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  1. February was 1 year March was a decade April was a week May 1st -3rd was 2 second May 4th-8th was a month May 9th-26th has been 5 seconds I don't know what's going on
  2. Resolution is poo poo basically worse than the Wii
  3. Doom II actually takes the crown for that only a month earlier
  4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Xbox One) 5/7/20
  5. Completed all endings of Nier: Automata (XboxOne)
  6. I really want RF4S but I need to be saving money and I can't spend it on a game I technically already own.
  7. The chat with my immediate family is one of my smaller ones and just has 7 people total; my parents, my four sisters, and myself.
  8. I have to keep messenger for my horribly gigantic group chats with all the normal people in my life including my immediate family.
  9. Years are made up too Welcome, everyone, to the year 27 K.M
  10. I'm fine with the pass giving you new units, but the QoL improvements being behind a paywall is too much. Even the worst P2W games don't keep those features locked away, sure you might only be able to skip battles only a certain amount of times but they aren't charging me for it.
  11. How we know this ain't just January 2?
  12. Beat Super Crush K.O. (Switch) 1/30/20 Another big recommend.