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  1. K

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Over the past year I've probably spent about $100; however, 20-30 of that was probably free money from google surveys.
  2. K

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    It's a completely new tome.
  3. K

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Really cool focus. I'll be pulling from that mostly for Celica and Hardin.
  4. K

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm not sure why anyone expected a full fledged rhythm game within another game.
  5. Macy's here is getting closed down, stuff is 30-60% off right now, closing officially on the 18th so I'm gonna wait until like the 14th when it gets to 50-80% to pick up a bunch of stuff.
  6. K

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Gunnthrà is way better
  7. There was a point where there were no messages in chat other than sub notifications for like 2 minutes
  8. K

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The call back RIP Lord Kanti
  9. Fuck Yoshirider 1 2 3 chat thread
  10. I hope you feel better and someone just give you a billion dollars so you ain't gotta stress
  11. Haven't had the flu but I've been sick for over a month now
  12. Lol, I went to bed early because Hbox took the first games so easily and I figured he would go all the way. Glad we're starting the year of Plup off right.
  13. pretty good, I should be asleep but I'm just sitting here watching an art stream. How you?