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  1. Yeah I don't have online and it's just my husband and I playing on one system. I've been making bells with hot items and tarantulas.
  2. Turnips sold 160. I decided to cash in. I just started this game and not sure how high the price can go.
  3. I couldn't get past the dual game play to finish the game sadly. I remember the originals and enjoyed them so much, but now that I'm older the game lost its charm. It was like playing an interactive movie. I got to the Monsters Inc world.
  4. So last night I go to 4 islands trying to get tarantula island and nope. Didn't even get a good flat island. Water bugs are everywhere! My husband gets on and bam... First shot. Thing is he doesn't even care about making bells. This is his first AC game and he likes to just collect things. His house is all bugs and fish lol.
  5. I think if I was going to torture someone I'd tie them to a chair, stuff a sock in their mouth and force them to watch the sonic movie back to back 7 times.
  6. My employment is very hard to categorize. I am in most ways considered self-employed where I assist those who are financial advisors to manage their books of business. I love my work since I make my own schedule, can work as much or as little as I wish. I also dictate how they treat me. All my clients value me so much that they do everything to keep me happy. So in all respects I love what I do very much, but in the end I work to support my other activities. These include volunteer work for disaster relief to areas in need. Volunteer construction and maintenance of places of worship Volunteer conducting bible education work Video games Hiking Traveling Enjoying life My job allows me to work from anywhere in the world so I enjoy life and work to support the life I have. If I could have any job in the world I wouldn't change what I do.
  7. Hi people I haven't spoken too in like 2 or 3 years ha
  8. I still have yet to buy one. I use to buy all systems, but it became to much. After the Wii and WiiU I finally decided to go back to Sony and got a PS4. The only way I'll get another Nintendo system is for a Zelda game that is as good or better then BoTW.
  9. Just got a PS4 and playing Herizon Zero Dawn
  10. Yeah I'm working on getting karp candies since they are everywhere right now and I have one with perfect IV/EV My husband found a shiny karp this weekend, but it's weak. I only recently got Pokemon Go to work again on my phone so I'm happy about that.
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