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  1. 5 more days of September left Aside from it being a bit chilly for some of the day, the weather tends to warm up later in the day - Reminds me of Spring, honestly - pretty much the perfect weather to me granted i had to put on a jacket and sweatpants for most of the morning It’s probably going to start getting chiller in the coming weeks… but hopefully it stays nice for awhile before getting colder
  2. Rewatched the direct to refresh my list - I don’t think i missed anything that I didn’t see before So things for me to look forward to: Mario Party Superstars on October 29th Hyrule Warrios Age of Calamity DLC Pack #2 in October (not that i have the game yet - still haven’t made too much progress on the main story in BoTW) Smash Direct on October 5th Kirby and the Forgotten Land for Spring 2022 Animal Crossing Direct in October Metroid Dread on October 8th Nintendo Switch Online + N64/Genesis expansion in October? Wireless Nintendo 64 Controller? Deltarune Chapter 2 available now Super Mario Movie Holiday 2022 - maybe? Too early to tell if it’s going to be good or not… especially with the voice choices for the characters Splatoon 3 in 2022 Bayonetta 3 in 2022 (should get around to buying the first two games first) Nice amount to look forward to, though some aren’t coming out until next year, at least 2022 is looking pretty solid for releases at least
  3. Also looks like we’re getting the original Pokémon Snap alongside Kirby 64 and Paper Mario I haven’t played those since… Well, i bought them on the Wii shop, actually Will be nice to play those again - I don’t think i ever beat those, though… i know i was only missing one Crystal Shard in Kirby 64 somewhere…. and was pretty close to beating Paper Mario since i was in Bowsers Castle…. not sure about Pokémon Snap Wonder if we’ll see more Pokémon 64 games on the service? Would Pokémon Stadium 1 or 2 even work on it? Only wondering since the originals had that one adapter where you could plug in a Pokémon GB/GBC game… so dunno on those two, but I’d really like to play those again… Also don’t think Hey You Pikachu! Would work without a Mic… so I’m not sure if we’ll see that game on NSO Also hope we’ll see Smash 64 brought over - that would be fun to play again Also noticed that Sonic 2 is going to be available - i thought they would have Sonic 1 available before 2, unless i missed it Also reminds me I’m not sure how many days are left on my current Subscription- going to have to check that… though i admit I haven’t played online too much for awhile now…
  4. Tbh, i didn’t noticed Banjo-Kazooie pop up either Hopefully we’ll see Banjo-Tooie at some point too Been wanting to play those, but haven’t been able to Unless i have played the first one before…. I have this weird feeling i might have, but it’s been ages since the N64 days - maybe from a rental game? I don’t really remember, honestly…. but will be nice to play them, though But if we’re getting both on NSO, part of me doubts we’ll see a HD remaster of the two games any time soon
  5. Bayonetta 3. Hell yeah. This new game’s looking pretty good too - Bayo’s rockin’ a nice new hairstyle too that looks pretty Still haven’t gotten around to buying the first 2…. Going to have to get around to that at some point
  6. Posting was a bit glitchy and accidentally double posted
  7. Oh hey - we’re getting Deltarune Ch 2 on Switch today Woo Granted there’s one small thing i need to do in Ch 1…. also missed most of the reel - going to have to rewatch that and see if anything of interest Also Mario movie in Holiday 2022 - wonder when we’ll see footage Especially with the Voice Actor choices _______ Hey, more Splatoon 3 stuff - the Story mode stuff looks interesting and Wild going by the visuals and environments Looks like the Squid Sisters and the Captain is back- And Octatians. But Mammalians? Wonder what that’s about….
  8. Triangle Strategy - eh. Tried out the demo, but couldn’t get into it - so I’ll pass on this one More on Dread - that’s a game to look forward to NSO update - N64 games. Nice - With both local and online - nice. So at least we’re getting more content for NSO…. Hopefully we get more than 3-4 games per month, though…. Also Sega Genesis - nice. But a new plan? Not sure how to feel about that - hopefully it won’t be too much more expensive….
  9. Last Smash character direct in October - not too far away - willbe lookiing forward to it New Kirby game! 🥰 An open world one to boot - this looks pretty nice so far - coming out in Spring too Looks like the Needle ability is returning too - always liked that one in one of the GBA games… An Animal Crossing Direct in October and Rooster - finally nice to see an update after a while
  10. Still looking forward to Mario Party Superstars that’s coming out - most likely going to be the best one we’ve gotten in a long while Way longer for me considering the only one I’ve bought and played was 5 on the GCN o hey - more Hyrule Warriors DLC…. I’ll get that game…. At some point
  11. That somewhat reminds me that i've missed out on quite a few 3DS games during it's lifespan over the years..... and that i haven't gotten back to the ones that i have on me in quite awhile Not fully sure on which ones, though aside from a small handful - difficult to find all the good games amongst all the trash and shovelware on it, tbh Also wonder if there will be any other 3DS games brought over to the Switch like Miitopia did ....... Not that i can play mine at the moment considering i forgot my charger cord at my parents house..... i'll get a new 3DS XL..... At some point
  12. We’ve been getting some pretty nice weather the past week so far I’ve been enjoying it, at least Looking forward to Fall when that comes around
  13. I did not get any sleep last night. At all. Tried to get a nap in this morning, but no luck Mildly annoying
  14. 1 A.M. and close to 2 - tired but not asleep yet Didn’t realize it was this late…. Not sleeping till 12 A.M. and dozing off after Breakfast until 12 yesterday completely threw me off ….. Though I suppose that’s not unusual - don’t recall the last time I’ve ever had a normal sleep schedule… that would be nice to to have. 🙄
  15. Recently been getting back into a few of my Switch games:
  16. Found some Dunkaroos w/ chocolate Frosting at Casey’s yesterday Didn’t know those were already out, honestly- though they use a different frosting, still pretty good Also since I finally got to download LEGO Jurassic World yesterday ended up playing through the first two films (Jurassic Park/ Lost World) today Just leaves III and World to play through at some point Though think I’ll take a break from playing through the main story and do the free world/free play stuff and unlock more things Don’t want to end up playing through the whole game in one sitting…. granted I have several other LEGO games that I’ve been bouncing between here and there… Though one little critique, although there was nothing wrong with the levels themselves, the audio voice lines seemed a bit… odd and out of place considering i think they were ripped straight from the movie Wish they had taken the time to clean up the audio to fit in better… if that makes any sense because I have no idea what im yammering about fully The voice lines from Lost World sounded fine, at least
  17. Just crossing my mind, but i wonder how well the Steam Deck will handle online MMORPGs? Been wanting to try and get back into some of them, but don’t recall if i have enough space for most of them Not sure how many of them have Controller support either… Hm…..
  18. Only 5 more days and we’ll be done with Summer Looking forward to cooler weather,Fall, Pumpkin flavored almost everything…. not too long until Summers over - yay Also over the weekend i blazed through most of the main game of Minecraft Dungeons during the free trial - didn’t realize the main campaign was short unless I’m missing something- dod find a couple of hidden quests that i took care of It’s not exactly…. Well, easy and probably would be easier with multiple players But looks like I’ll be getting the Collector’s Edition with the Game and all the DLC at some point
  19. personal hotspot using my phone - pretty much my only way of accessing the Internet right now Getting an Internet/Wi-Fi setup isn’t exactly a possibility right now and for won’t be for quite awhile Quite annoying, though
  20. Minecraft Dungeons trial finally finished downloading after about 2 1/2 days Took it long enough But won’t be able to play until 12 pm - so way ahead of schedule, so that’s good at least
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