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  1. Dancing Mog

    Anyone Else Getting Dragon Quest 11?

    Grinding isn't really necessary in most of the games, as long as you don't avoid battles and finish them you likely wont be overpowered for bosses. DQXI has been marked as relatively easy and the added Draconian Quests gives you more to do in a game, I only turned on no exp from weaker enemies cause I still want to enjoy the game.
  2. Dancing Mog

    Anyone Else Getting Dragon Quest 11?

    My brother installed the graphics card and power supply yesterday but made an issue w/ my antenna for my adapter, got some help from a family friend today that fixed it for me so now I can finally play DQXI and run other games much more smoothly I imagine.
  3. Pretty sure I have seen something similar to this that has been made but only like a half piece where the bottom plugs into the phone so a portion of the GB games is on your half of a phone screen like a GB.
  4. Dancing Mog

    Nintendo Download: It’s Party Time!

    I was actually thinking I would get the rest at launch but I didn't see a mention of when you are suppose to get them, thanks for the clarification. I was never big on Mario Party though I enjoyed 4 and some of 8, also have 2 but really hard for me to go back the controls for that one even though I can do it w/ a lot of other games.
  5. Dancing Mog

    Nintendo Download: It’s Party Time!

    I have Super Mario Party pre-loaded though I didn't get the double gold coins like it says you are suppose to w/ the digital version. Probably should have done some research before buying it.
  6. I should have dug out my gba video cartridge that has the first episode on it along w/ the Squirtle squad episode. I was nostalgic for my very first shiny ever, a Rattata, that I used a glitch in Gold to make one I hunted for into a shiny then named it YngstrJoey and battled Youngster Joey w/ my new Rattata vs his and beat him w/ three tackles since both were lv 4.
  7. Dancing Mog

    Fallout 76 - Official In-game Intro

    My buddy and I have this game pre-ordered to play the beta next month on X1.
  8. Dancing Mog

    New Castlevania game(s) going to PS4 only?

    Not even new games but yeah, would love to have SotN for Switch though I want original PSone version not the changed one released for PSP.
  9. Dancing Mog

    Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    That OT is suspicious to me as I got one that was AuSLove.TV on two legendary pkmn I got through WT last week, Mewtwo and Shaymin. I was told that is a youtuber that distributes hacked pkmn.
  10. Dancing Mog

    Baten Kaitos III could have happened

    I was pretty sure I had both games but I may be remembering wrong as I am only finding the first one, which I think I got during a TRU deal where I also got Symphonia and a Spyro game for the GCN. It also came w/ a CD of soundtrack selections. I wasn't too crazy about the battling w/ cards but I did try to like it. Symphonia I think took over cause I got real sucked into that until a certain boss battle that I couldn't pass.
  11. Dancing Mog

    Dragon Quest XI S, the "S" stands for Switch

    @DLurkster Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is already out, I have it myself on Switch. Pretty sure it will still be released outside Japan, just hope news isn't slow w/ this version.
  12. Dancing Mog

    Dragon Quest XI S, the "S" stands for Switch

    Best of both worlds if it is ported from PS4 but has all the extra goodies of the 3DS version like switching from 3D to 2D mode.
  13. Patty sounds like Meiu from Tales of the Abyss which people mentioned on gamefaqs.
  14. Dancing Mog

    Anyone Else Getting Dragon Quest 11?

    Nothing for Switch release yet but w/ this teaser it is likely more information will slowly be released. Wouldn't surprise me if it came out next year worldwide.
  15. Dancing Mog

    Anyone Else Getting Dragon Quest 11?

    Teaser of Switch version at TGS