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  1. Images of the Pearl and Marina figmas were released recently Though just Prototypes, both are looking pretty nice so far - the final versions with color will look even better Granted, when they were teased/announced first, i thought they would’ve made the Squid Sisters first... well, hopefully they’ll get made at some point Still looking forward to these Just wish i could afford these type of figures...
  2. Recently realized that the Steam Summer sale has been going on until the 9th... some new games would be nice, though i did find a few free games I downloaded I do still have $5.07 on my card but I don’t know how far that will get me... So getting my hands on a steam wallet card might be unlikely- Might not be able to do much until the Fall/Winter sale... I suppose that’s not a huge deal, i guess And been thinking i could finally get around to buying a USB Game controller sometime.. a lot of these games would play better with a controller than keyboard controls... Was originally planning on getting a PC-Gamecube Adapter, but those take up two USB ports and slightly bulky... So thinking that getting a USB Game Controller is a better option... just not sure which one - need to look into that .... Also should go through the games on my wishlist and see if there’s anything to clear out....
  3. Been fiddling around the past few days looking around and remembering/refiguring out how to install mods for Minecraft Still trying to figure out how to download/install Forge for either 1.14/1.15 or 1.16... really confusing, tbh Though i think one of the Furniture Mods was pushing it a little too far and making things sluggish and laggy... Removed it for now, and it seems like things are working smoothly again as far as i can tell... And Fallout NV finally synced with the Steam Cloud, so I won’t have to start completely from the beginning on that... considering how far i was, that would’ve been annoying... Just need to remember how to reinstall mods for it... refound most of them that i had before, and a couple new ones...... not sure what else i that could be worthwhile
  4. 29 and another year goes by... Granted my parents dropped off a new custom laptop for me for my Birthday, which is pretty sweet - going to take awhile to download these games... The backlit keyboard is pretty nice too
  5. Rodney left yesterday. FINALLY. I’d been trying for the last 1-2 months trying to get rid of him... good riddance. Unfortunately, i spent all my miles on tickets.. was trying to find someone completely new, but not many of them were too appealing - ended up with Punchy My tickets were getting pretty low at that point, so my trips were dwindling Though Ribbot was tempting, i passed up on him because I wasn’t sure on him On the bright side, i managed to come across a rare island and caught a bunch of Sharks.. and came across a couple of other rare fish on a couple other islands that I don’t remember the names of right now So i have a random amount of fish around my island taking up space until the next time C.J. comes around
  6. I don’t know what i was expecting, but it wasn’t... that. Looks like a Moba with a Pokémon twist on it, and i never cared or liked those type of games myself, honestly... So this is going to be a hard pass for me Well, that was a waste of 11 minutes of my time...
  7. Doesn’t seem like anyone else is around, so closed my gates kind of getting tired anyway...
  8. 2QX90 Well, ive opened up - I don’t plan on being open up for the whole night, though So sell whatever amount you have Also if you have 1 mil to spare, there’s a crown available in the Able Sisters shop.. And i think Ankha is still crafting and has a Coconut Juice recipe available if interested in that....
  9. Sale price jumped up to 293, which is pretty sweet May end up dipping though, so im not sure if it’ll get any better this week...