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  1. Shulk

    Whatcha playing? General Edition!

    Just got a PS4 and playing Herizon Zero Dawn
  2. Yeah I'm working on getting karp candies since they are everywhere right now and I have one with perfect IV/EV My husband found a shiny karp this weekend, but it's weak. I only recently got Pokemon Go to work again on my phone so I'm happy about that.
  3. Shulk

    Anor Londo - N4A Chat Thread, June 2018

    Am I the only one online right now?
  4. I got a shiny Larvitar, sadly I didn't realize the event was only 3 hours other wise I would have tried harder. I got to evolve it one level and now I only have 6 candies It will take forever as a buddy to get enough candies.
  5. Shulk

    Physical or Digital

    If I want a game right away and know I'll love it and play it for years to come then I go for digital. If I find an amazing deal though I'll go with physical and I tend to always look for older games in physical form because you can get better pricing.
  6. I checked and it turns out I have the java edition. Which on the plus side I'm going to teach myself how to make data packs
  7. I am really looking forward yo the aquatic update. I'm building this really cast metropolitan area of commerce inside a mountain range with glass outlooks and linking glass bridges. It would be awesome to have an Aquarium in the center!
  8. I like my simple PC version. I haven't tired a console one yet, but the concept just seems harder and limited.
  9. Shulk

    Nintendo Labo Launch Thread

    My issue is that it's cardboard. It will easily get destroyed. Between pets and kids. Plus the storage space needed. I just don't see it being durable. And what about the sensitivity of the reflective stickers? Over time stuff like that comes right off of cardboard. Forget about snacking and drinking while gaming. You get your cardboard wet it's done for. It does seem interesting and engaging but the likely demographic would be 8-12 only because younger may not be responsible enough, and older would enjoy it but loose interest after the initail flare (for lack of a better word) wears off.
  10. Shulk

    Miitomo shutting down on May 9th

    Nintendo can't seem to stick to one form of communication for gamers. It's a bit crazy when you think about it. At least they still have great games though. Still hoping they make a Zelda MMO ha doubtful, but it would be awesome.
  11. I was totally planning to play tonight so thanks for the tag. But now I'm sick with fever in bed. Please tag me next week though! I so want to give it a try.
  12. I've actually never played smash before WiiU. You're probably thinking MK8 and MK7.
  13. I've never played online and I really suck, but I might give this a try next week.
  14. Shulk

    Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    Funny I guess I'm on the opposite line of things. I actually loved the game play in SS. I also enjoyed the plot and the areas you could explore. granted I agree that it is very liner and the save points are annoying. Other then that I greatly enjoyed it. This could also have partly been at the time I had packed my Wii to go to my Nana's in Florida. I was staying a week and without a car, friends or anything else to do, SS was my go to activity. Yet even after that, when I went back to play it again after a year or two, I still enjoyed it. The game is different from other Zelda games, but I'm okay with that. You can't really compare the game to BOTW because they are totally different from each other. BOTW can't even be compared to any of the other Zelda games. The graphics aren't going to be the greatest on a system that processes slower as well.