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  1. Was SOS chaining for over a day off and on, didn't even see this one pop up when i was over at my brothers' house celebrating birthday of their youngest.
  2. To prepare for spring i guess. Anyone have a good price for turnips? Thought i would have a small spike this week after fluctuating last week but hard to tell. I have the green New Year's hat, only one but would trade for orange.
  3. Send me just the first two i think, still have room in the room i have designated just for orange things. How many of the black puppy plushies do you want?
  4. Update for toy variations i have: Dinosaur- Gray, Brown, Green and Red Dollhouse- Blue, Green and Pink Kids' Tent- Black, Blue and Brown Mini Circuit- Red/White, Blue/Yellow, Black/Silver and Pink/Purple Pop-up book- Ocean Blue, Savannah, Flowers Puppy plushie- Red, Black, Tricolored RC Helicopter- Red, Yellow, Green and Pink Tin robot- Silver, Red and Black If anyone has an orange variation, let me know and i will send you anything i have that you want.
  5. Would have been better if you were wearing any of the Snowperson outfit pieces. Turnips were 107 this week so i passed on getting them.
  6. I guess the one time was lucky i managed a perfect snowboy cause the last few days i was 90% or something and i kept just exiting to try again w/ no luck. Today though i tried the the trick from the youtube video and got another perfect snowboy, forgot that talking to the melting perfect snowboys gets you a large snowflake each day.
  7. Watched something on youtube regarding how to make a perfect snowboy each time so will have to try that tomorrow.
  8. There should be more of being able to buy the complete set of something like they did for Turkey Day. I have other games taking up my time and i just can't always focus on finding recipes in NH. I had almost forgot Redd was on my island today and didn't check, did now and bought the only real one of the bunch which was the Academic Painting.
  9. Green dollhouse yesterday and another pop-up book today which may be flowers again, not sure. My high right now is 145 for turnips, not much of a profit but will only sell if no one here has a high spike.
  10. I'll take anything orange if possible. I have the black puppy plushie, silver tin robot, kids tent in black, red RC helicopter and flowers pop-up book. I haven't been checking everyday but grab whatever is the special for that day. Anyone going to have a decent turnip price this week, looks like fluctuating for me, minute chance of another small spike.
  11. Redd at my island, the two i need are fakes(Famous and Jolly) while i already have the other two(Moody and Scary, the latter is fake). Maybe i can start collecting a few art pieces for my niece and her island.
  12. I got to play some locally w/ my niece on sunday when we celebrated my sister-in-laws birthday, dropped her a few bags of 99k bells and gave her some as she describes it "annoyingly pink" items. She even wants to only have pink animals as residents. Today was fairly simple to get the ingredients since i had most of them already stored.
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