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  1. I mean, how else are you gonna pronounce it? Ner-jell? Ner-hell?
  2. Cops here are massive dicks and kick everyone out of the parks after sundown
  3. My AC is broke, someone come get me and take me to your house.
  4. F!Byleth and Edelgard are the winners there for sure. I'll be trying for them for sure.
  5. I guess I'm just used to the new twitter since I've been using it for probably a year now. I don't really have any problems with it.
  6. After chapter 8 it becomes less manageable. Also, unless you've had a guide open I guarantee you've already missed bonus stuff
  7. I mean there are links and shit to ROMs so.... Reddit one is still live anyway.
  8. FEuniverse should have the latest one with instructions Not sure if I can link, what rules do we adhere to these days lul
  9. Yeah, it's just a pain to bring out the WiiU again. I will have to one day though.
  10. I wish I had BotW on the Switch, might have actually beaten the game if I did. lol