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  1. Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    Those in Canada are lucky since they are getting codes in the Pokémon newsletter. Wonder if I can get multiple codes at my Target next week. There is an event starting or about to start in Korea of a Pikachu knowing Surf and Fly.
  2. Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    Raikou and Entei are available at Target between April 22-29, Entei for Sun/Ultra Sun and Raikou for Moon/Ultra Moon.
  3. Gen 2 Pkmn team challenge

    Jynx has baby pokémon Smoochum so not qualified in my challenge. I knew the teams I typed there weren't all balanced, I just needed to get them all down cause about a third are normal type pokémon. I didn't want to make too many choices by making all possible team combinations that would be somewhat balanced so I cut it down.
  4. Gen 2 Pkmn team challenge

    Trying to come up w/ a new challenge for myself in playing through Pokémon Crystal again and I want to use pokémon I have not used in a play through but also want to try w/ pokémon that do not evolve. I can track down most of these easily(some may require extra hunting) but I intend to trade them over to my Gold version and use a glitch to make them shiny for extra fun.
  5. Smash 64: The Start of Smash

    I didn't own a copy of Smash 64 until 2000 when I found an N64 at a garage sale and I think I got Smash from Blockbuster used. This was around the time I lived in AZ w/ my parents for about 10 months cause of my dad's job, made a real good friend and we would have fun playing Smash a lot then later on Gauntlet Legends and Pokémon Stadium/2(he actually bought me the game and guide for my birthday in 2001). Most of the time we played pokémon gen 2 cause it had released and I remember him bringing over one of those old design laptops and playing a rom of Pokémon gold I think. Melee I didn't own until 2003 when I was out of High School(I also got Mario Party 4 and my mom thought it and Smash were the same game until she showed it to me and I told her they were totally different). Brawl and Smash 4 I got on their launches and was at the Smash event for Wii U at BB and did pretty well.
  6. Translated names for the characters have been revealed, edit in first post for those interested.
  7. My PC is weird about links sometimes, you'll need to copy and paste unless someone in charge can edit my post to make it work.
  8. No plans for the 3DS version. Hate linking to them but: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/03/28/dragon-quest-11-ps4-and-pc-release-date-announced-switch-coming-much-later-no-3ds-version First look below Really upset about no 3DS plans but Nintendo may step in on that or the Switch version will be an upgrade of the 3DS version. Translated names in spoilers
  9. Nintendo Download: A Bolt of Brilliance!

    I tried out Eat Beat Deadspike-san demo and decided to buy it since less than $10 sounded fair, good rhythm game so far though I only tried a few tracks.
  10. Nintendo Download: A Bolt of Brilliance!

    Castle of Heart is the only thing I am interested in this week. Hmm, might actually hold off after seeing a review video about input lag for controlling in the game.
  11. Thoughts on the 8Bitdo SNES30 controller?

    I might end up getting some kind of wireless controller for the SNES Classic and could very well be this one cause how I set the controller down now, my cat will sometimes try to rub against it or just one of his moods he bumps the cord and it falls down so a wireless controller would cease that issue.
  12. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    I sunk so much money into Wii shop games and when I transferred games to Wii U I was not thrilled about having to redownload every single game I had(only picked my favorites at the time). My account balance for Wii is empty thankfully and there is nothing left I want as far as I remember.
  13. Pokemon event distribution for 2018

    My eyes must have passed over the email cause I did get it at 12:39, probably going to get Heatran I think.
  14. Nintendo Direct 03.08.2018 - 2:00PM PT - 5:00PM ET

    DQXI is suppose to arrive this year at some point and I hope it doesn't get the shaft for the 3DS version since I want that one more than the PS4/Switch version.
  15. Nintendo Direct 03.08.2018 - 2:00PM PT - 5:00PM ET

    I'm just going to keep my expectations low so I am not too disappointed.