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  1. For the last few months been having some battery issues with keeping a charge for several hours on my current Switch- seems to not keep a charge and can drain pretty quickly Pretty much keep it on a charger for most of the time for the tie being But i figured it wouldn't hurt to upgrade Especially since i'm not sure when we'll see the next iteration or console is right now anyway
  2. Was planning on holding off a couple more months and upgrade and get a White Oled in the Fall, but I’m really liking the look of this one and think I’ll be getting one of these instead because man, that looks pretty sleek Wonder when preorders will be available? Originally was going to get one while i was around for my birthday in June, but decided to wait until i had a bit more cash on hand so i know i would have enough to spare The Pro Controller looks pretty nice too
  3. Been adding some more anime that have been added to myanime list - no progress on watching much anyway https://myanimelist.net/anime/52211/Mashle But looks like Mashle is getting an Anime adaptation next year - quite liked the free chapters i read on Viz, so highly interested to see how the anime adaptation turns out
  4. My Switch is pretty much almost full on both the system and Memory card Wonder if i should go ahead and upgrade to a bigger SD card Highest i can go is 1 TB from the looks of it - bit pricey though I’ve heard i can go up to 2 TB, but I don’t think those exist yet so 1 TB might have to to settle with that Considering I download mostly, could be beneficial to have the max available to me I don’t exactly have the space or room to store physical copies here Also might consider going ahead and getting a bigger Micro SD card whenever i get a New XL again Not sure the highest I can get with that - would have to format it first I believe
  5. Just got done with watching the Nintendo Direct partner showcase Nintendo showcase Nier Automata Super Bomberman R 2 Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection Pac-Man World Blanc Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Little Noah Scion of Paradise RPG Time Legend of Wright Sonic Frontiers Disney Dreamlight Valley (?) Live A Live Demo Minecraft Legends No Man’s Sky Harvestella Persona 5 Royale Persona 4 Golden Persona 3 Portable Sine really good stuff there Really excited and looking forward to the Megaman Battle Network Collection - really happy about that Hopefully we can get a Starforce Collection at some point too - think that would be pretty nice (especially if we could finally get a localization of that Operation Shooting Star gane) Nier is a surprise, but a welcome one - always been curious and interested in that series and always was wanting to see it on Switch so looking forward to that one Aldo thought there was a chance we would see Persona game’s finally come to Switch considering the collection showed up in the Microsoft/Bethesda conference A renaster of Pac-Man World is an extremely interesting surprise- wasn’t expecting that at all - wonder if we’ll see the other games make the way to Switch at some point? Harvestella looks quite pretty And Mario + Rabbids is still looking nice Blanc looks quite nice - really like the artstyle Maybe I’ll take a look at Dreamlight Valley since it’s free
  6. Just got done watching the Direct earlier today Looked pretty nice from what i can tell Won't get around to it right away, especially since i still haven't bought or played the other two games/DLCs yet.... Probably will need to get a bigger Micro SD Card first, though
  7. Not a full Direct, but it's something to look forward to at least So i'm guessing from the looks of it we aren't getting an E3-esque Direct and Treehouse livestream this month since E3 wasn't exactly a thing this year - part of me wasn't sure on if that was going to happen, honestly Wonder if there's something in the works in the coming months with first and second party related stuff for a more general larger Nintendo Direct? With this being third party, wonder if we'll see any of that Persona or Silksong stuff in this that were shown off in the Xbox/Microsoft Presentation this month? There's nothing else beyond those two that i can think of off the top of my head that i can think of that i would like to see tomorrow, so....
  8. Got that Go Fest 22 T-shirt snd a nice Sonic & Knuckles logo T-Shirt and upgraded to a new Green Iphone 13 that’s pretty sweet for my Birthday yesterday Granted i partially knew about the phone since i had been discussing it with my mom about it before Been slowly getting logged in to places since last night but think I’ve gotten most of them - as couple of them were being difficult to get into but managed to login at some point Have $200 on hold to use towards LEGO sets So might consider looking around and buying some sets for a late Birthday present for myself Could swing by and take a look at Barnes & Noble and see what they have
  9. Just finished playing Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo demo on Steam Highly enjoyed what i played of it Really liked the music, and the graphics reminds me of Paper Mario in a way, which I appreciate (and I’m not saying that as a bad thing) Battle system is pretty good, though tricky snd takes some getting used to, but i like it Will be buying that when it comes out - not sure when that will be exactly though Looks like it’s also coming to Switch so i can get it off Steam or Switch as options So I’m looking forward to this - has pretty good potential to be a really good game based off the Demo Worth a play if someone hasn’t played it already
  10. Played Potion Permit Demo for several hours last night Been enjoying it so far Think I’ll be picking that up when that comes out fully Been playing some other demos that I downloaded- a couple of the puzzle ones have me stumped right now Also 31 today… so yay, i guess?
  11. Also seems like i have enough to spare to upgrade my Switch to an OLED Think i might do that considering the battery issues I’ve been having I’ve been debating about getting one for awhile now anyway Plus I’ve had it for about 4/5 years since launch and not really sure when the next iteration or console will come out anyway So could go ahead and do that At least that will knock down one upgrade I’ve been eyeing for awhile
  12. Finally got done watching the Wholesome Direct Lots of interesting games Not sure on all of them, but ones of interest
  13. For some reason Minecraft launcher doesn’t recognize Minecraft as being bought… which is way after I migrated to a Microsoft account Which is annoying because i know i bought Java and have Bedrock Am i going to have to buy it again? At least it’s available as a bundle so I’m getting both Bedrock and Java as a bundle at least… Looks like it’s $30 so i guess it’s not extremely pricey so there’s that at least ….. Eh I’ll deal with it tomorrow at some point
  14. Well, i fixed up that Nether Portal... And got an extremely shitty nether spawn Pretty much lost what i had after being knocked into lava - only major losses was a almost broken Diamond pickaxe and my Enchanted Bow with Infinity i fished up... at least i didn't have Diamond armor equipped Need more Diamonds in general - not sure how strip mining works with the updated caves... not sure if it's the same or different Why of all things did i have to get a Soulsand biome with a bunch of Skeleton spawns? Would've preferred one of the forest biomes One of them must've had an enchanted bow with Punch or something with knockback Should've put those two in a chest Well, guess you win some, lose some i suppose Edit: Wait. I also had Obsisdian on me Well, that's going to be annoying to get again
  15. Quite happy to see Pokémon Snap 64 coming myself - probably one of my favorite N64 games, honestly… a bit on the shorter side, but it’s fun and has it’s charm I don’t have it with me, but i did buy it on the Wii Shop channel years ago so have that at least - not sure if i ever beat it though Also there’s a chance i could have, but I honestly don’t remember playing it on the N64 at all - I don’t own a copy, either and I’m not sure if i rented it at some point when i was extremely young.. i don’t remember that far back Comes out the day before my Birthday too so that’s quite a nice surprise Will hold me over for a bit until i buy the new Pokémon Snap game But will be nice to play it again and have access to it on the Switch ______ Wonder when we’ll see a new trailer for future releases? Maybe we’ll see one whenever we get a new Nintendo Direct? I’m pretty sure we have all the titles that were announced in the first N64 Online trailer A few ones that I wouldn’t mind being brought to NSO myself: -Smash 64 - one of my other personal favorites - that would be fun classic to revisit -Pokémon Puzzle League would be nice - Pokémon Stadium games, though I don’t know how the games would handle some content without the expansion pack content and GBC connection or games With Banjo-Kazooie, I’m going to assume Banjo-Tooie is plausible at some point in the future? -N64 Mario Party games DK64 could most likely be on the table, I’d assume Might be unlikely and a less known and obscure pick, but LEGO Racers could be nice to have… at least i think it was on N64? I swore I’ve played it before but that was when i was younger Didn’t play too many N64 games outside some that are already on NSO, so dunno what else beyond those games honestly
  16. So I’ve spent the last couple days trying to get a Librarian in the main village I’m near and with three idiot green coated villagers that refuse to take on a job Turns out the other village has a Librarian with a Mending I book as a trade…. So that was a complete waste of time But i have that trade locked in and can get mending books now so that’s extremely helpful Also, I don’t know the chances of it,but somehow two different Wandering Traders spawned in the Village at the same time I have never seen that before - I don’t know the chances of that happening are Also been trying to do some Disc farming… for some reason the game likes giving me Disc 11…. I have about 5 or 6 of those bloody things now Several creepers blew up on me - not the easiest process Also generated the same world on my Switch last night so can have it on both laptop and Switch - kinda goofed because I accidentally ticked the one for the Wild experimental stuff and things spawned somewhat differently So had to delete and redo that and pretty much found the village again Only thing that’s problematic is that the L button doesn’t work so going to have to play with my Pro Controller
  17. Rewatched a different reaction video and jotted down a full list of things that caught my interest - some are maybes though that i'm not sure on one way or another (especially since i haven't touched Fallout 76 or ESO) I don't think i missed anything But some good stuff overall Looks like Capcom has a thing and there was a Wholesome Direct this year, so will watch those soon-ish at some point Still wondering if Nintendo will do anything this year - about halfway through the month and nothing so far Curious
  18. 10 more days and I’ll be home for my Birthday Woo Going to have to remember to at least pack clothes ahead of time so that’s done in advance Can do everything else morning of since I’ll be picked up around 10 - should be plenty of time to do so
  19. Haven't fished up a Infinity Bow or Enchanted Book, but got lucky with Fishing up a Fortune II Book Have a pretty good Unbreaking III/Luck of the Sea III/Mending I/Lure III Rod so getting some pretty fast Fish Loot now Would be pretty good if i fished up a Mending I Book to put on my mostly damaged Diamond Pickaxe so that can be repaired Also in other news, earlier i spent 5 or 6 times leading an Iron Golem back to the village earlier in the day... i honestly have no idea how they kept getting over the stone wall i put up The next time i saw one outside the Wall, i pretty much gave up doing that - found the drop loot from one, so either one or both died because i can't find the other one that was around I have no idea what the obsession is of wandering about far from the village honestly Might have to make a better wall or something
  20. Just got done with watching a reaction video to Microsoft/Bethesdas conference/showcase A lot of Game Pass stuff though - wonder if I should consider getting a Game Pass…? looking at it, first 3 months for a dollar and $14 per month for Ultimate Pass isn’t too bad A lot of interesting stuff - I’m going to need a full list because I don’t remember most of them aside from Minecraft Legends, Persona, Starfield and Overwatch 2 atm On that note, Starfield is looking pretty amazing- I’ll be getting that at some point Also Xbox is getting Persona 5 Royale in a collection….. and still not on Switch yet Also looks like Overwatch 2 is going Free to play? Might consider jumping into that and try that out - meant to buy and try out the first one, but never got around to that Granted, team based shooters aren’t my forte
  21. Started playing Minecraft again on Laptop a day or so ago Completely new world because at some point I deleted Minecraft and didn’t back up the worlds - I can’t remember what the reason was though Was having issues with Java version and mods at some point so might’ve mixed up the two by accident- didn’t back up the worlds though so have none of my original worlds unfortunately- might have seeds copied down somewhere though Surprisingly i can log in to my account - not sure how it’ll handle online multiplayer- need to try that out Custom character stuff won’t load so I’m pretty much stuck as a default characters Been somewhat rough - but these expanded caves are still pretty crazy and huge Haven’t found any of the new stuff though Been holed up in a Village i found by chance - been doing most other things aside from building a house Found one of those broken Portal things nearby so that’s convenient Took awhile but finished up building a stone wall around the village Haven’t played it or on Switch in awhile so… there’s that Maybe I’ll actually get around to beating the game this time On a partially unrelated note, Mojang has a new Minecraft Legends game coming out next year that’s looking pretty interesting and might be something I’ll get Been meaning to buy Minecraft Dungeons, but still haven’t gotten around to that yet
  22. Saw the trailer for The Plucky Squire That game looks pretty cool - looks pretty promising Think I’ll be getting that when it comes out on Switch
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