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  1. I've had this game on PC since its launch nearly two years ago and followed some of the dev talk on getting it released on the Switch(found it by browsing the upcoming release section), so happy this is finally happening though I want to pre-purchase the game since $10 is a great price for this gem. I can finally use this pic for a purpose
  2. Dancing Mog

    Nintendo Download: Game. Set. FUN!

    Trying to look at a few games but the page for Destiny's Princess won't let me go beyond age verification. Tight on funds right now so nothing for me unless it really catches my eye on the eShop cause next Switch game is Octopath for me in 3 weeks.
  3. Dancing Mog

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    I'm still under two hours for my playtime of the second demo, found my way to a second character. I only pre-ordered the Wayfarer's Edition two weeks ago I think at my gamestop after trading in 5 games worth $80+ w/ a prepaid credit card covering the rest of the cost. I just have to find a way over to the Gamestop on release cause I wanted to just have it shipped to my house but it would have been about $10 more(I had one game that I got a bonus $5 trade in credit but wouldn't get it if I had the game shipped and shipping was $5 as well) so I decided to pick up instead. This will only be my 5th retail game I will have, Smash and Tales of Vesperia will be next though I still haven't decided on if I want Pokémon Let's Go E/P at this time.
  4. Dancing Mog

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Any chances there will be some sneak releases shown off for Treehouse today or tomorrow? Will miss a big chunk today as I have a dentist appointment at noon but just a cleaning I think.
  5. I know that Symphonia was my first but I got stuck on an annoying early boss which made me stop for many years so I am not sure if I beat that before I found Abyss on PS2 which I also got stuck on but when I played on 3DS I passed that point easily. Vesperia now in portable form will be great but I am really wanting to know what the game is they have been making for the Switch, would love a new launch exclusive Tales game for the Switch.
  6. Dancing Mog

    Kingdom Hearts releases on January 29, 2019

    I'm currently replaying KH2 on the 2.5D Remix cause I never finished it on PS2 though I may have been close to the end. Since I share my account w/ my brother in TN we normally share the cost of games we both want but he messaged me yesterday saying not to pre-order cause he would take care of it. The worlds that show up in the game may interest my younger nieces since they love Disney and Pixar.
  7. Good thing this remaster is only going to be $50 according to amazon listing.
  8. I'm so freaking happy about this, buying on Switch for sure due to portability and X1 for achievements w/ possibly Steam later on as support for the series and this being one of my fav in the series. Still have my 360 plugged in w/ digital copy near end game so I am probably going to try and finish it then do a couple NG+ playing through, and I have a few games of the series on PS3 I need to finish.
  9. Dancing Mog

    Kingdom Hearts releases on January 29, 2019

    Annoyed the release date is next year but happy there is a release date now and my brother is upset because of everything pointing to this year then it is announced for next year.
  10. Dancing Mog

    Yoku's Island Express Review

    Yeah, took a gamble on this cause it was out on my birthday and I wasn't sure if the hotel I was going to be in would have good internet(luckily it did) so I was able to play and was enjoying it on my birthday. Still at an early point in the game, the pinball mechanics are really fun.
  11. Sucks having to wait until the 12th for the Shining Resonance demo, really want to try it out.
  12. Super Smash Bros: Switch It Up
  13. Dancing Mog

    CONFIRMED Pokemon Switch coming soon

    I only recall three battles that happened w/ Jessie, James and Meowth in Yellow version. Overall I am considering this game and will try to get a deal since it will release close to Black Friday so maybe I will get a version for myself and one for a niece and nephew to share.
  14. I would rather it comes w/ a code for the game since I already have ALBW on my N3DSXL and I want a 2DSXL at some point cause it would cause less accidental game ejects since from screenshots there is a cover that locks the game in which I always wondered why they never did again after the original Gameboy.
  15. Dancing Mog

    CONFIRMED Pokemon Switch coming soon

    Glad the new pkmn games were officially announced, wonder how long til my niece and nephews discover this news. Nice how it was revealed on my birthday(at least in my time zone since it's tomorrow in Japan).