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  1. Shulk

    Physical or Digital

    If I want a game right away and know I'll love it and play it for years to come then I go for digital. If I find an amazing deal though I'll go with physical and I tend to always look for older games in physical form because you can get better pricing.
  2. I checked and it turns out I have the java edition. Which on the plus side I'm going to teach myself how to make data packs
  3. I am really looking forward yo the aquatic update. I'm building this really cast metropolitan area of commerce inside a mountain range with glass outlooks and linking glass bridges. It would be awesome to have an Aquarium in the center!
  4. I like my simple PC version. I haven't tired a console one yet, but the concept just seems harder and limited.
  5. Shulk

    Nintendo Labo Launch Thread

    My issue is that it's cardboard. It will easily get destroyed. Between pets and kids. Plus the storage space needed. I just don't see it being durable. And what about the sensitivity of the reflective stickers? Over time stuff like that comes right off of cardboard. Forget about snacking and drinking while gaming. You get your cardboard wet it's done for. It does seem interesting and engaging but the likely demographic would be 8-12 only because younger may not be responsible enough, and older would enjoy it but loose interest after the initail flare (for lack of a better word) wears off.
  6. Shulk

    Miitomo shutting down on May 9th

    Nintendo can't seem to stick to one form of communication for gamers. It's a bit crazy when you think about it. At least they still have great games though. Still hoping they make a Zelda MMO ha doubtful, but it would be awesome.
  7. I was totally planning to play tonight so thanks for the tag. But now I'm sick with fever in bed. Please tag me next week though! I so want to give it a try.
  8. I've actually never played smash before WiiU. You're probably thinking MK8 and MK7.
  9. I've never played online and I really suck, but I might give this a try next week.
  10. Shulk

    Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    Funny I guess I'm on the opposite line of things. I actually loved the game play in SS. I also enjoyed the plot and the areas you could explore. granted I agree that it is very liner and the save points are annoying. Other then that I greatly enjoyed it. This could also have partly been at the time I had packed my Wii to go to my Nana's in Florida. I was staying a week and without a car, friends or anything else to do, SS was my go to activity. Yet even after that, when I went back to play it again after a year or two, I still enjoyed it. The game is different from other Zelda games, but I'm okay with that. You can't really compare the game to BOTW because they are totally different from each other. BOTW can't even be compared to any of the other Zelda games. The graphics aren't going to be the greatest on a system that processes slower as well.
  11. Shulk

    I have become a timelord!

    Yeah I was kind of writing more dramatically then giving a fact by fact.
  12. Shulk

    I have become a timelord!

    Guessing you never played Minecraft lol When you start a new world, it's completely new. No elements from a previous world carry over. You can have as many worlds as you want but each are a separate save file. When you create a world you get options for prefabricated structures to generate. This includes villages, dungeons, mansions among other things. When things generate into a world, it's random placement so you'll have villages that may appear half buried in blocks, on mountains, in rivers... and in the case of the mansion I found, on lava. It's likely that's the case and the lava caught it on fire. Each world has it's own structures though, but in my case above... I now have 2 mansions in a single world since 2 completely different files decided to merge into each other. Not something I could even duplicate if I wanted.
  13. Shulk

    I have become a timelord!

    Okay... this is even crazier!!! I decided that I would use the /locate Mansion command while I was in the mansion from the previous world and the XYZ was for the mansion for the new world. It turns out that both worlds merged into one and now I have two mansions remodeled a biome that I previously did not have and all my old locations as well. No idea how two worlds would merge into one, but this is AWESOME!!!!
  14. There is a story to my title and if you are one for mystery, adventure and the impossible you will enjoy this. It started a year ago. My husband and I embarked on a new world adventure. We spawned in the spruce woods right near a nice water village. We spent weeks redesigning and fixing. Mining together and building together. Then we ventured off to create other areas in the world. After a long year of building I had villages across the world.... towers as a tribute to Breath of the Wild, all teleporting to a woodland mansion. Now fast forward to about a month ago. After having a nice network of villages, railroads, mines and towers, it was time to remodel the mansion as the home base. It took hours over the the weeks to complete, but it was beautiful. Suddenly a week ago my internet froze and my computer crashed while playing Minecraft. Once I started up again... my world was gone! I was devastated. All that work *sigh* I figured maybe I'd go back to one of my past worlds... I really wanted the mansion. I get to it in one of the worlds only to find that I had burned it down for fun. So now it was time to start a new world. I find a village and spend the day getting resources so that I could unlock the map to the mansion. I get the map and make it to the location only to find that it was on fire!!!!! Darn it all! So here we go again... another world is created. This time I wasn't going to waste my time getting resources... I cheat using the /locate Mansion command. It's been a week now and I've got my new mansion all spruced up! Yay me! Next I decide it's time to look for a village to remodel. I randomly teleport to different locations in my search yet I keep coming up empty. Found a few cool places though including an abandon mine so I write down the XYZ. After the mine I put in another teleport location and end up in a dessert. As I'm flying around I see in the distance a tower... it looked exactly like the one I designed in my other world. I'm like how is this possible??? I then turn around to find my village from the other world. I use the teleport pad and end up in the mansion from, yet again, the other world! My husband tells me to save and come back again. Did that and I was still in the world that was once lost, but the name was that of the new world. My lost world was named "Spruce Waters" the new world I decided to name "Gallifrey" but now the impossible... Spruce Waters is back under the name of Gallifrey. We don't know how this could have happened... but I'm quite happy. The path of a timelord is made up of adventure, mystery and of course the impossible. The world that never should have been has returned and I am it's Master!