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  1. I rarely wear anything and I have no idea what it is that I do have. It's in a bottle with no markings that I got from a friend a long time ago, doesn't smell strongly of much and the strongest smell is probably anise but also has some other smells to it.
  2. Work has been so dead this week I'm looking for new mobile game to play. My usuals aren't enough to keep me going since I usually have done all the dailies before I get to work.
  3. Was going to be moving at the end of next month but that just got pushed up to the 7th. Holy shit
  4. I didn't have the time to put into it. I think I had like 5000 points at most
  5. We found out that a guy that owed us a lot of money that we thought died is actually alive. My coworker also sharted
  6. Lmao, got another Ike. Ike +2
  7. So I was sitting next to all the Japanese Smash4 players and it was one of the worst things ever because a bunch of people that didn't understand that they couldn't speak English. No matter how much the players said, "no understand", they kept saying the same thing expecting them to somehow get it. There was even a point when I explained to one guy they didn't know English; he continued to try to ask one of them a question until I used my limited Japanese vocabulary and Google translate to basically use baby talk to get the question.
  8. But is it actually the same people that brought us those great games or are we working with a brand new crew?
  9. Yeah, pretty sure it doesn't allow apps on in the background.
  10. I plan to beat Breath of the Wild Wolfenstein the New Order, rime Berta, and maybe one of two other games I have on steam.
  11. Lmao, 0-2 which is worse than last year. Guy I was up against first was a Bowser main a month ago and I guess switched to Bayo so that there me for a loop. I had a better time against the guy I played in Losers but he got the best of me too.
  12. I don't, recently was able to procure the game again but haven't been able to put much time in it.