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  1. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Updated the racing list while I was at it.
  2. General movie discussion

    This film had the unfortunate chance to build up the same or more of the hype Episode 7 did. That was going to be a miracle!
  3. So they’re repealing the repeal. Love it. Aren’t they in the minority, though? ... Or, is there a way to take care of it without a bill?
  4. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Okay, I edited the Winter Olympics thing to include the new events and to take care of some players that were oddly missing before. So, I hope that this time, it's done for now.
  5. The Nintendo Baseball League

    ... Darn it, I forgot a new Star Wars movie is out... well, time to finally add Captain Phasma into the equation... Star Wars... Disney... Marvel! Ooooh, same with them too. And with Disney's recent acquisition of some of the Fox movies... That means more Marvel characters! Oooooh boy!
  6. Yes. Doug Walker, the Nostalgia Critic, is highly against the repeal. Or am I reading this wrong?
  7. The Nintendo Baseball League

    1. Oh sure, I meant 2 of the smartest, 2 of the fastest, and 2 of the strongest. Should’ve reprashed that. And for curling too. I’m not going to make full teams till the final 16 for each sport, because... I’ll just have more work ahead of me, and it will be confusing to read each player out loud for 84 teams. We’ll just do only points before the 16 teams are up. By then, we can add players. 2. I meant mass start. New event this year. 3. Let’s do that. But, I’ll include some big air and large hill guys. 4. Big air’s a new event this year. I can get rid of two man bobsled, since there is still 4 man. With that, we’ll have 30 events.
  8. Better yet, put that in the first amendment. Because, I believe the internet should be under free speech or whatever. If not, it should be a new amendment. Because Net Neutrality should be a civil right. I don't want a shadow looming over me when I do something on the internet. That just screams Orwellian.
  9. Well, this is a step, even though who knows what will happen. I wish I could post "For Now" from Avenue Q, but it's a bit raunchy... and shrug... But, it definitely makes me think of the situation as of this moment.
  10. I thought it already went through... ? We've had it since the 90s, but we've just been talking about it this decade because of the legality of it and how to regulate it. And I think in this current climate, I don't know about the future of the net. Who are the ones responsible for the internet's fate now? Do THEY understand the internet like the current generation does? I'd want to post a video of "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House... but... this whole thing is... confusing.
  11. So, we’re screwed. Noooooooooooooooo!
  12. I think for now i'll just hold my breath and wait till the end of the day. This is... just crazy.
  13. Ugh... you have GOT to be kidding me. We need them votes, but... hackers? Really?! Oh, there ain't no hackers, but the opposition thinks there are. Well... *does something*
  14. I emailed the FCC, and the senators of my state that I support net neutrality, and that they should stop it from changing. Hope it makes a difference, and if not... I hope the chairman leaves sometime as soon as possible, so we can rectify this. I mean, laws have changed before, like prohibition.