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  1. I loved Trace Memory, and was always annoyed NOA didn't bother releasing the Wii sequel in America.
  2. You say that, but there's zero escape from that series.
  3. Just sharing July's Challenge game: Trying to keep some variety in the monthly bonus games, so... Deadly Premonition 2 it is!
  4. I am intrigued by that last sentence: gameplay for a title in a franchise new to developer WayForward. I do wonder if it's a Nintendo franchise. There are quite a few I could see WayForward working its magic on. Metroid comes to mind immediately, for obvious reasons, as does Wario Land. WayForward could make a mean Captain Syrup. To throw a different game out there: Drill Dozer. Something about Drill Dozer's aesthetic has me thinking WayForwad, and I could see them doing something cool with it. And it seems its third party. Which, don't get me wrong, could still be awesome. It just renders all that moot.
  5. So, I looked up Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected on How Long To Beat, and what do you know, it has its own entry page. I'm fine counting it. Which is to say, and I'm sure everyone saw this one coming, someone has beaten Future Connected already and needs to update their list accordingly. Also, I'm editing this post to note a beat of my own, Muse Dash on the Nintendo Switch, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.
  6. So, we're all caught up. Who likes math? Well, you see, 2020 is a leap year. That means, instead of 365 days, there are 366 days. You already knew this: what you might not have know is July 7 is day 189 of the year, so sayeth the Google. We've beaten 205 games so far this year. If we keep up that pace, we'll finish this slightly-longer year with 397 games beaten! Well, 396.98 games beaten, but you get the idea. Collectively, we beat 361 games last year. We're on pace to exceed that target! Breaking the big 400 is hypothetically possible: we'll see how far we get as we progress in the months ahead.
  7. While you're at it, check out the Weird Al version.
  8. I counted it as three games. Also, we're updated through this post.
  9. Also, Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. Remember Trauma Center? It was a real GUILTy pleasure.
  10. I would suggest the pop culture loop is a bit different when it comes to music, as music is just so much easier to consume that other forms of media. It is a lot easier to invest three to four minutes listening to a song by a band you've never heard of before than it is to read a 400-page novel from an author you're not familiar with or watch an entire season of a TV show. And, if you stream music, the algorithms are inevitably going to throw something new-to-you your way. Happened to me the other day: while 2003 is by no means recent, just the other day, one of those sites popped some Streetlight Manifesto into my feed. Next thing I knew, I was listening to the entire Everything Goes Numb album, something I just missed completely when it first came out. I don't think it so much matters how or when you discover a thing you enjoy, whether that thing is music, a video game, a book, whatever.
  11. Shooting shark, you mean to tell me those pioneers of the umlaut are considered obscure? History shows, again and again, how tomorrow soon turns into yesterday, and everything we see just fades away. Even if the symbol remains, some things leave their place before their time. But even things once gone, can return. After all, even Joan Crawford has risen from the grave, even if doing so gets her banned from MTV. While I question if The Symbol Remains will actually be any good- it's their first album since 2001, and no one remembers Curse of the Hidden Mirror- it's surreal that they're putting new stuff out there.
  12. What does Shakedown: Hawaii think it is, Just Dance?
  13. Once again, we're all caught up. Figured I'd mix up the genre with the Challenge Game of the Month, which can be seen below: That's right, it's Star Wars: Episode I: Racer. You know, the minute Jabba started off that race, well, I knew who would win first place.
  14. He's not looking too good, is it lupus?
  15. The one I remember is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption being docked for because the "streamlined controls make things a little too easy and a little less adventurous," an assertion that came almost immediately after the declaration that the "smooth control scheme that cements exactly how FPS controls should work on the platform."