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  1. Turnips again for 95 this week, another 5k turnips bought. I feel like i am overdue for a high spike but we'll see what happens.
  2. Well, i did find the wet suit and it was striped so i was at least able to start swimming and diving. Got two more coming in the mail for tomorrow.
  3. Last time Gulliver washed up i forgot to help him so i hope i can get back to the slow process of helping him for the golden shovel recipe. I have a good amount of gold ore but whenever i can acquire one of each golden tool, going to make a shrine in one room of my house depicting them. Is Nook's Cranny suppose to have a chance of having a wet suit for sale? I couldn't stay up late cause i had an early dentist appointment so i didn't update til after 1 pm.
  4. Quaint painting is of a woman pouring milk. I use this to determine real or not https://www.polygon.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch-acnh-guide/2020/4/23/21231433/redd-jolly-museum-art-fake-real-forgeries-list-complete-painting-statue
  5. I need it as well, for this reason of when there are two real i have a second character for my island.
  6. Thanks so much, will be two trips cause i got 5,000 turnips. Need to use the most useful app for this game at least that has a good amount filled in and you just check off what you have of various things like seasonal, DIYs and furniture.
  7. Yes please for your turnip price. Redd also on my island, paintings: Jolly- fake Quaint- real Dynamic- real Glowing- real Already have Quaint, but at least i have two that can't be fake going by the site i favorited that lists real or not.
  8. That would be fine if i can just catalogue them. Let me know when a good time is to do that.
  9. That'd be great though there is a limit on how many you can order in a day i think and the most i could get is 6 off what i have. Think you could just use yours to order and then mail them to me? I would need the green wall, green floor, brown wall, brown floor and the wedding pumps.
  10. Rats, only have enough heart crystals for half the things i still need for the wedding event and they are just the wallpapers, rugs and floors.