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  1. First Look at Nintendo Labo

    My mind is still trying to process what I just saw after watching the video. I think my oldest brother could have fun w/ this along w/ his 12 and 8 year old kids, maybe even the soon to be 5 year old( in less than a week). The prices are kinda high I think for what it comes w/ but maybe I would get one on sale.
  2. $30 for the amiibo, that is some next level stupidity even if it is a larger amiibo than normal. It's probably smaller than the Guardian amiibo and that was $24 I think(probably wrong on that).
  3. Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.18

    My favorite news from the Mini Direct is the Dragon Quest Builders demo launching today, other good stuff too.
  4. 3DS Activity Log 2017

    Most Played Games of 2017 (10-25 titles) 1. Dragon Quest IX 55:30 2. Metroid Samus Returns 54:12 3. Dragon Quest VIII 51:08 4. Dragon Quest VII 36:43 5. Pokémon Gold 33:20 6. Pokémon White 2 23:16 7. LoZ Majora's Mask 3D 22:48 8. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire 19:49 9. Pokémon Sun 19:04 10. Pokémon Ultra Moon 18:52(funny considering this was rental copies and I mostly just did Wonder Trades) Most Played Games as of now (10-20 titles) 1. Pokémon X 343:39 2. Tales of the Abyss 318:52 3. Animal Crossing NL 228:30 4. Dragon Quest IX 222:07 5. Fire Emblem Awakening 212:03 6. Dragon Quest VII 133:10 7. LoZ Ocarina of Time 3D 89:35 8. Pokémon Omega Ruby 88:23 9. LoZ ALBW 84:10 10. Crosswords Plus 68:50 Total Hours for 2017: 579:38 Total Steps for 2017: 481, 749 Month with the Most Time: Jan (87:12) Month with the Least Time: Dec (25:22) Month with the Most Steps: June (53, 697) Month with the Least Steps: Feb (28,584) Total Lifetime Hours up to 2018: 4,348:14 Total Lifetime Steps up to 2018: 4, 906, 245
  5. Gauging Interest for Minecraft Online

    I'd be interested if cross-play came into the picture since I am not interested in paying $30 for the package deal of Minecraft for Switch, maybe if it was under $15.
  6. I won't believe Pokémon releases this year until there is official word from Nintendo and I really doubt MP4 releasing this year unless there is something in the upcoming ND.
  7. Nintendo Download: Happy New Year!

    While I am not a big Picross fan, I enjoy them as much as I am able so I bought Picross S for Switch yesterday(it'll be my bad luck if it goes on sale anytime soon after I pay full price on it). Nothing to get though until the 26th when Pokémon Crystal releases on 3DS and I am considering buying it twice, one copy for each of my N3DSXL systems so I can trade w/ myself as opposed to being locked to only transferring pokémon into Gen 7.
  8. Ninfora Game of the Year Awards, 2017

    Most of those I haven't played, still trying to get SMO from Gamefly to check it out, but this year has a lot I am looking forward to getting once I lock down a job and can afford what games I want. Dragon Quest Builders is probably going to be my first Switch purchase this year, hope to get it from Gamefly so I can keep it for the member price plus getting another $5 coupon in February will make it an even better price.
  9. Amazon puts up placeholders for 18 Switch games

    There was something I saw on gamefaqs detailing a "leak" that says the ND will be Jan 11, i'll try to find the topic and post the link.
  10. Tough on a limit like that but probably(breaking shiny rule for my shiny Umbreon that I bred as an Eevee): Umbreon Dragonite Swampert Appearance: orange t-shirt, blue shorts and black sneakers wearing a black logo cap that has Umbreon's face Rival: anyone that proves themselves Theme:
  11. 2018's biggest questions for Switch owners

    While I see Pokémon possibly coming out this year on Switch, something makes me think it will be 2019. I just want them to make it good on the Switch and w/ having different accounts I wonder how it will work w/ trading and save files.
  12. 2018's biggest questions for Switch owners

    I could see custom joy-con colors for Metroid Prime 4 but that isn't even likely out until at least 2019.
  13. Nintendo Download: Ho Ho Haute Couture

    I'm going to be waiting on other eShop purchases until Pokémon Crystal releases on VC for 3DS next month unless I can get some other cards together or buy something that still leaves me enough to buy Pkmn C next month(still hope it will be $10 as I don't see them charging more for it).
  14. eShop server issues?

    I was able to connect a few hours ago, I'm in the US.
  15. Nintendo Download: Happy Holidays!

    Yes, I was on the eShop last night and it was in the top left corner for new releases.