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  1. Recently been trying to organize my Pokémon Home boxes in the Switch app Why’s it so difficult to find good high quality Pokédex images? …… Granted, i have been sending quite a lot of Pokémon over from Go…. So that has something to do with it Would be helpful if it showed the Pokédex number in the info tab with the other information….. edit: now thinking about it, an auto sort feature/option would work too
  2. New Community Day to look forward to Looking forward to getting some Shiny Shinx myself Wonder if they’re going to do Community Days for the Kalos starters after the new Year? Some new stuff and events coming Curious what the Festival of Lights and Dia de Meurtos will be Also a special event for BDSP to look forward too
  3. 58°/48° out currently Way too cold and chilly for my tastes 🥶 Definitely will be waiting inside for the bus instead of outside Good thing i have mostly warm clothes on…. Aside from Shoes since I’m wearing sandals…. I thought it would warm up like the past few days, honestly Might have to start wearing shoes, soon if it continues being this cold out in the coming weeks….
  4. Didn’t get to sleep until somewhere between 12 A.M. and 2 A.M. - still somewhat tired 🥱 Definitely could’ve used more sleep last night if I wasn’t kept awake for longer than usual….. I’d go back to sleep if i could, honestly…….
  5. Went over to someone elses Island and sold my Turnips for about 2,060,320 Bells - now i'll be able to buy a lot more turnips next Sunday... Assuming the price is under 100 bells Also did another round of Pumpkin gift giving and got Fauna's Photo - now the second one i've gotten Now i can work on swapping her out and getting someone new in
  6. Came across and downloaded the ACNH.Guide App to my phone last night Been working on adding my catalog to it… it’s a slow process It’s quite nice, actually - a lot more smooth and easier to use than the other app i had been using months before…. That other one was a bit…. buggy and annoying to use Looks like there’s a lot of things i have… and a lot more things I’m missing than i thought previously… granted, i put it down for several months, and played infrequently for awhile so might not be a surprise to that Also bought 3,260 Turnips this morning- was around 100 bells for a stack…. didn’t think about re-rolling the price until afterwards and by then it already auto-saved by that point so whoops 😬 … going to have to keep an eye on others buying price and that one stalk market subreddit - So hopefully this ends up being worth me buying them and spending over 350,000 on them
  7. Recently i started adding only one entry to a wishlist on myfigurecollection and deleting the others I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place….. I have so. many. lists. I’ve only condensed and deleted 1 of 11 of various Anime figures so far… and that’s only the tip of the iceberg considering i have other stuff like Videogame, cartoon, some other misc stuff…. Going through and condensing these is going to take awhile and be extremely annoying to do….
  8. Oooh The Wild update That sounds cool - Those Ancient Cities look creepy ________ Ooh a overhaul to environments and the swamp biome Looks like we’re getting that Boat with the Chest in it And a new Mangrove Tree - that looks pretty cool And a new Wood type for items - that will be fun to mess around with… wonder what other type of woods will pair well with it? Getting Mud along with Mud Bricks - those look cool The swamps getting a new frog mob - those look pretty adorable… and a bit derpy too 😄 Also Fireflies - that makes thw swamp look quite pretty And Tadpoles too - grow up and different Frogs depending on the biome it grows in No idea when that update is expected to come out, but I’m looking forward to it Also looks like the Allay won the mob vote this year 🏆 - coming out with the wild update next year I voted for it both times myself Long ways away, but I’m looking forward to it ….. I was a bit behind considering i had to swap devices for lunch But some pretty cool stuff coming to Minecraft
  9. Lots of new stuff coming to Minecraft Dungeons Still need to pick up the Ultimate Edition off the Eshop - pretty much has the Game packaged with all the DLC that’s out, so pretty much the best option Will be a little over $40, but it’s not too bad of a price Only played it solo - probably would be better with multiple people…. Especially on harder levels
  10. Yesterday i started cleaning up my AC Island a bit Sold a bunch of items,Stored/Displayed a bunch of stuff in my second house…. Learned whatever D.I.Y recipes i could to my second character that I could to clear those up Went through most of my fossils and found a few complete sets which is pretty nice Need to work on getting more upgrades on my second house done - really going to need the storage Fixed and extended some path, though i had to rework two of my Pumpkin Patches - though one of them is a bit smaller now… did add a third larger Patch to make up for it - i get a decent amount of bell from selling large amounts of those, so should be useful So my island isn’t looking as bad as before- still a bit messy, but better somewhat The upcoming update and paid DLC will probably get me back into New Horizons more now considering i put it down for quite awhile due to burnout on the game Though I’m going to need a lot of bells…. So many payments i need to take care of
  11. I saw some of the Sleek series in one part of the direct while watching other videos Woo So we have those back, at least… Also that computer furniture with those multi-monitors looks pretty cool
  12. Got done watching the Direct Really looking forward to the Content coming out - really packed with Content in this update Wish we would get a way to make those Mini Dinosaur models again though I’ve been done with the Fossil part of the museum for awhile and have crapload of Dinosaur Fossils parts littering in front of the Museum that I don’t know what to do with Not sure why that hasn’t been a thing since day 1, honestly - hopefully that comes at some point…
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