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  1. Though my mom couldn’t get my own card loaded, my mom ended up using her card for the purchases and i was able to at least snag a few games from the Switch Eshop that were on sale: Sonic Mania + Encore DLC LEGO Harry Potter Collection Spyro Reignited Trilogy LEGO DC Supervillains (+ Season Pass bundle) Cat Quest Shante Half Genie Hero And supposably Pokémon Shield was bought, but I don’t see that appearing in to download or any confirmation e-mails from Nintendo, so not sure what’s going on with that one Downloading these will take awhile... Granted not enough for Night In the Woods or LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 + Season Pass Bundle, but im satisfied with this set of games in the end Could always keep an eye out for sales or buy them later anyway
  2. Beat Undertale Pacifist Route (+ both boss routes),100%’d World of Light last week, been working on Classic mode routes and up to starting the Smash 4 roster now.... Recently picked Splatoon 2 back up last few days and think I've gotten the rest of the collectibles and upgraded the last few reasons in the main campaign and been clearing out stages with the rest of the weapons for.... some reason... other than getting tickets, I don’t think it serves any other purpose, so... And just finished up the Elite 4 in Moon tonight and will get into post game later So seems like im on a roll with beating/working on games the past week... No idea how long that streak will last, though...
  3. Been doing a lot of cookie baking today Working on the second batch currently... One batch with chocolate chips and another one with chocolate chips,mint chips and M&Ms 🥰 Doing all this baking and cooking feels so good https://imgur.com/a/eAr8FJY
  4. Well that was an empty handed trip No Breath of the Wild/Super Mario Odyssey in stock at Target or Pokéball + at Best Buy Guess i can get some stuff off the Eshop... or something, i guess
  5. I’ve been busy baking and prepping things yesterday and today: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/30-minute-dinner-rolls-recipe/ https://www.eatingonadime.com/instant-pot-twice-baked-potatoes-casserole-recipe/ https://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/brown-butter-pumpkin-chocolate-chunk-bars/ https://therecipecritic.com/peach-crisp/ The bars came out pretty good, even though I didn’t use the right type of flour The pre-made Instant Pot Potato Casserole came out pretty well, which is pretty good considering I’ve never used an Instant Pot before The rolls turned out quite fantastic for someone who never made them before Dinner was pretty good - im stuffed and tired... Just have some cookie side baking to do... After picking up some more Shortening, firsr https://imgur.com/a/dPrBsNa
  6. The 3 Nendoroids and Figma i was interested in went out of stock That’s.. somewhat disappointing Not sure if i should wait for them to go back into stock or just get something else Granted, not sure if they’ll actually go back into stock before the sales over, tbh... ..... Well, guess i could always get a few Eshop gift cards or put it into my card and get Pokémon Sheild...? Hm...
  7. Finished Undertale Pacifist route (both end boss routes + extra boss) Looks like i can move onto Deltarune: Chapter 1 First game ive beaten in awhile, actually.....
  8. Only a couple days left until i go home for the rest of the week - looking forward to the 4 day break Have a lot of baking and cooking to do Inquired today and should be able to get a check and be able to get a couple of games from Target, that Pokéball Controller from Best Buy and should be able to get the 3 Nendoroids and Figma from Goodsmiles online shop that are on sale currently
  9. Recently cleared out the Mystery Dimension and the Sacred Realm and up to Darkon Though I didn’t look at the Boss fight or anything after, though i knew who i was missing, i looked up a video for character locations on YouTube and saw in a comment that the last 4 are after that battle Considering how big both maps are, it could be plausibly easy for me to overlook something pretty sure ive cleared out all the spirits in all areas, but im not 100% sure
  10. For the past week I’ve played through and just finished the Jumbo Demo for Dragon Quest Builders 2 pretty much was pulled into it and actually like it... granted building and planning isn’t my strong suit... so my layout isn’t great looking But $80 for the the Bundle is a bit pricey... could be awhile before i get it Though part of me wonders if I should still get DQB1 first... not sure how much incentive is to do so, tbh
  11. Since the end of last week ive been going through and bookmarking recipes from Facebook posts... and more recently copying recipe links and clearing out things from Cook’n as an organization and downsizing project.... why do i have so. Many. Damned. Recipes? I don’t even know if im wver going to make the majority of these... bloody hell this has been taking awhile
  12. It was snowing almost all day today... ended up getting a bit heavy and windy, too... I bloody hate the cold... really should look into getting a new pair of snowboots and possibly a scarf... though I don’t usually wear them that often... Also so bloody tired and out of it today... only got 2 or 3 hours of sleep last night... Not sure why, but my mind was just completely awake last night....
  13. Seems like Black Friday ads have been rolling out recently Though tempting, I can’t say I’ve seen any deals for digital titles yet though...
  14. Though not much is on the ground, it was snowing the majority of the day yesterday I fucking hate cold weather... Can just we skip winter and jump to Spring?
  15. The more I’ve been looking at the Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop from researching it, the more im liking it i don’t know if it’s the best choice, but it’s high up there Bloody expensive, though...