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  1. Dancing Mog

    Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    Well, today was the last day for Xerneas and Yvetal(sp?) and didn't get a chance to go but w/e.
  2. I used some of my gold points to pre-purchase Yoku's Island Express. Might wait for some reviews on Punch Club and I decided to go for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, kinda fun so far though I was never a fan of the old CV titles. Ritual of the Night is what I really want and I wasn't a backer so definitely getting it.
  3. I think it is supposed to be $10 US from a video revealing it only a couple weeks ago. I hope to have enough I can afford it after buying a couple other games first as a gift to myself for my birthday next week.
  4. I still have the 3DS version to work on w/ the DLC so not right now and I need to work on FEW still before I venture to another one on Switch.
  5. Going to try an find some games to trade in even though I dislike doing it since I don't get the amount I deserve to making the cost of this a bit better.
  6. Dancing Mog

    [RUMOUR] Pokemon Switch reveal coming soon

    Not sure how I feel if integrations from GO are true, but we'll see when the game is actually revealed.
  7. I have not put much time into MHG so moving my data to Switch will be great. XLW: I have a brother who has a birthday on the 31st.
  8. It's look good for the price being asked, not sure if I will pick one up though. I like to use a stand designed for the 3DS that has a little opening on the bottom which provided you to have a headset plugged in the 3DS since it was in the middle on the bottom of the system and if I need to plug the Switch in while on the stand it works perfectly. This would be a good alternative though and like I've said many times, I need a job so I can buy more games that I want.
  9. Dancing Mog

    Retro Pokemon Adventures

    Found one of the best rom hacks out there called Crystal Clear which lets you choose your region to start and starter choice has 24 to pick from, went w/ Elekid which is now Electabuzz and my top hitter. You can choose w/e order of gym leaders to tackle and trainers scale w/ your badges plus the gyms can be challenged multiple times. All 251 pokémon are catchable in the game, additions like a trade back guy are for those specific evolutions.
  10. Dancing Mog

    Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    I had no chance to go out either to get any codes, might go check if anyone on gamefaqs has extras.
  11. Dancing Mog

    Yoku's Island Express Launches May 29

    Huh, the game actually looks interesting and it launches on my birthday so that is cool. I might not bite for $20 but if there is a demo to try out and I get some funds for my birthday I will keep it on my radar for getting in the future.
  12. Dancing Mog

    Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    Those in Canada are lucky since they are getting codes in the Pokémon newsletter. Wonder if I can get multiple codes at my Target next week. There is an event starting or about to start in Korea of a Pikachu knowing Surf and Fly.
  13. Dancing Mog

    Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    Raikou and Entei are available at Target between April 22-29, Entei for Sun/Ultra Sun and Raikou for Moon/Ultra Moon.
  14. Dancing Mog

    Gen 2 Pkmn team challenge

    Jynx has baby pokémon Smoochum so not qualified in my challenge. I knew the teams I typed there weren't all balanced, I just needed to get them all down cause about a third are normal type pokémon. I didn't want to make too many choices by making all possible team combinations that would be somewhat balanced so I cut it down.
  15. Dancing Mog

    Gen 2 Pkmn team challenge

    Trying to come up w/ a new challenge for myself in playing through Pokémon Crystal again and I want to use pokémon I have not used in a play through but also want to try w/ pokémon that do not evolve. I can track down most of these easily(some may require extra hunting) but I intend to trade them over to my Gold version and use a glitch to make them shiny for extra fun.