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  1. Been playing quite a bit of Minecraft Java the past few weeks - the game was getting a little too laggy though... so with some difficulty i decided to uninstall/remove Astral Sorcery - it was getting a bit confusing and hard to figure things out, honestly - it was one of the two largest ones i had and i like the additions from Dr Zharks MoCreatures mod too much to delete that one So far it's not as bad as before.... except occasionally here and there Condensed things down in spoilers due to length Have another project in mind with a Mob F
  2. Since about 5 or 6 this morning it’s been in the high 50s - 70s today Damn that’s some pretty perfect weather we’ve been getting today 🥰 Been pretty cool and windy out today too - been getting a nice breeze occasionally too So far some of the best weather we’ve gotten so far this Spring... And I’m loving it
  3. Thanks Honestly, back when i was doing island hopping for my last villager I wasn’t even looking for her - think I might’ve been either looking for a villager to fill up the last spot or one of the brand new ones introduced in the game Was extremely dumb luck i came across her - was an instant lock and brought her over, and glad i did - probably one of favorite villagers (and animal villager types) Aside from a few clothes/items, I’ve pretty much have been giving villagers wrapped Fruits/Pumpkins for the most part since it doesn’t take up inventory slots fro
  4. Completely forgot but i got my first Villager pic And from one of my favorite villagers too - it’s a good start Need to work on the others next - one at a time to make it easier might be the best way to go about it....
  5. Recently I’ve been thinking about scrapping the soft resetting thing for Shiny Starters in Alpha Sapphire and just going back to X and breed for the Shiny Hoenn trio Took a break and haven’t done it in awhile and up to 5,248 resets for a shiny Treeko with no luck (excluding the few times i was mashing the A button and ended up selecting Torchic by accident and not paying full attention Considering i have the Shiny charm and a complete Dex (thanks to a couple of people from old Nsider2) should be an smoother process Think i might have HAs in my Pokémon Bank, but
  6. Just to clarify we talking about Tour or was that last tear...? I played it briefly but found it boring considering all it seems like all you do control wise is scroll left and right Though i do like the new costumes/characters, tracks, kart parts that have been brought into Tour - would be nice if they implemented those into a new game minus the micro transactions - I’d think it would give Coins you collect more use if the next mainline game had a Shop feature for that type of stuff I think Sonic Riders,Zero Gravity and Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing had similar shop
  7. Getting closer to the last week of April and one more month closer to E3 Wonder if there’s a chance of seeing a new Mario Kart Game announced? Been debating on getting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on and off for awhile... but if we get a new one not sure how much I’d go back to Deluxe Didn’t really get around to buying the Wii U version, so it’s been awhile since I’ve played or bought any Mario Kart games (since the 3DS game, anyway)
  8. Road 96 Cris Tales. July 20th Aztech Forgotten Gods Keywe Ender Lilies Beasts of Maraville Island Not too many things im sure I’d like or not, but a few things that catch my curiosity and will look into later on But i am looking forward to Cris Tales - nice to see a final release date in July Played the Demo on Steam and i quite enjoyed it - so looking forward to that one
  9. Noticed and went ahead and bought LEGO City Undercover that was on sale on the Eshop for $6.36 Pretty good deal for a $30 game - won’t be able to download it until the next time im home though Both LEGO Jurassic World and LEGO Ninjago Movie The Video Game are also on sale for $9.99 so could pick up one of those if I wanted to Only have $43.24 left so don’t want to use most of it at once just in case.. Granted they go on sale quite often so wouldn’t be too big of a deal if I didn’t buy either of them right now Though there’s also The L
  10. Huh - Friday already? Could just be me, but feels like this week went by fast.... ______ Also recently jumped back into Modded Minecraft Java for 1.12.2 I forgot how aggressive and hostile 90% of mobs in the mods I downloaded were Though i had uninstall Electrobob’s Wizardy and a few related addons alongside it that required it because something kept crashing my game... so that’s unfortunate - I’ll look into that later and try to figure out the issue at some point later on And found a couple new mods i added - unfortunately
  11. Also we’ve been getting some nice Spring rain this evening/tonight It feels pretty nice and refreshing.... 😌
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