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  1. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Okay, Roman beat Brock. Where are you Brawn?! *looks up Wikipedia* And... he's a moron! But... DARTH VADER NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  2. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Rounda Rousey is now Raw Women's Championship. Congrats to her!
  3. XLW

    2008 vs. 2018

    2008- -Junior/ Senior. HS. -Planning on going to college. No job yet. -Resented being in band even slightly more. -Did Beauty And The Beast. -18, so I voted. I even took AP Government because of presidential debate thing. - I think I had an iPod at this point. No cells. Didn't get one until maybe college. - No car. Basically, I carpooled. Never took driving stuff until later. - Healthier I think. - Being in band meant I never took P.E. - Better music. There was even a song duet called INTO THE NIGHT played by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback fame and Carlos Santana. And this was before I thought Nickelback sucked. - Only listened to Top 40 chart stuff. Until later, never heard of some classic rock artists. I was a jaded kind of guy. - I got a Wii, DS, PS3, and maybe an X360. I think it was mostly newer games until later. - Had GH4 and RB2. This was before things went down. - Began to appreciated a blue-suited spiky-haired attorney series even more. THIS WAS BEFORE MY GROWING RESENTMENT OF CAPCOM TOOK OVER. - Was a big YU-GI-OH guy. - Grandpa is still alive. - I think this is when THAT SITE was in its infancy. - YouTube in its infancy. This is when I learned of AVGN and Nostalgia Critic. This was before... *cough* - Mostly watched cartoons. Then Scrubs came into my world... maybe later? -Fan of the Pokemon series. Began to lose interest in the anime. Cared about Naruto a long time ago. - Single, and I didn't mind. - No glasses, but BRACES. 2018- - Graduated college. - Got a job after two years after college. Work at a movie theater. And I live in an apartment now. - Never did anything band related. Focused on my Theater Arts Major and my Latin Minor. I love mythology. - Did way more shows now that I have more time and school's not a thing. I work part-time. - I voted in 2016. I refuse to tell anyone who I voted for since it might trigger some people. - I still have my iPod and with the money I had from my new job saved up for an iPhone. Not the X though. I heard about the unique charging system. It costed my at least 1000, but it was so worth it. - Finally got a car and my license. But, it was basically a gift and used by one of my relatives. But, I still have it after 4 years. - I'm nearly 28. HURRY UP BIRTHDAY, I DON'T WANT TO BE A PART OF "THAT" CLUB! - I know I'm getting "bigger". I'm going to the gym now. Band failed me. - What's on the radio about 90% of the time? I mean the Top 40. I like some songs, but the rest are just... boring. - Found out about more metal and older and newer rock songs that aren't on the Top 40 but DON'T SUCK. I think it was in 2009 when I became more interested in the past. I even went to some concerts recently. The last one I saw was Weird Al. He did just mostly original stuff, but there were a few parodies. - I still have my stuff, except I had to finally say goodbye to my PS3 and replaced it, and I got rid of the X360 years ago. I now have a 3DS, Switch, PS2 (which was technically my grandfather's before... well...), a WiiU, and a PS4. I even have a laptop and a new PC. And Amiibos. - Have most of the RB and GH games. Live sucked, but Rock Band Rivals or whatever is doing better than the release of 4. - I love the Ace Attorney series, but it's been 7 years, and no news of a Gyakuten Kenji 2 remake on the 3DS. We might not even get Dai Gyakuten Saiban and its sequel. I still love the series, and even though I hated that is was digital only, I got Spirit of Justice. - Better appreciation for some retro games. - Still a big Yu-Gi-Oh guy. I love the TCG. Never went back to the anime. Abridged stuff is still going. - My grandpa has passed away. ... There has been a lot of noticeable passings recently. Had to say goodbye to his house in 2014 I think. - My cousin married and has kids. - This site is here. Hi. - YouTube sucks with its persistence of ads, and the UNSKIPPABLE ones. Especially for cars. - Been more of a fan of YouTube personalities however, but I've stopped watching a few because of... interesting matters. - Still watch cartoons, but also more... shows with actual people. My favorite animated show Phineas and Ferb finally had a finally after maybe 10 years. And I'm glad Fairy Odd Parents is FINALLY done. Except Spongebob is still alive. Never was one for Adventure Time. -Became a fan of WWE in 2014. When the Daniel Bryan scene was around (he has a story mode in the next game), and it was I think after Summerslam when BROCK LESNAR because champion of little worth. Seriously, as of now, he has not put anyone over with the UC belt, and worse is his opponent, whom I hated since 2015. Summerslam 2018 might suck because of the Main Event. But, there are ONE OF TWO PEOPLE who can solve it. - Fan of Pokemon. Haven't watched the anime since. - Going to my local Comic Con. THIRD YEAR! Last year I met my childhood icon Veronica Taylor and showed her my Pikachu amiibo. Even got a signed autograph on my wall! This year it's going to have to VAs of BOTW Zelda and Prince Sidon from BOTW. YEAH! And some other cool guys. - Finally an Incredibles 2 movie, and I loved it. Not better than the first, but there are a few things I loved more than the first movie. - Have yet to see Ant-Man and Wasp. - Single, and I don't mind. - Got back into Tekken in my college years. I played 3, but picked up 6 after I matured. I have an interesting story with 3 in particular. - No braces, but GLASSES... But's it's no longer "nerdy" so who cares. - Got caught up with Naruto with the games and the Wiki. But, Dragon Ball has made a huge comeback recently, and Super has finally concluded. BROLY MOVIE CONFIRMED!
  4. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Yeah, their team was out-shadowed by players from other franchises when going over the list, and that irked me. Not to mention, there was nothing to set them apart from the three other Star-Fox teams. And, I won't have it like the soccer league, where there can be just generic players because no one would ever like those in free agency. And because Infinity War finally made the MCU come together, this was bound to happen. But, to make those players satisfied, the regular Star-Fox crew from that team will be headed to Corneria, Venom, and/or Sauria. They're not completely forgotten, there's just not a huge reason to keep one team when the amount of colorful characters just not reflects the franchise as a whole. There's a few more teams that are in the same boat, so it's only a matter of time when they might need to leave in order to make the NBL even better and more fresh. For those who wish for a Star Wars team... wait until Episode IX. You might get it... if nothing else huge comes around that time.
  5. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    DRAFT NBL Team Registry for Fall 2018. Nintendo Baseball Premier League Miyamoto League Yoster Isle Watermelon Warriors Megaman Bombers Popstar Runners Zebes Hunters Celadon Razorleaves Lumiose Lasers Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers Valley of Koopas Hylian Knights Twilight Interlopers Hoctatian Hammers Sonic Heroes Tokyo Typhoons Arendelle Icebreakers Cornerian Starfighters Mayahem Jinjos Yamauchi League Smashville Savages Mute City Racers Nimbasa Electrics Skyworld Angels Los Angeles Lawyers Kongo Krystal Koconuts Sarasaland Coins Moleville Miners Inkopolis Squids Bionis Xenoblades Slateport Surf Epoch Explorers Laurasia Comets Termina Mooncrushers Labrynna Oracles Venomian Vipers Nintendo Baseball Championship League Arakawa League: Neo Arcadia Nationals Ripple Star Miracle Matter Orange Star Generals Blue Moon Admirals Bern Dragonkillers Ylissean Shepherds Koholint Dreamers Great Plateau Explorers Carnival Night Ringers Onett Golden Eagles New Pork Bankees Agrabah Streetrats Amazing Avengers Sauria Dinosaurs Star City Galaxy Rogueport Bandits Iwata League: Wild World Predators Tethealla Tales Weyard Wanderers Goldenrod Nuggets Khura'in Dragons Mekanos Machines Forest Haven Koroks Lanaryu Loftwings Subcon Dreamcatchers Delfino Shines Valentia Valor Valla Siblings Alrest Titans Jubilife Jestors Wuhu Island Aviators Tortuga Pirates Nintendo Baseball Reserve League Saffron Psychics Castelia Black Widows Cavios Copycats Halfmoon Destroyers Magvel Royals Gallia Steel Distant Planet Breadbugs Tallon Sharpshooters Ghangzhou Gentlemen Big Blue Speedboats Port Town Dragsters Ultratech Mutants London Lookers Dracula’s Castlevania Goldwood Jets Sylvarant Backstabbers Tortimer Island Terrapins Arms Brawlers New Donk City Captains Hau’Oli City Totems Orsterra Travelers Dragon Ball FighterZ Nintendo Baseball Premier League Miyamoto League Yoster Isle Watermelon Warriors C Poochy 1B Baby Bowser 2B Baby Luigi 3B Green Yoshi SS Baby Mario LF Raphael Raven CF Orange Yoshi RF Boshi DH Purple Yoshi SP Bubble Baby Yoshi SP Peach SP Kamek SP Pink Yoshi SP Red Yoshi MRP Big Montgomery MRP Hookbill Koopa LRP Black Yoshi SU White Yoshi CL The Stork C Brown Yoshi CF Blue Yoshi 1B Eggplant Man RF Miss Cluck The Insincere DH Burt The Bashful LF Cloud N’ Candy Megaman Bombers C Bomberman 1B Roll 2B Flash Man 3B Bass SS Iris LF Yellow Devil CF Tron Bonne RF Glyde DH Bon Bonne SP Mega Man SP Proto Man SP Axl SP Zero SP Bubble Man MRP Crash Man MRP Launch Octopus LRP Boomer Kuwanger SU Quick Man CL Dr. Wily SS Rush DH Metal Man 1B Cut Man C Wood Man RF Blade Man 3B Splash Woman Popstar Runners C King Dedede 1B Waddle Dee 2B Lalala 3B Shadow Kirby SS Lololo LF Capsule J3 CF Kirby RF Metaknight DH Sophie SP Dynablade SP Sir Kibble SP Poppy Bros. Jr SP Octillery SP Mr. Bright MRP Millenium Star MRP Kracko LRP Mr. Shine SU Swirlix CL Nightmare DH Waddle Doo LF Cappy 3B Blade Knight CF Prince Fluff SS Starfy RF Mike Zebes Hunters C Kraid 1B OoT Ganondorf 2B Red Marine 3B Trevor Belmont SS Mighty LF Ridley CF Dark Samus RF Metroid Prime Exo DH Blue Marine SP Rundas SP Samus Aran SP Twinrova SP Sniper Joe SP Yellow Marine MRP Sheegoth MRP Gorea LRP Omega Metroid SU John Adams CL Noxus 1B Cross 2B Misery LF Silver Zebesian DH Green Marine CF Othu RF Thex Celadon Razorleaves C Arcanine 1B Brock 2B Misty 3B Erika SS Pikachu LF Arbok CF Charizard RF Kabutops DH Vileplume SP Blastoise SP Nidoqueen SP Kanghaskan SP Pidgeot SP Farfetch'd MRP Bellsprout MRP Lt. Surge LRP Genghar SU Victreebel CL Jigglypuff 1B Growlithe LF Beedrill RF Butterfree C Lance 2B Raichu DH Venusaur Lumiose Lasers C Clemont 1B Chespin 2B Marowak 3B Lady Korrina SS Greninja LF Valerie CF Viola RF Sylveon DH Grant SP Hawlucha SP Siebold SP Drasna SP Malamar SP Ash Ketchum MRP Pangoro MRP Fennekin LRP Aegislash SU Professor Augustine CL Diantha SS Dedenne CF Vivillion LF Ramos 2B Olympia RF Wulfric DH Wikstrom Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers C Wario 1B Plum 2B Toadette 3B Bowser SS Toad LF Ukiki CF Shigeru Miyamoto RF Flutter DH Plessie SP Mario SP Luigi SP Rosalina SP Waluigi SP Possessor Ghost MRP Green Toad MRP Madam Clairvoya LRP Luma SU The Brain CL Toadsworth 1B Purple Toad DH Captain Koopa 2B Blue Toad SS Nabbit CF Greenie 3B Slammer Valley of Koopas C Morton Koopa Jr. 1B Larry Koopa 2B Koopa Troopa 3B Dark Bones SS Iggy Koopa LF Roy Koopa CF King Boo RF Wendy O Koopa DH Dry Bones SP Magikoopa SP Spike SP Ice Bro SP Lakitu SP Bowser Jr. MRP Private Goomp MRP Sergeant Guy LRP Corportal Paraplonk SU Ludvig Von Koopa CL Dry Bowser RF Paratroopa 2B Lemmy Koopa LF Pom Pom RF Boom Boom DH Sledge Bro 1B Knot-Wing The Koopa Hylian Knights C Iron Knuckle 1B Darunia 2B Saria 3B Ruto SS Deku Princess LF OoT Link CF Rauru RF Dampe DH Ingo SP OoT Zelda SP Malon SP OoT Impa SP Beth Poe SP Meg Poe MRP OoT Postman MRP Talon LRP Princess Styla SU The Lady of Maud CL Agahnim 2B Mido 1B Dinolfos C Yuga DH Agitha RF Joelle Poe 2B Amy Poe Twilight Interlopers C Telma 1B Darbus 2B TP Ganondorf 3B Ralis SS Wolf Link LF Dangoro CF Bokoblin RF Colin DH Darknut SP Zant SP Midna SP Ilia SP TP Zelda SP Ashei MRP Shadow Beast MRP Ook LRP Yeta SU Fyrus CL King Bulbin RF Aeroflos SS Coro 2B Malo LF Iza CF Hena DH Yeto Hoctatian Hammers C Alph 1B Blue Pikmin 2B Doodlebug 3B Rock Pikmin SS Charlie LF Beady Long Legs CF Louie RF Orange Bulborb DH Purple Pikmin SP Captain Olimar SP Yellow Pikmin SP HFP SP Son Olimar SP Daughter Olimar MRP White Pikmin MRP Ray MK III LRP Lowen SU Brittany CL Dig Dug DH Red Pikmin LF Plasm Wraith RF Winged Pikmin CF Daisy Duck 3B General Asthar SS Ayumi Stewart Sonic Heroes: C Knuckles 1B Shadow 2B Amy Rose 3B Akira Yuki SS Sonic LF Tabuu CF Silver RF Tails DH Omega SP Big SP Bayonetta SP Gamma SP Zavok SP Kent Akechi MRP Ulala MRP Mirania LRP Chaos SU Dr. Eggman CL Blaze 2B Rouge CF NiGHTS C ZERO SS Beat RF Beta LF Coco Tapioca Tokyo Typhoons: C Edmond Honda 1B Ken 2B Mike Haggar 3B Zangief SS Chun Li LF Abigail CF M. Bison RF Akuma DH Thunder Hawk SP Ryu SP Cammy SP Guile SP Poison SP Balrog MRP Fei Long MRP Dhalsim LRP Dee Jay SU Vega CL Sagat C Blanka DH Hugo RF Shiki Misaki 3B Yun 1B Yang SS Ibuki Arendelle Icebreakers C Count Dookoo 1B King Mickey 2B Anna 3B Kristoff SS Olaf LF Goofy CF LeFou RF Peter Pan DH Gaston SP Belle SP Beast SP Elsa SP Queen Minnie SP Rapunzel MRP Aurora MRP Christopher Robin LRP Grand Pabbie SU Maleficent CL Donald Duck C Hanz SS Merida RF Bulda DH Marshmallow 3B Mr. Smee CF Captain Hook Cornerian Starfighters C Peppy Hare 1B Slippy Toad 2B Miyu 3B Fox McCloud SS Saki Amamiya LF WALL-E CF Falco Lombardi RF EVE DH Fay SP Bill Grey SP Lucy Hare SP Katt Monroe SP James McCloud SP General Pepper MRP Quote MRP Nitro Man LRP Earthworm Jim SU Captain Commando CL ROB C Aile 1B Balrog LF Overdrive Ostrich SS Chill Penguin 3B Dynamo CF Jaco Mayahem Jinjos C Jamjars 1B Wizpig 2B Bottles 3B Humba Wumba SS Gongon LF Kazooie CF Ghastly King RF Banjo DH Tooty SP Joanna Dark SP Mumbo Jumbo SP Boggy SP Jingaling SP Jiggywiggy MRP Blobbelda MRP Mingella LRP Mingy Kongo SU Klungo CL Gruntilda DH Brentilda LF Bozzeye 2B Professor Chops 3B Lord Frederick C Dread Kong 1B Sumo Kong Yamauchi League Smashville Savages C KK Slider 1B Tom Nook 2B Copper 3B Mabel SS Sable LF Pelly CF Labelle RF Phyllis SP Alice SP Blathers SP Villager SP Marching Milde SP Mog MRP Timmy MRP Tommy LRP Kapp’n SU Celeste CL Resetti LF Gulliver RF Amaterasu 1B Brewster C Booker CF Pete SS Kay 2B Su Ling Mute City: C Samurai Goroh 1B Pico 2B Draq 3B Antonio Guster SS Jet LF Bio Rex CF Zoda RF Captain Falcon SP Lisa Brilliant SP Viewtiful Joe SP Princia Ramode SP Lily Flyer SP Jody Summer MRP Dai Goroh MRP Agent Morris LRP Legault SU Shadow CL Zoe Payne 1B Ricky Winterborn RF Eddie Wachowski CF Soda Popinski 2B Kate Alen SS Octoman C Agent J LF Agent Derek Nimbasa Electrics C N 1B Sawk 2B Iris 3B Marlon SS Oshawott LF Zoroark CF Elesa RF Haxorus SP Gary Oak SP Skyla SP Lorelei SP Snivy SP Grimsley MRP Agatha MRP Mrs. Thwomp LRP Throh SU Simisage CL Emboar C GAME FREAK Morimoto LF Whimsicott CF Kylie Koopa RF Krookodile 1B Watchog 2B Excadrill 3B Mienshao Skyworld Angels C Blinky 1B Inky 2B Nana 3B Clyde SS Pinky LF Popo CF Pit RF Palutena SP Twila SP Princess Shroob SP Whis SP Magnus SP Centurion MRP Strider Hiryu MRP Dark Pit LRP Sephiran SU Athos CL Mr. Game And Watch RF Laughing Dog CF Chakron C Solo 3B King Arthur 2B Toejam 1B Earl SS Doc Louis Los Angeles Lawyers C Simon Blackquill 1B Maya Fey 2B Luke Triton 3B Larry Butz SS Kay Faraday LF Lotta Hart CF Detective Gumshoe RF Hugh O’Conner SP Phoenix Wright SP Pearl Fey SP Miles Edgeworth SP Robin Newman SP Trucy Wright MRP Athena Cykes MRP Adrian Andrews LRP Wendy Oldbag SU Mia Fey CL Godot C Juniper Woods LF Winston Payne 3B Little Mac 2B Bonny de Famme RF Maggey Byrde 1B Will Powers SS Betty de Famme Kongo Krystal Koconuts C Cranky Kong 1B Karate Kong 2B Tiny Kong 3B Diddy Kong SS Dixie Kong LF Expresso CF K. Lumsy RF Squawks SP Donkey Kong SP Funky Kong SP Swanky Kong SP Squitter Spider SP Lanky Kong MRP Pompy MRP Candy Kong LRP Kiddy Kong SU Skowl CL Queen Banana Bird 2B Ninja Kong 1B Rambi RF Ellie 3B Klubba C Baron K Roolenstein CF Krusha RF Bashmaster Sarasaland Coins C Tatanga 1B Yellow Toad 2B Goomba 3B Sumo Bro SS Purple Paratroopa LF Fire Bro CF Hammer Bro RF Boomerang Bro SP Maxwell SP Daisy SP Blooper SP Orville SP Henry MRP Boo MRP Yellow Virus LRP Coach SU Dr. Mario CL Baby Daisy 3B Wiggler C Reggie Fils-Aime 1B Red Virus CF Blue Virus RF Paragoomba SS Monty Mole LF Sushi Moleville Miners C Smithy 1B Booster 2B Jonathan Jones 3B Yaridovich SS Valentina LF Yellow Yoshi CF Axem Green RF Light Blue Yoshi SP Punchinello SP Bowyer SP Axem Pink SP Axem Yellow SP Axem Red MRP Dodo MRP Axem Black LRP Prince Dreambert SU Boomer CL Culex 3B Big Massif 2B Mallow 1B Lil Massif LF Toady RF Waddlewing CF Toadofsky C Geno Inkopolis Squids C Judd 1B Spkye 2B Neku Sakuraba 3B Monster Hunter SS Callie LF Marie CF Master Core Sapien Form RF Jergingha SP Dedf1sh SP Inkling Girl SP Inkling Boy SP Sheldon SP Black Knight MRP Agent 8 MRP Sissel LRP Rayman SU Crazy Hand CL DJ Octavio 3B Shovel Knight C Wonder-Red 2B Shield Knight LF Jelonzo 1B Crusty Sean CF Cap'n Cuttlefish RF Choir Kid Bionis Xenoblades C Fiora 1B Riki 2B Melia 3B Shulk SS Sagi LF Reyn CF Kalas RF Alvis SP Dunban SP Gadolt SP Vanea SP Loritiha SP Sharla MRP Gilgamesh MRP Exdeath LRP Dickson SU Egil CL Zanza C Chief Dunga 1B Nagi SS Mumkhar 2B Locke CF Lenna RF Faris 3B Bartz Slateport Surf C Norman 1B Aggron 2B Roxanne 3B May SS Wallace LF Sceptile CF Brawly RF Wattson SP Ludicolo SP Swampert SP Zangoose SP Tate SP Liza MRP Altaria MRP Gardevoir LRP Drake SU Blaziken CL Steven RF Flannery SS Winona 3B Medicham 1B Sableye CF Sidney 2B Glacia LF Phoebe Epoch Explorers C Queen Zael 1B Kain Highwind 2B Atropos XR 3B Frog SS Ayla LF Robo CF Marle RF Crono SP Lucca SP Welt SP Shantae SP Vyse SP King Knight MRP Airy MRP Xelha LRP Zoma SU Magus CL Lavos SS Con 3B Dalton LF Schala 1B Black Tyranno RF Cyan Garamonde C Cecil Harvey 2B Pon Laurasia Comets C Ark 1B Freedan 2B Randi 3B Marno SS Neko LF Viper CF Edea Lee RF Birdon SP Will SP Kara SP Lilly SP Seth SP Popoi MRP Providence MRP Agnes LRP Shadow SU Erik CL Neil 2B Gem The Jeweler C Dragonlord 1B Blazer CF Primm 3B Erdrick SS Jackal RF Murdaw Termina Mooncrushers C Mayor Dotour 1B Igos Du Ikana 2B Skull Kid 3B Onilink SS Aveil LF MM Tingle CF Happy Mask Salesman RF Deku Scrub SP Cremia SP Romani SP Mr. Barten SP Darmani SP Lulu MRP Gorman MRP Keaton LRP Deku King SU Majora CL Mikau SS Goron Elder's Son 2B Anju RF Sakon 1B Odolwa LF Evan C Satoru Iwata 3B Kafei Labrynna Oracles C Ambi 1B General Onox 2B Holly 3B Ricky SS Maple LF Guru-Guru CF Moosh RF Pumpkin Head SP Din SP Nayru SP Farore SP Ralph SP Rosa MRP Flat MRP Sharp LRP Syrup SU ALBW Impa CL Veran 1B Mamamu Yan 2B Subrosian LF OoT Great Fairy RF Admiral Bobbery CF ReDead Knight SS Vaati LF Cawlin Venomian Vipers C Caiman 1B Ronan The Accuser 2B Dash Bowman 3B Kylo Ren SS Wolf O’Donnel LF Panther Caroso CF Algy RF Leon Powalski SP Pigma SP Andrew Oikonny SP Flamberge SP Francisca SP Zan Partizanne MRP Zemus MRP Xande LRP Emperor Palpatine SU Darth Vader CL Andross LF Attack Carrier Captain CF Granga RF Shogun Pilot 3B Darth Maul 2B Magneto 1B Bobba Fett C Dr. Doom Nintendo Baseball Championship League Arakawa League: Neo Arcadia Nationals C Vile 1B Centaur Man 2B Duo 3B Neon Tiger SS Ciel LF The Skiver CF X RF Storm Eagle DH Gate SP Palette SP Air Man SP Sigma SP Vent SP High Max MRP Heat Man MRP Double LRP Spider SU Mega Man Juno CL Omega DH Mega Man Volnutt CF Blizzard Man 2B Ice Man 3B Tomahawk Man RF Magma Dragoon SS Servbot Ripple Star Miracle Matter C Shadow Dedede 1B Box Boxer 2B Spinni 3B Mr. Tick Tock SS Rick LF Doc CF Coo RF Broom Hatter DH Dark Matter Swordsman Form SP Adeleine SP Ribbon SP Gooey SP Kine SP Storo MRP Paintra MRP Vividria LRP Drawcia SU Dark Crafter CL 02 C Lubba DH Moley LF Tak 2B Poochy-Pup CF Sprixie Princess 3B Filmia Orange Star Generals C Michael Ford 1B Sasha 2B Sami 3B Stocke SS Waylon LF Golem CF Von Bolt RF Forsythe DH Jess SP Rachel SP Andy SP Elec Man SP Jake SP Sonja MRP Waterwraith MRP BlastMan.EXE LRP Sturm SU Apus Major CL Strike Man 2B Nell 1B Greyfield DH Baseball Boy CF Mr. X C Guts Man RF Star Man Blue Moon Admirals C Brenner 1B Flak 2B Max 3B Li SS Kanbei LF The Beast CF Will RF Lin DH Olaf SP Colin SP Isabella SP Caulder SP Javier SP Andromeda MRP Infantry MRP Eagle LRP The Doctor SU Javier CL Sensei CF Grit DH Drake RF Hachi 2B Katarina 3B Knight Man C Dr. Gero Bern Dragonkillers C Hector 1B Sothe 2B Lucia 3B Hawkeye SS Eliwood LF Fiora CF Elincia RF Roy DH Zephiel SP Soren SP Lyn SP Rolf SP Nino SP Florina MRP Matthew MRP Pent LRP Ninian SU Heath CL Serra RF Karel SS Jaffar 3B Lloyd 1B Linus 2B Ursula DH Farina Ylissean Shepherds C Donnel 1B Boyd 2B Lucina 3B Severa SS Chrom LF Owain CF Sumia RF Virion DH Walhart SP Ricken SP Frederick SP Noire SP Robin SP Miriel MRP Tharja MRP Stahl MRP Gangrel SU Lissa CL Emmeryn SS Leif 2B Maribelle 2B Say'ri DH Vaike 3B Seliph LF Gaius Koholint Dreamers C Dethl 1B Lizalfos 2B Moblin 3B Dark Link SS Thief Girl LF Stalfos CF Stalchampion RF Cuckoo Keeper DH Grim Creeper SP Richard SP Young Link SP Hinox SP Mamu SP Goriya MRP Gibdo MRP ALTTP Sahasrahla LRP Tetra SU Sheik CL Marin DH Tool Town Shopkeeper 2B Madam Meowmeow CF Trendy Shop Game Owner SS Crazy Tracy 3B Ball And Chain Soldier RF Tarin Great Plateau Explorers C Prince Sidon 1B Yunobo 2B Purah SS Riju 3B Daruk LF Revali CF BOTW Link RF Teba DH Lynel SP Chio SP Paya SP Kass SP BOTW Zelda SP Hetsu MRP Mipha MRP Waterblight Ganon LRP Kilton SU Urbosa CL King Rhoam 3B Fireblight Ganon DH Master Kohga SS Thunderblight Ganon RF Windblight Ganon LF Blizzrobe 2B Guardian Scout III Carnival Night Ringers C Heavy King 1B Aiai 2B Cream 3B Classic Sonic SS Meemee LF Heavy Rider CF Classic Tails RF Axel Stone DH Vector SP Gilius Thunderhead SP Simipour SP Charmy Bee SP Simisear SP Cheese SP Heavy Gunner MRP Pharaoh Man MRP Heavy Magician LRP Heavy Shinobi SU BD Joe CL Classic Eggman C Alex Kidd 2B Espio SS Yamato Man DH Segata Sanshiro CF Amigo 3B Aris Landale Onett Golden Eagles C Edgar 1B Flying Man 2B Malva 3B Poo SS Ness LF Starman CF Ninten RF Auru DH Lysandre SP Teddy SP Jeff SP Rosa SP Celes SP Rydia MRP Paula MRP Ringabel LRP Raine SU Chai CL Lester DeRusso C Garland DH Michalis CF Yang 3B The Master 1B Sabin LF Cid Pollendia New Pork Bankees C Emperor Geldoblame 1B Garland 2B Kumatora 3B Ayme SS Onion Knight LF Ultimate Chimera CF Shanath RF Duster DH Baelheit SP Terra Branford SP Golbez SP Porky SP Yew Geneoglia SP Lyude MRP Ana MRP Flint LRP Kefka SU Hinawa CL Claus DH Lucas 1B Denys Geneolgia 2B Magnolia Arch LF Braev Lee CF Tiz Arrior RF Sage Yulyanna Agrabah Streetrats C Aladdin 1B Pumba 2B Timon 3B Tarzan SS Abu LF Hercules CF Simba RF Scar DH Philocetes SP Mulan SP Mushu SP Shan Yu SP Captain Shang SP Chernabog MRP Mizrabel MRP Jafar LRP Yen Sid SU Hades CL Genie 3B Baloo SS Mowlgi CF Princess Jasmine LF Rafiki 2B Bagherra RF Nala Amazing Avengers (Their headquarters are in the city of N.Y.) C Black Panther 1B The Hulk 2B Valkyrie 3B Drax SS Gamora LF Iron Man CF Thor RF Star-Lord SP Loki SP Rocket Raccoon SP Mantis SP Nebula SP Dr. Strange SU Vision MRP Scarlet Witch MRP Hawkeye MRP Groot SU Spider-Man 3B Captain America SS Black Widow RF Ultron CF Dormammu 2B Captain Marvel C Thanos 1B Venom Sauria Dinosaurs C General Scales 1B Grippy Toad 2B Han Solo 3B Rey SS Yoda LF Krystal CF Marcus McCloud RF Amanda DH Finn SP Luke Skywalker SP Princess Leia SP King Earthwalker SP Queen Cloudrunner SP Chewbacca MRP Nova MRP Yaru de Pon LRP R2D2 SU Obi-Wan Kenobi CL Tricky Earthwalker C Anglar Emperor DH Beltino 2B Isa Joe CF Poe Dameron LF C3PO RF Curly Brace Star City Galaxy C Pipsy 1B Bumper 2B Marian 3B Billy SS Jimmy LF Smokey CF Terry RF Pointy Tuck DH T.T. SP Tiptup SP Mai SP Pilaf SP Shu SP Shun MRP Bubbler MRP Bluey LRP Captain Blubber SU Psymon Stark CL Taj The Genie LF Tricky 2B Honey B. DH Adobo 1B Manky Kong RF Krash CF Drumstick Rogueport Bandits C Grodus 1B Jr. Troopa 2B Koops 3B Paper Bowser SS Goombario LF Gonzales CF Goombella RF Lady Bow DH Rawk Hawk SP Paper Mario SP Paper Luigi SP Paper Peach SP Madame Flurrie SP Vivian MRP Kooper MRP Count Bleck LRP Kammy Koopa SU Dimentio CL Shadow Queen 2B Natasia DH Paper Bowser Jr. CF Paper Toad RF Lakilester LF Parakarry SS Ms. Mowz Iwata League: Wild World Predators C Dr. Shrunk 1B Phineas 2B Wendell 3B Rover SS Pengi LF Gracie CF Saharah RF Billy Hatcher SP Blanca SP Zipper T Bunny SP Harriet SP Crazy Redd SP Cinderella MRP Phosphora MRP Jack LRP Viridi SU Wisp CL Jingle 3B Joan 2B Katrina 1B Franklin RF Frillard C Luna LF Cornimer CF Balloon Fighter Tethealla Tales C Ratatosk 1B Zelos 2B Lloyd Irving 3B Magnius SS Regal LF Genis CF Presea RF Sheena SP Emil SP Marta SP Mithos SP Aqua SP Chocolat MRP Dirk MRP Aht LRP Decus SU Gibari CL Colette CF Kratos 1B Tenebrae 3B Dagran C Gafka RF Zeron 2B Syrenne LF Valara Weyard Wanderers C Chalis 1B Tyrell 2B Sveta 3B Jenna SS Menardi LF Piers CF Felix RF Sheba SP Ivan SP Mia SP Karst SP Karis SP Alex MRP Rief MRP Himi LRP Melodia SU Guillo CL Saturos 1B Garet CF Blados LF Isaac C Agatio 3B Eoleo SS Volechek RF Nowell Goldenrod Nuggets C Bruno 1B Scizor 2B Togetic 3B Miltank SS Falkner LF Typhlosion CF Whitney RF Clair SP Feraligatr SP Azumarill SP Ursaring SP Silver SP Ampharos MRP Meganium MRP Espeon LRP Umbreon SU Morty CL Jasmine 3B Chuck LF Pryce RF Bugsy SS Bellosom 2B Will CF Pichu C Karen Khura'in Dragons C Inga Karkuul Khura’in 1B Shi-Long Lang 2B Amara Sigatar Khura’in 3B Apollo Justice SS Dats Are’bal LF Ema Skye CF Nahyuta Sahdmadhi RF Klavier Gavin SP Franziska von Karma SP Gaspen Payne SP Aura Blackquill SP Lamiroir SP Manfred von Karma MRP Bobby Fulbright MRP Roger Retinz LRP Kristoph Gavin SU Valant Gramarye CL Rayfa Padma Khura’in CF Ahlbi Ur'gaid SS Jinxie Tenma 3B Dhurke Sahdmadhi 2B Gar'an Sigatar Khura'in C Khurai'nese Judge LF Beh'leeb Inmee RF Soloman Starbuck Mekanos Machines C King K. Rool 1B Boomer Bear 2B Barter Bear 3B Blunder Bear SS Ba-Boom LF Kritter CF Chunky Kong RF TNT Knocka SP Bjorn Bear SP Brash Bear SP Baby DK SP Donkey Kong Jr. SP Klump MRP Tiki Tong MRP Blue Bear LRP Stanley SU Blizzard Bear CL Bazooka Bear 1B Baffle Bear 2B Bear Bear 3B Bramble Bear SS Benny Bear LF Bachelor Bear CF Mole Miner Max RF Barnacle Bear Forest Haven Koroks C Niko 1B WW Ganondorf 2B Toon Link 3B Nudge SS Makar LF Zephos CF Helmaroc King RF Senza SP WW Tingle SP Gonzo SP Zuko SP Alfonzo SP Aryll MRP Phantom MRP Sturgeon LRP Byrne SU Toon Zelda CL King Hyrule RF Cyclos LF Orca C Grandma CF Beedle 2B Mako SS Ivan 1B Gorko Lanaryu Loftwings C Demise 1B Linebeck 2B Nabooru 3B Koloktos SS Ghirahim LF Komali CF Groose RF Quill SP Gulley SP ALBW Zelda SP Seres SP Osfala SP Irene MRP Oren MRP Rosso LRP Hilda SU Ravio CL Fi RF SS Link 1B Skipper CF Gaepora 2B Stritch LF SS Impa SS Medli C Renado Subcon Dreamcatchers C Clawgrip 1B Wart 2B Tryclyde 3B Builder Mario SS Shy Guy LF Birdo CF King Bob-Omb RF Beezo SP Mouser SP Brighton SP Pidgit SP Ninji SP Snifit MRP Mother Penguin MRP Crazee Dayzee LRP King Whomp SU Pak E. Derm CL Captain Goomba 1B Koopa The Quick RF Fighter Fly CF Sidestepper C Chargin Chuck SS Bandit LF Fly Guy 3B Metal Shy Guy Delfino Shines C Golden Retriever 1B Pianta 2B Kat 3B Midbus SS Ana LF Noki CF Petey Piranha RF Queen Bee SP Fawful SP Mona SP MC Ballyhoo SP Princess Elder Shroob SP 9-Volt MRP Ashley MRP Polterpup LRP Professor E. Gadd SU Antasma CL Cackletta C Prince Peasley 1B Broque Monsier 2B Broque Madame LF Sister Berlinda CF Sister Lucinda RF Sister Herlinda SS Popple Valentia Valor C Tiki 1B Inigo 2B Marth 3B Alm SS Olivia LF Est CF Catria RF Palla SP Anna SP Celica SP Katarina SP Merric SP Saber MRP Berkut MRP Nyna LRP Shade SU Gharnef CL Malpercio CF Caeda RF Minerva 3B Camus C Clive LF Cordelia 1B Hardin 2B Fernand Valla Siblings C Corrin 1B Ryoma 2B Elise 3B Xander SS Kaze LF Hinoka CF Silas RF Camilla SP Jakob SP Felicia SP Flora SP Kiragi SP Forrest MRP Takumi MRP Leo LRP Sakura SU Izana CL Azura 1B Rinkah SS Saizo RF Scarlet CF Gunter LF Shigure 3B Shiro C Siegbert Alrest Titans C Amalthus 1B Poppi 2B Vandham 3B Rex SS Tora LF Milly CF Nia RF Rosch SP Mythra SP Pandoria SP Brighid SP Pyra SP Akhos MRP Mikhail MRP Patroka LRP Haze SU Jin CL Malos C Therius 3B Dias CF Chairman Bana SS Aeron 2B Morag 1B Zael RF Zeke Jubilife Jestors C Empoleon 1B Flint 2B Lucian 3B Maylene SS Pachirisu LF Roark CF Garchomp RF Bryon SP Electivire SP Magmortar SP Gardenia SP Ambipom SP Munchlax MRP Cyrus MRP Infernape LRP Fantina SU Lucario CL Cynthia CF Torterra 2B Gallade SS Loppuny 3B Crasher Wake LF Floatzel RF Gliscor 1B Volkner Wuhu Island Aviators C Mii Infield 1B Wonder-Blue 2B Wonder-Pink 3B Wonder-Green SS Wonder-Black LF Hawk CF Mii Outfield RF Lark SP Wonder-Yellow SP Mii Pitcher SP Kiwi SP Ibis SP Dr. Lautrec MRP Wonder-White MRP Immorta LRP Vigounne SU The Enchantress CL Master Hand C Robin LF Goose 1B Metal Mario 2B Metal Luigi C Wii Fit Trainer CF Prince Vorrken SS Risky Boots Tortuga Pirates C Hiro Hamada 1B Maui 2B Elizabeth Swann 3B Mrs. Incredible SS Jack Sparrow LF Ralph CF Max RF Louie SP Will Turner SP Dewey SP Tiana SP Stitch SP Nick Wilde MRP Pooh-Bear MRP Tron LRP Oswald SU Stan Lee CL Scrooge McDuck SS Huey LF Riley 1B Mr. Incredible 2B Moana RF Lilo C Baymax CF Judy Hopps Nintendo Baseball Reserve League 2017 Castelia Black Widows C Alder 1B Lenora 2B Cheren 3B Darmanitan SS Brycen LF Chili CF Cilan RF Cress SP Audino SP Burgh SP Roxie SP Caitlin SP Shauntal MRP Corless MRP Beheyeem LRP Golurk SU Scrafty CL Ghetsis RF Clay CF Drayden 3B Marshal LF Carracosta C Druddigon 2B Leavanny SS Cinccino Saffron Psychics C Professor Oak 1B Blue 2B Red 3B Wigglytuff SS Janine LF Pinsir CF Raticate RF Slowbro SP Hitmonchan SP Hitmonlee SP Blaine SP Sabrina SP Nidoking MRP James MRP Jessie LRP Alakazam SU Giovanni CL Mewtwo SS Koga C Mr. Mime 1B Dragonite CF Folon 3B Meowth 2B Eevee 1B Gogoat Cavios Copycats C Heavy Lobster 1B Mr. Frosty 2B Chef Kawasaki 3B Gigant Edge SS Sparky LF Clown Acrobot CF Wester RF Lanzer SP Simmirror SP Gim SP Chilly SP Pillah SP Spirum MRP Hot Head MRP NESP LRP Phan Phan SU Chu-Chu CL Hyness SS Moonja 3B Burning Leo 1B Bonkers 2B Plasma Wisp LF Penguru RF Ray C Masahiro Sakurai Halfmoon Destroyers C Taranza 1B Knuckle Joe 2B Susie 3B Invader Armor SS Daroach LF Buggzy CF Queen Sectonia RF Magolor SP Poppy Bros. Sr. SP Yin-Yarn SP Claycia SP Polar Bear SP Meownster Hunter MRP Sheep Man MRP Passimian LRP Necrodeus SU Morpho Knight CL Marx CF Landia SS Tac LF Sky Fairy 1B Bandana Dee C President Haltmann 3B Dark Metaknight RF Elline Magvel Royals C Joshua 1B Ross 2B Eirika 3B Ephraim SS Rennac LF Kyle CF Franz RF Forde SP Innes SP L’Arachel SP Lute SP Ewan SP Riev MRP Tana MRP Vanessa LRP Syrene SU Selena CL Lyon 1B Dozla CF Seth RF Cormag LF Duessel C Gerik 2B Amelia 3B Callaech Gallia Steel C Titania 1B Black Knight 2B Quan 3B Ike SS Mia LF Kieran CF Geoffrey RF Rhys SP Mist SP Bartre SP Michaiah SP Leonardo SP Lilina MRP Oliver MRP Shinon LRP Sanaki SU Nephenee CL Nergal CF King Ashnard 3B Sigurd C Oscar 2B Stefan SS Volke RF Haar LF Petrine Distant Planet Breadbugs C Lycanroc 1B Titan Dweevil 2B Crumbug 3B Breadbug SS Creeping Chrysanthemum LF Iridescent Flint Beetle CF Spotty Bulbear RF Empress Bulbax SP Sconet Maestro SP Fiery Blowhog SP Peckish Aristocrab SP Padme Amadala SP Captain Phasma MRP Quagled Mireclops MRP Chibi Robo LRP Ranging Blowser SU Dr. Doppler CL President Hocotate 1B Swooping Snitchbug C Clefable CF Yellow Wollyhog 3B Beetley RF Dwarf Bulborb LF Cooler 2B Bardock Tallon Sharpshooters C Mercury Summon 1B Torizo 2B Ice Titan 3B Weavel SS SA-X LF Sylux CF Meta-Ridley RF Trace SP Spire SP Kanden SP Luminoth SP Ghor SP Serge MRP Mike MRP Sulley LRP Parasite Queen SU Lumine CL Zero Suit Samus CF Phazon Elite LF Ing 2B Gandrayda RF Arachnus 3B Kid Buu 1B Violen SS Agile Ghangzhou Gentlemen C Seth 1B Birdie 2B Cody 3B Juri SS Guy LF Maki CF Crimson Viper RF Sakura SP Rose SP Urien SP Dan SP Crystal Man SP Karin MRP Sodom MRP Ingrid LRP Gen SU Laura CL Charlie Nash CF Necalli C R. Mika RF Elena SS F.A.N.G 1B Adon 2B Dudley 3B Gill Big Blue Speedboats C Phoenix 1B Leon 2B Spade 3B Deathborn SS Conker LF Kensuke Kimachi CF Luther Dwayne Grady RF Skye Simms SP Baba SP Serena Del Mar SP Nigel Carver SP Kaori Nightshade SP Yondu MRP Wave MRP Master Roshi LRP Don Genie SU The Skull CL Black Shadow SS Billy C Blitz Wagner 1B Dion Blaster 3B Ryota Hayami 2B Akari Hayami LF Blaze Heatnix RF Videl Port Town Dragsters C Rick Wheeler 1B Super Arrow 2B Roger Buster 3B Blood Falcon SS Griff Simmons LF Dr. Clash CF David Mariner RF Dr. Stewart SP Jane B. Christie SP John Tanaka SP Mrs. Arrow SP Michael Chain SP Rob Haywood MRP Mr. EAD MRP Moby Jones LRP Mac Fraser SU Storm CL Mickey Marcus LF Alexander O'Neil RF Jack Levin CF Mighty Gazelle 1B Colossus 3B Cable 2B Elise Riggs SS Deadpool Ultratech Mutants C Zits 1B Jago 2B Sadira 3B B. Orchid SS Android 21 LF Gargos CF Fulgore RF Eyedol SP Cinder SP Glacius SP Pai Chan SP Thunder SP Kim Wu MRP Maya MRP Kan-Ra MRP Kage-Maru SU Sentinel CL Dural CF Wolverine SS Riptor 1B Sabrewulf 2B Tusk RF TJ Combo 3B Aganos LF Omen London Lookers (Their home town is in London.) C Leon Bronev 1B Marvin Grossberg 2B Susato Mikotoba 3B Ryunosuke Naruhodo SS Emmy Altavia LF Espella Cantabella CF Flora Reinhold RF Barok van Zieks SP Professor Layton SP Sherlock Holmes SP Iris Wattson SP Kazuma Asogi SP Inspector Chelmey MRP Inquisitor Darklaw MRP Soseki Natsume LRP Don Paolo SU Jean Descole CL Storyteller 3B Sir Zacharias Barnham SS Gina Lestrade LF Tyrell Badd 2B Katrielle Layton RF Raymond Shields CF Seishirou Jigoku C Hart Vortex Dracula’s Castlevania (Their home town is in Transylvania.) C Hades 1B The Creature 2B Flea Man 3B Simon Belmont SS Werewolf LF Pandora CF Poseidon RF Druk SP Pyrhhon SP Alucard SP Reaper SP Reapette SP Chaos Kin MRP Arvis MRP Great Reaper LRP Mr. Dream CL Death SU Dracula C Astaroth CF Thanatos 3B Super Macho Man 2B Piston Hondo 1B King Hippo SS Disco Kid RF Firebrand Goldwood Jets C Pimple 1B Rolf Landalle 2B Dark Belra 3B Alec Trevelyan SS Natalya Simonova LF Hyuga Rhyght CF Mizar RF Karen Erra SP Vela SP Juno SP Lupus SP James Bond SP Skedar MRP Future Zamasu MRP Rag Pappy LRP Elvis SU Boris Grishenko CL Zio C Rash 1B Ethan Waber SS Jamerbab 2B Towa 1B Pan 3B Mira Sylvarant Backstabbers C Brute 1B Hawk 2B Rodyle 3B Luke fon Fabre SS Alice LF Flynn CF Cress Albane RF Stahn Aileron SP Richter Abend SP Remiel SP Amiti SP Kraden SP Lilith Aileron MRP Forcystus MRP Kvar LRP Pronyma SU Lyude CL Origin 2B Estelle SS Yuri Lowell 2B Kohahu Hearts RF Hisui Hearts CF Asbel Lhant 1B Yuan C Magnar Tortimer Island Terrapins C Isabelle 1B Nat 2B Reese 3B Cyrus SS Leila RF Grams CF Digby RF Leilani SP Pave SP Porter SP Tortimer SP Don Resetti SP Chip MRP Bulla MRP Guitar Guy MRP Palico SU Melynx CL Lyle CF Kicks SS Katie C Lottie 2B Kaitlin RF Pascall LF Leif C Bunnelby Arms Brawlers C Helix 1B Mim Mim 2B Ribbon Girl SS Falke 3B Max Brass LF G CF Spring Man RF Kolin SP Pearl SP Gunvolt SP Ed SP Kid Cobra SP Marina MRP Bisk MRP Misango LRP Byte SU Dr. Coyle CL Master Mummy 1B Lola Pop 2B Twintelle LF Rolento C Jason Frudnick SS Ninjara CF Menat RF Mechanica New Donk City Captains C Captain Toad 1B New Donker 2B Goombette 3B Shiverian SS Jaxi LF Chef Bro. CF Glydon RF Tostarenan SP Lochlady SP Captain Boo SP Cappy SP Tiara SP Hariet MRP Spewart MRP Topper LRP Rango SU Madame Broode CL Pauline LF Parabones CF Trapeetle RF Klepto 1B Chincho C Captain Shy Guy 2B Santa-Hat Goomba SS Rabbid Luigi Hau’Oli City Totems C Professor Kukui 1B Gumshoos 2B Lana 3B Incineroar SS Guzma LF Primarina CF Hau RF Kahili SP Oranguru SP Acerola SP Hapu SP Olivia SP Sophocles MRP Hala MRP Molayne LRP Mimikyu SU Gladion CL Decidueye 1B Kiawe SS Nanu 3B Kommo-o RF Mina 2B Ilima C Lusamina CF Mallow Orsterra Travelers (Their home town is in Victors Hollow, a coast town.) C Cordelia Ravus 1B Erhardt 2B Therese 3B Olberic Eisenburg LF Ali CF Tressa Colzione RF Eliza SP Alfyn Greengrass SP Cyrus Albright SP H’aanit SP Ophilia SP Lianna MRP Rufus MRP Albus LRP Simeon SU Yvon CL Lyblac SS Darius LF Kit CF Leon Bestralle RF Noa Whyndham 3B Harald C Werner 1B Miguel Twinspears 2B Mattias Dragon Ball FighterZ (Their home town is in West City, home of the Capsule Corporation.) C Yamcha 1B Vegeta 2B Gohan 3B Goku SS Hit LF Hercule CF Tien RF Future Trunks SP Cabba SP Broly SP Jeice SP Krillin SP Piccolo MRP Guldo MRP Burter MRP Whis SU Recoome CL Beerus LF Cell 2B Android 18 SS Android 17 C Captain Ginyu 1B Android 16 RF Majin Buu CF Frieza Note- None of the guys from the new teams, are allowed to go yet. Just after a season, they are. 1. After Conker's incident at the MKRA, it would be best for Conker and the rest of Zebes to not to work with each other. Where he's placed is... probably the best, but maybe he'll be back on top after hitting rock bottom. 2. To make it fair for everyone, the Avengers team will be in the Relegation team. Whatever team is fifth in scorings from relegation will likely swap with Avengers. Every other changed team will simply get a home makeover with a few player details. This will be in effect for whenever this happens. 3. Any changes to the teams will happen after the VGWBC. However, the teams that have only changed in players and locations and are not new, are able to do free agency. But, the newer players cannot leave the teams. 4. I made sure that everyone has the maximum amount of players. That's the one thing I always make sure happens. 5. ... Hello. Just wanted to make a fifth point, because five's a good number to end things on. 5.5 Oh yeah, except for one person, all of the XCX players will be gone. No one will likely care about that game anymore. Any questions or stuff, comment away!
  6. XLW

    What are you listening to?

    Heck yeah Def Leppard! *hard high five*
  7. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    This just in... The Octopath Traveler game will have a team! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!... That's not the only news concerning new and old teams. A recent team will get a makeover to reflect current SSB news, while another team will be... *snapped*, but will be replaced with a new amazing team in mind, while keeping the other players in another one. Also, some teams will replace some old and likely forgotten players with fresh and familiar ones to keep up the pace. See you tonight for the BIG REVEAL... of The Fall Registry 2018 0.001!
  8. XLW

    What are you listening to?

    Octopath Traveller's OST. Quite great.
  9. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    After some consideration, there might be an Octopath Traveller team. Stay tuned for later news!
  10. XLW

    Your experience with camping

    Haven't in a while, but when I was in Boy Scouts, my troop occasionally went to some campground to learn different kinds of stuff. And, one year or so, the usual meeting place took place in some kind of plains that I'm sure we had some campfires. One of my friends who was in Boy Scouts actually got married this summer too. And, although I don't think it was camping, my family and friends went to a lake, because they mostly went water-skiing or boating. I actually have a real precious memory of that trip because I think I was planning on going to the restroom while I was walking on some concrete in the midst of some tall "forest" trees. I vividly remember playing Pokemon Red, and the current location I was in the game was... Viridian Forest. That's why that game is my favorite of all time. Only one game like that reminds me a day long gone by, and I never beat it until some years ago in my young adulthood. Although there is a horrible situation which has alerted me not to camp any time soon around the place I reside, maybe when I'm older I'll appreciate the finer points of camping again.
  11. XLW

    Video Games Finished in 2018

    So... regarding Octopath Traveler...
  12. XLW

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Finally got SYTiki! ... I SHALL DANCE- XANDER 2018!
  13. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    The NBL would like to congratulate Dark Samus, Simon Belmont, Chrom, and King K Rool for being playable, Shovel Knight, Zero, and Alucard for being Assist Trophies, Death and Dracula for being stage hazards, and finally Mimikyu for being a featured Pokemon! If there's anything else I forgot, please tell me. However, I won't include Richter... as like Cloud and Snake they're in the PBL or whatever. I might update the Castlevania players here, and I might revamp the Underworld stage to fine tune it into one of the new stages we got. You KNOW the one.
  15. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    *XLW plays a good portion of Octopath Traveler, before he announces his decision* "... This game will not get a team. The teams I hope to introduce next season have earned it for some time. But, the players I introduce will be in some of the old teams, and they might see each other in one to eight of them. I think what I intend to do with the players will be some nature of this game: different people from different ways and different walks of life will travel to different locations, each unique in their own way. I love the game so far, and my decision is not to devalue the merits of it. I hope I get to the end of this new hit, so that maybe more players might enter the fray. If this game might lead to a series, I might finally give it a whole team."