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  1. Im somewhat interested in this actually - the included items aren't too bad (compared to some of Gamestops bundles, anyway) Would rather get Splatoon 2 digitally anyway, so i think this might work out if i can jump on it quick enough Though i wonder if we should expect to see online preorders available at some point in the next week or so? Should keep an eye on that.....
  2. Huh - looks like we're actually getting the Splatoon 2 Switch bundle September 8th next month (Walmart exclusive, though - but whatever) Think i might just wait for that to come out instead Could always buy the Neon Joy-con later on anyway (Whenever they actually become available, anyway....)
  3. Huh... the one Switch bundle that i was looking at went out of stock last week (for the time being, anyway? Not entirely sure if it'll pop up again at some point) Probably procrastinated a bit and should've just jumped on it earlier, but.... Ah, whatever - thankfully there's another Minecraft Switch Bundle available, guess i could go with that instead - granted it's not the fancy neon set, but i suppose it doesn't really matter to much since there's not too much of a difference other than that (granted some of the bundled items aren't entirely exciting or too useful, but at least it's the cheapest one of the currently available bundles, at least.... gives more options when it comes to buying games digitally/physically on that note, so i guess it's not too bad in that reguard)
  4. It's been pretty nice, cool and windy today - pretty much perfect weather Nice to have windows open...
  5. I wonder if anyone's had any luck with Gamestop when it comes to the Switch bundles? Somewhat tempting, honestly - especially since bundles seem to stay up longer than the non-bundled counterparts when those pop up Still not sure if the stock/production issues been completely sorted out yet either... Part of my feels like a bundle would be my best bet at this time.....
  6. Thors Military Academy - N4A Chat Thread, July 2017

    Been thinking about picking up the original PC Minecraft lately.... to an extent, it's slightly dull messing about on my own in the Windows 10 version (not that it's bad, or anything) Would need to pick up one of those prepaid cards, first - thankfully it's not too expensive to buy (not really sure what id do with the Windows 10 code though...) More mod-friendly too, lot of neat/interesting mods too on that note, actually....... Might end up doing so anyway regardless - no access to the Switch version just yet since i haven't been able to obtain of those still
  7. Thors Military Academy - N4A Chat Thread, July 2017

    I keep adding things to my watch later lists, but i haven't really gotten around to watching much Really need to stop procrastinating and actually get around to knocking stuff off Once i actually figure out where to start, anyway.....no idea what/when that will be (still)
  8. Thors Military Academy - N4A Chat Thread, July 2017

    Target has a Switch Starter bundle available - wonder if i should consider just getting that instead of waiting for another standalone system to pop up...? Although it includes items most people would buy at some point, on the other hand, it's extremely expensive...... Hm....... Edit: Though it looks like Gamestop still has a decent bundle still available - no idea how reliable they are with online orders, though... A cheaper option, at least
  9. Thors Military Academy - N4A Chat Thread, July 2017

    And now my 3DS XL had gotten knocked to the ground and now is in two pieces and wont turn on Welllllll...... shit I suppose a repairs my only remaining option - no idea what the chances of a successful repair would be Most likely will have to send my SD Card along with it, though Unless there's another way of transferring my account over to my other//original 3DS system...(Though id probably lose a good amount of data... and i'd probably end up restarting some games from scratch....Which would be slightly annoying...)
  10. The Lady Liberty - N4A Chat Thread, June 2017

    Been getting back into Creativerse lately the last few days... Gotten more progress done than a few months ago at least Hm....
  11. The Lady Liberty - N4A Chat Thread, June 2017

    26th birthday today.... Hm Did get a $30 check/comics from my Grandparents,a few Tshirts (one still in the mail), and there's a Desk still coming in the mail So that's been decent - lazy and pleasant day overall It's been pretty nice, cool and windy today - windows have been open for the majority of the day as such - pretty nice breeze here and there
  12. The Lady Liberty - N4A Chat Thread, June 2017

    Getting a pretty heavy storm tonight Loud, too Although it's pretty nice and somewhat relaxing to listen to....
  13. Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 2017

    It looks like the first Mario & Luigi games gotten a facelift for the 3DS - that's pretty cool Especially since i lost the motivation awhile back to replay through most of the game after the save data got corrupted and lost on my original copy Nice to see Fawful back too - been awhile since we've seen him in a game (even if it's just an updated version)
  14. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    Mario Odyssey has Dinos now - huh I like the Music they used for the trailer too - quite nice Wonder if it'll be in the actual game or made just for this?
  15. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    The new Zelda Amiibo look pretty sweet Pretty nice detail on them, from what i can tell