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  1. Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    y'all stop having heat strokes in 80 degree weather then
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes

    As far as I know just by guessing. You should be getting my Brave Ike
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I've been getting your Tiki this whole gaunlet and she's been amazing.
  4. Soul Calibur 6

    Really happy about this because Soul Calibur was definitely one of my favorite fighting games growing up and I played it competitively for a while, local stuff only.
  5. Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    I'm taking a trip to Georgia the week before Christmas then coming back down on the 23rd to then go to Orlando on the 24th and spend Christmas at my sister's. This is probably the first time in 15 years Christmas hasn't been at my parent's house.
  6. Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    I don't know why I enjoy Brutalmoose's frozen dinner videos but I do. Who tho?
  7. Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    These are the questions I don't want answered.
  8. N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Since I didn't order this I'm going to guess this is another gift from my Secret Santa. Thank you so much!
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Keep your +atk Genny and use the +spd one to give wrathful staff to another healer.
  10. N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Got a gift from my Secret Santa! Absolutely love it, thank you!
  11. Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    Fuck that guy, break his back in retaliation.
  12. Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    Man, it'll be December so soon
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes

    The meta currently favors units that are good on player phase, with a few exceptions, so anything that will allow you to one round KO someone is generally the better option. You can also check out this Gamepress when they update characters for new builds and such. They'll have several builds for each character and will always explain the reasons behind the build so you can take that advice and use it with how you like to play to build your characters how you like them. I would wait a little bit before upgrading weapons just to see if the meta still persists with the good player phase play or if we start seeing more enemy phase characters favored.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Save for now seems to be the general consensus.