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  1. I bought Bloodstained RotN on my X1 as a birthday gift to myself, can see double dipping for portable playing even w/ the FPS drop but would need a good sale on it.
  2. Need some funds to get Cadence of Hyrule and w/ Hero from DQ coming to Smash I want the game pass though I almost want to wait for the other characters to be revealed so I can decide if I just want that sole pack to save me some money.
  3. I really want that amiibo as well. I was annoyed when DQB2 was shown off at the SE show but looked like only PS4 was listed to get a demo, glad the Switch gets it also cause I will have fun w/ that. The BB locations for play MUA3 are not very close to me, really wanted to play cause I don't know when I will get the game as I am cutting myself down to 1 game a month.
  4. June 20th is basically the last day of Spring, typical Nintendo to release like this.
  5. Hope the game isn't too pricey, limiting my games and I want this but Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming in July and I really want that as well.
  6. Another DLC pack will be released as part of this pack for $10 so not a bad price really though would prefer a free marathon mode, hope to get some funds for my bday at the end of the month.
  7. I signed up though I am unsure my phone is going to work, annoying that you need your Nintendo account linked to Gmail though.
  8. I'm guessing mid to late May or early June for Cadence of Hyrule release. Possible I will get Boxboy+Boxgirl around release if I have the funds, since the added co-op sounds interesting if I can get any nieces to play. Might boot up Smash to look at new features, they need to announce more for the fighter's pass already.
  9. I started to play FFX when it came out but I got bored of it, don't really know why and I just didn't pick up any FF titles until XV which I like ok enough but haven't pushed myself to beat it. I did recently have a copy of FFXII which I started to play and it ended up disappearing from the house(what I suspect I can't prove but is most likely). I will try it again if I can get it from Gamefly.
  10. Getting my FF fix w/ IX right now so FFVII will probably be bought at a sale, some interesting games to put on the wishlist though from this week.
  11. I'll need to know the other CV titles in that collection before I decide whether I am interested. The others really hold no interest for me.
  12. Doesn't really seem like a game I would want to play though I did get a power rangers game on X1 that revolves around the original 6.
  13. I grabbed the game recently on sale cause a friend has his own Switch and he wants to get it soon. Totally forgot about the amiibo exclusives, not even sure which ones are compatible.
  14. Wow, just made tenth place and if I was a little faster I could have gone a bit further but that really was intense for me as I am only an average Tetris player. Really hope the new modes don't take too long to come out since I would love to just play some normal Tetris.
  15. Will try and pick up FFIX later this year, have played Tetris 99 and best I've had was 42nd twice.