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  1. Grabbing the MHGU demo later to check how it plays on Switch. Lol, the bomb defusing game sounds kind of fun but not really sure. This demo is huge, gonna take my connection speed another 2.5 hours to download.
  2. I can't recall if I ever tried Okami but at 9 GB, not really planning to get it cause the west gets screwed by not getting a physical release a lot.
  3. Dancing Mog

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Hope against hope that we can get a Dragon Quest rep in the game.
  4. Dancing Mog

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I still need to finish Dark Dawn, even though I still find the first two more enjoyable I liked it and sometimes I am bad w/ finishing games I am near end game. Still have a copy of the game and the guide sealed since I ended up w/ three copies of the game. Maybe my hope is in vain but I won't be too disappointed if nothing happens.
  5. Dancing Mog

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    The only series I would still like to see represented is Golden Sun but it doesn't feel at all likely since nothing has happened after the DS title though if they can make an HD remake for the Switch i'd be so into that.
  6. Dancing Mog

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    That bit about Rhythm Heaven has me intrigued, would settle for a stage that cycles through the different games but a fighter, and Fighter Joe specifically named, would be awesome so my name could be in a Smash game. Too bad a RH is not likely to happen for the system so this might be the best we get if true.
  7. Dancing Mog

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Maybe for the Switch but my personal GOTY is DQXI which launches next month.
  8. That's a big draw for me, I just don't know if I would care for the Dark Souls like difficulty. Too many other games I have that I need to finish though right now, MMXLC is being a pain w/ the final boss form in X4 and it has been distracting me from Octopath(which I want to finish before DQXI next month).
  9. I'm a bit interested in Salt and Sanctuary but will hold off for now though I might look up some gameplay.
  10. Dancing Mog

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    MMXLC has been distracting me from this game, probably will wrap up MMX2 tomorrow and try some of the Challenge Mode again before I get back to this game so I can get further and into a better place that can make sure I will beat it before DQXI drops in Sept.
  11. Dancing Mog

    Illustrator for the Golden Sun series passed away

    I've been working on another run of the game recently, decided to challenge myself but not grabbing all the Djinni I find(don't know if I can handle just the first one or not). Too bad there likely won't be another even if Dark Dawn ended on a cliffhanger. Would love to see the Golden Sun games remade to look like Octopath Traveler.
  12. Mega Man X Legacy Collection(just the first one) already pre-loaded, very happy Ghost 1.0 is finally being released as it is an overlooked gem imo.
  13. Well, it was pushed to an estimated release of the 19th so I hope not much longer of a wait even though it was released already in AUS.
  14. Dancing Mog

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    Tressa is my last member to join, doing her Chp 1 now. Cyrus' ability to identify a weakness at the start of a battle is pretty good, wonder if that's why so many chose to start w/ him so they could find out all weaknesses as enemies are encountered w/ some only being one time like bosses.
  15. Dancing Mog

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    My remaining team members to get are Cyrus, Tressa and H'aanit though I don't know the order I want to go(I've visited all the initial towns so I can warp to any of them if needed). Some of the bosses were more annoying than in the demo even w/ the added members. One thing I want to see if anyone knows is what some of the status symbols mean cause there are attacks that hit my characters to hinder them but it's hard for me to tell what it shows.