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  1. So Xenoblade might be coming out in May - nice to see that coming closer And Borderlands is coming to Switch, eh? Been somewhat curious about the series but haven’t gotten around to buying it on PC... not that there’s many games my laptop can run smoothly... Really need to upgrade my laptop- have something in mind, but will be awhile before then.... So the next smash character is coming from Arms,huh? Okay then Bravely Default II is looking nice so far - never played the first one, though... Looking forward to playing the Demo, though So Ninjala is coming closer - looks interesting- seeing its another Free to Play title is quite nice Star Wars Episode 1 Racer is coming to Switch? Well that’s unexpected- I remember playing that on my PC when i was younger... might be picking that one up at some point
  2. Getting close to completing the Alola dex in Moon - just need Sivally,Neceozma, and.... im not entirely sure how im going to go about Solgaleo, though... if i have any legendaries to spare in X, i could just do that, since I don’t have any in bank No other ideas other than that Think im done organizing recipes... just not sure how im going about downsizing and clearing out recipes... i have way too many as it is And finally got back to playing Child of Light since it’s been quite awhile since last time i played- had to look up how to get by that Gryphon boss, so finally past that yesterday ... now i have another boss to deal with almost had it beaten the first time with just the minions left, but ended up getting wiped out... So been doing some level grinding and probably will have to go back to YouTube... again. Because im not really sure what im doing - And couple days ago finally finished Season 1 - granted there’s 2 other seasons, think I’ll take a break and watch something else... once i find something to watch, that is Granted its proving difficult to find some earlier series on streaming services, so might have to revise my plan and go a bit further ahead for later series But looks like LEGO Marvel Superheros is getting close to done downloading- at 87% and 15 hours, 8 minutes remaining so that’s going to be done sometime tonight
  3. After all this time im almost done with the Alola dex - just need to work on evolving Sivally and Cosmogs evolution,Solgaleo and Necrozma Unfortunately Type:Null is one of those Pokemon that require Happiness to evolve, so... that's going to be annoying - not sure how i'll go about Solgaleo though.... probably will just Master Ball Necrozma though since i still have it And so far eliminated another chunk of my list to 3,915 in my to watch list... so that's progress at least And since maybe last Saturday been binge watching Kyou kara Maou!/(King From Now On!) when i can since last week..... 7 episodes left currently of S1 Not sure if it was the best choice of Anime to continue with, but it's something at least, and helping pass the time somewhat Last weekend i bought LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition - that was getting close to done downloading but some kind of connection error happened cancelling it and ended up having to start over again..... this is going to take days Did finish off the main game of Shante Half Genie Hero - not 100% though, haven't touched the other modes, and played a bit more of Sonic Mania.... still can't do the 3rd Emerald Special stage annoyingly Been getting a large amount of recipe sorting and organizing done at least - so it's been keeping me occupied at least with things being closed for this week and throughout next... Kind of irritating being cooped up in here..... and that's coming from someone who prefers to staying inside over going out most of the time....
  4. Blue Fire Baldo i am dead freakpocalypse summer in mara the good life the last campfire Though not entirely sure whether I’ll get any of these or not, but these do look somewhat interesting
  5. To be fair, when going through the pages of anime i ended up just adding whatever i thought interested me at the time So far most of what ive removed have been series from maybe early 2000 and pre 2000s... and some of them animation wise, weren’t exactly great looking, to be honest... honestly, there’s probably more like that to knock off I haven’t gotten to looking at yet
  6. So Funimation does have its own Roku app... but some episodes are locked behind a subscription... so that’s just great. so looks like watching Desert Punk is on hold until i find another source to watch it in English and so far this evening I’ve spent more time trying to find something to watch than watching anything - and not tomention how for some reason Funimations YouTube only uploads some episodes in English and then rest of the episodes in subtitles... quite annoying and confusing But since Crunchyroll has Rozen Maiden, guess I’ll be watching that next then... and in that meantime ive knocked off some more series that looked somewhat.... unappealing down to 4,282, which is a nicely small chunk taken care of - still a long ways to go though Wonder why i even added sone of these in the first place....
  7. Few nights ago finally finished Honey and Clover Season 2 Some of them have been difficult to find since they aren’t on Crunchyroll or the usual streaming sites i use Knocked off and dropped a few more that I wasn’t interested in and down to 4,299 entries... not that it’s a huge difference - may be more dropped in the future Just found out that Funimation has its own Mobile App through YouTube and started watching Desert Punk on that - 4 episodes in and been enjoying it so far Hm... wonder if there’s an app on Roku to download....
  8. Almost done with the Alola Dex Just need the Eeveelutions, Type:Null/Syvally, the Tapus,Necrozma, Sogaleo... Alolan Vulpix/Ninetails,Scizor... Working on Starmie,Garchomp,Vanillish/Vanilluxe,Dragonite, currently.. The trades ive gotten in the past and the GTS have been extremely useful - wasn’t expecting a high leveled Turtonator or Dhelmise in return for a couple of them, but hopefully the Pokémon i traded over will be of use Transferred over some of them that are somewhat... difficult to evolve/find, so just ended up doing it the easy way Granted I somehow managed to get Lucario through Riolu SOS with it’s Hidden Ability... unfortunately it’s male, so might be somewhat unlucky on that Aside from that, getting close to 100% Pokédex finally
  9. Been working on filling out my Pokédex and a little over 70% now Just need 6 more levels and I’ll have Salamance and completed the Melemelee dex Slowly working on the next Islands dex... a lot of rare spawns/Sos i had missed that I didn’t realize i missed Also finished the first series of Honey & Clover... before I tackle any other anime, should go ahead and tackle Honey & Clover II
  10. Crunchyroll seems to gave been streaming a lot better on the mobile app... guess I’ll just be using that, then from now on.. Shame Crunchyroll isn’t on Switch yet... would be convenient Not sure why we still haven’t gotten either that or Netflix on Switch yet... Well, I suppose there’s probably some reason or another for it... ah well, guess I’ll just use whatever else i have then
  11. Started attempting to tackle myanimelist watch list ... at least when it’s not Loading/buffering the stream, anyway... which can take a few minutes... and not to mention the ads... those are annoying But considering my Roku only has my Phones hotspot to use for an internet connection... well, not extremely surprising So wish i had my own Internet Connection right now... would be extremely helpful at the moment... On Honey & Clover episode 4, on Crunchyroll, aside from that... granted watching the series might take awhile whenever it decides to load/play Pretty much the oldest thing on the list right now, although there were a few others before that but didn’t really interest me all too much
  12. Hm... looking at the Alola Dex, i could easily transfer Pokémon over from the bank/previous games to fill that out... aside from Pokémon originating in Alola, anyway Id be getting them either way one way or the other, so might be the easiest way of doung it, i think...
  13. Couple nights ago finally found the last four Zygarde cells i needed, so that’s bloody done Now just need to work on completing the rest of the Pokédex.... I think that might be it for Moon after that... then Ultra Moon will have to be officially started at some point... Though i still haven’t gotten around to buying Alpha Sapphire.. really should get around to that..
  14. The weather for the upcoming week is looking promising so far 😀 At least as of now it looks like the temperatures are going to warm up... 40s and up for the most part, and looks like 60 this Sunday and no snow, either - bit of rain, though Right now it’s looking pretty good - granted, could always change... Just the type of weather I’ve been waiting for.... Can’t wait for warmer Spring weather to finally come around and be able to wear looser clothing again
  15. Looks like it’s going to dip down to the 30s in midweek and then go back to the 40s and up .... Hopefully that means winter’s going to finally fuck off for warmer Spring weather to come around soon ______ And although i went through a list of zygarde cores/cells off Serebii that i was miising, im somehow still missing 4 ..... going through the list again is going to be annoying.. .... now which of these 4 damned thing am I missing....,? _______ Recently noticed that Myanimelist has a way to sort out anime by starting date... That... will be of useful for me... I assume...