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  1. Let's not forget, next year marks the 20th anniversary. It's almost guaranteed that were probably going to get some sort of information within this year. I'm not sure exactly if it will be a port or an entirely new game.
  2. Eh, it would of been a better idea to bring back the Chao Gardens.
  3. Pretty awesome. I hope another Turrican game is their current project, as its their baby and it's been practically been 21-22 years since we've seen the iron lug. ' I also I wouldn't mind seeing some of there canceled projects turn up like, Animal Wars or the Rogue Squadron compilation.
  4. Been wanting some of that SNK love to continue. I really hope King of Monsters ends getting a release on the service, since there's no available record of it appearing on the Wii VC by any chance.
  5. Here the video: I like how streamlined everything is, although I wished he went into detail showing more of the options of the Mii Maker. It's probably not too different, I'm guessing.
  6. I like it so far but we need to know more of the details. In all honesty, the the UI should been discussed during the presentation. Why Nintendo isn't discussing it soon as they presented their brand new console, I'll never know.
  7. True, on that part @Marxforever. Although, I would like to mention that Sonic Gem's Collection hit me a little bit harder at home when it came to the nostalgia. If you need proof just listen to the both the menus for the Games and Manuals. It suddenly takes me back those rainy days of playing my Genesis collection. The days before Sega went third party, the days when Sega created quality experiences, the days when it was just a duo of a blue hedgehog and a yellow-tailed fox were only ones known in stopping the plans of a mad doctor. I just hope Sonic Mania will have mu
  8. Nothing will ever beat Metroid Prime's main menu. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, the atmosphere of the game greets you before you even go into a New or Saved game. Although, it's not really interactive so to speak
  9. I question why we still don't have compatibility for: Game & Watch, Duck Hunt, and R.O.B.
  10. Definitely stoked for this, I'm glad to see the Wonder Boy/Monster World legacy is continuing in some form. I've also heard that it's being reversed engineered from the Master System code in mind. As seen right here.
  11. After watching the Switch presentation again for the second or third time. I rather noticed that there was lack of talk about the Mii's making there mere transition to the Switch, this is not only followed up with news we've heard recently that Streetpass and Miiverse not returning on the console. This has lead me to question if they are getting replaced or updated in some manner. If they do end up get replaced what kind of avatar creation system would Nintendo go with in particular? If they do end up getting replaced, I just want to see something much more flexible than the option
  12. I'm guessing there's going to be a new service then.
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