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  1. Final Scores for Tuesday, 12/10- Venom 0 Zebes 3 Great Plateau 3 Hyrule 6 *New vs. Old Zelda Cup* Termina 2 Popstar 3 Bionis 1 Yoshi’s Island 3 Inkopolis 3 Koholint 6 Ylisse 1 Skyworld 2 New Donk City 9 Mushroom Kingdom 8 *New vs. Old Mario Cup* Moleville 1 Mekanos 7 Sarasaland 6 Twilight Realm 3 *TM3-Fuzzer1 Cup* Mayahem 5 Sonic 0 Kongo Jungle 5 Celadon 1 Los Angeles 6 Mute City 3 Tortimer Island 8 Tokyo 9 Smashville 4 Corneria 8 Hau’Oli City 4 Megaman 3 West City 10 Valley of Koopas 7
  2. Ah, shucks. You’ve done well with the scores too, as they’re a bit different of my style. But, after this first game, you can take care of the rest of the series. We only have three more games left, and each will be for today to Thursday. On the morning of the last game, I’ll put the pre-final game total scores and analysis.
  3. Hopefully it won’t be another Dedede incident.
  4. Resident Evil 3 remake! Daniel Bryan YES!
  5. Final Scores for Monday, 12/9- Smashville 9 Sonic 8 Tortimer Island 8 Hau’Oli City 9 *Vacation Getaway Cup**totem emoji* Mute City 4 Corneria 8 *Star Fox Grand Prix Cup**spacecraft emoji* Skyworld 7 West City 6 Los Angeles 5 Megaman 0 *Blue Bombing Lawyer Cup**gavel emoji* Kongo Jungle 6 Mekanos 4 *DKC Cup**banana emoji* Mayahem 6 Mushroom Kingdom 5 *N64 Cup**bear emoji* Sarasaland 1 Koholint 2 *Fuzzer1-XLW Cup**seagull emoji* Moleville 8 Celadon 10 New Donk City 3 Great Plateau 6 *New Guard Cup**map emoji(?)* Ylisse 2 Hyrule 6 Yoshi’s Island 10 Inkopolis 7 Bionis 6 Zebes 0 Termina 8 Twilight Realm 9 *Countdown to Darkness Cup(?)**wolf emoji* Venom 0 Popstar 1 Valley of Koopas 9 Tokyo 10 Three more games. What new surprise will happen since then? Only time will tell.
  6. I didn’t get a Shiny Wooloo... But I got a Shiny Rookadee.
  7. But he got three bronze medals. Even if he wasn’t first, that means he did well enough to be at the top. Plus, he has been “mostly” consistent. Also, Mario Kart Cups function similar due to a random factor. Even though someone might lose a track or so, that doesn’t mean they’ll be the same or worse the next one. Still, the doubled amount of points seemed to be a total copout. However... would you like to be the whole thing to be predictable as usual?
  8. That’s what happens when you don’t let in hundreds of Pokémon. ... I have the game, but it’s still the thorn for me.
  9. Final Scores for Game 1 of Doubleheader Saturday, 12/7- Smashville 4 Sonic 5 Tortimer Island 4 Hau’Oli City 7 *Vacation Getaway Cup* Mute City 1 Corneria 0 *Star Fox Grand Prix Cup* (Command, anyone?... Alright.) Skyworld 1 West City 5 Los Angeles 8 Megaman 5 *Blue Bombing Lawyer Cup* Kongo Jungle 4 Mekanos 8 *DKC Cup* Mayahem 1 Mushroom Kingdom 6 *N64 Cup* Sarasaland 6 Koholint 4 *Fuzzer1-XLW Cup* Moleville 4 Celadon 3 New Donk City 1 Great Plateau 4 *New Guard Cup* Ylisse 5 Hyrule 8 Yoshi’s Island 6 Inkopolis 7 Bionis 8 Zebes 0 Termina 0 Twilight Realm 3 *Countdown to Darkness Cup(?)* Venom 2 Popstar 4 Valley of Koopas 2 Tokyo 5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Scores for Game 2 of Doubleheader Saturday, 12/7- Smashville 8 Sonic 10 Tortimer Island 10 Hau’Oli City 8 *Vacation Getaway Cup* Mute City 10 Corneria 6 *Star Fox Grand Prix Cup**spacecraft emoji* Skyworld 8 West City 0 Los Angeles 4 Megaman 8 *Blue Bombing Lawyer Cup* Kongo Jungle 4 Mekanos 0 *DKC Cup* Mayahem 7 Mushroom Kingdom 6 *N64 Cup* Sarasaland 6 Koholint 7 *Fuzzer1-XLW Cup* Moleville 4 Celadon 6 New Donk City 10 Great Plateau 6 *New Guard Cup* Ylisse 6 Hyrule 4 Yoshi’s Island 6 Inkopolis 9 Bionis 6 Zebes 8 Termina 3 Twilight Realm 1 *Countdown to Darkness Cup(?)* Venom 1 Popstar 4 Valley of Koopas 5 Tokyo 10
  10. If anyone has a shiny Wooloo, please PM me or whatever. Still, I haven’t defeated the first gym, and at this point, most of my Pokémon have been Wooloo grinding by accident.
  11. Man, I’m having a monster of a beginning today. I threw up a little bit. I think it’s because I’m a bit performance anxious of auditioning for a theater I’ve never performed at. I haven’t felt this way for some time. Darn butterflies.
  12. Yep. I had no idea what to call the cup now.
  13. So, huge surprise now, this is the first time the NBL will be doing three series of "dream matches" that would normally never happen because of schedule demands. The match-ups will be made by the first to last of each league, starting with Yoshi's Island this time around (though it will change to Smashville the next time, and will start with Venom with the last series for funsies), and each face-off will be usually made by teams that haven't before, unless I'm forgetting some. But, it's just great team match-up dynamics, as you'll soon see. Also, it can be both in-league and inter-league, so there's it's a mixup this time around. If it's complicated to work with, I'll scratch this for next season. But, for now... Final Scores for Game 1 of Doubleheader Thursday, 12/5 Yoshi’s Island 4 New Donk City 1 *World vs. Odyssey Cup* West City 0 Megaman 5 Popstar 8 Koholint 7 *Dream Worlds Cup* Venom 7 Zebes 9 Celadon 5 Kongo Jungle 7 Inkopolis 10 Hau’Oli City 5 Mushroom Kingdom 6 Sarasaland 8 *Bros. vs. Land Cup, unless I'm forgetting the name of the cup* Mekanos 10 Valley of Koopas 5 Hyrule 5 Termina 2 *Masked Ocarina Cup(?)* Skyworld 0 Twilight Realm 3 Sonic 9 Mute City 8 Corneria 8 Tokyo 9 Smashville 2 Los Angeles 0 Great Plateau 1 Tortimer Island 2 Mayahem 8 Moleville 4 Bionis 6 Ylisse 7 *Change the Future Cup* (Did this one before. Don't care.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Scores for Game 2 of Doubleheader Thursday, 12/5 Yoshi’s Island 2 New Donk City 3 *World vs. Odyssey Cup* West City 9 Megaman 6 Popstar 0 Koholint 5 *Dream Worlds Cup* Venom 10 Zebes 8 Celadon 1 Kongo Jungle 3 Inkopolis 8 Hau’Oli City 9 Mushroom Kingdom 8 Sarasaland 7 *Peach vs. Daisy Cup, unless I'm forgetting the name of the cup* Mekanos 6 Valley of Koopas 9 Hyrule 6 Termina 8 *Masked Ocarina Cup(?)* Skyworld 5 Twilight Realm 3 Sonic 1 Mute City 3 Corneria 4 Tokyo 3 Smashville 8 Los Angeles 10 Great Plateau 6 Tortimer Island 5 Mayahem 9 Moleville 7 Bionis 9 Ylisse 8 *Change the Future Cup* (Did this one before. Don't care.)
  14. Another banner I’m eh with. Didn’t really care much about Altina. I hope a nutshell notes this. By the way, we’re long overdue for a 3H banner again. Book IV, maybe? We only had like ten characters so far.