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  1. Well... I wish I discarded my previous post. I hate the word “suicide” and everything it stands for. It has robbed a few of my high school classmates a decade ago, and now it has taken another life. I didn’t know the person in question, but I would never wish it for him.
  2. Same with Ridley, and there's still that other YouTube drama that's still in my mind and maybe other people haven't gotten over with. There's worse things to think about when it comes to YouTube gamers.
  3. Final Scores for Monday, June 24, LAST SERIES: Yoster Isle Watermelon Warriors 9 Venomian Vipers 6 Megaman Bombers 8 Great Plateau Adventurers 10 Neo Arcadia Nationals 5 Termina Mooncrushers 6 Popstar Runners 7 Alrest Titans 6 Zebes Hunters 4 Bionis Xenoblades 1 Celadon Razorleaves 3 Inkopolis Squids 1 Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers 10 Ylissean Shepherds 9 Valley of Koopas 3 Moleville Miners 6 Hylian Knights 1 Sarasaland Coins 5 Twilight Interlopers 5 Kongo Krystal Koconuts 1 Sonic Heroes 6 Los Angeles Lawyers 9 Tokyo Typhoons 6 Skyworld Angels 2 Guangzhou Gentlemen 0 Hau’Oli City Totems 2 Cornerian Starfighters 7 Nimbasa Electrics 8 Mekanos Machines 5 Mute City Racers 9 Tortuga Pirates 1 Smashville Savages 5
  4. I actually kind of like the backtracking for The Messenger because of the main gimmick of the game. It creates new obstacles, music, and aesthetics for worlds you’ve adventured already, and never once did I feel like it was bad. And traversing levels through said gimmick is fast and creative, since there’s a sense of unfamiliarity. Also, because of it, there’s more routes and more character interactions. It’s not perfect for my standards, but I highly would play it over any Ninja Gaiden game. Yes. I did say that. And it makes a lot more more sense narratively.
  5. Haven't had too many problems with online. Maybe with matchmaking and a guy who I think illegally cheated, but I've been first a few times here and there. As for the DLC... I hope there isn't a super specific thing to do to get Spyro. Yes, my dragon pal is coming as well.
  6. With the last series happening, who knows where each team will land this season. It's been an unforgettable ride, that's for sure. Will there be some shocking results for the biggest teams, and will there be big surprises from teams that haven't done well in the past? Only time will tell. Final Scores for Sunday, June 23, LAST SERIES: Yoster Isle Watermelon Warriors 9 Venomian Vipers 4 Megaman Bombers 4 Great Plateau Adventurers 9 Neo Arcadia Nationals 6 Termina Mooncrushers 10 Popstar Runners 8 Alrest Titans 7 Zebes Hunters 5 Bionis Xenoblades 0 Celadon Razorleaves 7 Inkopolis Squids 6 Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers 4 Ylissean Shepherds 9 Valley of Koopas 3 Moleville Miners 1 Hylian Knights 3 Sarasaland Coins 2 Twilight Interlopers 2 Kongo Krystal Koconuts 5 Sonic Heroes 5 Los Angeles Lawyers 0 Tokyo Typhoons 2 Skyworld Angels 5 Guangzhou Gentlemen 0 Hau’Oli City Totems 4 Cornerian Starfighters 2 Nimbasa Electrics 1 Mekanos Machines 4 Mute City Racers 2 Tortuga Pirates 3 Smashville Savages 5
  7. Whatever you do, don't go against the N. Tropy Time Trial Challenges. They really test your skill and mastery of this game, and even though I love this game, they're the ONE thing I hate about this game. Sure, it does unlock another character... but their stats are most likely like the rest of their class, so it's more of bragging rights. My mental capacity can never take the BS that is old school time trial. Especially a hardcore game like this. I now realized that this game might be harder than the typical kart racers because... there is basically little to no rubber banding and items that can make an 8th player go to 1st in an instant. In essence, this game is a lot more skill-based and maybe the hardest game to master. ...Until I went against N. Tropy, I never had a huge problem with this game. ... Okay, there are the bosses, but they just spam items like there's no tomorrow. As for the challenges... some of the lighting effects makes it really impossible to see some of the CTR letters, and the third crystal challenge can be a real pain, but they're not impossible. Very frustrating at times, but possible if you remember the routes to the nearest crystal. I haven't played this game maybe since the original came out, and I surprised myself when I was able to full beat adventure mode. Again, time trial mode can %$^%#^%#$^%$^#%$ $%$#%$#@%$@#%@# %$#@%@$#%@%@ $#@%$#@%@$#%$@#% %$@#%$#%@#% %$#@%$#%$@#%# %$#%@$#%@$#%@ $%@$#%$@#%#@ $%#%@$#%$#@%@#% %$@#%$@#%$#@%@$# T%$#%$#%$#@%@# $@#%@$#%$#@%@% #$%#$@%#@%$@#%@ $%%%@$#%# for all I care. I admit there are some flaws, but it is a faithful recreation of the base game, even though I think the soundtrack has maybe gotten worse. (And I really loved a lot of the music from the original.)
  8. You can unlock some characters at the Pit Stop with coins. However, they're from Crash Nitro Kart. Edit: Did it. 100%.
  9. Well, I'm playing the PS4 version controls, which come more natural to me. It did take me a while to readjust to the drift boost in this game, and maybe the reversing, but I still think the core game holds up pretty well.
  10. I'm at least 70% percent on Adventure Mode. Trying to get everything now. Just need one more relic to complete the Glacier Area part before moving onto the last area. Man, I forgot how much I love this game and how different the controls are.
  11. Friday? Preordered for Thursday! ... I think. Nitrous Oxide Edition. I really loved the game as a kid!
  12. Final Scores for Saturday 6/15- Yoster Isle 9 Sarasaland Coins 10 ? Smashville Savages 1 Valley of Koopas 3 Megaman Bombers 3 Moleville Miners 7 Mute City Racers 1 Hylian Knights 4 Neo Arcadia 1 Ylissean Shepherds 2 Nimbasa Electrics 5 Twilight Interlopers 10 Popstar Runners 3 Inkopolis Squids 6 Hau'Oli City 4 Sonic Heroes 8 Zebes Hunters 0 Bionis Xenoblades 3 Skyworld Angels 10 Tokyo Typhoons 8 Celadon Razorleaves 6 Alrest Titans 5 Los Angeles 8 Guangzhou Gentlemen 4 Mushroom Kingdom 10 Termina Mooncrushers 6 Kongo Jungle 10 Corneria Starfighters 9 Mekanos Machines 5 Venomian Vipers 0 Great Plateau Adventurers 2 Tortuga Pirates 6
  13. Final Scores for Game 1 of Doubleheader 6/14- Yoster Isle 7 Sarasaland Coins 6 ? Smashville Savages 5 Valley of Koopas 3 Megaman Bombers 9 Moleville Miners 4 Mute City Racers 1 Hylian Knights 2 Neo Arcadia 5 Ylissean Shepherds 7 Nimbasa Electrics 0 Twilight Interlopers 5 Popstar Runners 9 Inkopolis Squids 10 Hau'Oli City 3 Sonic Heroes 6 Zebes Hunters 2 Bionis Xenoblades 3 Skyworld Angels 5 Tokyo Typhoons 8 Celadon Razorleaves 1 Alrest Titans 2 Los Angeles 4 Guangzhou Gentlemen 6 Mushroom Kingdom 4 Termina Mooncrushers 1 Kongo Jungle 7 Corneria Starfighters 6 Mekanos Machines 3 Venomian Vipers 2 Great Plateau Adventurers 7 Tortuga Pirates 6 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Scores for Game 2 of Doubleheader 6/14- Yoster Isle 0 Sarasaland Coins 2 ? Smashville Savages 7 Valley of Koopas 4 Megaman Bombers 6 Moleville Miners 2 Mute City Racers 9 Hylian Knights 6 Neo Arcadia 2 Ylissean Shepherds 4 Nimbasa Electrics 6 Twilight Interlopers 5 Popstar Runners 8 Inkopolis Squids 6 Hau'Oli City 0 Sonic Heroes 4 Zebes Hunters 8 Bionis Xenoblades 7 Skyworld Angels 6 Tokyo Typhoons 5 Celadon Razorleaves 9 Alrest Titans 6 Los Angeles 10 Guangzhou Gentlemen 5 Mushroom Kingdom 7 Termina Mooncrushers 3 Kongo Jungle 10 Corneria Starfighters 8 Mekanos Machines 2 Venomian Vipers 0 Great Plateau Adventurers 1 Tortuga Pirates 0
  14. Watched Rocketman. This and Bohemian Rhapsody did well with semi-autobiographical musicals. Not sure if anything else could top them. Yesterday doesn't count.
  15. Updated news: A deal between the NBL and SBL is in the works. In making sure the SBL will have full control over Raccoon City, Dulvey, Midgar, Spira, Ivalice, Inaba, Shadow Moses, and Outer Haven, the SBL will provide NBL Avalar, Wumpa Islands, and... half of the Final Fantasy VII cast. The NBL could welcome back Spyro, Crash, and Cloud and their friends. The SBL has thought about a duplicate of Cloud for their remake, aptly named "reCloud". While the NBL has the PS1 graphics-looking Cloud, the SBL will have the PS4 upgraded Cloud. The game will be split between the natural (NBL) and mechanical (SBL). Sephiroth will also have a duplicate too. More details on the characters later. With that said, if all falls into play, there will be a huge undertaking concerning the teams that will come to the next season of NBL. First off, the Contra characters might meet the Castlevania characters (Konami pairing), but that is not set in stone. That's not the only team overhaul. The Dragon Quest and Mana duality might take over Laurasia Comets, but about half of those from IoG will stay (Dragon Quest was from Enix, so...). Avalar, the unknown Houses setting, Wumpa Island, and the unknown FF setting will bring the reserve league up to 28 teams. By next season, and by the next Olympics, the complete 32-32-32 league pyramid will be finished. After that, team replacements might be bound to happen for franchises that have been less fortunate in the last decade. With the Wumpa Islands seemingly back into the fold, the CTRA will have a bigger role in the MKRA as well. On the other side of the world, the MBL are trying to acquire Killer Instinct and Battletoads. They will not have control over James Bond, Banjo and Kazooie, and Conker. With Ultratech gone, Laurasia could still be intact. But, once more, the deals for the trilogy of baseball have not been finalized.