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  1. If Banjo has a stall-then-fall D-air (Beak Buster) and Rat-A-Tap Rap is also a multihitting F-air just like his B-air, he might not be too strong. Stall-then-falls are bad for ledgeguarding and multihit 'flurry' attacks can be fallen out of or escaped before reaching their full damage potential. There are a couple of aspects that might be included with the Special Moves we saw that, in my opinion, would make him a lot better. First would be if he has enough time to pick up Kazooie's grenade eggs so that he can carry around a bomb projectile to threaten opponents with. Second, it would be fantastic if his Golden Feathers/Wondering side special had horizontal recovery utility and didn't just drop him like a rock the moment he uses it in midair (which would be true to the Banjo games). Either way I think his moves look really fun, and I'm looking forward to playing him a ton when he drops.
  2. I think I'm going to pick this game up with a stylus within a couple of weeks after launch. It looks great. I'm just going to have to learn how to recognize and dodge the many 'Kaizo' levels and hands-free musical levels.
  3. This would be a dream come true for me. I spent my childhood drawing and creating Zelda dungeons on paper and having my friends play them.
  4. I love Breath of the Wild, and think it's great that they're following up on the story, but I really do hope we get traditional underground caverns and temples for dungeons again; that'd be fantastic. It'd fit the spooky atmosphere the game is going for really well. I wasn't much a fan of the Divine Beasts in BotW, but I might like them more if there's a bunch of scary horror stuff deep underground where they were excavated from, kind of like Hell (didn't Demise and his demons arise from underneath Hyrule)? There's so little to go on right now but I'd love if the game went in that direction!
  5. When it comes to teal, turquoise, sea green and various other colors that ride the line between green and blue, my gf usually sees the distinction in color better than I do; I tend to mix up green and blue and see it as one or the other (usually the opposite of what she sees).
  6. Definitely a troller of some kind.
  7. Stuff revealed I've seen so far (that I can remember):
  8. Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion 3 footage would be rgeat
  9. Doom Eternal and maybe some kind of update or tidbit about Elder Scrolls 6 was all I was really interested in seeing. Thankfully they showed plenty of the former. It looks great.
  10. Platforming in Doom Eternal looks great. The balance between high-speed level navigation via platforming and the combat appears to still hold up well compared to the previous Doom. I also like the bright, colorful power-ups. The new sub-weapons I saw (flamethrower, snipper thingy) also looked great. I'm looking forward to playing around with all the new stuff!
  11. Well, it's not a particularly long list, but I'll talk about my impressions of the few games I was actually interested in from Devolver Digital and Bethesda, as well as Microsoft titles that as far as I know will be available cross-platform for me to enjoy on PS4 or PC. DEVOLVER: BETHESDA: MICROSOFT:
  12. Looking forward to seeing them drop the new DLC Fighter trailer for Smultimate!
  13. Zero Mission is one of the best games remakes I've played, next to Resident Evil ('REmake') on GameCube. Having a map in Metroid is a must. Metroid I and II both desperately needed their remakes just for that alone.
  14. I just can't get into Pokémon competitive stuff, but if they keep adding new cooperative multiplayer elements to the series like the Raids, I'm interested. If the Raids are fun I might pick this up.
  15. Definitely not going to be able to do it today. Yeah I'd love if Tuesday (tomorrow) could be an "Arenamiibo" Tuesday. I have two or three NFC Fighters that could use some training in the thunderdome.