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  1. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Vostok Inc is a nice little game.... Though it does seem to have some bullet hell shooter-like elements to it, which isn’t exactly my forte or a type of game I’m good at, but.... Looks like it’s another one to add to the Eshop wishlist either way Also on that note, finally got my other Notepad-ed Eshop wishlists organized and synced up Though I’m not entirely sure of all of them, there’s a decent amount that catches my interest
  2. Looks like that run ended yesterday- damn I’m surprised it lasted that long, actually.... Ah, well - that’s expected to happen
  3. If I recall correctly, recently Runbow got a April 24th release date so I wonder if that’s going to be briefly mentioned I doubt they’ll spend too much time on it unless the developers added some new things they haven’t told us about yet Alsp I don’t know how many new games will be revealed, but for awhile I’ve been thinking that Don’t Stave Together (including any expansions/DLC) would be a nice addition to the Switch library Could work with some button tweaks.... Though is that game considered Indie? I honestly have no idea Also Aquarius would be another nice game to have
  4. 8 hours in and still going strong at this time Since then it looks like a Jolteon and Snorlax was added - nice Though now I notice, currently this one has all three Gen 1 Eeveelutions - that’s neat
  5. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    As of now we’ve been getting a nice dose of heavy rain and had some occasional thunder Quite Nice
  6. This is quite nice Though I heard that the new contents also coming to the digital version, soo.... Might end up with that one regardless either way Though the bonus items are quite nice though....
  7. Took a long walk earlier today - the weather wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t too bad either Been awhile since ive done a full dot walk (considering it’s been bloody freezing and cold and whatnot) Not too many noteable events, though I did take down a local gym single handedly (again) with medium difficulty... considered attempting taking down the other Gym at the church close by but decided the one at the Chatham War Memorial took enough of my time so I decided not to Though it looks like another Mystic member took it down and took it over as of now- no idea how many Pokémon have been put in to defend though Just checked in and it’s still under Mystic control - Kadabras been there for almost 4 hours and 30 minutes as of now, so....no idea how long that’ll last (Though Kadabra lasted 8 hours at the Acts of Intolerance Gym,so... I really have no idea where im going with this, actually) Though I noticed unexpectedly got some reinforcements too which is quite a nice surprise (though not unexpected) - hopefully that’ll last Still nice support though
  8. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Ohey - We're getting a physical set for Sonic Mania with some bonus goodies Looks pretty sweet... though i've also heard the new in-game content is also coming to the digital version, so.... might end up with that one anyway reguardless Though the Holo package,Reversible cover and artbook look pretty sweet - and looks like Ray and Mighty are returning after who knows how long Granted both are either too early or possibly before my time so i can't say im too familiar with those two It's a nice surprise though either way
  9. I know i said i was going to do this yesterday, but i was tired and extremely low on energy so i didn't bother with it Also noticed i got a decent amount of captures in one day - the first being the 283 Aipom and the last being Cp 10 Swablu... i don't remember the order beyond that off the top of my head though Pokemon Go - Springfield I don't recall the specific order as i got things, so.... it's whatever order i thought worked best... i think i remembered everything Figured it would be easiest to put it into an Album than copy + pasting each image link... hopefully it works properly
  10. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Ugh... after who knows how long i finally got finished with going through those Memos ...Though onn the other hand i now have to watch the stuff on my watch list and two sub-watch lists Bloody hell
  11. Took a slight advantage of a small advantage of a small amount of Pokéstops while waiting for an appointment Didn’t stray too far though - not entirely familiar with the downtown area honestly Did get some milestone achievements though and some additional (and slightly minimal new) catches, so that’s useful at lea Wish someone would make winter gloves that are compatible with phone screens/Screen Protectors, would be extremely useful As far as I know, there aren’t any as far as I can see As I’m not sure how many pics I can upload through Ninfora itself, I’ll have to upload pictures later through Imgur
  12. Also not the best pictures that I have on hand but I remembered that Southwind Park looks like it has a nice handful of Pokéstops/Gyms too Wouldn’t mind taking advantage of that either Though I wouldn’t be able to walk all the way there it doesn’t seem to far from where I live I think edit: going by my map app on my Phone, about 11-15 minutes so not too far off
  13. On another thought, Although it could be obvious, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get more Smash Amiibo in the future On a separate note, I somewhat remembered that I still have the copy for Bowser’s Inside Story for the DS.... I have no idea if I actually finished that (actually I haven’t had any motivation to replay the majority of the GBA SuperStar Saga either...) I think Partners In Time is the only M&L game in the series I’ve actually finished (albeit not 100%) I seem to be extremely horrible at actually finishing games it seems - I seem to procrastinate too much.... I suppose it doesn’t matter either way since I can’t do anything on the 3DS front since I still haven’t gotten around to sorting out my broken XL, so.....
  14. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Apparently there was some Live Action/CGI Woody Woodpecker Movie last year? Wonder if it's any good? Looks like Netflix also added the first Captain Underpants Movie - that's another one to watch at some point
  15. Ended up going back through on rewatch just to make sure I didn’t forget anything Pretty much the only things that caught my interest - I think I jotted dates correctly 3DS: WarioWare Gold - August 3rd Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey - 2019 Detective Pikachu -March 23rd Luigi’s Mansion 3DS - this year Switch: Okami HD? - Summer (not entirely sure though) Octopath Traveler - July 13th Mario Tennis Aces - 6/22 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - July 13th Undertale - eventually Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition - May 18th Splatoon 2 - Update 3.0 / October Expansion - Summer 2018 Super Smash Bros. - 2018 Also a late thought, but if Smash is coming out this year, I wonder if it’s likely we’ll either see anything at E3 or another Smash-specific direct? Also I wonder if it’s possible that it might be released around the same time as they roll the paid Online services...? Probably too early to tell though - E3 is 3 months away, so who knows