & Spinies, he hasn't been seen in Spirits mode. With a combo beam sword and gun, his inclusion would disappoint Travis Touchdown fans to be sure, but I'd be down with this pick. The stage, Urban Ruins, is exactly as it sounds, and would be based on the level in Star Successor. I should note the music is not from Sin & Punishment, but another Treasure title, Ikaruga. 5. Chun-Li, Flamenco Tavern, Guile's Theme I know, another Street Fighter character? If a third is to make it, it's got to be the first lady of fighting games. I add Vega's stage because it's an old favorite of mine, and climbing the fence could provide for a slightly different feel or mechanic than the typical Street Fighter Stage. As for Guile's Theme? Well, haven't you heard? It goes with everything. I feel like I could rewrite this list with five totally different characters. Multiple times. I'm also not sold on the idea that being a spirit disqualifies someone, but that's neither here nor there. Of course, there is the obvious problem with my list, which I'll just address: all face serious competition. If Square-Enix gets a rep, does Geno beat out Sora or Chrono? If Microsoft gets in, does Banjo-Kazooie get in over Steve? If Level 5 gets in, would Layton be a priority over Jibanyan? And what about [Any other Nintendo character] over Saki? And if Capcom gets another rep, would they really go back to the Street Fighter well? EDIT: Since posting this DLC list, this happened: