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  1. XLW

    General movie discussion

    Watched El Royale and Halloween 2018 The first movie H2018
  2. XLW

    Top scary movies for Halloween 2018?

    Finally watched Halloween 2018. Worth the forty year gap. *drinks lemonade*
  3. XLW

    Top scary movies for Halloween 2018?

    I mistook that one for the cult hit: Labyrinth starring David Bowie (RIP). The only genuine scary movie I watched was Alien. I'm not a huge fan. ... Oh, wait, I did see the one with the counselors and the kids and Jason... what was that one again... last year. And also ROCKY HORROR! But, that's more campy than horror. I'm bored... so... POST-A-LONG! YOU REMIND ME OF THE BABE!
  4. I played this game, and find it fantastical. It might not be as newcomer-friendly compared to what World did, but since... eleven years ago, I've still believed in the franchise... even if I never really got far in the games because of other obligations. Both GU and World are some of my favorite games, and considering their importance to the series and how well each improve from their predecessors, I gave both them a tie. World might have updated the slightly old conventions of the series, but GU has the bigger content, bar none. And going over what makes each of them unique would take hours. If World and GU are the pinnacle of this series as of now, it's going to be hard to see where the series goes next.
  5. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    I just remembered that Kid Icarus and Kirby were conceived by the ONE AND ONLY SAKURA of HAL FAME! ... No cup, though. Oh well.
  6. XLW

    Sonic Mania General Discussion

    I got bored, and asked myself: Man, wouldn't it be awesome if we got another Sonic Generations, too? With both console and handheld games! My thoughts on stages: Sonic 1: Spring Yard Zone. Green Hill has been done to death. It's proto-Casino Night Zone! ... I don't know how it would translate in a Modern setting, but Sonic should be sent higher when he uses the homing attack on the balls. Might be a tricky first level... but, no more for Green Hill, and Marble and Labyrinth Zones don't mess well with Sonic designs. Sonic 2: Emerald Hill Zone. Anotther Green Hill Zone! Sonic CD: Quartz Quadrant. I thought about putting this here, as it's an earlier stage of the game. It's also time for Modern Sonic to go in a cave setting since forever, and make it good. No time posts, until the end of Act 1. A good mix of platforming and speed. As for why a Sonic 3 level isn't here, well... Rival: Knuckles from Sonic & Knuckles. Because this has been a long time coming. Brainwashing... or just sheer stupidity. Boss: Big Arm from Sonic 3. Beginner friendlier than the last bosses from 1 & Knuckles. Sonic Adventure: Ice Cap or Icecap. Since it's also somewhat featured in Sonic 3, how about the first and second acts from each game in this one? (Modern's should start off with the avalanche. And should have more bad guys.) Sonic Adventure 2: Metal Harbor. We need a little more ocean stages, and here's one that's one of the best in this game! Like QQ in Modern aesthetics. Sonic Heroes: Rail Canyon. The Hedgehog Engine could finally make this PLAYABLE. Plus, Classic Sonic never has grinded rails, now that I think of it. *pushes Advance trilogy* Don't count. Rival: G-Merl from Sonic Advance 3. Because I won't forget the Advance series. Boss: Super Eggrobo Z from Sonic Advance 2. Let Engman use another cool mech that should rival the Death Egg Robot! Shadow The Hedgehog: Westopolis. Crisis City being in Generations... so, let's improve upon a level from another bad game. Besides, some song from this game were featured in others. But, let's just have it about destroying Egg Robots. Nobody should remember the bad plot. REDEMPTION! Sonic Unleashed: Dragon Road. For its majestic scenery. Classic Sonic might fight the best here because of what I said about QQ. Sonic Colors: Aquarium Park. Because we need an end-game water level. Rival: Blaze from Sonic Rush. Because last time had Silver for no reason. Boss: Egg Wizard from Sonic Rush Adventure. How about we don't write off Eggman Nega for a little bit! Sonic Lost World: Lava Mountain. The only revamp in the level mechanics. Make it work with Classic and Modern Sonic controls in mind. Not the horrible controls of the WiiU. Sonic Mania: Mirage Saloon Zone. Classic Sonic does Act II, while Modern Sonic... like most of Classic Sonic stages in Generations, is entirely new. Sonic Forces: Metropolitan Highway. *shrugs* Rival: Mecha Sonic from Sonic & Knuckles with Egg Mobile-H from Sonic 4 Episode I. Boss: Eggheart from Sonic 4 Episode II. Just make these two better than their last appearance.
  7. XLW

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    *laughs* Yeah, they're no Sega. Nice try, kids, leave this one for the current generation of XBONES and PS4s. The grown-ups are playing.
  8. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Well, I'm just happy that you're still following the site. The league might have changed, but I still remember the people I've met here and the other places. I'll never forget you. I'm just... relieved you're on Ninfora. Man, now that I think about it, I think it's been eight years, since I've joined, huh. Time flies. Even I thought I would have to... but, that's not happening yet. I still have enough time to have fun here in the NBL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *After playing Luigi's Mansion and TWEWY, XLW had this to say: "No team, but I need to remember the TWEWY guys to see what I might do for them. As for Luigi's Mansion... ... ... ... Honestly, I don't see Luigi seeing Mushroom Kingdom any time soon. Besides, with the third coming out, I don't think we'd jump to conclusions any time soon. Then there's... Mega Man 11. Let's be frank: I'm as shocked that there's another game... and eight robots. But, I can't make another Mega Man team. Out of the question. However, I'll have some time to assess when the two new teams come into the fray next season. Out of the eight, I will allow: Fuse Man. Tundra Man. Torch Man. Bounce Man. No Double Gear systems to be allowed in the NBL, however. *looks at Dr. Wily's photo* The other four don't mesh well with the NBL, or just are based upon older Robot Masters, just slightly different. That is all I will report." (... I am in the guilty party of why there are more teams. I fear maybe I caused the expansion... and why not much people come here as a result. Hmmm...)
  9. XLW

    Video Games Finished in 2018

    10/16- The World Ends With You -FINAL MIX- for Nintendo Switch I mostly everything about it... except the gameplay, the random difficulty spikes, and the skippable post-game Neku is forced to play a game where he has to complete random missions and survive for seven days. However, even though he acts anti-social and doesn't care about others, he has to team up so that he can fight against random enemies called noises. The story delves into messages about trust, art, friendship and individuality. Behind the... gameplay is an emotional game about Neku trying to open up to others, even if it's hard as it seems. The other characters Neku meet are just as complex as him, and not all of them are strictly good or bad. The world is based on the real world of Shibuya, a section of Tokyo, but is on another plane, so to speak. There's a lot of people and places, and most are DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS. I wasn't kidding about individuality, as that is central to the whole game. The music reflects Neku's emotional level, as he's basically... emo, for a lack of a better word. Unlike the usual games Square is known for, it feels right at home with a Persona game. But... teen-rated. The gameplay... is motion-controlled. I'll get to it straight, I hate it. Even when using the joy-cons. The original game was for a hand-held, and that kind of feedback does not work well with motion controls. And the game has the nerve to force me into changing my difficulty at times to get some items. And the bosses start at normal difficulty... and are a pain to beat because of their health bars. The random movements of enemies don't help either. The post-game strongly hints There's a lot to love with TWEWY, but it's gameplay, like Luigi's Mansion (3DS) and Star Fox Zero's, makes me wish they did motion controls better. They're great games, they just needed fine tuning with the controls. As much as I hate to admit it, it's not Top 100 material for me.
  10. XLW

    Whatcha playing? General Edition!

    TWEWY for the Switch. I like the game for a lot of stuff, but if I had to say something, this should’ve traded places with Luigi’s Mansion on their devices. The first game was made for a handheld system, while the other was for a console. How’d they screw up the controls for both, as much as I appreciate both?!
  11. Maybe they don't apply to the Sears thing at hand... Although I don't know how farmers would be involved with Sears.
  12. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Since today is the ROYAL RACEWAY ROYALE... sorry... Final Scores for Game 1 of Doubleheader, Sunday Oct 14- Valley of Bowser 3 Yoster Isle 4 (I feel like this should be a cup, but whatever.) Hyrule 10 Megaman 6 Celadon 5 Neo Arcadia 10 Mushroom Kingdom 2 Popstar 0 Tokyo 1 Zebes 5 Mayahem 6 Twilight 8 Mekanos 2 Arendelle 4 Sonic 4 Corneria 8 Moleville 9 Smashville 6 Inkopolis 8 Mute City 4 Kongo Jungle 8 Nimbasa 5 Sarasaland 9 Skyworld 8 Venom 1 Los Angeles 3 Great Plateau 9 Bionis 6 Termina 10 Slateport 8 Alrest 9 Laurasia 5 ... Final Scores for Game 2 of Doubleheader, Sunday Oct 14- Valley of Bowser 5 Yoster Isle 4 Hyrule 4 Megaman 8 Celadon 9 Neo Arcadia 7 Mushroom Kingdom 7 Popstar 4 Tokyo 7 Zebes 8 Mayahem 5 Twilight 9 Mekanos 8 Arendelle 4 Sonic 6 Corneria 2 Moleville 0 Smashville 6 Inkopolis 5 Mute City 4 Kongo Jungle 6 Nimbasa 8 Sarasaland 7 Skyworld 10 Venom 10 Los Angeles 6 Great Plateau 1 Bionis 5 Termina 4 Slateport 3 Alrest 8 Laurasia 7
  13. XLW

    Rank the Metroid Games

    1. Metroid Prime (Classic exploration, one of my first games actually) 2. Super Metroid (For the impact it had on the series and its exploration) 3. Metroid Zero Mission (A remake done right.) 4. Metroid Fusion (A game that borrows the SNES aesthetic, and runs wild with a new Samus.) 5. Metroid: Samus Returns (A remake that does some things right, some things bad.) 6. Metroid Prime 2 (Was never one for the dark/light message and worlds, but still good combat.) 7. Metroid Prime 3 (The corrupted mode was okay, but it's not as big as the last two games.) 8. Metroid Prime: Hunters (Really, it's the multiplayer we always remember. Not everyone played it for the story.) 9. Metroid (For starting it all... even if it's archaic.) 10. Metroid Other M (Sorry, as a guy who likes a good story, the voice acting was the WORST. Samus should've never talked, since it goes against everything she is.) 11. Metroid Prime: Federation Force (Multiplayer, but... the story isn't as good as Hunters'.) 12. Metroid II (The worst designed, but the remakes did it better.)
  14. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    *plays and finishes Luigi's Mansion... for the 3DS* I ain't afraid of no ghost! *plays Ghostbusters theme*
  15. I've been thinking if the current Chrom/Isabella amiibo prices would skyrocket when Smash comes out...