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  1. Thoughts on the 8Bitdo SNES30 controller?

    I might end up getting some kind of wireless controller for the SNES Classic and could very well be this one cause how I set the controller down now, my cat will sometimes try to rub against it or just one of his moods he bumps the cord and it falls down so a wireless controller would cease that issue.
  2. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    I sunk so much money into Wii shop games and when I transferred games to Wii U I was not thrilled about having to redownload every single game I had(only picked my favorites at the time). My account balance for Wii is empty thankfully and there is nothing left I want as far as I remember.
  3. Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    My eyes must have passed over the email cause I did get it at 12:39, probably going to get Heatran I think.
  4. Nintendo Direct 03.08.2018 - 2:00PM PT - 5:00PM ET

    DQXI is suppose to arrive this year at some point and I hope it doesn't get the shaft for the 3DS version since I want that one more than the PS4/Switch version.
  5. Nintendo Direct 03.08.2018 - 2:00PM PT - 5:00PM ET

    I'm just going to keep my expectations low so I am not too disappointed.
  6. Kirby Star Allies

    I liked the demo enough that I will pick it up later on but definitely not at full price. It was fun getting some of the different power-up ability changes, might go back and see how many there are total.
  7. Switch's 1st anniversary

    Waited in line most of the day on March 2nd in a line outside BB until my older brother arrived, was freaking cold that day but luckily my mom had dropped me off then she went to get some food since I hadn't had lunch and also brought a chair and blanket. My brother brought some sleeping bags that were actually really good for staying warm in that evening and I was too cold to play my 3DS. Bought the system and BotW but didn't open my game cause I wanted the Special Edition which I managed to get at Target the next morning, then I forgot to return the other copy of Zelda so I am stuck w/ it though I have a cousin who recently got a switch for his birthday so I may give it to him next time I visit(if I can find it).
  8. Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    I had an extra Marshadow code I was going to give to one of my nephews or niece but I decided to use it and I can just trade it to them for dex info if they want that. Thanks for that reminder of the code cause I completely forgot I still had one unused.
  9. Bridge Constructor Portal Review

    It's annoying that it is $5 more on Switch than on Steam so I would wait for a serious price drop before I get it and Switch would be nice w/ the obvious portability.
  10. Nintendo Download: ¡Viva Mulaka!

    Ugh, reading about a Kirby demo on Switch but not for NA so far so maybe closer to release. Might grab Mulaka sometime later when I have more funds as my subscription to Pokémon Bank is up in a couple weeks and I don't have enough to buy a game and renew it.
  11. Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    Dratini is a good one to SR for so go for it I say. Totodile is my go to these days as my starter since it usually ends up strong enough w/ Ice Punch even though its Sp Atk stat is not as good, you can make it good if it ends up being your highest level.
  12. Celebrate Pokémon Day on Feb. 27th!

    I don't expect anything too big to be revealed if anything, the biggest thing to happen was S/M reveal 2 years ago on this day.
  13. Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    Here is something rather stupid, the odd egg pokémon won't go through for the transfer even though they are legit shiny baby pokémon. Wait, I feel dumb cause I just remembered they can't have the Cross Chop egg move they all hatch w/ cause y'know stupid reasons from Nintendo. Is that the Lake of Rage shiny everyone gets or is it actually a random?
  14. Nintendo Download: Waka Waka Waka…

    I should look up the differences between the POOL and Billiard games, also thinking about getting Bridge Constructor Portal next week.
  15. Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    Luckily I am still signed up since I did receive an email on the 5th this month but I wanted to sync my US version to my account so I had to reset my password. Really wish I had gotten it before the cut off date for the free Master Ball from Game Sync. Supposedly, you'll only get one code per account you have since codes from Gamestop were usable one time on a single game(I luckily got two codes, one for each of my Sun and Moon from a gamefaqs user that posted 40 revealed codes).