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  1. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    For September/Fall, it's been between warm and hot out.... How annoying...i remember it being a lot cooler years back then Hopefully it cools down in the next month....i like the coolness of Fall (providing the weather decides not to turn into freezing Winter weather halfway through Fall) Which isn't too far off since we're on the last week of the month
  2. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Hm... i wonder if Youtube Red is worth getting? The uninterrupted music and ad free & offline video would be petty useful - i do like listening to music in the background while using other apps on my phone.... Though im not sure if 9.99 per month is worth it though... Hm.....
  3. Your Latest Purchase Thread

    No, i had been keeping an eye on the Zoolert tracker (and occasionally Istocknow) and ended up texting it in group chat when it was in stock since i wasn't sure how long it would stay in stock for - it wasn't entirely guaranteed though Considering they can sell out quickly especially with the issue with obtaining the parts (Considering myself lucky on that - it went out of stock the next day) But no, all of it's coming out of my pocket - only had $208 on hand (probably a little over half) just didn't have the full $319 up front
  4. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Finally received my Neon Nintendo Switch in the mail - at least i won't be worrying about tracking or hunting it down any longer In other news, it looks like the new update/content for LEGO Dimensions installed correctly yesterday - had to delete some things in order to have enough space though I think most of the space on my Wii U is taken up by Dimensions by now.... - ah well, didn't really download too many digital titles anyway, so no big deal i suppose....
  5. Your Latest Purchase Thread

    Target came through and received my Switch today in the mail: It's the fancy Neon set too! (Which makes me even more happy ) Granted since it was ordered through my parents i have a bit of a remainder to pay off first before i'll be able to unbox and start it up - fair enough though so not too bothered by it Only $111 remaining, so nothing too difficult
  6. Runbow Dashes onto Switch in 2018

    Nice to see this finally coming to Switch - especially with it already coming with previous DLC/content included Will be looking forward to picking this up - never got around to it on the Wii U outside that one demo Wonder if we'll see any completely new content to keep it fresh? I mean we don't need such, but would be cool to see
  7. Nintendo Direct - Sept. 13/17 - 3PM PT/6PM ET

    Meant to post last night Overall a pretty nice direct - nice list of things even though we knew most of them beforehand Pretty much the only things hat caught my eye - not all are guaranteed though Though i really like the Pokeball styled 3DS system, wonder if that iteration is worth picking up......? Would be useful since i haven't sorted out my 3DS XL yet still.... The Orange/White one on the other hand, not so much - i personally think it would look better in Orange/Blue, imo (as in Blue with an Orange outline and buttons) Looking forward to replaying Mario & Luigi: SS + BM - after my GBA save file got erased, i really couldn't bring myself to replay and get back to where i was before Somewhat curious about the Mario Party collection i do like some of the minigames and the boards in the games - on the other hand, in a small way, im thankful - if it were a completely new MP game, they'd probably shoehorn in that unnecessary car thing again I really like the new Snapshot feature in SMO - could be pretty cool, especially for those that know how to use it to it's full potential I wouldn't mind picking up a set of those Mario red Joycons - although i personally would want a Luigi green pair to come out myself
  8. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Although i've only played a bit of Skyrim (considering the minor lag here and there and at least freezing once) Might actually be a game i'd consider looking into .... Well, when it comes out for the Switch anyway - not much i can do on the PC/Laptop front at this time, so...
  9. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    It seems that 1 1/2 Cups is a almost perfect amount for making the Hamburger Helper Cheesey Italian shells when using Polska Kielbasa - doesn't leave as much liquid leftover, though it doesn't leave a huge amount of sauce either Also Skyrims took a few tries to get it loading and started after it just being a black screen and just music - just a bit laggy here and there though - although this is an old game, but might be better if played on a higher end computer suitable for gaming - that's something i'll have to look into whenever i can figure out a job/money solution Though the graphics are pretty nice, i wonder if there's any Graphic Mods to give it a nice facelift/overhaul? Could make it prettier if i can find the right one Also finally have a Neon Switch ordered from Target through my Mom - have a bit to pay off before i'll be able to use it though - that's fine / fair enough At least i won't have to worry about hunting/searching and keeping an eye on it anymore with how difficult it is to find with the part/stock issue happening (at least hard to find in my area, anyway)
  10. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Huh - the Special Edition of TES V: Skyrim is free to play for the weekend on Steam Guess i'll be able to give it a try - roviding it actually runs, that is .......Unlike Fallout 4 did
  11. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Still been pretty cool out today again Though it's too early to tell, it looks like leaves are starting to change color and starting to fall Will be quite nice when more leaves have fallen
  12. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    So far it's been nice, cool and windy today - pretty much perfect Almost feels like early Spring...
  13. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Getting a pretty nice Heavy rainfall this evening quite nice
  14. If so,good thing Sandisk just released a 400 GB Micro SD Card yesterday.... Would be pretty good for digital games i would think..... might be a better option storage wise Though i'd probably wait to see if it goes on sale during Black Friday/Cyber Monday though - somewhat expensive atm
  15. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Pretty nice and cool out today... Though i wish it had been a bit windier though - that would've felt pretty nice Granted i am looking forward to the nice cooler weather now Falls right around the corner