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  1. it's going to be really hard to top what Odyssey did. It's a really solid game in the series, and even my favorite. Unless there's an evil Cappy or whatever, I don't know what might come next. Odyssey pulled off an amazing feat with Breath of The Wild, that creating possibly better games in those games could be impossible. That's my current dilemma with Kirby Star Allies being my second favorite behind Robobot.
  2. Kirby Star Allies

    Trust me, you'll grab like probably over 50 when this game is over. I think they've gotten a little overboard with stars and the 1-Ups. The songs and the visuals don't grab you?... Well, Kirby's always been doing that. But, you'll-... I can't ask you that question, because it could be spoilerific. So, I won't. But, once you'll get a certain level with a beautiful landscape and beautiful landscape... Then that's good. There is one level that immediately grabbed my attention of how awe-struck I was.
  3. Kirby Star Allies

    Not by a long shot. I meant to say that I completed the story... but the two other modes are now playable. Remember the helper mode in Super Star Ultra, and the Arenas? Basically those, but Arena's now THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE. It's not a spoiler, because that's what those two modes are. But, the helper mode is accessible to everyone as well. Sure, the main game is short, but the other modes have made Kirby games last a little bit longer for those who want the extra challenge. Plus, I haven't got every collectible.
  4. Kirby Star Allies

    ... Huh, I never noticed that. I could say maybe it was the limitations of the consoles' hardware and space that made such rooms so confined back in the day, but... I'd be lying to say if I had proof of such existence, or if that justifies anything. Still, I'd rather see a gorgeous background than see a million enemies bombard the screen at random. Maybe once a level per stage, but not enough that it clutters the view. Plus, I'm sure the newer games have a good amount of confined spaces. But if you meant not nearly enough... I wouldn't know how much of the game you'd want that to be. I think 100% in today's world would be too confusing. I'm not a level and CPU designer so, or the work that goes into such, so... *shrugs*
  5. Kirby Star Allies

    *looks elsewhere, then somewhere back* I just defeated the new game within two days, puzzles and all. And if we had characters that were really fast, they'd all be Sonic. But, they're not. They're not Sonic. I'm sure some players don't play games to speed run through them more than basic exploration. Kirby has no reason to be compared to Sonic. Sure, his story can be completed within a few days, but Kirby's been known for a few more thing more than just speed. I don't remember any time it was hard for Kirby to kill a simple and basic enemy... Except for the spin-offs. If you're talking about bosses... maybe. If you want to know how much lives i lost to bosses in the new game: And sure, Kirby might not hit a jackpot like Mario and Zelda do... but Kirby's main series games have been, for the most part, very solid because of their simplicity. As for creativity: Return To Dream Land: Super Abilities- Extension of Kirby's Copy Abilities... Even though I heard it's only for a few abilities. Triple Deluxe: Hyper Nova- Extension of Kirby's Swallowing Ability. Planet Robobot: Robobot- Extension of Kirby's Copy Abilities, with a gimmick that works well with Kirby's abilities, instead of being a ball, ten Kirbys, or yarn. I admit Star Allies a little bit weaker because they've done combining powers with Crystal Shards and the combinations here are sadly limited, there's been co-op with Super Star and RTD, and the 4-Friend Friend stuff barely qualifies as something new. To me, this isn't what the New Super Mario Bros formula did, because Mario's power-ups in those games just seem like variations of existing powers and stuff we have seen before, and could easily be replaced with other power-ups we've seen before. The new games have always tried to expand on what Kirby is known for: copying powers, his swallowing abilities, and his flexible body. Kirby doesn't need to go through a complete overhaul of identity like what Mario and Link recently did. Sure, that might make Kirby one of the safest players in the book, but that's what makes him so endearing after all this time. Now, if we're talking about spin-offs... Those are my least favorite Kirby games of the bunch. Except for Kirby Air Ride. Unlike Mario spin-offs, which had some of Mario's powers intact... To me, changing the basic formula of what Kirby did completely threw me off. Yes, you could argue Mario went through a similar phase with Odyssey. But, Mario retained his platforming and jumping roots even with the new Cappy ability. Plus, some enemies you transform into play like Mario's old power-ups. His new game extends Mario's abilities to go to places, worlds, and the like, without completely sacrificing his formula. That's why people hated Zelda II: Adventure of Link initially. Because the franchise went from the top-down adventure style to something completely different: a side-scroller. People loved his return to the old formula when A Link To The Past came out. And, maybe that's why people rolled their eyes when PM: Sticker Star came out, and for me, Super Paper Mario. Formula changing and spin-offing is a bit of a gambit, especially when some games throw away what makes certain characters or franchises memorable. Some franchises needed a change, like Kid Icarus or Grand Theft Auto, because they could have been lost in the waves of other better franchises that did the same thing but perhaps better. But, think of some games from franchises that didn't work as well because they threw away elements of what made older games in said franchises did. Unfamiliarity can be just as scary as familiarity. There's a chance you cannot please everyone if things change or things don't change. Back on track... If you want hard stuff... that's what the other modes, Arena and True Arena are for. Boss rushes that test even the most experienced of players, and modes that place another character in Kirby's world, but make it a bit difficult because they don't have Kirby's abilities. That said... Don't get me wrong: this new Kirby game is not without faults. Kirby Star Allies is not my favorite Kirby game, because of a few things that I think this game could have done better. Easiness is also a double-edged sword here as well. I know Kirby games are meant to be easy, and that's because the games cater to children most of all. But, I at least had about more than 100 lives by the end of this game. I felt a little bit spoiled. But, I lost some lives during some parts of the games and during some boss battles. I never got a gamer over once, which is odd, because usually I did once in older games.
  6. What is your favorite Mario game?

    They had a remake for 64 on the DS. It was called... Super Mario 64 DS. It has Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario too. It was because of the touch controls I never beat that game.
  7. Kirby Star Allies

    Yes. I have a memory of playing that game years ago. Not sure if I beat it then, but like Links’s Awakening DX, I eventually did years later. I was basically on the Game Boys until PlayStation came around.
  8. What is your favorite Mario game?

    Super Mario Odyssey. Main games. Besides 3D Land, t’s the only main series game I ever beat and somehow truly enjoyed. I don’t know why that is. Spinoffs- Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. The intro is one of my favorite moments of all time.
  9. Kirby Star Allies

    To be honest, I haven’t finished those three, so I wouldn’t know. I’ve been in and out of SS Ultra, with Milky Way Wishes being the end, I haven’t played Crystal Shards to the end, and I never played Dream Land 3. But I l like it more than Dream Land, Nightmare In Dream Land, Dream Land II (even though that one is the first), Amazing Mirror, and Triple Deluxe. Currently, Star Allies is somewhere above my favorite 50 games. Don’t get me wrong, all of those I mentioned are of great quality. I haven’t finished Return To Dream Land as well, and I wouldn’t know how that that one will be for me. I have heard great things about that one, because it revived the series. Like every series out there, I haven’t experienced all of Kirby’s games. I am a simple casual gamer. But, I love Kirby and how simple and yet somehow sometimes complex the games can get. That’s why a good amount are on my favorites list.
  10. The Nintendo Baseball League

    *defeated Star Allies* It’s a maybe. I just need to see how the rest of the first two gaming seasons roll.
  11. Video Games Finished in 2018

    2/27- Sonic 2 for DS. A lot better than its predecessor, Sonic 2 is twice better than Sonic 1. Even though I didn't get the true ending, until like the very end, I had a fun time playing this game. The level design is a lot more complementary to Sonic's speed. The levels are a lot more memorable and fun to play on. I played as Knuckles, and I didn't on getting any of the shiny jewels. Still, it's now on my list of my favorite video games. I know Sonic 3... And Knuckles is a gigantic beast to cover. A lot of stages. I've been thinking of going back to other classic games with platformer elements for a while. I've played some of the first Donkey Kong, a little bit of Super Mario World, and a little bit of Mega Man X, and recently, I checked out Metroid: Zero Mission and Kirby: Super Star Ultra. Heck, I still own a copy of Sonic Advance 2. Not sure about 3D platformers yet, because I think I have poor depth reception. Why haven't I gotten to to them yet? I'm more proficient in RPGs, racers, and so on more than platformers. That, and I'm a casual. I don't know how, but Sonic 2 did it for me. 3/1- Sonic 3 & Knuckles for DS! I beat both the Sonic and Tails & Knuckles routes. Really, this is the best game of the series. Fair and challenging. 3/1- Sonic Advance 2 for GBA! I never beat this as a kid, so replaying this game as an adult was... interesting. 3/2- Sonic CD for iOS Although I did not get the good ending, I was a little taken aback by this game. Some of the levels are hit and miss, but I the boss ideas and the music. Though, I felt like the iOS controller was a little bit wonky at times. And that ends my fill of 18-Bit Sonic games. I might head off into Adventure 2, since that's probably the best of the Modern Sonic series. Although, Colors might be good too. None of the other stuff though, especially- Sonic Adventure- I'm having a hard time finding my identity. Sonic 06- Hold my beer! Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric- Hold my bourbon, scotch, and beer! *plays George Thorogood riff* 3/8- Sonic The Hedgehog for 3DS I finished Sonic 1 3D for the 3DS. Thanks to the save feature, old obstacles were basically neutered. I even got all 6 crystals. Still, it doesn’t compare to the other Sonic games on the Genesis and CD. It’s no wonder only Green Hill was the only stage ever remade: the rest of the stages, sans Star Light, do not jive with Sonic. Water, slow platforming, horrible obstacles, traps, and bad enemies. 3/8- Monster Hunter World for PS4 Ever since my first time with the series since Freedom, I've been trying to beat the next few games. Portable 3 never came out in the US, I hated Tri, I never got into 3 Ultimate because of Portable 3, and I haven't had the time to really go into 4 Ultimate and Generations. I've played other games, and had to do other stuff. Plus, Monster Hunter was known for its long grinding haul. Plus, beating the game meant playing single player missions. These games are played better with other people. I had other games to play as well which took less time than most Monster Hunter games. Still, Ultimate 4 and Generations are really great games. So, I was happy when World was announced, and heard that it fixed most of my issues with the series. Monster tracking, the online components, how effective your attacks are, customization, the grinding and so on. I feel like it's the first accessible Monster Hunter game since the first game. Sure, it's just hunting monsters, and the story isn't anything to gawk about, but I always love trying to attack monsters and evade their attacks. Sure, there are a lot of things this game doesn't do right. Your companion, the lack of monster variety, and a camera jerk when tracking monsters. But, I don't care. Unlike the last few games, the pacing and flow felt natural to the series. And I like that it's an open world now, because I hated loading screens. Plus, new monsters are expected to come into the fray, thanks to new patches. There is a lot of potential for this game, and if there is more, more patches and possibly a sequel, I would welcome it. A series like Monster Hunter is expected to grow and adapt, especially if it's to cater to new and old players. It's not perfect, but the stepping stones for a brand new experience are in place for one of my favorite series. There is a bright future if Capcom plays their cards right. It's hard to say right now, but Monster Hunter World is a contender for one of the best games of this year. 3/17- Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch. My second favorite Kirby game behind Robobot.
  12. Kirby Star Allies

    I defeated it. That was fast. This is my overall opinion:
  13. Kirby Star Allies

    Dude I have 75 lives or so right now. There is no way I can get a game over. And I think this game has really simple but challenging puzzles and rewards. I don’t know how well this game is yet. It’s very beautiful and it plays like a Kirby game usually is. The powers, old and new, work well. And I think I’m close to the end, which is really exciting. But, once I beat it, I’ll give my overall thoughts. As for the code thing, the first letters of each zone usually spells out something. Like Kirby’s Adventure being the colors of the rainbow, or FLOWERED for Triple Deluxe. And I found the message within a day, and it works well with the theme here. I shouldn’t have said code, but it’s just a fun little secret message or whatever.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I finally got Hector. I almost completed my heroes and bad guys list. Heroes: Marth- Got. Alm- No... but maybe I don’t care about getting another Falchion user. Plus, I have mixed feelings of his game. Celica- Got THAT version. Seliph and Sigurd- Got. Leif- Hasn’t appeared yet. Roy- Got. The trio from FE7- All now. Ephraim and Eirika- Got. Ike- Got. Michaiah- No... But I did get- Vanguard Ike- Duh. Chrom and both Robins- Got. Lucina- Yes. Almost forgot her. Corrins, Azura, Ryoma, and Xander- All. Villains roster- Camus- No... Don’t know if there’s another chance to get him. I did get Michalis, though. Got. Berkut- Got. Evil Hardin- Got. Arvis- Got. Travant- Not here. Zephiel- Yes. Nergal- Not here. Though, Ursula is in this game. Haven't got her yet. Lyon- Yes. Black Knight- Yes. Oliver- Yes. - Yes. Yes. Yes. Xander and Ryoma- Yes.
  15. Kirby Star Allies

    I found the code! You know, like crowned or the rgb thing of color that they love to do!