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  1. My issue was on the 7th floor in a room near the top, didn't realize the solution for bouncing on the mushrooms was the action for both Z buttons.
  2. DQXI S is my top JRPG on the Switch right now, love the 2D mode so much as it was the biggest reason even though I already had it on Steam. Thanks to my turbo Switch pro wired controller I can hit the slots and just do something else while the game plays itself, made so much one time in less than 30 min.
  3. Really enjoying the game so far, haven't had to resort to looking up any solutions when I stop to just think over how to get past an obstacle(currently am stumped by something but I will get past eventually). If enough have the game we should do some co-op.
  4. Got myself a lovely shiny Dragonair in X Friend Safari yesterday, and I was watching one of my youtubers but I don't know if they really contributed to my luck finding it. Calm nature w/ perfect IVs in Def, Sp Atk and Sp Def, named him Wormulon cause I am not clever most of the time w/ nicknames.
  5. I have Torchlight II pre-downloaded now, was mulling over it for a while but decided to go for it cause I loved the first one. Maybe some others here will get it for online co-op.
  6. I have the Zero cartridges and the Collection as well as the ZX games, would love a collection of everything but I never liked the timed thing of the stages cause I hate feeling rushed.
  7. I had an issue when I was going through an escape sequence, screen went to load but I just got a black screen instead. Still love being able to play the demo, probably will just start a new file on the game next month in 2D mode since that is the biggest lure for this version to me.
  8. Well, with Nintendo offering free repair on joy-con drifting I think I will hold off until hopefully a color pair releases alongside Metroid prime 4. I like orange but not paired w/ purple but if I can get a dual pack of orange then I would try to get that.
  9. DQB2 already preloaded on my Switch, just hope it's a midnight release.
  10. Looks interesting enough that I might pick it up later this year or whenever I get some extra funds.
  11. Getting the DQB2 demo for sure to fill some time until the game releases in two weeks.
  12. I bought Bloodstained RotN on my X1 as a birthday gift to myself, can see double dipping for portable playing even w/ the FPS drop but would need a good sale on it.
  13. Need some funds to get Cadence of Hyrule and w/ Hero from DQ coming to Smash I want the game pass though I almost want to wait for the other characters to be revealed so I can decide if I just want that sole pack to save me some money.
  14. I really want that amiibo as well. I was annoyed when DQB2 was shown off at the SE show but looked like only PS4 was listed to get a demo, glad the Switch gets it also cause I will have fun w/ that. The BB locations for play MUA3 are not very close to me, really wanted to play cause I don't know when I will get the game as I am cutting myself down to 1 game a month.