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  1. RIP

    you know i'm in, buddy
  2. Artland is closing down. They were responsible for working on shows such as Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Mushishi, Milky Holmes, Macross, and Gunslinger Girl, among many others. Good night, sweet prince. ;-;
  3. Yeah. Here are all the shows Amazon has this season. CR is subbing that one, as well as the rest of these.
  4. Netflix, unfortunately. Anything they pick up is pretty much only released way past when it's done airing. Someone fansubbed the first episode though. And for that matter, most shows in general this season are being streamed by either Amazon or Netflix.
  5. time for the season to begin thank you based MAPPA
  6. Airing dates, sure, I can add that in. That's just an additional parameter to query for with my previewing app, so it should be easy to automate. I don't know if I'll get around to that for this season in particular though. AniChart typically lists the timeslots of airing/upcoming shows here, fortunately. Simulcast dates are a bit difficult to add in regards to the time span of the preview because many shows don't even really get simulcast announcements until right after the season begins. I also wouldn't be able to do something like that programmatically, and it's already a big timesink for me to still have to gather visuals and PVs manually. For that same reason, I don't believe it would be practical for me to be able to list any corresponding streaming services. If there was an easy way to grab that information from sites, I would. If anyone ever has any other suggestions for helpful information to include in future seasonal previews, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  7. Made In Abyss is guaranteed to be great. The source material, the manga, is beloved by pretty much everyone I've seen who has read it. The PVs were super good and the setting looks incredible as far as the atmosphere it invokes. Headed by the director of Monster, one of my favorite shows, and the writing is by Hideyuki Kurata, who's been a veteran in the industry for quite a while and handled some of my other favorites. Kinema Citrus, in general, is a studio that outputs quality shows. I'd be as bold as to say it'll probably be the best show airing this season. While it's very much a matter of taste, I've checked out the Kakegurui manga, and it's really good if you enjoy shows that are all about psychological games. It's centered on eccentric students in a high stakes gambling society, basically. It's a bit hammy, but that's a lot of its charm, and the cast will really breathe life into the characters. This is headed by some of the major staff for Garo, one of my favorite shows of the last few years, so I'm confident they'll do a fantastic job with adapting it. MAPPA is basically my favorite anime studio of recent times so I have a lot of faith in their ability. MAPPA's other show, Shoukoku no Altair, also looks to be worth checking out, from what I've researched of its staff and what various people have told me. The PVs kind of remind me a bit of Magi, which I love. Welcome to the Ballroom looks promising, too. It's all about competitive ballroom dancing and shares some staff that worked on Haikyuu. I have it on @Zeldaru's word that it's good stuff since he's read the manga. The PVs looked super fun. Mary and the Witch's Flower is actually done by ex-Ghibli staff, which might explain why it looks so familiar. Studio Ponoc was formed from a lot of Ghibli remnants. Hiromasa Yonebayashi, the one directing the film, directed both The Secret World of Arrietty and When Marnie Was There.
  8. It's time for the next season to begin. Please take all discussion to the new Summer 2017 thread. Thanks!
  9. Welcome to the new and improved official Summer 2017 Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread! Okay, so you can't see what's new about it like I can... But oh well! This iteration of the seasonal discussion threads for anime, manga, and light novels can now make use of querying the APIs for AnimeNewsNetwork and Anilist! This means that I no longer have to manually input in most of the information you see down below! You can surely expect previews to be faster than before going forward, especially as I make more adjustments in future threads. Make way for a summer full of promising shows and a huge helping of fun movies! Remember: You are free to discuss any and all anime, manga, light novel, or other Japanese media related content here, not just limited to what the current season has to offer! New to seasonal anime? New anime airs each season of the year at roughly these time intervals: Winter (January-March) Spring (April-June) Summer (July-September) Fall (October-December) Each new season is typically covered by a multitude of sites that compile the upcoming shows into charts with summaries and information about each show. These charts are an easy way of catching a glimpse at what is probably going to air in the upcoming season. Occasionally, shows on these charts may be delayed to later seasons; for the most part, the seasonal charts are fairly accurate, so if you’re ever confused on what is airing, when it’s airing, or what it is, please check the charts below for any questions you may have! Notable Seasonal Chart Sources: http://anichart.net http://neregate.com/blog/anime-charts/ http://livechart.me Additionally, there are PV (Promotional Video) trailers that air before the start of each season, which actually show footage of the show. There may also be CM (Commercial) footage, but these tend to have only a few seconds of content by comparison. If I am able to find these, I will include them below. Last, but certainly not least, the studio and staff that works on a show can be a very influential factor. Previous works done by the studio will be included as to give you an idea on what they’ve worked on, as will the staff involved. Summer 2017 Anime Information and Preview: Template Explanation: Particular shows that I recommend giving a shot will have their titles highlighted in green. Due to the high quantity of anime being released, while I cover all full-lengthed TV anime, all shorts, movies, and OVAs/ONAs/Specials are covered by personally selected highlights instead of full coverage. Please refer to the sources section at the bottom of this preview for in-depth information on shows not covered here. TV Originals: TV Sequels, Successors, Spin-Offs, and Continuations: Shorts Highlights: Movies Highlights: OVAs, ONAs, and Specials Highlights: Any other information on Shorts, Movies, OVAs, ONAs, or Specials can be found listed in any of the sources used below for this preview. Sources: Anichart/Anilist Anime News Network MyAnimeList Information for this seasonal preview made individual use of the corresponding anime entries on AnimeNewsNetwork and Anilist, using their respective APIs. I lay no claim to the information above as my own and fully acknowledge my usage of their resources in compiling this preview.
  10. Yes, on Saturday after the second season finale finished airing.
  11. Summer season will be starting soon. ... Expect the new thread within the next few days.
  12. Video Games Finished in 2017

    Beat: Persona 5 (Playstation 4) [June 13] Been a while since my last update, eh? Clocking in at 97 hours, I've finally finished this one up after playing it over the past month. One of the most stylish and visually polished games I've ever played - it was a lot of fun. I was a pretty big fan of the series before this, but I really loved this entry in particular inside and out. I'm gonna miss my silly Phantom Thieves. Maybe I'll give New Game+ a shot down the road, but for now, I need to breathe and give some other games my time. Points: Console – 3 Handheld – 0 PC – 0 Mobile – 0 Overall – 3 Completed Games: Completed Challenges:
  13. Sounds like Aqua from KonoSuba to me without any context.
  14. tfw cyberdarks are better than melodious now put me out of my misery this isn't the meme world i desire