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  1. No gameplay being shown is probably more indicative of Nintendo wanting to properly reveal Smash during E3 alongside Metroid Prime 4, Fire Emblem Switch, and Bayonetta 3. Reading into the lack of gameplay is pointless.
  2. Maybe they'd choose Alm had Celica not already been in Fire Emblem Warriors and won most popular female character in the "Choose Your Legends" contest. Besides, if intelligence was a factor, Corrin shouldn't be anywhere near Smash. Play Switch outside? What madness! If I play my Switch in "portable mode," it's inside. Like while watching a movie or in bed before going to sleep. That being said, I don't take my 3DS outside much, either. I bring a book for my commute. Those are much less expensive and breakable than 3DS or Switch.
  3. Followed by severe disappointment when they realize it's nothing more than yet another tease for an upcoming Switch game.
  4. Well, we haven't seen anything from Persona Q2 since it was announced last August. *shrug* Not necessarily. If Nintendo emulates Fire Emblem Echoes by revealing FE Switch a few months before release, it's possible they won't show anything until much later this year. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.
  5. It's weird to think how uncertain I was that Switch would become a success. Hell, I pre-ordered the hardware expecting to cancel it. It's become quite the little indie machine, which I'm loving.
  6. Only 40? That definitely explains the amount of fetch quests. Also, it's disheartening that Nintendo was pulling team members for Zelda who probably should've been working on their own game.
  7. Modified to reflect my person desires. Guess we'll see. It's difficult to imagine Mario Kart being decent without physical buttons, but I'm aware that there's a number of decent racing games on mobile.
  8. Mana trilogy (which they also claim is under consideration) or GTFO.
  9. I'm oddly intrigued. This probably won't be anything I buy immediately upon launch, but maybe after a few months I will mess around with it.
  10. It's had something of a resurgence on Stream and Vita. Practically the entire franchise is now available on those consoles. Not the most exciting Direct, but that's fine. I have my eye on Celese right now. It looks like a fun indie game, and it's right around the corner. I will probably grab The World Ends with You and maybe Dark Souls, but that'll depend.
  11. Let's not forget the Mega Man X collection, which is what has me hyped. I can't wait to play the first five games, and then pretend that the other three don't exist (as Capcom should).
  12. Good. Other countries include regulations for these practices, so there's no reason why the U.S. can't include similar regulations. This is gambling, after all, despite what the ESA might argue. The slippery slope argument? Bleh.
  13. I ended up enjoying the approach that portable Valkyria games took, making me feel that I want taking key locations in a wider location, but it was really Valkyria 3 upping the difficulty that made the difference. Valkyria 2 was too easy, making running from space to space feel a tad more like busywork. VC3 made you work for those locations, and it's all the better for it. There is a decent fan-translation of Valkyria 3 available.
  14. I'm such a huge Valkyria fan, so I am thrilled that we're getting a new Valkyria Chronicles with all the elements that made the original game so fantastic. Hopefully the Switch version is able to match the PlayStation 4 version because I really want portability, but I'd also like the prettiest version. Maybe I'll buy both versions.