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  1. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Game just arrived a few minutes ago, leaving the soundtrack and character cards sealed for now but I will pop the game in my system before I leave around 3 pm. I don't like playing games a lot in a moving vehicle but luckily the drive to see my dad at the hospital isn't too far, under 2 hours.
  2. Nintendo Download: Ready, Aim, Fire Emblem!

    Wayforward is behind The Mummy Remastered game, makes me more interested when I learned that since they are behind the Shantae series. Too bad I don't enough money right now in my account($12.34, cookie if you think it's funny).
  3. Fire Emblem Warriors

    DLC leak beware of spoilers
  4. Fire Emblem Warriors

    I've been surprised by Gamestop shipping a few times, though this time I am getting the SE of the game from BB through my brother who has the membership to save 20% but won't be able to play the game until Monday or possibly Sunday night. Hoping that however it's being delivered comes by 3 pm tomorrow since I am leaving at that time for something that takes me away for the weekend.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Finally bothered to check the 5* Mist I got, she's -Atk/+Res.
  6. I'm tired of going to Gamestop for events so unless someone gets an extra I am ignoring this. There is also a Charizard event going on at Target until the 14th.
  7. More Mega Stones available w/ code for Sun/Moon

    Ending date to obtain Mega Stones is Oct 31. Final list of stones and codes are: Intimidate Mawilite Beedrillite Audinite Medichamite Azul Pidgeotite Steelixite Heracronite Houndoominite Matsubusa Sceptilite Blazikenite Swampertite Cameruptite Banettite Sablevolant Tyranitarite Abomasite Manectite Aggronite Poyong Galladite Gardevoirite Lopunnite Diancite Drache Ampharosite Altarianite Latiosite Latiasite
  8. Need some balls to play with Pokemon?

    Luxury ball looks sleek and you have a good chance getting one of each by buying in sets of 10. Would like to see different ones like from aprikorns.
  9. Pikachu event has started

    I thought the Sinnoh Pikachu was still up but I got Unova Pikachu instead, got Sun version coming in from Gamefly tomorrow so I may try for one or two extra. Not worthwhile to me keeping a game longer than a few days to make sure I get my moneys worth on my gamefly subscription.
  10. Pikachu event has started

    May not be able to get the one from this week, so anyone that has a spare let me know please plus the one from the first week.
  11. amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Saw a single pack of the Samus and Metroid 2 pack when I was just at Meijer but I didn't go for it even though I would be able to open one of the packs so I could use them on the game.
  12. I still need to work on the other Prof Layton games, only have Diabolical Box, Last Spector and Miracle Mask. So many other games have been taking priority though I have started one or two of the three and I want to play them in chronological order if I can get the others(I have Unwound Future in my Gamefly Q which is currently not rentable). Not going to get the SSS remake for a while, kinda annoyed after reading some of the stuff they removed but it doesn't really change my enjoyment of the game. Symphony of Eternity sounds interesting being an old school RPG fan.
  13. Metroid: Samus Returns

    Had been taking a break from hard mode cause the battle w/ the Queen was ticking me off but thanks to the spider spark I could negate and shorten some attacks though I am trying for a better time than my first play which was the worst ending and I am almost at 6 hours right now. Need to think how much I can go grab now before final boss so I can still make under 8 hours. Might try for under 4 on normal for next try.
  14. The Fall Part 2: Unbound Coming Early 2018

    While disappointed to hear of a delay, i'm ok w/ their reasoning since it makes sense. It's been a long while but isn't there going to be a third part, thought I read something regarding that back when the first one released. Might try to boot it up on my X1 and try to get the rest of the achievements. I'm torn on whether to watch some the video though I will likely see a trailer at some point.
  15. Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    Gen 2 has the original odds of getting a shiny which was 1/8192 I think it was, Rattata was my first shiny ever that wasn't given by a game in my Gold version the second time I played through due to my first file corruption.