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  1. I'm liking the look of this new DLC and new areas Looks like there's new Pokemon too - i haven't played it yet, so i wouldn't be able to tell which ones those would be or are - nice to see Typhlosion getting some spotlight in this, at least The miniaturized feature is pretty cool, though Considering i haven't bought it yet, this extra content will be nice - though i wonder what or if we'll see any future DLC in the future? Curious to see what else what else they could do in the future... I'll get around to buying it off the Eshop... at some point
  2. Two more days and we’ll finally be done with June and onto the last month of Summer yay.
  3. For the past week on and off ive been playing the 1.17 Beta(?) in Minecraft in a refreshed world…. one of these days I’ll actually beat Minecraft For some reason i have a weird habit of making a new fresh world whenever a new update comes out Though some things have generated new parts in areas I’m pretty sure weren’t in my previous iterations Bloody hell some of these new caves are huge - would get extremely easy to get lost in - especially for someone like me who has a extremely poor sense of direction even with a compass - you need a lot of Torches for tho
  4. https://pokemongolive.com/post/communityday-aug21?fbclid=IwAR3hRBYJdIJhwJcqH5HoZXk08g2KFo_ODG58Ly7GF6N9jOdb2i4cuUI1Gzo Going by the page, the moves are: When you evolve Eevee into any of its Evolutions, that Pokémon will know a special attack! Vaporeon: Scald Jolteon: Zap Cannon Flareon: Superpower Espeon: Shadow Ball Umbreon: Psychic Leafeon: Bullet Seed Glaceon: Water Pulse Sylveon: Psyshock Eevee caught or hatched during this time will know Last Resort.
  5. Oh hey - Eevees coming back for a dual Community Day next month Considering i only have one Shiny and no Shiny evolutions of them, I’m not gonna complain Haven't used the nickname trick for any of them, either so will most likely make use of that If we’re returning to a normal Community Day schedule, I suspect and sure that Oshawott will be in September
  6. The more i look into the Steam Deck, the more Im interested in it Considering it’s a PC in handheld form, sounds and looks like you’ll be able to install other things like Windows and other apps and games and have access to Mods… which means i could do heavier modding for things like Fallout or Skyrim than I’d be able to do on my Laptop considering i can only install so much Or in another theory, i should be able to download Minecraft Java and be able to download and download way more mods than I currently have And having my Steam library on the Go sounds ap
  7. Had a decent amount of Shiny luck today considering I didn’t go out aside from a Bank and Snack trip
  8. Looks like Steam is coming out with its own Handheld PC in the coming months Considering I don’t have room for a PC setup (or might not have enough for a high end rig right now - especially since i have no idea whether it would be better to buy one or build one from scratch…. Even then i would have no idea what parts would be best to buy since new parts come out every so often) And considering i only have so much space to download games on my current laptop, this is extremely tempting - would be able to free up some space on my laptop too… And playing my Ste
  9. This reminds me i need to get back to that game at some point - been awhile since I’ve been mildly stumped in proceeding Need to do some research and figure out how I’m supposed to get over to the Desert area… I guess YouTube is good as any place to find that out, anyway…
  10. Huh I can get LEGO Jurassic World on Switch for $10.61 - not bad for a $39.99/$40 game Doubt it’ll ever go cheaper than that - should go ahead and grab that Only have around $22 (i think?) left on my card, so don’t know how much i could do with that anyway…
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