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  1. Getting a pretty heavy storm tonight Loud, too Although it's pretty nice and somewhat relaxing to listen to....
  2. It looks like the first Mario & Luigi games gotten a facelift for the 3DS - that's pretty cool Especially since i lost the motivation awhile back to replay through most of the game after the save data got corrupted and lost on my original copy Nice to see Fawful back too - been awhile since we've seen him in a game (even if it's just an updated version)
  3. Mario Odyssey has Dinos now - huh I like the Music they used for the trailer too - quite nice Wonder if it'll be in the actual game or made just for this?
  4. The new Zelda Amiibo look pretty sweet Pretty nice detail on them, from what i can tell
  5. That new Kirby game looks pretty nice - reminds me of that scrapped title they tried on Gamecube - that's the vibe i get from it anyway And a new Pokemon game for the Switch - interested in seeing what that is down the road And new Yarn Yoshi game looks pretty cool - though the flipping reminds me of Super Paper Mario in ways (not that's a bad thing, at least)
  6. Less than 5 minutes away to start.... Obligatory even if there's a chance there's no Smash, still fitting to post
  7. Honestly this looks pretty intriguing - like how the overworld looks, although it's different looking from other versions of the Mario World we've had in the past, it's pretty fitting for this game Might have to give this a look when this comes out (providing i have a Switch by then - if not, then much later on)
  8. Considering i haven't played Skyrim before, i can't say i mind it not being the HD version too much And although it's somewhat small, but the Amiibo compatibility with the BotW Link is a nice little touch - wonder if there's a chance we'll be seeing more compatible Amiibo down the line? And i find it slightly odd we still haven't gotten a release date yet either - wonder if they're leaving that for when it's closer to release.....?
  9. Looks like Bethesdas stream has started - wonder if we'll see anything new for the Switch version of Skyrim? Wonder if we'll see anything new about Fallout.....? (outside VR) Pretty much the only two things im curious about tonight Also on an unrelated note, looks like Dreamworks got Weird Al alongside the London Voices for the main theme for the Captain Underpants Movie - that was unexpected It works, though - quite catchy too actually I remember reading some of those books when i was younger (very faintly, though...) - might have to look into that movie when it comes to Amazon Video/Prime (whenever that will be
  10. Personally, i think Switch would be highest on the list (also has the Mario pack included like it was with the Wii U version) - considering it's portability it would be pretty easy to take with you A lot easier than hauling a laptop around as well - and today it was announced there's going to be cross play between systems (Switch,Xbox,VR,Ipad, and Pocket if remembering correctly) so that would be something to keep in mind Granted i don't have a Switch nor Minecraft just yet, so... just my two cents
  11. Looks like Minecraft is getting cross play support on several systems - that's pretty big - never expected one would be able to play with others on other consoles before now And that 4K graphic pack looks pretty fancy and sweet (though im not sure if that's Xbox only or if that's also on PC - though one would probably need a pretty damn good high end PC for that, i'd imagine) And Switch is getting Minecraft realms this Summer - not really sure if id get much use of that, since im not sure what it is in entirety.... but i suppose it can be pretty useful to some
  12. I realized i still haven't gotten around to getting a repair order done for my 3DS XL..... Really need to stop procrastinating and get around to it already I mean it's been what, a year or two since that happened?
  13. Considering i only played the Demo for Pokken Tournament, i don't mind it being brought to the Switch- nice to see more and new characters and characters added too Being able to play it on the go is pretty cool too Defiantly looking forward to revisiting G/S when it comes out on the Virtual Console... especially since one or both of my G/C batteries are dead (sure i own and have beaten Heartgold, but...) USUM look pretty nice - granted i haven't played the originals, so i can't say much on that...really need to stop procrastinating and get a repair set and hopefully be able to get my 3DS XL repaired...... I still haven't done that, honestly....
  14. Did they? I can't say i recall hearing about that before honestly I thought it had been japanese only/exclusive until Earthbound Beginnings arrived Huh
  15. Although it might be unlikely to happen, but it would be really nice to see the Japanese only Pokemon TCG 2 be translated and brought to the english (and the other) Eshops alongside the first one We did end up getting Earthbound Zero (unexpectedly if i might add), and that was a much larger game - so i doubt it would be too hard in comparison.... Also getting Pokemon G/S/C and the first Pokemon Pinball on the Eshop would be pretty nice too, actually