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  1. Also finally got my game updated and caught my first batch of Gen 4 Pokes got the medal out of it, too... By random coincidence, ended up catching all 3 starters to... can’t say ive done that with the previous 3 generations
  2. Im not sure if either have been implemented or available yet? I haven’t seen either mentioned by anyone in the Community, at least...
  3. Shadow118

    How are all of your Switches doing a year later?

    Still holding up pretty well Could use more online multiplayer games (and more games in general) and a subscription to the online service, though... My wishlist on the Backloggery is getting quite large, really should slowly work on that.... Hopefully some stores will have sales/discounts on games/Eshop cards on either Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Christmas... that may help in the long run
  4. Yesterday I caught a squad of Ganstachu The last small amount helped me get the last 9 I needed for the Gold Electric badge, so that’s another one down Also added Grumpig to my Dex too...
  5. Shadow118

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Guacamelee! STCE made the jump to Switch too now? That’s pretty sweet...
  6. Shadow118

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Well, things are going to get rough and busy in the coming months/next year.... (In spoiler since it’s mildly lengthy) Think im mostly packed.... aside from tech, meds, towels, and toothbrush/toothpaste....?
  7. Shadow118

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Oh, Art of Balance is now released on Switch too? Thats quite a nice surprise Will pick it up at some point... but for now, going on my Wishlist for the time being
  8. Shadow118

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    Huh... This is quite a curious development - hopefully they can pull off a comeback in some way going to be keeping an eye out for future news on this - quite interesting Though I’m not sure what they would have to do for that, though...
  9. Shadow118

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    To update, on top of New Leaf and Tomodachi Life, in total it would take up 76,844 blocks on a SD card for all those digital games I have no idea if all of that would fit on a 32GB... could go for something way bigger, but id need to format the card to FAT32 using guiformat, or so I’ve heard on Reddit Sounds like the 3DS accepts any size as long it's formatted to FAT32, it seems
  10. Shadow118

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    It seems like we’re 67 days away from release... Days are slowly going going by... Well, it’s the estimate from what I came down to, anyway... Though, I wonder when we’ll next see any new info....? (Either from a regular Nintendo direct or full Smash direct) Very curios thought Hm...
  11. Shadow118

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    So looks like if I do go the download route for the 3 Pokémon 3DS games, I’d need about 67,698 blocks of space on a SD card (including patch downloads) (Alpha Sapphire,Moon,Ultra Moon specifically...) Even on top of Tomodachi Life and New Leaf, no idea if a 32 GB would be enough for those or not... not really sure how much space that would take up on a 32 GB in total offhand... Granted i don’t currently have a 32 GB SD card yet, but still... _________ In other news, I completely forgot Scorpions were in New Leaf until a couple days ago... we, well, the season, to reiterate Those are complete twats - the few I came across (well,3-4, but still...) despawned before I could get my net out, aside that one time I got stung on an attempt... Well, unfortunately it looks like I’ll be waiting until next season for it, which will be quite awhile... Well, at least Jacks going to be back in town for Halloween, with the Spooky furniture set, so that’s something to work on, at least....
  12. Shadow118

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Oh, Child of Light Ultimate Edition is coming to Switch this month...? Pthat’s pretty cool $20 isn’t too bad either... that’s a quite a nice addition to the Switch library, too actually... one less game to worry about buying on Steam, too which is nice
  13. I don’t have either evolutions so this will be beneficial Also will most likely be able to finish off and get the Gold Steel type badge...
  14. Shadow118

    Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    True, slightly odd but I have difficulty telling - everything looks fine offhand, doesn’t have any illegal/illegitimate moves,Ability, or anything else that I can tell Is Deoxys still shiny locked, or is it available as Shiny from Alpha Sapphire/Moon and on? I’m not exactly too knowledgeable on that stuff ive heard about that at some point, but never encountered it myself until now Granted I’m not sure if it’s a re-trade or directly from the original OT, though.... Well, that’s good that it at least it won’t harm my game.....? Hm... although to keep it, or not...? Not sure right now whether if I’ll do anything with it or not just yet - it’s nice, but I doubt I’ll use it