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  1. My Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Tracks Tier List (NO DLC and PS4 exclusive) Note: I’m basing this only on plain time-trial skill, so that means it doesn’t factor in any jumps over pits. And each track looks and sounds wonderful in the game, so no ups or downs there. Also, no Battle Tracks. F- Papu’s Pyramid: The pyramid section is hard to drift in, the purple plants are horrible, the shortcut jumps are lame, and you have to get through this track three times. I just sincerely hate this track. Android Alley: I hate the train, the shortcut jump, and the robot mice. A worse version of Turbo Track. And, it’s extremely long. D- Thunder Struck: The track is narrow, and there’s too much close call with obstacles. A worse version of Hot Air Skyway. It’s also extremely long. C- Dragon Mines: The mine karts, that drifting section, and the supports are not fun. Plus, the fact that you have to play this track three times. Hyper Spaceway: The shortcut area is not fun, the fire jump area sucks, and the fire drift area sucks. If it wasn’t for the big jump, it would’ve been worse. Also, discount Oxide Stadium but worse. Deep Sea Driving: The gears and such. A worse version of Roo’s Tubes. Polar Pass: The tricky turbo pad platforms coupled with the drift at that one section, the shortcut jump, and the last stretch aren’t welcome in an otherwise decent track. I almost forgot the seals. B- Mystery Caves: The timing of the turtles and meteors is sometimes really hard to work with. Dingo Canyon: The timing of the armadillos and the turbo pad drift execution makes this an okay track. Sewer Speedway: A nice track to drift and jump, even if the shortcut is a little hard to execute. I forgot the barrels and this one part at the end of the track that can stop all momentum. Cortex Castle: Turning, the spiders, and the shortcut. Clockwork Wumpa: I hate the gears, the trap, and the clock. A- Turbo Track: A Slide Coliseum with turbo pad but even meaner turning sections. Tiger Temple: The jumps are a little odd here, not to mention the shortcut needs a bowling bomb to execute. Blizzard Bluff: That one shortcut and that boulder. Still, fun track. Hot Air Skyway: It’s a bit narrow, not to mention turning is an essential. Inferno Island: I’m counting this as a discount Crash Cove. Still fun, though. Tiny Arena: Like Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64, but jumping can be a bit tricky here, and it is a bit long. Tiny Temple: Unless one presses the box, the fire can be annoying to some players. Not to mention, the shortcut might be detrimental here. Barin Ruins: The robots and the one shortcut. Electron Avenue: The barriers suck, but the beginning part is fun. Still, it is a really long track. Assembly Lane: The one shortcut isn’t really good. Jumping is a gamble as well, like Tiny Arena beforehand. Out of Time: It’s just that one short-cut in the beginning that’s difficult to pull off. And, that windmill is a buzzkill. S- Crash Cove: Great beginning track, even if the shortcut jump is a little hard to pull off. Slide Coliseum: Some of the turns are really mean, but it’s not a bad track. N. Gin Labs: The barrel part is obnoxious, and the turning is lame, but the turbo tunnel is fun, so… Jungle Boogie: Hard jumps and the shortcut jump. Otherwise, still love this track, and it’s a better alternative to Papu’s Pyramid. Oxide Stadium: The turning might be hard, but the big turbo jumps are really cool… unless you fall into the ground while landing from the second jump. SS- Roo’s Tubes: Just turning, boosting, and jumping. Nothing too hard to pull off. Coco Park: Again, nothing too hard to pull off. If nothing else, my favorite track. Meteor Gorge: I can only think of the short-cuts being a real problem. I somehow like this more than Blizzard Bluff.
  2. Not on my end. Though, I did get the Nitros Oxide Edition digitally, so maybe it's for those who got it physical? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways, after many rampages, tantrums, and moments of frustration and sweat, I did it. I beat N. Tropy. Not sure if anyone else has, it just felt really good to say it. ... Only thing left is egg-man that debuted in the GBA games. Too bad the Grand Prix is still ongoing, so I can't get him yet. I don't know why I had to do it, maybe it was the urge to finally complete one of my favorite games without cheats. It feels really good. Oh, yeah, I've been meaning to do a tier list thing of my favorite tracks of this game, now that I finally played through all of them, but will exclude the exclusive PS4 track and the Grand Prix tracks.
  3. My Switch controllers are annoying me to no avail. Stuff is randomly turning left without my input. I thought it was calibration, but I think something is seriously wrong. Not sure if it's any of the other controllers too. I think this coincidentally happened last year, and it irritated me. Been playing Secret of Mana.
  4. Info on them is page 64. I'd forgot to do the other game, but... I just didn't care for them as of now.
  5. Even though there is a problem with 5 Mario and 5 Zelda teams currently in the Premier League, and not enough exposure for other smaller teams, there is a little wave of news that no one has seen coming: the rise of third-party teams. Last season was the fall and rise of two Disney teams, and next season will see the introduction of the Agrabah Streetrats and a team even the greatest of teams are worried about: the Dragon Ball FighterZ. Although maybe 2nd party, the Mayahem Jinjos have garnered new popularity thanks to Banjo and Kazooie being in Smash soon. The playoffs also gave the audience a glimpse of Dracula's Castlevania, which unfortunately lost, but might be likely be in next season's playoffs due to the collection and the Contra collection. Yes, two familiar characters will join their ranks next season. The Championship League will also house the indie-favorites Mimiga Town and New York City (aka the Avengers). By the next film, it's expected the Tatooine Jedi might be in a better place. Three to four other 3rd party franchise no one expected to be in the NBL might make their long awaited debut... that is, if the other "big leagues" allow them to be here. No doubt there is chaos taking place. Still, that's not to deny the slow decline of other popular teams that were once famous in the NBL or had amazing potential. Orange Star, Bern, Slateport City, Onett, Epoch, Hocotate, Tethealla, Goldenrod City, Nimbasa City, Lanaryu, some of which were popular than others, have stepped down in grace, and poor Laurasia, Labyrnna, Jubilife City (maybe), Lumiose City, and Valla have gotten it worse thanks to being in the reserve league now. Nearly half of those relegated have been part of series that have discontinued or lost steam. The reason why I didn't consider Neo Arcadia, Guangzhou, and Alrest is that they were lucky to be in the Premier League for as long as they were. And, there is news of a smaller team being traded off to "another universe", but again that's until the VGWBC comes into play. To counter that, smaller IPs are still being looked at. Inkopolis is one of the rising stars of the Premier League, Mute City has the shining small spark of Lt. Surge in their minds, and Tallon has a gotten a surge thanks to recent Prime news. Mekanos was recently called up thanks to King K. Rool, and I think they'll be in the Premier League for some time. Zaphias, from the Tales of Vesperia game, has some intrigue to it, like Tethealla before it. Hocotate was in the promotion playoffs, and Tortimer Island came really close to being in the Premier League. However, Arms is kind of at a stand-still. Although one of the big four, one of the Kirby teams had high hopes this season, but there was too much weight from the other series this time around. And next season will bring along more company to the NBL... which will also act as a double-edged sword for the next seasons to come. The new system has given the NBL a bit of a pro and con situation. The new influx of teams could easily overshadow those lost to time, but recent news and new games could make older teams stand out once more. About five seasons or more seasons in, currently and the landscape of the NBL has changed dramatically. Not sure if for the better... or the worse.
  6. As much as I want to, I’ve been really preoccupied this summer with work and such. Still, we have about a few days before the 16th to determine if we should just skip Darkwater this time around.
  7. Games 7, Promotion Playoffs Finale! Koholint Dreamers vs. New Donk City Captains at... The Battlefield Stadium, Unknown 7-6 Tortimer Island Terrapins vs. Dragonball FighterZ at... The Final Destination Stadium, Unknown 4-6 Inning 1: The first three for Koholint is out. Switch! Captain Toad is out. New Donker is on first. Goombette walks, New Donker on second. Shiverian is out. Jaxi on second, Goombette on third, and New Donker is safe! Chef Bro. is out. As for the other game, the first three for TI is out. Switch! Yamcha walks. Vegeta is out. Gohan walks, Yamcha on second. Goku on first, Gohan second, Yamcha third. F.A.N.G. is out. Hercule is... out. Inning 2: Dark Link is out. Thief Girl walks. Cuckoo Keeper is out. Helmaroc King is out. Switch! Glydon walks. Tostarenan is out. Paper Bowser Jr. walks, Glydon on second. Captain Toad walks, Paper Bowser Jr. on second, Glydon on third. New Donker walks, Captain Toad on second, Paper Bowser Jr. on third, Glydon is safe! The rest strike out. As for the other game, Cyrus walks. Leila walks, Cyrus on second. Grams on second, Leila on third, and Cyrus is home! Digby walks, the others are fine. Leilani on first, Grams on third, and Leila is home! The rest strike out. Switch! Tien walks. Menat makes a home run! Yamcha is out. Vegeta is out. Gohan walks. Goku is out. Inning 3: Cyclos makes a home run! Grim Creeper is out. Dethl makes a home run! The rest are out. Switch! Jaxi walks. Chef Bro. walks, Jaxi on second. Glydon is out. Tostarenan walks, Chef Bro. on second, Jaxi on third. Paper Bowser Jr. is out. Captain Toad on second, Tostarenan on third, the rest are safe! The rest are out. As for the other game, Cyrus walks. Leila walks, Cyrus on second. The rest are out. Switch! F.A.N.G is out. Hercule walks. Tien is out. Menat is on third, and Hercule is safe! Yamcha is out. Inning 4: Dark Link is on first. Thief Girl is on first, Dark Link second. Cuckoo Keeper walks, Thief Girl on second, Dark Link third. Helmaroc King is out. Cyclos is out. Grim Creeper is on first, Cuckoo Keeper second, Thief Girl third, and Dark Link is safe! Dethl is out. Switch! All of NDC is out. As for the other game, Isabelle is out. Nat is out. Reese walks. Cyrus walks, Reese on second. Leila is out. Switch! Vegeta is out. Gohan is out. Goku makes a home run! F.A.N.G walks. Hercule walks, F.A.N.G on second. Hercule is out. Halftime thoughts and opinions: It's hard to determine the winner of the first game, but there's a bigger rally for the FighterZ. Tortimer Island might have to wait until next season to get it right. More action coming your way! Inning 5: ReDead Knight walks. Madam MM walks, ReDead Knight on second. B&C Soldier is out. Crazy Tracy is on first, Madam MM on second, ReDead Knight on third. Cuckoo Keeper is out. Helmaroc King is out. Switch! Trapeetle walks. Klepto walks, Trapeetle on second. Pom Pom is out. Captain Toad is on third, the rest are safe! The rest strike out. As for the other game, Leif is out. Kicks walks. Pascal is out. Isabelle walks, Kicks on second. Nat is out. Switch! Frieza is out. Majin Buu is on first. Yamcha walks, and Majin Buu on second. 16 walks, Yamcha on second, Majin Buu on third. 18 is out. Goku is out. Inning 6: Tarin is out. Grandma walks. Dethl walks, Grandma on second. ReDead Knight on second, Dethl on third, and Grandma is safe! Madam MM on first, ReDead Knight on third, and Dethl is safe! B&C Soldier on first, Madam MM on second, and ReDead Knight is safe! Crazy Tracy is out. Cuckoo Keeper on second, B&C Solider on third, and Madam MM is safe! Helmaroc King is out. Switch! The players from NDC are out. As for the other game, Kaitlin is out. Cyrus walks. Katie is out. Leif is out. Switch! 17 makes a home run! The rest strike out. Inning 7: Tarin walks. Grandma walks, Tarin on second. Dethl is out. ReDead Knight walks, Grandma on second, Tarin on third. Madam MM is out. Switch! All the players from NDC are out. As for the other game, Kicks is on second. Pascal is on third, and Kicks is safe! The rest are out. Switch! Yamcha is out. 16 walks. 18 is out. Goku is out. Inning 8: B&C Soldier is out. Crazy Tracy is on first. Cuckoo Keeper is on first, Crazy Tracy on second. Helmaroc King walks, the rest are good. Tarin is out. Grandma is out. Switch! Captain Toad walks. Chinco is on first, Captain Toad second. S-H Goomba is out. Shiverian is on first, Chinco on second, Captain Toad on third. Jaxi is out. Parabones is out. As for the other game, the players from TI are out. Switch! 17 is out. Cell walks. Frieza walks, Cell on second. Majin Buu is out. Yamcha on second, Frieza on third, and Cell is safe. 16 is out. Last thoughts: It feels like a snowball's chance for Tortimer Island to get three runs now. Meanwhile, it's been back and forth for the other game, so who knows if NDC can get another point by then. Inning 9: No one scores for Koholint... but no one scores for New Donk City as well! There will now be five Zelda teams joining the five Mario teams (Yoshi's Island and Moleville technically count.) As for the other game... Cyrus makes a home run! Buuuut... it's not enough to win the game. THE KOHOLINT DREAMERS AND DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ WILL JOIN THE AGRABAH STREETRATS AND MAYAHEM JINJOS IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE! HERE'S TO NEXT SEASON FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T MAKE IT THIS TIME! THIS IS XLW, AND THANKS FOR WATCHING!
  8. I beat the N. Tropy time trials... and have not unlocked N. Tropy. What the %$%#$?!! Never mind. I saw that I had to at least make my own ghost once. Which is a really dumb way to unlock a ghost race.
  9. Gamecast Game 6's: Koholint Dreamers vs. New Donk City @ Mabe Village Stadium 5-4 Tortimer Island vs. West City @ Island Tour Stadium 8-7 Inning 1: The first three for NDC strike out. Switch. Dethl strikes out. Lizalfos strikes out. Moblin walks. Dark Link walks, Moblin on second. Thief Girl on first, Dark Link on second, Moblin on third. Cuckoo Keeper strikes out, thus no one got anything. As for the other game, Yamcha is on first. Vegeta is on second, Yamcha third. Gohan strikes out. Goku strikes out. F.A.N.G walks, and it's bases loaded. Hercule strikes out. Switch. Isabelle walks. Nat is on first, Isabelle second. The rest strike out. Inning 2: The next three for NDC strike out. Switch. Helmaroc King walks. Cyclos is out. Grim Creeper is out. Dethl walks, and Helmaroc King is on second. Lizalfos strikes out. As for the other game, Tien walks. Menat is on first, Tien second. Yamcha on first, Menat second, Tien third. Vegeta is out. Goku is on first, Yamcha second, Menat on third, and Tien is at home! F.A.N.G is on second, Goku is on third, and the other two are safe! Understandably so, the others are out! Switch. Leila is on second. Grams walks, Leila is still on second. Digby strikes out. Leilani is on second, Grams on third, and Leila is at home! Isabelle walks, the others are safe. Nat is on first, Isabelle is on third, the others are at home! The rest strike out. And what seemed to be straightforward for West City is not. Inning 3: Glydon walks. Tostarenan is on second, Glydon third. The rest strike out. Switch! Moblin walks. Dark Link is out. Thief Girl... hits a home run! The rest strike out. As for the next game, Menat strikes out. Yamcha walks. Vegeta strikes out. Gohan walks, and Yamcha is on second. Goku strikes out. Switch! Grams is on first. The rest strike out. Inning 4: Goombette walks. Shiverian walks, Goombette on second. The rest strike out. Switch! Cyclos is on second. The rest strike out. As for the other game, F.A.N.G is on first. Hercule walks, F.A.N.G is on second. Tien is on first, Hercule on second, F.A.N.G third. Meant is on second, and the others... are safe! The others are struck out! Switch! Nat walks. Reese strikes out. Cyrus walks, Nat is on second. Leila strikes out. Grams is on first, Cyrus on second, Nat on third. Digby... strikes out. Inning 5: Klepto walks. Pom Pom walks, Klepto on second. Captain Toad is out. Chinco walks, Pom Pom on second, Klepto third. Santa-Hat Goomba is out. Shiverian is on first, Chinco second, Pom Pom on third, and Klepto is... home! Jaxi even makes Chinco and Pom Pom score! Parabones is out. Switch! Madam MM walks. B&C Solder walks, Madam MM is on second. Crazy Tracy is out. Cuckoo Keeper... is on second, while the rest are home! The others strike out! As for the other game, immediately, the FighterZ's next players are out. Switch! Pascal makes a surprise home run! Isabelle strikes out. Nat walks. Kaitlin strikes out. Cyrus... makes another home run! Katie strikes out. Inning 6: Nothing happens for the first game. Meanwhile, Frieza is on first. Majin Buu strikes out. Captain Ginyu strikes out. 16 walks, Frieza is on second. 18 strikes out. Switch! The TI players strike out. Inning 7: Captain Toad is on second. Chinco strikes out. SH Goomba walks, Captain Toad still on second. Shiverian walks, SH Goomba on second, Captain Toad on third. The rest strike out. Switch! The other team has yet to get in anything. Meanwhile, Goku is on second. The rest strike out. Switch. The TI players strike out. Inning 8: Klepto strikes out. Pom Pom strikes out. Captain Toad is on second. Chinco strikes out. Switch. Koholint does not move! Meanwhile, Majin Buu walks. Captain Ginyu is out. 16 is out. 18 walks, Majin Buu on second. Goku walks, 18 on second, Majin Buu on third. 17 is on first, Goku on second, 18 on third, and Majin Buu... makes it! Cell strikes out! Switch! Cyrus walks. Katie strikes out. Leif strikes out. Kicks walks, Cyrus on second. Pascal walks, Kicks on second, Cyrus on third. Isabelle is on first, Pascal second, Kicks on third, and Cyrus... is at home! Nat is out! Inning 9: SH Goomba makes a home run, and the other team has not scored, so of course it's the extras! Frieza helps the FighterZ as well by tying the score! Inning 10: Marin makes a home run, and Koholint are saved for now. They'll face New Donk City tomorrow for the fight of their lives. As for the other game, it's non-stop action! Inning 11: Lottie makes a home run, and Tortimer Island too are saved from extinction! Tomorrow, there will be different stipulations. Koholint Dreamers will face New Donk City Captains at... The Battlefield Stadium, Unknown Tortimer Island Terrapins will face Dragonball FighterZ at... The Final Destination Stadium, Unknown With the Awakening remake on the horizon, will Koholint splash or crash?! With Great Plateau in the Premier's ranks, will New Donk City also grab the glory, or is the end of their story?! With Isabelle now a Smashing hit, will Tortimer Island grab the last medal, or will they only find a skull?! With the series still being relevant in people's minds, will the FighterZ fight or flight?! All answers will be known tomorrow!
  10. Checked to see if that was true. The difference was the gender of their Pokémon, and each of their Druddigon had a different ability. According to Serebii.
  11. Yeah, but who knows if all of the leaders will be like this. And with the BW sequels, Drayden was the only one while Iris was Champion. Plus, they had the same type of speciality: Dragon.
  12. Game 5's: Koholint Dreamers 8 New Donk City 9 F/11 Tortimer Island 6 West City 7 F/11 Both of the second teams need only one more win to go to move to the next league. Which one will win?!
  13. Does this mean the gyms change depending on the game too? First, lost Pokemon now this.
  14. Cameron Boyce, one of the kids from the Disney TV show Jessie passed away today. As a guy who liked the show here and there, that sucks.