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  1. I think it spun out of Castlevania Judgment , and represents the timeline where the Time Reaper was successful in wiping out previously established Castlevania lore.
  2. blcdude1

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    I think the "bribing critics" claim can just be dismissed as conspiracy theory bullshit. I have to believe that if Disney was bribing critics, Captain Marvel would not be sitting at 78% on RottenTomatoes, ranked right below Captain America: The First Avenger and right above Thor in terms of critical consensus. If Disney was actually going to buy critics and pay for positive reviews, why the hell would they order a score that is 4% worse than Ant-Man?
  3. blcdude1

    Video Games Finished in 2019

    We are updated through this post. As usual, if I've missed something, let me know. I've also formally added the Battle Royale challenge. I've also also decided to announce March's challenge game now, because why not? That's right, it's Yoshi's Crafted World. Three months in, and we're finally getting a Nintendo game! I've also also also beaten Pokémon Let's Go Eevee, which has been added to my list.
  4. blcdude1

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    I think it's telling that the haters are complaining about it now. Disney has been massive for a long time. And I do think Disney's size is worth complaining about; or at least, something that should be discussed seriously. It's perfectly acceptable to like (or even dislike) Disney and the products they put out while also being concerned with what appears to be more and more of a monopoly. But we didn't see these sort of complaints about the previous MCU movies, and I don't expect we'll see these complaints about Avengers: Endgame. There's something different about Captain Marvel. I don't think the people complaining about Captain Marvel have that particular concern: after all, Brie Larson made some feminist statements, anti-feminists got upset online, and it's kind of Ghostbusters all over again, where the conversation about the movie is overshadowed by the conversation around the movie.
  5. blcdude1

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    While I can't speak to "bribing critics," there is no denying the influence of Disney has. I think this image might demonstrate why people distrust Disney. Outside of the obvious, Disney has its hands in Vice Media, A&E, the History Networks, Lifetime, Sphero, Photobucket, GoPro, National Geographic, Sky and Hulu. Disney is, quite frankly, massive, and only growing bigger. Given its size, there is no doubt in my mind that Disney manipulated public perception of Captain Marvel. But then again, there is no doubt in my mind that Disney manipulates public perception of any of its products. They are in the position to do so, and I don't trust any corporation not to take advantage of that position. This discussion of media conglomerates is likely not the answer you were seeking, but it's something I try to remember when discussing there large multi-national corporations. They're everywhere and involved in everything, and likely impact you in ways you don't realize.
  6. blcdude1

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    This might also be a "bubble" thing. As in, on my social media channels, I saw a lot of people defending the film on opening weekend, but I don't think I saw a single person insulting the film during that time. I know, if I go searching, I can find the hate (it's not hard to find hate on the internet). It's been referenced by a couple people here, but I haven't seen The Quartering's video, it's not something that has come up on my social media feeds or though Youtube's algorithm for me. I just haven't gone down that hole, but I know it exists. I personally don't intend to go down that hole, either, as I don't think engaging with the trolls will prove beneficial. It's best to just enjoy whatever it is you enjoy, and not let the opinions of others ruin your enjoyment of that thing.
  7. The promotion did have the standard "while supplies last" disclaimer, but it is very fair to point out that unlike physical products, there isn't physical stock of a digital item to run out of. Which tells me Nintendo must have limited the number of discounted digital copies that were available for Walmart, Target and Best Buy to resell in an attempt to create a manufactured scarcity, prompting urgency from the customer. We saw similar tactics with Amiibo and the NES Classic. It's just comes off as more blatant here, because those were physical products.
  8. blcdude1

    Archer Appreciation Day

    I had something for this, too.
  9. blcdude1

    Video Games Finished in 2019

    It does sound like three distinct scenarios, and sounds reasonable to count as three "different" beats, even if they're all within the same title. There are a handful of games out there with multiple campaigns. I think XLW makes a good point with Shovel Knight- the "Treasure Trove" can be purchased as one game, but there are distinct differences between the initial Shovel Knight campaign and DLC campaigns. I think it's either a case-by-case or "be reasonable" sort of situation here. I think most of us are reasonable enough to recognize the difference between multiple playable campaigns and multiple playable characters, and won't try to pad out their games beaten list accordingly.
  10. I saw all the press coverage earlier this week, and just wondered where everyone was four years ago when Dead or Alive 5: Last Round came out. That game had six season packs at $92.99 a pop. Why is anyone surprised Dead or Alive 6 is following in the previous game's footsteps? This isn't some new, shocking thing they're doing. I still think the price is ridiculous, as it was then. I just don't find it surprising at all.
  11. blcdude1

    Video Games Finished in 2019

    First, I'm updated through this post. Good for me! Second, I have not played Tetris 99. I was thinking two different options here, but having not played the game, I figured I'd throw the question out to the crowd to get some input. Do we think it's fair to could a round win in Tetris 99 as a "Game Beaten"? Or is something like a top 3 finish enough? I personally feel all-or-nothing, but as someone who hasn't played, I don't know how crazy we're talking here. The other option is to just count it as a challenge. I could easily add a "Winner Winner Victory Royale" challenge for beating a Battle Royale game, even if we're mostly just ignoring challenges.
  12. blcdude1

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    In all fairness, when the movie was announced back in 2014, it was shortly after the 2012 rebranding of Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers to Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, and the character had a ton of momentum thanks to Kelly Sue DeConnick's run on the title. Announcing a Captain Marvel movie made a ton of sense: strike while the iron was hot, and the iron was hot for Captain Marvel in 2014. It made a whole lot of sense. Thank goodness Marvel didn't squander any of this goodwill by repeatedly relaunching the series or sticking the character into crossovers like Secret Empire (Hail Hydra Captain America) or Civil War II, a disaster that completely betrayed her character. I'm hoping the film is a return to form for Captain Marvel.
  13. blcdude1

    Video Games Finished in 2019

    First, the main post is now updated through this post! If I missed you or have something wrong, let me know. Second, February's Challenge Game of the Month is inside the spoiler box! Third, another beat for me: Beat: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Switch Finally cleared out World of Light.
  14. blcdude1

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    DC has a Captain Marvel as well, but they're calling him Shazam now because everyone else was anyways. He's getting a movie too this year, about a month after Marvel Captain Marvel.
  15. blcdude1

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    The movie only deserves to bomb if its bad. Marketing plays a role, obviously, and I'm sure we all seen horrible products marketed very well and excellent products marketed poorly. But at the end of the day, the end product should be what matters, and Captain Marvel? It doesn't look bad. Captain Marvel looks like it will be another good installment in the MCU. Disney has really hit their stride with the Marvel movies. Eventually, the streak is going to break, the superhero bubble is going to burst, but for now, I'm going to enjoy the ride. I remember a time, not terribly long ago, when superhero movies tended to be garbage, rather than good. I plan on watching Captain Marvel in theaters. I'm thinking I'll even break out my old "Princess Sparklefists" t-shirt for the occasion. Though I'll admit, I still keep finding myself calling that flerken cat Chewie, even though she was renamed Goose for the movie.