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  1. Will actually be getting the game from gamefly surprisingly as it shipped out today. There is no keep price as the game page mentioned limited copies.
  2. If i even get a copy shipped from gamefly, will probably start w/ SM64 cause i haven't played in a while. I still own all three or at least Sunshine and Galaxy still and while i enjoyed Galaxy i didn't care much for it and i barely played Galaxy 2 but it never caught on w/ me.
  3. Not the best but my PM price is 191 if anyone still wants to sell, will be away for a while but i will try to check back from time to time.
  4. I'll try to be up early enough to post my price if anyone will want to sell on my island, apart from my possible spike of up to 594 i could be around at up to 198 after that.
  5. Well, hope i can get some different fragments for the recipes i have tomorrow(if i even remember to boot up the game).
  6. Yeah, i'll open gates shortly. Finally got my golden slingshot recipe, it showed up a while back but i noticed it as i was entering a building so it disappeared. Gate open. @Art_de_Cat Ready whenever