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  1. not that i post a lot here anyway, but i think im going to leave for a while. ive been thinking about this for a long time, even before ninfora, but now with the new year and being done with college i think im ready. maybe it is bad timing with all the drama going on here recently but none of that really affected my thinking about this. anyways i didnt think i would be able to take this seriously unless i said goodbye so i just wanted to say thank you to everyone and all my friends and good luck. if im really bored i still might pop in the discord chat to play smash or mario kart or something and ill probably be back for a little bit when i get a switch eventually to add everyone to my friend list so maybe this isnt goodbye forever. but for now i think i want to focus my time on other things. you are all wonderful and i wish you the best love oblivion
  2. caught a salandit and been training it for a while then someone tells me it only evolves if it is female so i look online and the female catch rate is like 12% what kind of sick joke is this gamefreak
  3. no it would take quite a bit of exp to level up twice when you are level 15 unless you like like towards endgame
  4. my kadabra is level 19 and it is time for him to move out
  5. ive had him since like level 5 and still all he knows is teleport, kinesis, and disable like seriously slowpoke learns confusion faster than this guy
  6. thinking about getting rid of this kadabra on my team he is the biggest freeloader ever
  7. i will probably be in the chat at 9 if anyone wants to play
  8. also this youngster just started a battle by yelling "kneecaps!" at me this alola place is hardcore
  9. started pokmon sun me n popplo gon tear up the islands
  10. i pretty much just got done with work and i have work early tomorrow so i don't think im gonna get on tonight