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  1. The Battle Cats is also coming to the Switch? That’s pretty damn sweet! (granted I honestly haven’t done much on the mobile game recently, so...uh...) Though I’m wondering how long until we get an English trailer...? Would really like to know what it’s saying...
  2. The somewhat nice thing about Moon is that it seems to be more challenging - it seems to be a lot more difficult than X/Y was, from what I can tell Granted it’s been awhile since I’ve played a Pokémon game from the start - so may be a bit rusty slightly most of X was just too easy at parts (especially the Elite 4 and Champion) so this is quite refreshing Ended up getting my ass kicked by Totem Wishiwashi (granted I didn’t have my usual team, since I was training and getting my levels up...) Since then I’ve been training and working on getting my levels between 20-25 - been getting my dex worked on too
  3. Ugh... finally have my Pokébank somewhat more organized Got rid of regular abilities from my batches from my hatching (for shinies - not that I had too much luck with that, I think...) Left with 44 boxes though Will most likely use those for Trading/Wonder Trading fodder And separated Pokémon from Wonder Trades from my own... did a lot more than I remember Not sure what I’ll do with some of them though... Well, at least it’s somewhat organized...
  4. Attempting to catch Abra in Moon is just as difficult as it is in Gen 1 Not really surprised, honestly... Could always transfer something from Pokébank... might have something in there somewhere
  5. Thanks to the GTS, now have the other two starters Was a pretty quick response, too... hopefully the two people enjoy the HA Vulpix and a couple of the bred moves it had Also on another note, really like the Rotom Rex... pretty cool
  6. Just started playing Pokémon Moon this evening Quite enjoying it so far - one feature I especially love is that you can swap Pokémon or send it to the PC after catching a Pokémon pretty nice feature - hopefully that ends up returning in the next Gen games Some of the music is quite nice and pleasant too.. can be quite relaxing too Anyway, though this is one of the few generations I like all starters equally, went ahead and chose Rowlet - rarely choose the Grass starter in games that often Can always trade for the other two in some form regardless in the end Only up to Route 2, though - been taking my time exploring and such
  7. I only originally only had the trial way back when - it’s been expired until now that I got a new subscription, and everything I have is still in there Would’ve gotten around to doing it sooner, but never did... and then there’s the time my XL broke and left me 3DS less until this year so that was a longer wait I assume if you still have the same I.D., everything will still be intact? Just a guess, though - not really sure how it works on a technical level and server side I swore I heard one time early onthat it would get cleared after a period of time had passed if you didn’t get a new subscription... unless they changed that?
  8. Finally have a new Pokémon Bank subscription... but it I still have everything in my Bank all this time? I thought I heard that stuff got wiped out after a specific amount of time? Hey, not complaining or anything- quite relieved that I still have everything
  9. Figuring and fiddling around with the bloody SD card formatting is getting extremely frustrating... either im doing something wrong, or I’m missing something... Going to take a break and give it another crack later when I’m less tired and more awake... and a bit more level headed How annoying...
  10. Oh.... the reason I couldn’t find anything was because the old Firefox data folder with my bookmarks was on my Desktop Not sure how I overlooked that.... But I have all my Bookmarks again, at least! That’s a relief...
  11. And after doing a refresh on Firefox since it wasn’t opening, it seems like I now lost all my bookmarks.... Just bloody great... Especially now I’ll have to refind all those bloody webcomics all over again... and I can’t even remember most of them edit: looks like it’s the same for mobile... joy
  12. Shadow118

    Your Latest Purchase Thread

    Have my Black Friday haul now 😃
  13. Shadow118

    Smash Ultimate 12/8/18 Saturday Night online play?

    Will just be buying the Smash Ultimate + Fighters Pass bundle off the Eshop - looking at spending about $95, though... Granted even though I doubt I’ll be able to download it right now, at least I’d be able to purchase it at least... (will need a 256 GB Micro SD card first..) Though if I ever decide to play online, going to need a prepaid card for the 12 month membership...
  14. Sounds like I have $256 in savings left over from those purchases.. If I use about $90, I’d have 166 left...Hm... Though would that be worth it? I’ll have to double check the total price first, though Granted, I’d still need a 256 GB card in order to download Well, I’d still at least be able to purchase Smash Ultimate + Fighters Pass Bundle either way regardless...