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  1. Opened up a window earlier and it feels pretty nice out today as far as i can tell Nice to have some fresh air again 🥰
  2. The note about Skyrim reminds me that i still haven’t started Skyrim Special Edition Have a selection of mods (all lore friendly for now) not that i can do too much until i get a high end PC Though I don’t think i know how to work some of them.. might be looking over something Not that i can do too much since i only have so much space on my laptop... mostly been fiddling with mods and trying to figure out what works with what last December But should really get around to starting a new game
  3. Also that one part of the 25 years reminded me that the Dream World was a thing - wish i had used it more often when it was still around - i took a liking to that site when it was around Looked at my PC boxes in Ultra Moon and i was able to get a good amount of HAs from it too..... unfortunately about half are male, though (going to have to triple check, but at least im pretty sure all of them are HAs, anyway) So I don’t think those are too useful for Shiny HA Breedng unless they changed that in S&M era And reminds me im going to have to figure out how
  4. I was one of those born in 1991 so was able to get into Pokémon early when it came out, i think - faintly remember getting Pokémon Blue for Christmas... not sure if also got a GameBoy as well, or if i already had that before, tbh Though I don’t think I’ve watched every single episode of the Anime, I think I’ve watched episodes here and there over the years until recently when I started the Alola & Journeys (on hold) anime I don’t have my original GameBoy or GB Color though, unfortunately - still have my original Blue (i think?), Gold, and Crystal cartridges at least
  5. One more day until March and one more month over with Looking forward to nicer and warmer weather in the upcoming weeks,fresh air/open windows... And going to enjoy being able to go out when I’m able to and be able to wear looser T-Shirts, Sandals and shorts outside - will be nice to finally shed winter clothing for awhile... Will be quite nice when flowers and plants start blooming again, too... nothings starting to just yet, unfortunately... These upcoming weeks will potentially start to be quite nice 😊
  6. I really liked the series throwback/retrospective - made me feel nostalgic More Pokemon Snap info was nice Both Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl look alright so far - not sure about how i feel about the look of the Chibi models for the overworld yet, but maybe they'll grow on me in time - they look fine in battle, though Though everything else looks fine graphically, there's still quite a bit of time until release, so maybe things will be polished up more by the time they come out And hopefully they actually include the other myth/legend pokemon in game
  7. Thinking about it, if some can get new villages from this, I’m pretty sure they could easily bring over those special Nintendo themed villagers over from New Leaf (along with whatever items they had) Granted, I don’t gave any Amiibo so wouldn’t be able to get any of them or the items anyway Not sure why they haven’t done so yet, actually... well, hopefully they do that sometime Eh, just a thought that crossed my mind... Also i popped open New Leaf yesterday and remembered that New Horizons doesn’t have the Sleek,Cabin or Robo series...
  8. When it gets warmer and nicer, im going to be looking forward to when we get rain Always liked listening to the rain...will be quite refreshing compared to all the snow we’ve gotten too And from what i can tell, all the snow except for a few small bits here and there have cleared up, so that’s quite nice to see - not much longer till the last bits of snow melt 🥰
  9. Not going into it with too high of expectations, but.... I think a new Pokemon TCG and Pinball game would be nice to see - and ports of the first two would be nice if possible And a new game in the veins of Pokemon Stadium/Battle Revolution series would also be nice - it's been quite awhile since we've had a game like that - (i think Battle Revolution on the Wii was the last time we got a game like that, if im remembering correctly) Although on the other hand, i have doubts that any of them will happen any time soon as far as i can tell considering how dorma
  10. Not sure what it’s from, but I’ve been nostalgic and itching to replay Blue (since it was the first Pokémon game I ever owned) - might get that off the Eshop... (granted, i could always get Yellow at some point...) Thinking about it, I can’t remember if I actually ever beat the game or not back then when i was younger - I might’ve, though... 🤔 I thought i had it with me, and swore it was one of the games I brought with me... i guess i was mistaken on that - so right now I can’t confirm whether i beat it or not But yesterday I found out apparently there’s a g
  11. When it gets warmer and nicer to a point, i can’t wait to have a window open again for some fresh air 😌 Some fresh air will be nice to have again...feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve felt warm and nicer fresh air Will be refreshing after the cold winter air and snow we’ve had the past couple of months
  12. Looks like almost all the snow is gone this morning And looks like the weather forecast updated here and it’s all in the high 40s and 50s and clear with no snow in sight The weather is getting better and better by the day 😄 Looking forward to Spring and warmer weather 🥰
  13. After doing some math and comparing I decided to go ahead and buy both Guacamelee games from Switch Eshop Buying both for $15.91 was a lot cheaper and a good deal than buying them for around $38 at full price So think I got a good deal there
  14. Huh - both Guacamelee STCE and Guacamelee 2 Complete are on sale on the Eshop Might have to pick them up while their on sale - i think I’ve heard they’re good, anyway
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