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  1. The thing I wonder most about Mai is how many other characters simply didn't make the cut for a similar reason. I'm sure she's not the only character who was rejected for such a reason, she's just the one we were told about. Midna is coming to mind; I know her Imp Form is all over the place, but I don't think her true form ever made the cut. Not as a sticker, a trophy, an assist trophy or spirit. I might be wrong about that; but it seems an odd omission.
  2. One female character that seems like a perfect fit for Smash, at least in my mind, is Amaterasu. With her varied move set and the Celestial Brush, I just think she'd bring a lot to the table as a playable character, and an Okami stage would look absolutely beautiful.
  3. The lack of an overarching narrative really hurt Layton's Mystery Journal. In a series with some truly memorable story-telling, Layton's Mystery Journal told its tale in a highly episodic fashion. While most of those episode's stories were fine, they're fine in a series that was previously excellent. With all that said, I'd play another Layton game, be it Hershel, Katrielle or even Alfendi.
  4. I feel like this question doesn't really need an answer, but no. It's rated M, not AO. Scenes were cut.
  5. The description for "The Grisaia Trilogy" literally includes the sentence "Play with one hand!" Guess that game isn't for good boys and girls. On an unrelated note, it feels like there have been a lot of River City games as of late.
  6. Both of those are more realistic than my long shot fighting game pick. Repping 2 series, Yoshimitsu from Tekken and SoulCalibur has a fun move set that would translate well to Smash, a bunch of silly taunts and tons out potential alternate costumes. But he’s not the protagonist for either of those series. And on top of that, Namco has a bunch of other potential reps from other series.
  7. I know that tweet was sent back in July, but it's also present day, present time. I haven't seen Lain in ages. I should rewatch it.
  8. And knows a thing or two about that: his game Dodge Club Pocket got pulled from Google Play for sexual content. It was cleavage rather than panties, but this juvenile behavior by ratings boards and platform holders happens all over.
  9. It's great to see Blue Mary show up, but she needs a second belt. Also, that brown belt she does have? Needs to be longer. Fix the belts, Nintendo.
  10. So it's November. Anyone participating in National Novel Writing Month?
  11. October's Bonus Game: No surprise there. This month's won't be much a surprise either. Also, I haven't updated the main post since late September. I plan on doing that within the next few days. At least, that's the goal.
  12. I saw this as well. Ubisoft ended up issuing a statement denying it.
  13. As an amusing aside, Just Dance 2020 is also being released on the Wii.
  14. I enjoy the remakes and remasters that have come out recently, but the current console generation has been very remaster heavy. I'd love to see these remasters used to promote sequels. The first that comes to mind for me was Grim Fandango Remastered. I've wanted a sequel to Grim Fandango for years, and the Remaster (which I played through, of course), reminded me how much I want one.