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  1. This was a nice surprise today - i liked the one on Wii U, so will be getting this one at some point (though i should probably pre-order off the Eshop...) Though BoTW is one of the games i still haven't bought (and DLC by extension) Speaking of the first one, i should get around to buying the definitive edition on Switch Never got around to buying any of the DLC for the Wii U version, nor did i ever bother with the 3DS version since i wasn't sure if it was even worth buying at the time Speaking of that, i wonder if we'll see any DLC at some point? Just a curious thought, although it might be too early to speculate on that...
  2. Played Warframe on laptop for the first time in 7 years a few days ago Still in the beginning early game, though... not sure why i never played more back then Must’ve either got distracted and forgot or there was some performance/technical issue that was giving me issues It’s one of the two - it’s been so long I don’t really remember what it was specifically Comparing it to the Switch version, some things are a lot easier to to in the PC version over Switch... Also I don’t think i play with others/friends online too much outside some exceptions, maybe i should do that more often.. Also been trying to figure out some of these Minecraft Mods.... not really sure where to start on those... Also ended up getting a Shiny Poipole fail last week and reclaim last weekend If I hadn’t screwed it up, I would’ve gotten it at 617 Resets and not around 1,800 SRs That somewhat stung... a lot and was mildly frustrating On the bright side, both Shinies look quite nice and have those added to the Dex - just leaves Type: Null to get...
  3. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is coming to Switch- really liked that game on Wii U, though I don’t think i ever finished it 100% Super Mario 35th Anniversary pins look cool Getting some Splatoon Mario themed T-Shirts and keychains based on an upcoming Splatfest - those look cool New Horizons getting Super Mario themed furniture is going to be added to New Horizons at some point - wonder when those will be added? And Super Mario All-Stars is also coming to Switch Online today.... not that i have an active subscription right now Though im not complaining about the collection being on Switch too much, just wish it included Galaxy 2 and the games were HD remasters - (and that 64 had content from the DS game too...) Not really sure about everything else, though And kinda wish we had gotten a new mainline Mario Kart on Switch - ah well, im personally not interested in it I guess i can see the appeal for some others, though... kinda
  4. Been revisiting Minecraft and messing around with modding and there’s some mods here and that cause it to lag and stutter considering how large and how much memory they took up And them there’s some mods that require other mods/libraries in order to work... So looks like there’s some mods I won’t be able to use right now - probably would need an extremely beefy computer with a lot of memory and storage to use them... which won’t happen for quite a long time So looks like im going to have to be a bit selective on which mods i use Unfortunate, considering i like some of these mods... Granted i have absolutely no idea how some of these even work and will have to look into them in order to figure that out
  5. Ive spent a decent amount of today and I’ve had no luck with encountering the White Wormhole for the Ultra Ruins... this is annoying And yet, I’ve somehow managed to encounter and catch a Shiny Medicham and Hippowdon (F). And I wasn’t even Shiny hunting or even looking for any... This might take awhile... 😐
  6. I've been getting back into some of these games Spoilered due to length
  7. Getting close to finishing the Alola Dex in Ultra Moon Few days ago i caught all the Tapus... a couple if them were extremely annoying considering whatever catch rate they have - eventually got them Just caught Zygarde yesterday - it was 100% easier than having to track down those Cells/Cores in Moon, thankfully Granted i used a Roto Catch Power, so i think that helped a lot.... That just leaves Type:Null, Poipole/Nanagadel, Nihilego, Stakastaka, Blacephelon, Pherosma, Xurkitree, Celesteela and Guzzlord to 100% the Alola Dex going to have to trade for one of them since I don’t have Ultra Sun, but... eh, i have some UBs to spare Thinking i could track down one of each UBs via Ultra Wormholes to catch for Pokédex purposes first and shiny hunt later - I’ve heard there’s infinite amounts of them, but need to double check that.. Im very tempted to Shiny hunt them since those aren’t shiny locked.... no idea how much the shiny charm affects shiny rate for them, though Probably need to research a bit more first - but probably will try tracking down the Ultra Beasts first
  8. Looks like all of the DLC for Dungeon Defenders is on sale until September 3rd... Still have 5.07 left on that card that i still haven’t used for anything yet So guess i *could* buy a few of those DLC if i wanted to.. Would only have enough for 5 or 6 of them... would leave 10 of them unpurchased Granted that’s aside from some of them i got when they were available for free during some holidays, which was nice Granted im on the fence on two of them... not certain if i want them or not, tbh But i wonder - does anyone still even play Dungeon Defenders or Dungeon Defenders II? Hmm....
  9. Hades looks and sounds interesting - i do like Torchlight II, so i might like this - not sure though Spiritfarer comes out today? That’s pretty sweet - caught my interest when the first trailer came out an E3 or two ago Nice to see Subnautica and Below Zero coming to Switch- been curious about those games for some time... Not sure if it’s a game I’ll be interested in, but Raji looks interesting from a artstyle standpoint Bear and Breakfast looks nice - those type of games aren’t my forte, though... so I doubt I’ll be getting that one A Short Hike looks quite nice - sounds pretty laid back - I don’t mind those type of games, so could be of interest... Torchlight III coming out in Fall, huh? Still slowly working through the second one, though - no multiplayer, though, so might have to get that on a different platform Manifold Garden looks like an interesting puzzle game... not the best at the majority of puzzle games, though so i dunno if I’ll get this these two look interesting, but going to need more details on them first: Haven Going Under Also multiplayer coming to Untitled Goose Game... well that’s... unexpected to see happen
  10. Now that there aren’t any currently running Max Raid events and finished the main game in Shield, went back to Ultra Moon to finish the Pokédex and post game stuff Pretty close, too just need Shelloa,Krokorok,Porygon2 and Vanillish in the Island dexes aside from the Tapus (considering i transferred majority of them over out of laziness since that was easier to do anyway That’s aside from the remaining legendaries and Ultra Beasts to track down - which... will be tricky to do Also recently remembered that i still haven’t gotten around to getting Alpha Sapphire - should get around to getting a Eshop card to buy that Probably would be easier to do, anyway Also i have over 20 boxes of Pokémon in my Bank that i got from Wonder trades... really should clear those out... not sure whether i should just release most of them outright or send them back into the Wonder Trade system... some of them aren’t really worth keeping probably will keep any foreign Pokémon or Hidden Abilities, though.. Assuming I don’t already have them
  11. Finally got done procrastinating and finished the remainder of Pokemon Shield this evening - was a bit too... overleveled for it, though... Just need to finish the Dex... though most of it could be easy since i could just transfer them from a previous game... once i figure out which ones those are Going to have to trade for Sword exclusives through Home... and Zacian is going to be tricky to obtain.. I think the game was fine for the most part... though wish there was more to do in routes/towns, though... Granted i don't have the DLC yet - i'll get to buying that at.... some point I don't know when, though
  12. Attempted to try out Next Up Hero and 20XX.... The controls for keyboard are a bit... annoying - going to have to go back to those two once i have a controller... if the second game even has controller support So it's hard to say right now whether i like either of them or not currently right now But started playing a bit of Torchlight II, though - first boss is being a bit of a pain, though... no idea how to set up Multiplayer, though... so looks like i'm stuck with Single Player, at least unless i buy another version of Torchlight II Also went and attempted to try out Wildstar, but apparently the servers got shut down at some point. huh... oh well then
  13. Recently been tackling some of the demos i downloaded Can't say i cared for most of them, though Also recently been playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. and been enjoying it so far Granted i was up all night a couple nights ago playing it with a few different characters... eh, i couldn't sleep anyway no matter how much i tried to Not the exactly easiest game to play single player, though, but i've been managing so far - and been enjoying it so far, at least Granted, i have no idea if this comes before or after the first one, so no idea if im playing it out of order Unfortunately, Borderlands 1 isn't on Epic Games Store, so guess i'll be getting that on Steam then - as well as Borderlands 3 Also might end up buying the whole collection on Switch at some point for a portable version - though i don't know if Borderlands 3 is on Switch or not, though.....
  14. So i downloaded the Vortex Mod Manager for Fallout NV to manage my NV Mods easily Will continuing using that for whenever i'll be able to buy Fallout 4 and Skyrim V: Special Edition... whenever those will go on salenext, anyway I've remembered some of the mods and installed those... though disabled one that was causing clipping issues in the environments - so i think i fixed that and a new one that was giving me an error on the model at first, then thought i fixed it, but just kept crashing to desktop after that.... so disabled that one until i can look into that more - not sure if there's something im missing And then there's some that are just too large to download or won't download due to size.... will have to wait until im back on an Internet Connection No idea when that will be, though.... At least i have some of my previous mods again....
  15. Images of the Pearl and Marina figmas were released recently Though just Prototypes, both are looking pretty nice so far - the final versions with color will look even better Granted, when they were teased/announced first, i thought they would’ve made the Squid Sisters first... well, hopefully they’ll get made at some point Still looking forward to these Just wish i could afford these type of figures...