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  1. Shadow118

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Although it’s nice out, some know it’s Spring when your allergies start acting up mildly annoying honestly..
  2. Shadow118

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Damn the weather is nice out today
  3. Shadow118

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Being a Night Owl with Sleep Apnea and Insomnia is a horrible combination for a person to have I should know, considering how bloody messed up my sleep schedule is Should really get to bed...
  4. Since I’m home for the weekend, went ahead and redownloaded some Switch games (one or two deleted games) to the Micro SD card to free up space on the System memory Bloody hell Warframe is a huge game... good thing my Micro SD card is a pretty large size that can handle large game sizes
  5. Shadow118

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Went to Best Buy earlier and looks like they moved things around again quite a bit kinda got confused of where things were and was in there a bit longer than expected And unless I’m mistaken, looks like they expanded into toys - there was a nice dual row with toys in them (and a few Funko Pops and Nendoroids here and there and one lone Figma with a handful of Overwatch merchandise) If I had a lot more on hand and to spare, would’ve bought the Nendoroids/Figmas, but considering how expensive they are... unlikely will happen for some time
  6. Shadow118

    Your Latest Purchase Thread

    Went to Best Buy and bought a $35 Eshop card and grabbed one of those Overwatch figures since it was on sale for $19.99 Ended up buying the SSBU Fighters Pass and 170 Platinum for Warframe - ended up having to use some of my Gold coins to cover the rest Might’ve been slightly off with my estimate previously Also went to Aldis and mainly grabbed a handful of Orange Water flavoring,2 Bretons Thin Mints,2 Peanut Butter Chocolate cookie,2 bags of Nacho flavored Chips,and 2 Breton Creme filled cookies https://imgur.com/a/N8nQMPB
  7. Though I know hardly anything about Persona, I’m looking forward to Joker Move set and mechanics are pretty cool - the Stage looks pretty interesting too, especially with the color changing with the music - I don’t think that’s been done before So May consider going ahead any buy the Fighters Pass over the weekend Possibly the Mii Costumes too, they don’t seem too expensive... though I wonder if there’s a Bundle for them? I don’t recall seeing anything about such in the video Though I’m not going to knock the many options available for the stage builder or the multiple layers, I’m not really huge on it myself - doubt I’ll really use it myself, tbh personally would've preferred something akin to an expanded version of Brawls stage builder with a page taken from Mario Maker I suppose that might just be me who thinks that way though,so I dunno... I guess the Smash World stuff is alright - mostly indifferent to it, not really sure how much I’ll use it
  8. Shadow118

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Aside from a couple random snow/cold day, the weather has warmed up again quite a bit and is quite nice out again Nice to be able to wear regular shirts, shorts, and sandals again for Spring and Summer.. Although not all, but looks like Plants and Flowers have started blooming too - some are a bit late blooming though...
  9. Shadow118

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Got back into Warframe not too long ago and after a few farming attempts finally have the Excalibur Systems component ......which was after i realized I was on the wrong mission and ended up continuously getting pieces for the Frost Warframe Now I just need more Plastids to build said System component so I can build the Excalibur Warframe then I’ll have another one besides Volt to mess around with Also is it me, or is the Fortuna stuff extremely difficult? Can’t seem to get too far into it solo unless it’s supposed to be difficult, I dunno much about it
  10. Shadow118

    Whatcha playing? General Edition!

    Just finished Splatoon 2s main story mode last night Multiple tweets underneath that...
  11. Shadow118

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Got a nice short haircut today for Spring-early Fall Feels quite nice
  12. Shadow118

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    After some fiddling around, finally realized after all this time I had this figure on backwards on the stand this whole time... Got the Ice Cream cone piece finally secured in hand too... I’d been wondering why it was wobbly and wouldn’t stand up straight...
  13. Shadow118

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Went out shopping w/Parents, got Lunch at the Golden Corral (bloody stuffed - think I hit my limit earlier...) And now home for the weekend Nice and quiet, too... well, except for the two cats occasionally...