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  1. My concern is that if you actually enjoy them enough that you want them to stick around, you'll probably end up using tape to make them more robust. The only people for whom disassembly for storage would be a practical solution is for those least likely to ever put it back together again.
  2. Whats really interesting is that labo could break away from the normal video game schedules we're used to because toys have their own fairs and expos and stuff. For instance there's the International Toy Fair in Feburary, I could very easily see Nintendo going and doing a full presentation to coincide with that.
  3. Very clever, But I too read the Youtube comments.
  4. This is really cool, and will definitely get switch into a lot of homes. Hopefully its designed as a platform, so you can come up with your own cardboard creations. That would really make it take off. And people would probably be making lots of videos showing off their stuff. Imagine how well this would pair with a 3D printer, or youtube makers in general. Even if you're just restricted to the builds in the kit though, I could still see it making a pretty significant impact.
  5. Apparently its because HD rumble is literally just a transducer, which is kinda a type of speaker which is optimized for low frequencies. So the HD Rumble driver's input is actually audio. instead of producing some special "HD Rumble Effect", you can just feed it an existing sound effect. I think this idea that some people have of HD rumble being some sort of significant expense over normal rumble is probably untrue. It seems like its innovation is just a clever adaptation of existing technology.
  6. So just like too much background sound can make it harder to hear, background dialog and voices makes it harder for the language part of your brain to focus on language tasks, like reading, writing, or listening. Try reading a book, or writing a paragraph at the same time as listening to your favorite lyrics vs your favorite non-lyrical song.
  7. That was so annoying. 3 things: Obviously the sound balance problem The lack of controls to allow us to balance sound effects, music, and dialog to our preference, which would have allowed us to mitigate the first issue. And lastly, using music with LYRICS at the same time as there is dialog? Seriously? Thats a huge and frankly blatantly obvious no-no.
  8. Which I recall being a common complaint here. This means you can have your english subs w/ your Japanese dubs, or whatever other combination you like.
  9. Well, considering that Switches are still so hard to find... Not that many.
  10. This, would have gotten it a year and a half ago. Though... Something appealing about it I must say. I'll keep an eye out for cheap used ones a year from now.
  11. I can pick up the melodies from songs by ear and play them on the piano! But... I have no idea if my talent there is anything more than is completely typical. :/ My piano teacher as a kid kinda went senile and... I didn't learn much.
  12. On the top of my head, I think it was 22mbps down, and like 8 up. Didn't make any difference wired or wireless. I'll have to double check though. I think we have the same global address.
  13. I'm less concerned about functional skipability, and more about how things are likely to influence design choices through the game. If a game is made well by competent designers, features don't just exist in isolation where you can add or remove them willy nilly without that effecting the game globally. So its not like you can say "Well it doesn't affect you so why not add it?" Even if you can say "You can just skip it so why are you complaining?"