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  1. N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    The presents from my Secret Santa arrived today!
  2. Video Games Finished in 2017

    Beat: Doki Doki Literature Club (PC) [October 28] this one was an experience i don't think i'll be able to forget anytime soon Points: Console – 3 Handheld – 0 PC – 3 Mobile – 0 Overall – 6 Completed Games: Completed Challenges:
  3. I've pretty much lost hope in Links for YGOPro for the rest of the year considering they haven't even been able to give a proper ETA. It's slowly grinding away my will to play since the other alternatives are not that good, despite my continued interest in the game itself... I really dislike playing in what amounts to an imaginary format.
  4. THE RIBBON CORNER - FALL 2017 With collaboration from my bestie Zeldaru, we'll now be doing overview posts on our personal picks for promising shows of the upcoming season whenever I do a preview. We're not going to be covering picks we feel are mostly obvious though, just ones we think will probably be overlooked in favor of more popular shows so they can gain a bit more spotlight. I'm totally watching Kino's Journey, The Ancient Magus' Bride, and Blood Blockade Battlefront S2 as much as the next guy, but I think this approach is more useful. Zeldaru: Fire:
  5. New thread's up, please migrate - thanks!
  6. Welcome to the official Fall 2017 Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread! While it may not feel quite like it because of the remaining heat, autumn is on its way, bringing us all more anime to watch and the last (and traditionally, the most prolific) anime season of 2017! I have made some significant overhauls in the past few weeks under the hood, upgrading my previewing tool to become a fully functional website with improved queries to anime database APIs. I am very happy with the result! Because of my updates behind the scenes, there are a few changes with this preview's formatting. I will no longer cap the amount of staff members covered for the major staff positions - you'll see them all because it's so easy to automate now. I have also decided to simplify categories a bit - most notably, the TV Sequels section will mainly be reserved for clear-cut sequels, while reboots and otherwise will be placed in TV Originals. Lastly, I have also decided to change the format and method of my usual recommendations... Well, pay attention for that in a separate post coming soon! New to seasonal anime? New anime airs each season of the year at roughly these time intervals: Winter (January-March) Spring (April-June) Summer (July-September) Fall (October-December) Each new season is typically covered by a multitude of sites that compile the upcoming shows into charts with summaries and information about each show. These charts are an easy way of catching a glimpse at what is probably going to air in the upcoming season. Occasionally, shows on these charts may be delayed to later seasons; for the most part, the seasonal charts are fairly accurate, so if you’re ever confused on what is airing, when it’s airing, or what it is, please check the charts below for any questions you may have! Notable Seasonal Chart Sources: http://anichart.net http://neregate.com/blog/anime-charts/ http://livechart.me Additionally, there are PV (Promotional Video) trailers that air before the start of each season, which actually show footage of the show. There may also be CM (Commercial) footage, but these tend to have only a few seconds of content by comparison. If I am able to find these, I will include them below. Last, but certainly not least, the studio and staff that works on a show can be a very influential factor. Previous works done by the studio will be included as to give you an idea on what they’ve worked on, as will the staff involved. Fall 2017 Anime Information and Preview: Template Explanation: Show information is covered by the following template: TV Originals: TV Sequels: Shorts Highlights: Movies Highlights: Specials Highlights: Any other information on Shorts, Movies, OVAs, ONAs, or Specials can be found listed in any of the sources used below for this preview. Sources: Anichart/Anilist Anime News Network MyAnimeList Information for this seasonal preview made individual use of the corresponding anime entries on AnimeNewsNetwork and Anilist, using their respective APIs. I lay no claim to the information above as my own and fully acknowledge my usage of their resources in compiling this preview.
  7. I spent my entire weekend reworking my tool for previews and everything is all nice and shiny now. Since it's about that time, I'll get the preview for Fall out by the end of the week.
  8. No. Gatling Dragon specifically states "Barrel Dragon" as a specific Fusion Material, which means the card name has to match exactly. Just because a card contains the name does not mean it can be used as specific Fusion Material. As said before, this would be a different story if it was listed as a "Barrel Dragon" monster instead of just "Barrel Dragon." This is different from archetype considerations, where a card is considered in an archetype even if the name does not match exactly (i.e., Lightsworn being included within Twilightsworn, Ritual Beast being included in Spiritual Beast, etc.). Those just have to have a subset of their name that matches the entire archetype name to be considered part of that archetype.
  9. No Link-focused deck has been meta yet since the inception of Link monsters because True Dracos and Dinosaurs were just that good. Not surprising that they haven't gotten hit yet. However, with SPYRALs gaining traction, I could see SPYRAL Double Helix getting a hit if they stay on top of the new meta that's going to form after this banlist. That card is way too good for SPYRALs. Also Firewall Dragon is probably getting hit in some form at some point because that card is way too busted. This banlist outright murdered True Dracos and I'm really glad about that. Dinosaurs also took a lot of hits so I doubt they'll stay competitive either. Invoked and Windwitches taking some hits is fine by me too. ABC Dragon Buster should have been hit a long time ago instead of Union Hangar. I'm a bit sad that Trickstar Reincarnation got limited since I think Trickstars' recent success is more because of being able to counter Dinosaurs and True Dracos extremely well, but I can understand the hit because of their burn strategy.
  11. Video Games Finished in 2017

    Beat: Dies Irae (PC) [August 19] Beat: Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-1 (PC) [August 24] Finally finished up these VNs. Dies Irae was great (and somehow took almost as long as Persona 5 did for me...). Points: Console – 3 Handheld – 0 PC – 2 Mobile – 0 Overall – 5 Completed Games: Completed Challenges:
  12. RIP

    you know i'm in, buddy
  13. Artland is closing down. They were responsible for working on shows such as Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Mushishi, Milky Holmes, Macross, and Gunslinger Girl, among many others. Good night, sweet prince. ;-;