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  1. If I remember correctly, basically back on NS1 Falawful was studying at Digipen and had been learning Wii dev tools so he was eventually planning on making his own Wii game called Nessyril that he posted all these different designs about. Years later on NS2 I asked what happened to it and apparently it became a short story instead of a game...
  2. I'm still waiting to play Nessyril on my Wii... (Or Wii U.) Anyone remember that?
  3. Does Singaporean and Indonesian comics count? Cuz I've got a shipment of some of that should be arriving today, along with the next two volumes in the Detective Conan spinoff, "Zero's Tea Time."
  4. Is Nintendo ever gonna make a forum like NSider or Miiverse again? I want to shitpost on an official Nintendo forum again.
  5. http://www.nintendolife.com/forums/virtual_console/wii_virtual_console_on_switch lol this person thought that because he purchased VC games on his Wii that entitles him to having free downloads of the games on Switch. That would make sense, if Nintendo ever made any sense.
  6. Having to pay $30 to use around a third of the Pokemon I caught in previous games is bs. 200th post.
  7. Terranort

    Where's Yuki?

    Why'd she leave us?
  8. No one gives a fuck how you use the internet. Liberal crybabies: The thread.
  9. Ash: "Well, gang, I've finally beaten the Hoto Region Pokémon League Tournament and thus became a Pokémon Master! I guess this is where we part ways, Jenkins, Timmy, Billy Bob, and Aristotle. I'll never forget you guys!" The gang: "Us neither!" Jessie and James: "Stop right there, twerp! Prepare for trouble! Make it-" Ash: "We get it!" Jessie and James: "Well, anyways, have a little taste of our new and improved Pikachu-nabber 3000!" Later... Jessie and James: "I can't believe it. After all these years we finally got away with Pikachu. The boss is going to be so thrilled when we show him the fruits of our years upon years of labor!" Even later... Giovanni: "What the fuck is this shit? Get out of my office until you get me a rare Pokémon!" Jessie and James: "Oh..."
  10. This is a movie based on a spinoff that barely has to do with the main games, and is being produced by Legendary Entertainment. The movies being produced by Universal's Illumination Studios I'm guessing will end up being a Nintendo cinematic universe and will be more in line with the stories of their main games. Also, Pokemon's rights is a clusterfuck I'm not sure I fully understand, but what I think I got is that it's owned by Game Freak, Nintendo, and Creatures, and Creatures is owned by Nintendo. The Pokemon Company is just a brand management firm that's owned by the rights holders of Pokemon. But being a brand management firm, I'm guessing it makes its own deals regarding the brand it's managing. Could be very wrong, though.
  11. This place is barely alive anymore anyways, and NSider2 is also still technically up but even less alive. All in all, the NSider community barely exists anymore. I mean, I saw that guy who was posting about Outsider's new domain, last time I checked, no one even posted there since September. His posts about Outsider were newer than the posts on Outsider. But it's like, do people even still use social media as much anymore? I dunno, it feels like the whole internet is dying in general.
  12. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/10/06/toys-r-us-tweets-they-might-be-returning-online-rage-ensues/ Now picture yourself being a Toys R Us employee and having to read that online after you lost your job. You don’t have to imagine, we have several here for you. Classy move, new owners… classy. We don’t expect anything at this point, because to predict if and when they’re coming back is a fool’s game at this point. cont. in article.