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  1. This brilliant, insightful journalistic effort dives into the heart of why localizing properties for American audiences is evil and just how Nintendo of America is behind ALL CENSORSHIP of every game that gets released, ever. It was all Nintendo's fault. Discuss how backwards, incompetent, and pathetic NOA is in the thread below. Bandai Namco did nothing wrong.
  2. Why is it a Switch exclusive? Doesn't seem like the kind of project Nintendo would fund. And who are these developers, anyway?
  3. Woah, we may get more virtual console releases from another Nintendo console? I did not see that coming!
  4. The real reason Konami pulled out of development for other consoles? So they could put out their own console. Hideo Kojima, the filthy Playstation fanboy that he is, learned of this plan and jumped ship.
  5. The recording device must not have been set properly. The game doesn't look as if it's running as well as it did at E3.
  6. Pokemon Go seems to have reinvigorated interest in the franchise among the public. It'll be interesting to see if this extends to other franchises as well.
  7. I really liked the first two games, but never finished either. I got to the end of the first, but that final level just destroyed me. Apparently I had the worst possible team up at the end. I think I'll wait until I finish both of those before I pick up Dual Strike. I'm definitely interested, the series is great, but I'd really like to finish the first two games first.
  8. "You need to play the game to know it's terrible!" In this particular instance, I am very confident in saying that I don't need to do so, no. Too many people came forward when the game first game out describing to me how the game isn't all that great, and I believe them. I personally feel as if SV fans don't have a whole lot of experience with this kind of game and don't know there are much better alternatives that are even cheaper these days. Harvest Moon SNES, for example, is only about eight bucks on the eshop. Well, I think of HM and RF as being very close sister series anyway, but I agree with you. There's nothing that SV does that RF does not do much better.
  9. No, the game is just a Harvest Moon rehash. When you compare it to something like, say, Freedom Planet, which clearly has Sonic INFLUENCES but still manages to be it's own thing, it comes off as rather lazy and uninspired. It's this year's Undertale, basically. Also, please keep in mind the game is still coming to Nintendo platforms. I'm not saying this out of any kind of brand loyalty. The game is simply not very good.
  10. A half baked Harvest Moon clone? Dodged a bullet, there. Is that why new games get released on the eshop every week? Besides, it was supposed to come out in September. Nintendo released a trailer announcing it and everything. There is absolutely a market for this kind of thing, there is no reason why it shouldn't come. Hopefully the game gets buried among all the big Switch launch releases. It really doesn't deserve the praise or attention it gets JUST for being a PC Harvest Moon game.
  11. Not going to happen. If they were going to do that, they wouldn't do it at a big event like that.
  12. I've never completed Super Mario Sunshine because of how hard it is.
  13. I think the main issues with Fates (Having two versions, the ''''''''famous'''''' manga writer they brought on board, and using children when they don't fit) have to go. Obviously the people crying about how it's NOT LIKE THE CLASSIC GAMES are going to be disappointed, but whatever. It's not like they played the classic games anyway.
  14. ? I played it again just last night because I realized the only 'easy' trophy I didn't get was for it. I honestly have a lot of fun with it. I don't see why people seem to hate it so much.