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  1. Still pretty full from last night - didn’t have to worry about breakfast this morning... Pretty nice and cool out this morning too Just the weather i like - beats the heat, anyway...
  2. After Pizza Ranch, tagged along and grabbed some snacks from Aldis Grabbed a couple M&Ms, Thin Mints,5 Orange Water flavorings, and their brand of Buttery Popcorn and a couple of fancy Choceur Dark chocolate Bars to try
  3. Tagged along with my mom to Pizza Ranch for Dinner Im stuffed...
  4. So looking back through the list of games that i jotted down, these are some that i have most interest in from this year’s E3 not all of them are 100% guaranteed of me getting though, and some could change Will have to double check since im not sure if i overlooked anything or wrote a name down incorrectly - i feel like that’s something id do Gods & Monsters Warframe expansion Spiritfarer Wayfarer Mavel Avengers Outriders Oninaki LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Minecraft Dungeons Ori 2 Luigi’s Mansion 3 The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Astral Chain Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Animal Crossing New Horizons Spyro Remastered Trilogy Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered Dauntless Breath of the Wild 2 Way to the Woods RPG Time: The Legend of Wright Outriders Star Wars: Fallen Order
  5. Watched the Direct after I got back from work thoughts: (extremely long, though) And with that, that’s the last direct/Conference of E3 aside from Treehouse live stuff
  6. In my temporary muting/unsubscribing to things i completely forgot about things on Facebook Haven’t even watched the direct yet... It’s not a huge amount, but still spoiler-y even though it was a quick glimpse of a few things Fuck..
  7. Don’t know if it’s my type of game, but Outriders looks curious Ah, Oninaki seems to be shaping up pretty well- comes out in August too... somewhat interested in that game That Avengers game Square Enix is doing looks like it could be interesting Nice to hear that the content will be free
  8. Only thing that caught my curiosity in Ubisofts conference was Gods & Monsters at the end That Watchdogs game looks alright, but not for me - probably will just stick with watching someone else play it granted the Adventure Time x Brawlhalla crossover is interesting- tried that out once, but didn’t care for it too much Outside of that, looks like we’re getting some new Warframe content down the road... And looks like it might have Archwing missions. Oh joy.
  9. Been skimming through some conferences last night/this evening - thoughts and curiosities so far from what ive seen Bit lengthy though - might’ve overlooked or forgot a thing or two though
  10. Only a couple days left until Nintendos E3 Direct ......... Though I doubt I’ll be able to catch it live and will have to wait until after work to watch it Going to have to avoid social medias, i think..... that’s going to be difficult to an extent - probably going to have to temporarily mute/unsub some things so I don’t see any spoilers and such...
  11. Really love the adorable ball of floof that’s Wooloo Corviknight looks pretty cool too Wouldn’t mind using one or both on my team permanently - the other new Pokés look pretty good too from what i can tell Though i like both of the legendaries, i like Swords legend a bit more - so think ill go with Swords then - can always trade for the other version exclusives anyway (i doubt the GTS/Wonder Trade will be removed, hopefully) The Dynamax thing is very interesting - wonder how many Pokémon will be able to be Dynamaxed in total? The Raid battles look pretty neat too Really love that there’s Pokémon in the Wild again (and in Towns, even though that’s been done in smaller amounts in previous games) - really makes part of the Region feel more alive, even if it’s mostly in the Wild Area(s) Wonder if you’ll be able to interact with them in any capacity....? Not sure if that was specified - think you might, but not sure Can’t say im fully sold on having Hop as a rival - continuously having friendly rivals is mildy annoying me - assuming there’s another rival to take the third Pokémon again, hopefully he’s more along the lines of Blue or Silver... or something similar to Gladeon Kinda miss having rivals that are like that,tbh.. not sure if that’s just me I don’t mind the other new characters though.. So yeah, think I’ll be buying this at some point... wonder if I should consider those voucher things? Could preorder that on the Eshop when available and get another game... on the other hand, spending $100 is a bit expensive, especially since im not sure how much I have in my Bank account (even if there’s a $20 discount) Hm.... wonder how i should go about that...
  12. Huh... Just noticed while scrolling in the coming soon section on the Eshop looks like Super Neptunia RPG is coming to the Switch.... That’s interesting... though it seems to be a spinoff, but i wonder if we’ll see the mainline/side/spinoff games* come to the Switch at some point? *- although some of the other games have have been added on my Steam Wishlist, im not too familiar with the series so I don’t know which are considered mainline and Side/Spinoff, tbh..
  13. Both E3 and the Sword & Shield Direct are days away and right around the corner pretty much the only two worthwhile things to look forward to this month... at least for me, anyway... so yay?
  14. And now my 3DS USB charger is broken... good thing i was able to save my game on the last bar of battery Looks like I’ll have to get a new set of them, then Really going to need to upgrade to either an XL again or just jump to the New 3DS XL models... mine is pretty worn down Considering I bought it at the launch of the original 3DS, im surprised it’s still holding up, honestly.. Really leaning towards the Galaxy NN3DS though..but that would mean having to buy another Micro SD card, and possibly a case and screen protector for it would probably be a good idea if I can find something good..
  15. Both Pokémon Sleep and Home sound interesting Not sure how much I’ll use Sleep though (will wait for more details on that before fully deciding one way or another) Might make more use out of Pokémon Home, though - that could be quite useful if I wanted to transfer Pokémon over to Sword/Shield Apparently theres a new Pokéball + accessory as well? Still haven’t picked one of the original ones up yet, so guess I’ll wait for the Plus + instead then...