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  1. Messed around on the name thing again on a second character slot and for some reason _ is an illegal character but - isn’t But looked like Shadow-118 was available so guess that’ll have to do I’ll pick it up again in the morning- have some research to do because some things I’m still not understanding…
  2. Finally finished downloading Eve Online Still don’t know what I’m doing, honestly But doesn’t seem like it plays well when using a Personal Hotspot though sometimes… Mainly downloaded it because i was interested in that Doctor Who crossover event… granted I’m not sure how early i can tackle that stuff though… And I noticed i put the name SHadow118 and not Shadow118… I don’t know how I noticed that spelling error before… but checking the nane a availability when making a new character i guess it wouldn’t have mattered much? Thinking up names isn’t really my strong suit… most times I default to Shadow118 or Shadow if available Been a bit of a trend/habit since the original Nsider when the original Nintendo forums were still around
  3. Started warming up again yesterday and looks like most if not all snow has melted now from what i can see Also looks like Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is out now for free on Switch so looks like I’ll be downloading and checking that out… going to take awhile to download though Been awhile since we’ve had a good mainline Yu-Gi-Oh! game…. Not sure if it’s considered a mainline or spinoff, but after awhile i found Duel Links a bit tedious and a bit of a headache to keep up with… dropped and uninstalled that after quite awhile Also started a new Skyrim file to get some achievements i think and might’ve missed Decided to check out and go with a Female Khajiit just because they look cool
  4. So I’ve been finding out the difficult way that I’m definitely not prepared for some of these quests/sidequests at the moment - trying to figure out which quests I’m able to do is a bit tricky… been bouncing around on some of these Man, there’s a lot of things to do in the game - haven’t even touched some of this stuff Many of these enemies are a bit stronger than I anticipated… really going to need stronger gear and weapons… And a lot more leveling up so i can increase my health/magic/stamina more Though on the bright side, found a in-game mod that replaces the spider models with Foxes, and that apparently works so I won’t have to worry about mildly being uncomfortable and Also found a mod that enables achievements while using mods - wish i knew about that before i started Granted at some point I’m going to have to replay part of the beginning because i missed out on a few achievements, i think? Also wonder if there’s any more mods i could add that adds more Nature/Creatures in the game… going to have to look around But i finally bought that house in Whiterun so finally have a place to stash a lot of this crap… always have this problem in games like this where i like just taking everything that i can… well, aside from not stealing anything anyway Need to get a lot more gold though… might have to look around on YouTube- I’m sure there’s quite a few money making guides out there considering how old the game is… On that note, reminds me i haven’t played Fallout New Vegas in quite awhile…. I forget where I’m at in that game, though - also bought the DLC on sale at some point so there’s that too - should get back to that at some point Haven’t touched Fallout 4 aside from making sure it ran on my laptop properly - want to focus on one Fallout game at a time…. Maybe I’ll consider getting 76 at some point when it’s on sale, i think I’ve seen it on sale a few times on Steam
  5. Couple nights ago spent about 30-1 hr on a single player server for one of the two TF2 Passtime achievements It’s questionable on whether it was worth doing just for one achievement and a hat But it’s one more achievement down, I suppose so there’s that - the other Passtime achievement is a bit more tricky since it involves multiple players and I’m unaware of any servers running the map for it… Also finally started Skyrim after 2 years (?) when i bought it on sale…. I’n not really sure if some of the mods are even working but some of them seem to work Don’t know how much I’d be able to do anyway - only so much storage available to use and think i might be already low as it is… Won’t be able to do any heavy modding until i get a High end PC at some point
  6. Got my C9 account migrated over Sweet. Looks like everything's there Guess i can uninstall it from Steam now, then… Been a few years since I’ve played this… actually, there’s several mmorpgs I haven’t played in awhile - not sure how many of them might be worth jumping back into nowadays…
  7. Finished re-downloading TF2 and now have Sound again so that’s good Also doesn’t look like i need to reinstall Sprays or Skin mods i have which is nice Also, it looks like C9 is moving from Steam/Webzen to VFUN With a bit of headache I managed to update my Webzen account Apparently it was still tied to my Yahoo E-Mail because i kept trying to use my ProtonMail E-Mail to recover/reset my Password on it… That was a bit annoying… But working on how to figure out how to migrate that stuff over while it’s downloading/installing
  8. So i was fiddling around with and trying to install some skin mods and ended up deleting the sound file and didn't realize that until i jumped into a MVM round out of boredom Oops. So uninstalled and going to reinstall TF2 and i think that'll reinstall the proper sound file and files in general - will be a few days until im'm home for Saturday to re-download it Granted, i'm going to have to reinstall a few other mods and sprays.... but i didn't have much so wouldn't be too difficult to do And looks like the Tickets for MVM are pretty cheap - looks like i'll invest in those at some point and do more of those Mann Up stuff that i really haven't touched much of And played more Helltaker. yesterday.... just makes me realize how bad i am at most puzzle games - ended up using a guide for them because i had no idea what i was doing Also Helltaker Examtaker and Phase 7 Boss Phase 3 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm probably never going to get those last two Achievements any time soon.... I don't get how some people can make this look so easy... i had a struggle even getting past the first 2 phases by some stroke of luck I have all the other Achievements, at least.... might just call it there because i don't think i'll be getting those two any time soon
  9. First Shiny in 7 days since my last one Still no Shiny Female Bun, though…
  10. Was trying to try out some of these Holiday Maps last night, but wow…. i can see why people on YouTube say Valves own TF2 servers have a hacker/Bot problem because bloody hell the few times I jumped into matches were mostly unplayable Seems like Community Servers are bot clear at least… though as far as i can tell, no community servers are running the maps as far as as i can see well, guess I’ll try again this upcoming holiday to try out those Christmas maps… not really sure if I feel like trying to bother again right now On the bright side, i found a server running a v. 1 of Balloon Race… that’s pretty nostalgic even though ive only played the V. 2 map Played on that map quite a bit when the Alphezur servers were still around back in 2012/13 and had the 2.0 map- Might jump on it one of these days for nostalgia
  11. Did some rough estimates and to open up all these crates/cases i'd need roughly about $308.76 in total... assuming i counted and calculated them up That... will not happen any time soon Well, maybe not all at once, at least - might be able to buy a Steam Gift Card and open a small batch of crates/cases here and there Was looking at past crates/cases and man, i missed out on a lot with my time away... that kinda sucks because there's some good items here and there that looked pretty cool in past collections Probably would've had more of those in my inventory if i had played more and probably got more Granted, there was that one period of time my main computer broke and was out of one for several years until i bought that new Laptop in 2018 (at least new at the time) and that put me out of commission for a few years... Missed out on a few updates and collections and didn't get to play any PC games in general for a few years... Though i have my current newer laptop, going to need to get a new PC (a fancy custom one, probably) at some point - my laptop can only store so much so i can't really download too many larger sized games or do any heavy modding for some games i've been interested in (mainly Skyrim and MInecraft, though i've gotten a few smaller Minecraft Mods installed...) Though i did temporarily download and discovered last year and found out i still have my old TERA online account... that's pretty good, at least - going to redownload that when i get a new PC and hopefully start playing that again But getting a new PC is pricey even if it's a custom one... so that's going to be quite awhile before that happens, i assume
  12. A couple nights ago it looked like it snowed a bit and got some snow yesterday Not too much, thankfully at least
  13. Been doing Run Away encounters in Eterna Forest and had both a Fail and Reclaim in the first 3 days
  14. Looks like it’s raining again We’ve been getting a decent amount of that recently… Not complaining though Though it would be more enjoyable if the weather was nicer like in Spring or Summer….
  15. Happy New Year, i guess? Had a bit of a nap in before jumping into AC for the New Years countdown… Almost missed it by a few minutes considering i had to clear out my sd card because I didn’t realize it was full… Was awake for a few hours until about 4 and was playing TF2 for awhile… was trying to work on one of the MVM achievements but I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s bugged… 🤔
  16. Just went through and man, i have a lot of Crates/Cases: Also looks like i actually briefly opened TF2 up in the last couple years... completely forgot about that I guess that shows how long it's been
  17. Was watching a few TF2 videos and decided to reinstall and take a look at it... Probably the first time i opened up TF2 in maybe 4-5 years...? Not really sure, there's a blank gap somewhere since then that i don't remember Also apparently i forgot they added contract mission type of stuff at some point too that i haven't done anything with Unfortunately, a lot of the servers aren't available anymore as they were when i first played.... The earliest i remember first playing TF2 was back in 2012 around when that Doctor Who episode Angels Take Manhattan first aired... if i'm remembering correctly... Wonder if i'll be able to find new servers like some of what i played back then....? Possibly not considering it's been quite a few years since i last played Surprisingly there's a trade map that has Goldenrod City that's still up after all these years - no players last i saw, but it's pretty surprising that's still up after many years Though watching some of these videos kinda makes me want to jump back in to TF2 at some point.... Maybe? Edit Also looks like i have several pages with quite a few Crates & similar items i've obtained over the years.... apparently you can still buy keys for those which is surprising (Aside from the Naughty & Nice Crates from that one year....) No idea how much one would have to spend for all of those....
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