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  1. Been playing Elder Scrolls Blades the past couple of days It’s definitely different compared to ESV - especially with the whole town building thing Not sure where I’ll be placing most building though Though the combat controls took some time getting used to But I’ve been getting into it- been making some amount of progress on it
  2. Yes, familiar with that - slightly inconvenient to an extent Think I’m about 25 away from the National Dex… give or take I don’t think i have any spare Magmortar to transfer over, but i did transfer a spare Shiny Magmar over some time ago from Go Though i did look and i do have about 8 spare Magmarizers in Arceus so i could bring Magmar over to that game - I’d still have to do a trade back and then transfer it back to Diamond Not the most convenient way, but that’s the second best plan I could think of aside from trading for a Magmarizer, anyway
  3. Took several hours, but finally got a second Electricitzer from a Elekid last night bloody hell that was annoying- mainly considering how rare of a spawn it is… and the chances of it holding one aren’t high either Well, figured I could trade one for a Magnarizer since Magby isn’t in BD Though it doesn’t seem like the two evolutions are in the regional dex… so not sure if I’ll worry about trade evolving those just yet Just got lucky with getting a Heracross from a Tree - tempted to Shiny Hunt it, but if i spend too long it’ll leave… Probably should just catch one for now Still debating on shiny hunting a couple of the gift Pokemon… not sure if Happiny is worth it considering you can’t tell the difference at all Not sure how early you have access to Dialga and the Lake Trio though
  4. Got lucky enough to get a Aipom from a Honey Tree yesterday… but i spent time trying to Reset for a Shiny a decent amount of the time on and off throughout the day And i kinda dozed off a bit earlier in the evening and by the time i woke up it was gone… oops 😅 Looks like it’s also in the Underground as a rare spawn so could search for one there I do have a spare Shiny Aipom i can bring over… not like it’s the first time I’ve bought a spare shiny over from Go i mean, i might as well since I’m not really using them in Go and just taking up space so might as well get some use out of them whichever game i can bring them to Speaking of that, i have at least one Shiny Rhyhorn i can bring over to BD - should do that But at least i got a female burmy and the Feebas checker came through so i have a female Feebas at least Just need to figure out how to make those Poffins… really haven’t made or messed around with those too much, honestly Did at least a couple contests and they aren’t too bad - just was trying to raise happiness for one of my mons… don’t remember which though But that’s two more checked off the list at least- got lucky with a female Combee a few days ago and recently evolved so that was another one checked off Though i think i need a male burmy so i can get Wormadam, i think… Still no Heracross yet… if i have no luck on that through trees, might just transfer one over and save myself the trouble
  5. https://lincoln-lm.github.io/JS-Finder/Tools/BDSPFeebas.html Was looking for how one catches a bloody Feebass and came across this in a Youtube video Going to give it a try, because so far this is one of the most annoying Pokemon to try and catch as of now Only thing tying it would be the Honey Tree or Spiritomb
  6. Lost my first Gym battle yesterday That’s…. Not something that’s happened in quite awhile - that Teddiursa is way strong with Tera granted, some of my mons are a tish underlevelled… Also quite like TERA Raid Battles - a lot more enjoyable and fast paced than the Raids we got in Sw/Sh - those were so bloody slow and time taking Much better implement Also didn’t get as many Eevee Raids in as i was hoping to - was hoping to get a set or two of each Tera type, but no luck on that Been spending more time exploring and catching mons than anything story related and leveling up a bit more after receiving that gift Pikachu Though, before i get into that too much into Violet, i should finish up Diamond and Arceus first… Really need to learn on focusing on one Pokemon game at a time
  7. Made my Oled my primary switch through the Eshop yesterday Apparently my second character was brought over as well when i did my island transfer… part of me should have expected that I either assumed or thought that character would be deleted when i did that So i pretty much littered my island with items for absolutely no reason in the end Well then. This will take a few minutes to clean up
  8. I know starters are Shiny locked but reset until i got a female - took multiple resets, though but i managed to get one unfortunately got spoiled on a glimpse at one of the evolutions which is annoying Not the only one, though - not that iit changes anything in the long run Surprisingly you can catch quite a few Pokémon between the first route and the school - caught 21 so far It says there’s a Happiny around on the map but I don’t see it anywhere… must be a rare spawn…? Edit: Taountula is now my least favorite and disliked Pokemon Granted, I don’t like Spiders in general… only keeping it around until it evolves once or twice then boxing it or something
  9. Got Violet earlier in the evening Still mildly annoyed that I’ve been somewhat spoiled at glimpses at some of the Pokemon though through Twitter despite trying my best to avoid seeing Scarlet/Violet stuff in general Spent more time deciding between make of female trainer Sometimes I’ve chosen the female trainer in games if i prefer it Considering the lack of outfits from what I’ve heard, i guess it doesn’t matter too much in the end - guess I’ll just choose the male trainer Still going with the cat, though - can always trade for the others
  10. Was looking around and was just checking to see if i have the correct cables still that I grabbed before Looks like the two main things i only need are the HDMI cable and the Power supply, which i have both of Not exactly sure which box in the garage my sensor bar is in, though - not that i can get to any boxes to get it since there’s a boat in the way Though i don’t think ill even need it atm anyway I don’t believe or looks like ill need the R/B/Y cable at all so I’m not sure why i even grabbed that one of the last times i was here Don’t need to hook it up right away though - need to buy 8 more things first before that The list would be a lot longer, but I don’t know at this point…..
  11. Been playing Guardian Tales again on Switch - i have to say, i prefer the button controls over mobile controls Forgot this game was good - i forget why i stopped playing and forgot why i deleted it off my previous phone - the most logical thought i have is that i needed to free up some space on my previous phone That’s the only reason i can think of, tbh Already gone through Chapter 1 late last night since I couldn’t sleep - i have a lot of catching up to do considering i was… well, I’m not sure where i was last i played on mobile- was it after the desert chapter? Also got these two nice character pulls on my second set of summons which was lucky Also did some Christmas decorating today - nothing too huge, just 3 trees (the fake type small enough you can just put on a table and such - one being ceramic) and the stocking holders and stockings above the fireplace And put ornaments on one of them - so that was done earlier this morning Also almost forgot it was Friday - still need to get Drifloon I’m tempted to Shiny Hunt it - it’s a really nice Shiny
  12. Guardian Tales is on Switch… That’s… a surprise actually I forgot about that game - started playing it once and then eventually forgot at some point And The Elder Scrolls Blades is out, or has that been out and i just not noticed? Well, ill give that a look out of curiosity
  13. For some reason i kept getting logged out of Ninfora Not sure if something on Firefox was buggy on my end, but i changed my password and seems to have fixed itself as far as i can tell 8 more games to download and I’ll be done redownloading things on that note Might get around to getting some new games Was hoping to get Pokemon Violet soon,Mario Party Superstars is on sale digitally for $40, and should get Splatoon 3 too…
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