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  1. My third roll for the Tempest Trials earlier this week got me some decent heroes, only just checked their stats: Reinhart is +Atk/-Res, Effie is +Def/-Spd, Jeorge is +Spd/-Res and Robin is +Def/-Res. I think these are all better than what I currently have but I may have to raise a few to lv 20 just to double check.
  2. My MM Link has shipped from BB and estimated delivery is tomorrow, really happy about that. I don't care that much about AC amiibo, still have a sealed Tom Nook, Mabel and Rover. All my other amiibo are opened except for ZSS #2, Silver Mario, Gold MM, 30th Mario, Little Mac, Shulk and Cpt Falcon.
  3. Next game I plan to buy from this game list is Metroid which gives me almost 3 months to work on my backlog. I am interested in some others that release before Metroid but I can wait on those.
  4. I still have my Mega Memory Card that I would use to get one starter, put it on Stadium 2 then reload that file to pick a different starter. It can get messed up and erase the cartridge file so be careful. I had a maxed out file of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone for GBC then I wanted to back it up but my file got wiped instead. The soldering is the part I wouldn't trust myself on since I don't really want to chance and mess something up, might be able to ask one of my brother's but my oldest bro is really busy right now and the other lives in Tennessee though he may be coming up in mid to late July to visit. Still had some of my old saves from before my Gen 2 batteries died then I accidently selected reset data which erased all the backups, which really wasn't a lot though I did back up my Gold when I had pokédex completion of around 230+ then moved all pokémon and items to Stadium 2. Also had a Gold backup of all three starters and since I abused the cloning glitch to no end, almost endless TMs and had taught Totodile Ice Punch at lv 6.
  5. I hate that Europe is getting better treatment for Metroid, don't have enough money to import since it would just be for collective purposes due to 3DS being region locked. Really happy I locked in my SE when the game was announced, then got my money down for the amiibo the next day.
  6. Dead battery so save file wouldn't be kept if I tried to power off and plug in to Stadium 2, doesn't matter anymore since SP battery died back on Sunday night so I lost all the data. I'll probably try to replace the battery at some point so if Crystal doesn't get released on VC alongside G/S eventually I have a copy I will be able to move pokémon over to Stadium 2, possibly will do my original G/S cartridges depending on the price if I find a place that can do it for me.
  7. Lol, I love the typo in the title. Happy that Metroid Prime 4 is expected next year as well as pokémon.
  8. Good improvements but I want the ability to power off the system when it is docked cause I will charge it that way overnight and would rather turn it off and let it charge rather than just put it in sleep mode.
  9. The game release on July 29th so this makes sense to me for a Direct, really want a release date for NA so I can stop worrying about whether or not we will get it. I have no doubts it will release outside Japan but it likely won't be until the end of 2018 or early 2019 depending on when they start to translate it. Really want to see what the Switch version looks like since info has been held back but it will probably be similar to the PS4 version.
  10. What did you use to find the timing for the pokémon and what version was it in? I remember doing a ton of this in Emerald using a site that wasn't even in English, problem I had was every shiny pokémon had the same nature, Naïve.
  11. Fun F2P app but some of the crane designs just felt so stupid to where you had to knock out specific ones to get only the ones you wanted. I really would only boot it up when it would give multiple free plays but I did pay for plays at times only when I was so close to ones I wanted and didn't get them w/ my free tries.
  12. I wanted to reserve Chrom and Tiki but since there is no date for those I decided against it though now I wish I had just put money down on Bowser solo when I reserved the Metroid pack. My brother will keep an eye for the Zelda amiibo on Amazon.
  13. I enjoyed Weapon Shop de Omasse, was interesting to be the weapon maker to help the heroes fight enemies.
  14. I was just at Gamestop and I traded in 2 games worth $20.90 together so that takes a nice amount off them already and I will have a bit left over from my 3 gift cards after paying for the game and the rest of the amiibo price.
  15. Thank you sir for that link, that is annoying how much the two pack of Metroid is but I don't care. Going out shortly to finally get Logan on Blu-ray for $12 at Target this week and it's close to a Gamestop.