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  1. The Nintendo Baseball League

    And here are the teams and their possible players! Yoster Isle Watermelon Warriors 1B Baby Bowser 3B Green Yoshi SS Baby Mario SP Peach SP Kamek Megaman Bombers 1B Roll CF Tron Bonne SP Mega Man SP Zero DH Metal Man Popstar Runners C King Dedede SS Lololo CF Kirby CF Prince Fluff C Masahiro Sakurai Zebes Hunters 3B Simon Belmont SP Rundas SP Samus Aran SP Twinrova CL Noxus Bern Dragonkillers 3B Ike CF Elincia RF Roy SP Lyn SP Rolf Celadon Razorleaves SS Pikachu MRP Lt. Surge CL Jigglypuff 2B Raichu DH Vileplume Goldenrod Nuggets SP Feraligatr SP Azumarril DH Chuck SS Bellosom CF Pichu Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers 3B Bowser SP Mario SP Luigi SP Rosalina SP Waluigi Valley of Koopas 1B Larry Koopa SS Iggy Koopa RF Wendy O Koopa SP Bowser Jr. 2B Lemmy Koopa Hylian Knights LF OoT Link SP OoT Zelda SP OoT Impa SU The Lady of Maud DH Agitha Hoctatian Hammers C Alph SS Charlie CF Louie SP Captain Olimar 3B NiGHTS Sonic Heroes: 2B Amy Rose SS Sonic RF Tails SP Bayonetta SU Dr. Eggman Tokyo Typhoons: 1B Ken SP Poison MRP Fei Long LRP Dee Jay SS Ibuki Arendelle Icebreakers 1B King Mickey 3B Kristoff CF Princess Jasmine DH Gaston SP Elsa Cornerian Starfighters 1B Slippy Toad 2B Miyu Bulldog 3B Fox McCloud SP Katt Monroe DH Fara Phoenix Mayahem Jinjos LF Kazooie CF Drumstick RF Banjo 2B Ninja Kong 1B Karate Kong Smashville Savages C KK Slider 1B Tom Nook 2B Copper SP Villager CL Resetti Mute City: 3B Antonio Guster RF Captain Falcon SP Prince Ramode MRP Dai Goroh CF Soda Popinski Tethealla Tales 2B Lloyd Irving LF Isaac CF Presea SP Mithos CL Colette Nimbasa Electrics 2B Iris LF Zoroark SP Ask Ketchum CF GAME FREAK Morimoto 3B Mienshao Skyworld Angels 2B Nana LF Popo CF Pit CL Mr. Game And Watch CF Pac-Man Los Angeles Lawyers SP Phoenix Wright SP Professor Layton 3B Shigeru Miyamoto RF Maggey Byrde 1B Will Powers Kongo Krystal Koconuts 2B Tiny Kong 3B Diddy Kong SS Dixie Kong SP Donkey Kong SP Funky Kong Inkopolis Squids SS Callie LF Marie SP Inkling Girl SP Inkling Boy LRP Rayman Ylissean Shepherds C Donnel 1B Inigo SS Chrom SP Robin MRP Stahl Bionis Xenoblades C Fiora 2B Melia 3B Shulk RF Alvis SP Sharla Slateport Surf 3B May LF Sceptile SP Ludicolo SU Blaziken 3B Medicham Epoch Explorers CF Marle RF Crono SP Celes SP Yang Fang Leiden SS Locke Cole Laurasia Comets SS Terra Brandford RF Edea Lee SP Seth SU Erik SS Jackal Termina Mooncrushers 2B Skull Kid C Satoru Iwata 3B Onilink SP Mikau 1B Darmani Labrynna Oracles C Ambi LF Guru-Guru SP Ralph MRP OoT Postman CL Veran Moleville Miners C Smithy SS Valentina DH Plum 2B Big Massif 1B Lil Massif Neo Arcadia Nationals SS Quick Man ??? X SP Axl DH Mega Man Volnutt SS Servbot Ripple Star Miracle Matter C Shadow Dedede 3B Mr. Tick Tock SS Rick SP Adeleine MRP Majin Buu Orange Star Generals 1B Sasha 2B Sami SP Andy SP Jake SP Sonja Blue Moon Admirals 2B Max CF Will SP Colin SP Isabella LRP Hawkeye Gallia Steel C Titania 2B Lucia SS Mia CF Geoffrey SP Michaiah Koholint Dreamers SS Thief Girl SP Richard SP Young Link CL Marin DH Tool Town Shopkeeper Twilight Interlopers 1B Darbus 2B TP Ganondorf SP Zant SP Midna SP TP Zelda Marble Zone Ringers 3B Classic Sonic CF Classic Tails CL Classic Eggman 2B Espio DH Segata Sanshiro Onett Golden Eagles 2B Ness 3B Poo CF Ninten RF Kogoro 2B Genis New Pork Bankees C Emperor Geldoblame 2B Kumatora MRP Flint CL Claus 2B Magnolia Arch Ghangzhou Gentlemen 2B Cody CF Crimson Viper SP Karin SU Laura 2B Dudley Agrabah Streetrats LF Captain Shang SP Mulan SP Mushu SU Hades DH LeFou Katina Landmasters RF Curly Brace DH Rey MRP Nova SU Obi-Wan Kenobi 2B Isa Jo Sauria Dinosaurs 2B Han Solo 3B Captain America SS Black Widow LF Krystal SP Luke Skywalker Star City Galaxy C Pipsy 3B Billy SS Jimmy DH T.T. SP Tiptup Wild World Predators RF Billy Hatcher SP Zipper T Bunny SP Crazy Redd MRP Jack CL Jingle Port Town Dragsters 2B Roger Buster MRP Mr. EAD MRP Dr. Strange C Yamcha 2B Scarlet Witch Weyard Wanderers 3B Jenna CF Felix SP Alex CF Blados RF Nowell Lumiose Lasers 1B Chespin 3B Lady Korrina SS Greninja SS Dedenne 3B Grant Khura'in Dragons 3B Apollo Justice LF Ema Skye SP Franziska von Karma LRP Kristoph Gavin 3B Dhurke Sahdmadhi Mekanos Machines C King K. Rool SS Ba-Boom CF Chunky Kong SP Brash Bear SP Donkey Kong Jr. Forest Haven Koroks 1B WW Ganondorf 2B Toon Link SP WW Tingle SP Toon Zelda LRP Oren Lanaryu Loftwings 2B Nabooru SS Ghirahim MRP Byrne SU Ravio RF SS Link Subcon Dreamcatchers 3B Builder Mario LF Birdo SP Mouser SP Ninji CL Pauline Delfino Shines 3B Midbus CF Petey Piranha SP Princess Elder Shroob CL Cackletta C Prince Peasley Venomian Victors 2B Dash Bowman LF Panther Caroso SP Andrew Oikonny 1B Count Dookoo C Thanos Valentia Valor 1B Alm MRP Berkut 3B Sigurd C Clive 2B Fernand Valla Siblings C Corrin 1B Ryoma 2B Elise 3B Xander SP Jakob Mechonis Titans SS Mumkhar SP Vanea SP Gadolt CL Egil 3B Cross Jubilife Jestors C Empoleon SP Ambipom SU Lucario CL Cynthia SS Loppuny Halfmoon Destroyers 2B Susie 3B Invader Armor SS Daroach MRP Passimian 1B Bandana Dee
  2. Video Games Finished in 2017

    10/19- Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for 3DS. I'll ignore the Bowser's Minion part, as I think that's a different game itself. But... I finally conquered the 13 year old beast that I always hated. Reflecting on this game... It's really solid. I think the developers taking care of some of my problems that were in the original really helped sway my opinion for this remake. That being said, it'll be interesting to know if this is in my top 100 now. My mood towards this game changed when I finally beat the final boss, who I hated in the original.
  3. The Nintendo Baseball League

    I'll help with the contestants except for Fuzzers if needed.
  4. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    I am at the last boss battle of Superstar Saga+ Bowser's Minions. Although it's been 13 years of bad memories, can I truly beat this game now? Wish me luck! I refuse to give a real honest review of that game until I beat it. The scars of this last boss will heal eventually.
  5. General movie discussion

    Then The Foreigner might be the choice for you. His character is down to earth, but his fights are paced well, serious, and brutal. His background in this story, while I am not going to spoil it, makes what he does make sense. Throughout all of the film, I wondered if he could get his objective. 'Cause bringing bombers to justice isn't as easy as it seems. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ For those wondering if this movie is mostly stunt work from him. The role he plays in this is so phenomenal, that I dare say he should get an Oscar nomination. His core characteristics (His "Who", his "What", his "Why", and his "How") stand out well in this film. His character is believable. If you think I don't believe in his character, why did I spent my time talking about this? But, like I said before, the ensemble also do well in their roles. So don't just watch this because it has Jackie Chan. Also watch it because the whole entire cast are worth investing in, IMO. What do you think is a good "ensemble" film? Don't say any kind of musical movies, cause those are cheap shots. I think one is Kung Fu Panda. While the story is centered around Po's drive to become the best, it has the Furious Five, Master Shift and Oogway, Tai Lung, Mr. Ping, and a good amount of other characters that have reason to be in the film.
  6. The Nintendo Baseball League

    *looks out for the new games* Only SMO is on my current new teams list. I might do something else when US and UM come out. ... FighterZ? *checks* Dang, no version on the Switch. But, Xenoverse 2 port was on Switch... It could work, but the location might be a hassle. (... Tenkaichi Budokai Baseball Stadium...) Still, we do have a DB team in the soccer league *thinks* Wait, Layton has a daughter now... Might just only her in one of the LA teams, since it could be not a good idea to branch the PL characters onto a new team just yet. ... Sonic Forces... The characters could work, but they might not deserve a whole new team. Have to wait for more stuff to come out.
  7. General movie discussion

    I found it nearly flawless. 10/10. This is one of Chan's best roles, even if he's more dramatic in this role. I mean it. This rivals Mr. Miyamagi in Karate Kid. He should have a nomination in his pocket. I can't say more, because... JACKCHANSLOPION. Even Pierce Brosnam's in it, and I didn't know it until after the movie. That shocked me. Now, there are a few complaints regarding the movie from other people who watched him. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ For those who want to know if this IS 007 vs. Jackie Chan. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is important if you really love Jackie Chan, and expect him to be in most all of the film. There's also another criticism regarding the bombers' motives themselves, but I understood the context, and let it play out. The movie is brilliant. As for the stuff Chan goes through... what he does rivals Atomic Blonde and Baby Driver in terms of best stunts of the year. After I watched the Lego Ninjago Movie, it was a complete 180 to see him in such a different role. It really works here. DEAD SERIOUS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I watched Friday The 13th. (SHOCKER, WHAT A DAY THIS IS.) If there was one chief problem, it's this: Still, for being one of the most iconic horror movie films, it was really enjoyable. Even if the ending was... laughable. No, serious, as I was watching this in a theater, a lot of people laughed at the ridiculous ending.
  8. Political Containment Thread

    Yay, a week founded by a guy who has no character, except for citizenship. *shots fired* I could go down the list of what he's the opposite of.
  9. General movie discussion

    The Foreigner. Take that as you want it to be.
  10. General movie discussion

    The first or second? Oh dang. And interestingly enough... the theater I work at has a McDonalds close to it.
  11. Video Games Finished in 2017

    3/16- Fire Emblem Heroes for iOS. Great, even if combat feels weird. 3/16- The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild for the Switch. By no means flawless, but it deserves the 9s and 10s it does get. Easily one of the best games of this year. Only I know where it will be on my best games of all time 2017 edition. 3/16- Fire Emblem Awapotheosis for 3DS. I know what I said. After at least four years of struggling to get it right, I finally did it. I'm taking a break from that game because I FINALLY conquered that monster of a mission. And I defeated the regular game too. I had to make a new game to get the right combos, and it FINALLY paid off. 3/17- Superhot for PC. Forgot about this. It's so meta of what it wants to be. 3/28- WWE 2K17. Finished the Hall of Fame showcase, if you were thinking it didn't have a conventional story mode. 4/30- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Mostly for 200 cc. 5/13- Project X Zone 2. The story drags on, the gameplay gets boring after a while, and I don't care for much of the characters, except for those I do like. 5/22- Fire Emblem Echoes It's flawed, but not entirely bad. 6/11- Pilotwings Resort. I beat all the missions with one medal, no way am I going to take my time getting the diamond cup, and I got evening and night. It's mediocre, but there's a lot of fun to be had here. 6/19- Final Fantasy (GBA remake on Dawn of Souls) I final... the game. It's really high on my favorite games I have completed, now that I... 7/9- Crash Bandicoot for the PS4 N. Sanity Remake Everything is fine... except for the hit point detection and depth at times. 8/2- Final Fantasy Tactics. Besides cheap enemy fairness and some really out of place localization flaws... and the story being a little bit confusing to follow at times, the job system, visuals and music are incredible. Grinding sucks admittedly, when enemies get stronger as your party does. But, the extra characters make this game a lot better. Some battles were annoying or very easy. Don''t know where this would fall in my best games I've beaten, but it was a rollercoaster of emotions. 8/2- Kirby's Dream Land for the Dream Land Collection There was a delay in my controls sometimes, but it kept me interested for an hour. I finally played this after II. Strange, isn't it? 8/16- Punchout! For the Wii! Ow, my arms... 8/18- Diddy Kong Racing for DS. Ow, my hands... 10/9- Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch (that also has the story from the first game, which I beat too). (Can this count if I beat the first game's story mode too? Cause it's in there. I beat both story missions.) Points: Console – 9 Handheld – 6 PC – 1 Mobile – 1 Overall – 17
  12. General movie discussion

    I saw Battle Of The Sexes. I think it could be either one of the most underrated films of the year, or an Oscar winner. ... It was pretty darn good. Sure, it might have been a "dramatization", but it's one of the best "based on" stories I've ever seen. Though, it might be prove it because some of the subject matter of this movie, which some people and critics don't agree with.
  13. What are you listening to?

    Aw... he's gone... And you forgot American Girl.
  14. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Strange enough, the actual Bowser is telling the truth. Right now, he's playing with Mushroom Kingdom against Kongo Jungle. Surveillance tapes and plenty of witnesses did not see him order an attack that day. In fact, he has not been in contact with Valley of Bowser since their team's creation. And there has been no signs of sabotage to prove otherwise. The ones who have much authority in that team are his nephews and niece, his son, his trio of goons (best known from the M&L series), King Boo, Pom Pom and Boom Boom, and Bowser's Dry form. But, even though the motives would be because of approval and a need for a higher rank in Bowser's army, or to usurp control of Bowser's henchmen, most know Bowser would never let his kingdom ever stoop so low in grace, even when in the hands of the Koopas or the commanders, and most know Bowser would suppress an uprising in the ranks. So it was a collection of soldiers that went rogue that did this. Or... an outside force that wanted to damage the reputation of the team from the inside and manipulated part of Bowser's army somehow, even though they clearly didn't through that Bowser clearly had an alibi and witnesses to his events that day, and clearly underestimated... pretty much anything else. The motives, the true culprit(s), and the methods of planning this all out have not surfaced yet, and it will take a while to find out. And, if the military needs a good prosector to dig some good ol' responsibility to the culprits, I got a whip-happy one from Interpol on stand-by.
  15. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Blackout or something at programming?