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  1. Finally caught a Stringfish tonight!! Sturgeon is the last one I need.
  2. Lol, much better. That episode and Make Love, Not Warcraft are at the top for my favorite episodes.
  3. Shouldn't that be the Japanese Ninja Cartman and not the Coon?
  4. I'd also like more of the Rhythm Heaven series appear on the Switch, hated that Mega Mix was the end cause it could work great on Switch.
  5. I just made an all orange custom design since that is all my real phone has right now. Sad that the Rover amiibo doesn't work since that is one of the three I have and my amiibo cards are somewhere else. I managed to get up to 16k miles and exchanged them for the Robot and Monster recipes, now trying to make more so I can get the fence recipes that are up right now.
  6. I want the Dragon Quest collections that have been exclusive to Japan over here and being the only one that hasn't been improved of the Final Fantasy series, FFVI needs a good upgrade.
  7. Yeah, I actually found a translated version of that picture not long ago tonight but thanks. I also found a guide explaining the way to breed which is what you said. I adjusted my small garden areas so maybe I can get more colors. Do you know if it's better to just water the ones you want to breed so that has a better chance than watering all flowers? Though I wonder if it raining in the game affects that as well.
  8. I never dealt w/ hybrid flowers in NL, so can someone explain how you can get them? The flowers you want to cross need to be next each other?
  9. The machine where you can access money or shopping also has an option to redeem Nook Miles, you exchange 2,000 for a ticket and can go to an island. Nook is closed for me today for the upgrade and Gulliver showed up again yesterday so I can't check for rusted parts in the recycling bin. I have all fruits if anyone needs them for planting on their own island so let me know.
  10. Will start turnip selling this coming sunday and hope I can get a good price during the week.
  11. Duping has been patched w/ the update today, not proud but I did use it on the crown to get a few million bells. It seems there is a glowing spot on the island for each person that you have(as in people playing, cause I planted my own this morning and called in my secondary that I was using for the dupe glitch and there was another glowing spot).
  12. I still have my copy of Ep 1 Podracing, used to use a cheat to make races more fun. Big games coming out on my birthday, May 29. Planning to pick up Jedi Academy eventually cause that was one of the best and now having online multi is pretty amazing.
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles DE, Bioshock Collection, Borderlands Legendary Collection and XCOM out on my birthday. Going to try the Bravely Default II demo in a bit.
  14. Huh, it would seem if a visitor buys something from the Nook shop it doesn't disappear for the host.