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  1. British accents 👌 Ohhh yeah she was the weird tadtone-looking instrument lady from the game awards. That was neat.
  2. You always were so good at identifying a man’s deepest, darkest fetish <3
  3. Not yet. Are all the episodes out yet? I wanna play the bonus episode with max tbh
  4. Kickstarter. It was worth the wait imo. Super good movement, lots of charm, hat kid is adorable.
  5. I’m on my way to completing it a second time
  6. I watched a stream of it, seemed pretty funny. The bit with the priests was super fucked up lmao
  7. LOL yeah Zack is a treat. And that’s all 100% him, too. Ah interesting. Armada is amazing but his personality doesn’t do anything for me tbh. He’s just like the vanilla protagonist of Melee imo. Axe tho - I love axe.
  8. I’m glad! That’s a big part of why I do it - to show off how fun the gameplay and personalities can be. hmmm honestly I feel like all of the Melee players have their pros and cons. I like leffen bc I find “villains” interesting and I appreciate his story. I like mango bc everyone loves mango. I love hbox bc he’s a damn goon on camera lol. I don’t think there’s any one player that really stands out to me, though. what about you?
  9. No halloween banner what the actual fuck
  10. THAT'S PASSION And yeah, creative af. The only version of Link I'd be less likely to see is Goron Link lol. And Deku Link is a sentimental favorite of mine, so I'm stoked to see you create that cosplay. Are you gonna bring it to more cons?
  11. Dude I lost my shit just watching the video I can only imagine what it must have been like live in person. The cosplay / Zelda community is blessed only have you.
  12. THAT IS INCREDIBLE I love how the flowers come out of the parasol like omg that's so creative 😍😍😍
  13. I always love it when you show your moments of brilliance. Great points all around - thanks for sharing, dude.
  14. It's incredible how unpleasant some hospital staff are. Like, I get that you're around sick and injured people all the time and that has to have an effect on your mood / mentality, but holy fuck have some compassion and consideration for those you're treating. This may be a job, but if you're not at least putting some sense of the desire to help into it, gfy.
  15. fuck I forgot to pre order that Lillie figurine from the pokemon center website what are the odds of them putting it back up for sale :U
  16. An hour or so in and not feeling it. Music is godlike and movement feels pretty solid, but the parry system is starting to get annoying given how tight spaces are and the metroid mini boss fights have been a fucking snooze fest every single time. Can't wait for some variety. also the sound effects are annoying af lol
  17. Yeah, also category 5 is serious shit. But by the time it reaches me, it should have downgraded to a 3.
  18. Judging by the lines for gas stretching across the street and it being near impossible to get out of the damn station, I don't think they've forgotten.
  19. I went to publix and people were ready to throw down for some water lmao it was terrifying