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  1. Reminds me I really haven’t caught up with Anime as of late... or added anything new to my to watch list on Crunchyroll or myanimelist... been a bit busy lately....
  2. Ended up going ahead and purchased Ultimate and used my Gold Coins to purchase Piranha Plant Downloading will take a few days though...
  3. So far ended up with Undertale, Smash Ultimate and used gold coins for purchasing Pirahna Plat Have $12.13 left currently Could consider Nekopara Vol. 1 or Cattails with both on sale Or could save it I dunno
  4. Picked up a $35 and $50 Eshop gift cards along with some food and snacks Just bought Undertale, not fully sure what to do with the rest If I buy any 59.99 game, I’ll be left with $12.13... And if one of those games happens to have Online, I’d need Nintendo Switch Online (which $20 for a year isn’t a bad deal...) which wouldn’t be enough leftover Though if i go ahead and buy NSO, I’d be able to play a couple of games online and have access to NES channel I suppose I could get a NSO card ordered... should have plenty of cash left to spare to do so Though I don’t know how well online will be on a hotspot connection... What to do... Probably should’ve gone a bit higher with the amount I bought
  5. Ah, right - forgot about that Just wasn’t sure if someone had a vague idea on it Though, if I’m correct in estimataing, looks like the Bundle and Piranha Plant comes out to 95.59 I suppose that’s not too bad - thought it would be higher, actually....
  6. Does anyone happen to know the total amount for purchasing both the Smash/Fighters Pass Bundle and Piranha Plant? Been trying to figure it out, but I’m not sure if the tax is already included in the total amount or if it’s additional... Think it’s at least somewhere over $100, but I’m not sure what the exact amount is Not 100% sure if I’ll buy it just yet, just wanted to consider some options with the amount I have
  7. Shadow118

    Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Discussion Thread

    Ended up playing the demo recently- though it’s only Viridian Forest, but Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu isn’t too bad from what I played of it Although I didn’t mess with the motion control too much just yet, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of the button layout, and being able to use one Joy-con for controls is quite nice hopefully that control option is available in the next mainline game, it’s quite fitting Personally, I still would’ve preferred a RBY remake without the Go aspect, but doesn’t seem too bad, really... (granted I played in Handheld mode with the Joy-con attached, so that probably helped Though I mentioned it before, but I definitely love how Pokémon are in the overworld even more It makes the environments feel way more alive than in previous games (and I really don’t mind Wild Battles being scrapped - hopefully that feature is brought over in the mainline game) Really like the updated graphics and music though - quite an upgrade than the original graphics Will definitely be downloading Eevee at some point - and buying the Pokéball accessory too, on that note...
  8. Shadow118

    Super Mario Maker 2 / June 2019

    If that stuff still is in the game, it’s possible that they’re either waiting for another Direct or E3 to show more features and additions off - it was said that more things were being worked on Hm... makes me wonder, if they decide to bring back and do another World Championship at E3 this year, Wonder if Mario Maker 2 would make an appearance in it like the first game....? Though I suppose that’s WAY to early to speculate on thier E3 plans... though I suppose it’s an interesting/curious thought at least...?
  9. Shadow118

    Super Mario Maker 2 / June 2019

    Although I don’t think Nintendo stated it yet or not, but I’m assuming this game will also have continued Amiibo support? Id be somewhat surprised if it didn’t... Wonder if we’ll see any new ones tied to the newer Smash Amiibo (or any newer ones in general)? Granted I don’t currently have any Amiibo, so I’m not sure if that matters to me or not currently
  10. Though late, just some mild thoughts on the things that interested me or peaked my curiosity Slightly lengthy, so in spoiler