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  1. Just don't play the game. The action kind of muddles the music a little bit. I completely forgot the Rush games... just isn't the music I'm into I guess. ... I realize a certain few issues with my selections.
  2. My favorites of each game I've played. And the ones I refuse to play: (The Generations and Mania versions are great too.) (Kind of cheating with that one, but whatever.) (Mania version is great too.) (Mania version is great too.) (How it completely destroyed the G.G.s. EDIT: RIGHT SONG NOW.) (Corny, but I love it.) (Closest we'll get to Casino Night Zone. Edit: Sorry, wrong one.) (One of my favs.) (No Escape From The City, but still catchy.) (Totally underrated.) (Crush 40 at it again!) (Only the music saved this game.) (Great song, just WAY TOO OVERUSED.) (*shrugs*) (Forgot this game existed.) (TEE LOPES KILLED IT!) (This has no right to be so good.) (The game might be so-so, but the music is jamming! My favorite of the racing games!) ... Couldn't tell you about THOSE GAMES though. Handkerchief and all. I'm not counting most spin-offs, or any of the storybook games. If there's any game I missed, tell me!
  3. Final Scores for Saturday 10/19: Yoshi’s Island 0 Hyrule 1 Megaman 3 Koholint 4 Popstar 8 Twilight Realm 9 Zebes 0 Sonic 8 Celadon 2 Tokyo 0 Hau’Oli City 9 Corneria 6 Mushroom Kingdom 10 Mekanos 8 Valley of Koopas 8 West City 9 Smashville 6 Moleville 4 Tortimer Island 5 New Donk City 6 Mute City 9 Ylisse 10 Skyworld 3 Inkopolis 6 Los Angeles 8 Bionis 7 Kongo Jungle 0 Termina 3 Mayahem 4 Great Plateau 7 Sarasaland 7 Venom 2
  4. Finished with the third dungeon. MORE THOUGHTS! I've been mostly been playing when not at my condo. Frankly, I've only died a few times. As for the fogginess... It's kind of a mess, but the game's charm charm keeps me going forward. Maybe it was intentional? Should I spoiler mark a game that is about TWENTY YEARS OLD?
  5. Crash Team Racing (Nitro-Fueled added Crash Nitro Kart tracks and new tracks, like the mentioned Spyro Circuit), Sonic and (Sega) All-Stars Racing series, and Team Sonic Racing. Basically, other well known racers that aren’t Mario Kart.
  6. My ideas for 2020: 1. Mario Kart Stadium- Mushroom Kingdom 2. Wisp Circuit- Wisp Planet (TSR) 3. Crash Cove- Wumpa Island (CTR) 4. Treetops- Super Monkey Ball (S&S) 5. Donut Planis 3- Dinosaur Land 6. North Bowl Battle Arena- Wumpa Island (CTR) 7. Dry Dry Desert- Sarasaland 8. Roulette Road- Casino Night Zone (TSR) 9. Delfino Square- Delfino Isle 10. Animal Crossing Circuit- Smashville 11. Super Bell Highway- Mushroom Kingdom 12. Silverstone Circuit, England 13. Yoshi Circuit- Yoshi’s Island 14. Temple Turmoil Battle Arena- Velo’s Galaxy (CTR) 15. Dragon Canyon- Panzer Dragoon (S&S) 16. Hyrule Circuit- Hyrule 17. Royal Raceway- Mushroom Kingdom 18. Tiny Circuit- Wumpa Island (CTR) 19. DK Mountain- DK Isles 20. Suzuka Circuit- Japan 21. Daisy Circuit- Sarasaland 22. Sanctuary Falls- Angel Island (S&S) 23. Mute City- Mute City 24. Darkwater Beach Battle Arena- Timber Island 25. Wuhu Island Wave Circuit- Wuhu Island 26. Thunder Deck- Eggmanland (TSR) 27. Dragoon Air Ride Circuit- Popstar 28. Spyro Circuit- World of Dragons (CTR) 29. Corneria City Circuit- Corneria 30. Luigi’s Mansion Battle Arena- Mushroom Kingdom 31. Bowser’s Castle 3- Valley of Bowser 32. Oxide Station- Velo’s Galaxy (CTR) 33. Rainbow Road 64- Mario Galaxy 1. More of Mario Kart. From each game. 2. Put in more of CTR and TSR, with a hint of S&S for those finally coming back. Spotlight them for battle arenas too. Total of 6 from each series. 3. Less of international, but don't get rid of all of it. 4. Still have some of the other tracks that would fit in a Mario Kart setting. Popstar, F-Zero, DKR, the works. 5. Keep to 33 tracks and arenas, perhaps. Maybe switch a few tracks. My suggestion, so... don't take it as the real article. With our NBL acquiring Crash and Spyro now, there should be an emphasis on the new third-party series here as well. Just ideas, nothing more.
  7. Final Scores for Thursday, 10/17- Yoshi’s Island 7 Hyrule 10 Megaman 6 Koholint 10 Popstar 8 Twilight Realm 10 Zebes 6 Sonic 9 Celadon 9 Tokyo 6 Hau’Oli City 8 Corneria 4 Mushroom Kingdom 1 Mekanos 3 Valley of Koopas 9 West City 10 Smashville 1 Moleville 0 F/14 Tortimer Island 6 New Donk City 5 Mute City 8 Ylisse 2 Skyworld 9 Inkopolis 10 Los Angeles 1 Bionis 4 Kongo Jungle 5 Termina 4 Mayahem 3 Great Plateau 5 Sarasaland 6 Venom 2
  8. ... Oh yeah, saw it too. Petition Phoenix and Downey Jr. for their performances.
  9. Although my theater caters mostly to the kids older crowd, we had to do it here as well.
  10. I forgot he was the Nintendo Power kid, whatever his name was.
  11. Gouse? I don't remember the Pilotwing characters.
  12. Skullgirls, eh? Heard it's kind of fun. Might get it next week.
  13. Final Scores for Tuesday 10/15: Yoshi’s Island 9 Valley of Koopas 6 *Super Happy Tree Cup**watermelon emoji* Megaman 10 Hyrule 9 Popstar 8 Koholint 10 *Dream Cup**seagull emoji* Zebes 6 Twilight Realm 10 Celadon 6 Sonic 8 Hau’Oli City 4 Tokyo 8 Mushroom Kingdom 9 Corneria 4 Mekanos 9 West City 6 Smashville 10 Sarasaland 9 *Fuzzer1 Cup**Monkey emoji* Tortimer Island 9 Moleville 4 Mute City 5 New Donk City 10 Skyworld 2 Ylisse 4 Los Angeles 4 Inkopolis 2 Kongo Jungle 1 Bionis 8 Mayahem 10 Termina 1 Great Plateau 7 Venom 1
  14. Okay, so should I buy King of Fighters ‘98 Vanilla, Ultimate March, or Final Edition? I accidentally purchased ‘96 while I meant to buy ‘95... although, judging from the reviews, I think the skip was worth it, and I had lots of fun with ‘96. 97 concludes the Orochi ark, but I think I’ll skip that since I heard ‘98 is perhaps the best game in the series, and that’s where I’ll properly end my time with the series... sans maybe Garou: Mark of the Wolves.
  15. Standings for far! (Not with the current 3 game matches.) Miyamoto League Twilight Realm 19-11 Koholint 18-12 Popstar 17-13 Sonic 17-13 Mekanos 16-14 Mushroom Kingdom 16-14 Celadon 15-15 Hyrule 15-15 Yoshi’s Island 15-15 West City 15-15 Hau’Oli City 14-16 Valley of Koopas 14-16 Corneria 14-16 Zebes 11-19 Megaman 11-19 Tokyo 10-20 Yamauchi League Sarasaland 22-8 Mayahem 20-10 Bionis 18-12 Mute City 19-11 Venom 19-11 Skyworld 17-13 Inkopolis 16-14 Kongo Jungle 15-15 Los Angeles 15-15 Termina 13-17 Great Plateau 13-17 Moleville 12-18 New Donk City 12-18 Ylisse 12-18 Smashville 10-20 Tortimer Island 9-21 Thoughts: For the Miyamoto League, Koholint is doing well with the usual crowd. Twilight Realm is to be expected, and it except for Koholint, not much in terms of new faces. MAYBE Mekanos. On the other side, two of the biggest Capcom franchises might do to championship. Either one with Zebes maybe. Shocking! As for the Yamauchi League, I think Mayahem, Bionis, and Venom might be the new big boys in town. What fatal shockers! But what took us for surprise are the AC games being down at the bottom! With New Horizons coming soon, what's happening here?! And it's a big surprise... that Moleville's still around. *head turn* Why haven't they lost more and been sent to championship already?! Only about 25% of the NBL likes them in the Premier League ever since their Red Booster fiasco. And one of their guys, Culex, was responsible for the Saffron debacle. The rest of you, raise your hands in the air like you just don't care, give us a big Spirit Bomb, and say "LOSE, LOSE, LOSE, MOLEVILLE!" That is sure to screw them over one of these days. Their days here in the NBL will one day be numbered. *stares* But, honestly, I have no real qualms with the rest here. The fact that so many good teams are going down this year might be the most suspenseful season. Just, let's make that Spirit Bomb idea happen. I think most of us can agree that Moleville IS. THE. WORST. *sunglasses thrown*