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  1. Ordered my first figure from Amazon this morning Should arrive at my parents house on the 30th, unless it arrives sooner
  2. The weather has been pretty nice and cool out this evening and tonight With Fall coming around, hopefully it’s going to be cooling down soon... Night Sky is pretty clear too - I can’t tell how many stars are out tonight, though... Update: Starting to get a bit chilly out... should’ve brought a jacket and my battery pack - 6% battery on my phone left... though it was pretty low last I checked, so not sure how much that would’ve helped...
  3. Encountered and caught Shiny Sneasel this morning by my surprise Bloody heck this one was difficult to catch - i thought it was going to run away for a moment, but got lucky it seems....
  4. So far once again it’s 2 a.m and I still haven’t gotten any sleep yet Fucking Insomnia...
  5. Though I hadn’t gone out, somehow I managed to get two Shiny Ralts and have both Shiny Gallade & Gardevoir And somehow by some random luck I managed to encounter and catch a Shiny Koffing and Swablu in one day yesterday Pretty nice luck, id think... https://imgur.com/a/iFIR01a
  6. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L5LPSQT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_9NWnDbM027DRG bought these off Amazon on the 21st and arriving sometime today - originally was going to be delivered on August 1st/2nd, but looks like that was bumped up Also in the last week or two i bought Ninjin: Clash Of Carrots off the Eshop since it was on sale - had just enough for it, too...
  7. After some fiddling around yesterday evening after breaking forge i have things sorted out with the needed version of Forge reinstalled required for several mods Well, finally got the base Lucky Blocks, Portal Guns, and Gravity Gun mods to work and added Granted when testing there’s a decent amount of lag and stuttering when there’s a large amount of entities on screen at once.... I miiiiiiight be pushing it a little with this would definitely need a higher end laptop or computer to handle things smoothly and flawlessly
  8. .. Im never going to get any fucking sleep tonight, am i? Edit: yep, got little to no sleep bloody hell im exhausted and tired....
  9. Looking and and doing more mild research it still seems that the Sony XM3s still seem to be my best bet for over ear headphones i think Not sure about wired/wireless in ear earbuds though... Still looking around on that
  10. Finally starting to get tired..... 😴 Dealing with Insomnia and being a Night Owl is great, isn’t it? /s It’s Sunday at least, so nothing important to worry about
  11. Aside from a couple of screws off, nice to have working Joy-Cons again Hopefully I Won’t have to replace either of them for a long while... Especially with that stuck screw on the left Joy-Con....
  12. Hm.... so far the Cyberpower Tracer III series of laptops look and sound pretty appealing - Especially with the RGB keyboard Bit on the expensive side though considering they’re between $1,000-$2,000 Doubt id go for and spend THAT much, but one of the ones under $2,000 might be more considerable i think Not that i have a clue on what i have in my bank account or what id be able to put off to the side.... Will have to look into reviews for them and do more research on them But might be up higher on the list of contenders of what i might get if it’s on the higher end
  13. Yeah, looks like I’ll have to look into getting a high end laptop- things on Minecraft kinda lagging and slowly loading chunks... Doubt ill get anything until Black Friday/Cyber Monday though - not really sure what to look into getting though... not that i have a clue on what id be able to spare from my bank account... not that i have a clue on how much I have in there though plus there’s a weird screen bobbing with the morph mod - only happens when morphed though, fine with the regular player model Will have to look into that... a bit odd
  14. Attempted to breed Phantump + Eggxecute but all i was getting was Phantump, so doesn’t seem possible as far as im aware so looks like I’ll need to get my hands on an HA Eggxecute then