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  1. Dinner turned our pretty good this evening Especially the rolls - was somewhat nervous about them considering I wasn’t sure if i had the right temperature 3 times abd kept fiddling around with the water... But they turned out pretty good - nice and buttery, too... But i've been tired and was stuffed earlier Quite nice to be able to get back into the ki
  2. So looks like i'll have to leave the Peach Pie for tomorrow morning Not sure if i can manage doing that considering how late it is Also have Rolls to work on back to back with the Pie too...
  3. Been working on the Pumpkin Pies this morning - didn’t take too long to put together considering how many times I’ve made them before ... With some occasional supervision by one of our cats 😆
  4. Home for Thanksgiving week - feels quite nice Going to be doing some cooking and baking, so that’s going to be nice to do again after who knows how long.... Going to be tackling the Pumpkin Pies and Apple Pie ahead of time tomorrow Also added onto an order and got a 16”inch Pizza with Extra Pepperoni/Bacon/Pineapple and a light amount of Asiago Parmesan and Tomato with some Cheesy Breadsticks and Cinnamon sugar Breadstick things for dinner earlier in the evening Was pretty good - still have some for leftovers for tomorrow thankfully ___
  5. Been playing Minecraft again a bit recently - been testing some things out, mostly... Though i've noticed (and from testing throughout multiple seeds) that Desert Temple chests have absolutely no loot in them and most villager chests aside from the Blacksmith's have nothing in them I'm... not sure if that's a 1.15 bug or a conflict with another mod preventing loot from spawning in chests... it's difficult to pinpoint that exactly Also, more Black Friday deals have been popping up, it seems - though im not sure how many of them are for digital games specifica
  6. The weather we've been getting the past week has been quite nice and cool for the most part - been enjoying having the window open for that fresh air Also finally got around to starting Slime Rancher a day or so ago that i got for free a few years ago - my test run was doing alright until things went into complete chaos - think i was going too fast too quickly Thankfully started over from scratch and it's been going a lot smoother for the most part - still figuring some things out here and there, though It seems like it's one of those games that's mostly chi
  7. https://spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com/crockpot-mac-and-cheese/ Haven't been able to try it myself yet, but this slow cooker recipe caught my interest at some point ago - i think it looks pretty good, at least Aside from that, i love to add Smoked Kielbasa in depending on if i actually have it on hand - i think it's a pretty good addition anyway - only used the regular stuff, though, Also alternatively, an varied mix/combination of cooked Hamburger + Corn + Bacon and occasionally Chopped Tomato (fresh preferably, but Canned works if you have that on hand) mixed
  8. Managed to get a Type:Null off the GTS by random luck today So now I have a 100% Alola Dex in Ultra Moon and now have the shiny charm Well, 100% aside from the 3 extra mythical Pokémon, even though they technically don’t count towards the 100% completion Just leaves the remaining Rainbow Rocket postgame Also yesterday finally figured out what i needed to do and installed and made the jump to forge 1.15.2 for Minceaft 1.15.2 Though not all of the previous mods have 1.15 versions, unfortunately - but I’ve found some new mods here and there
  9. So apparently I forgot i sent over some Pokémon to Moon or Ultra Moonfrom the Bank that i had from Kalos to fill out the Pokédex..... That I completely forgot about. So reorganizing those took a bit of time... Though while im at it, might as well organize my Alolan Pokémon while im at it - that will take some time
  10. Think im done with organizing everything in Bank Looks like i only have 92 days left - so going to have to renew that next month or so Now to continue going through looking for any Hidden Abilities and foreign Pokemon in my boxes....
  11. So spent some time transferring both my Hidden ability and most of my shinies over from X to Ultra Moon - don't think i'll be transferring further to Shield since i don't know how many of them are even available Didn't take too long, though - might end up having to tweak and move things around if i find any more HAs in the Pokebank Had to look at Imgur to reorganize them to how i had them organized when i transferred some of them over to fill out the Pokedex Though looking at some of them, it might be problematic if i ever decide to try breeding for shinies
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