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    Fire Emblem Heroes

  2. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    In respect to the funeral happening, no games were played tonight. It will be another day of doubleheaders tomorrow to allow Fuzzer to... I can't find the right words. Either at the funeral or not, not only did the Coins come together to give strength to Fuzzer... not only did the Savages come together to give strength to Fuzzer... but those from every team casted aside their rivalries and tensions for one night to give strength to Fuzzer and to honor his father. Although the Hall of Fame hasn't been seen in years for obvious reasons, a picture of Fuzzer's father has now been commemorated in one of the rooms along with XLW's grandparents and the passed-away relatives of those who used to frequent the NBL in the Posthumous Honorary Members.
  3. When they play away, You can hear me say, OH FAAAAAAAAAAANS, DON'T SPOIL! Simple and clean and I don't want any information today It's hard to hear it so!
  4. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    When asked about the current standings of the NBL Premier Leagues, XLW had this to say: "Twilight Realm and Sarasaland coming back to the playoffs is obvious, considering the managers are brilliant. Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule seem like likely choices to be part of the playoffs, as they are the biggest franchises here. I'm amazed and shocked at the progress Great Plateau had this season, so far number 1 and Yamauchi. Popstar has been making a comeback with their new game, Sonic Mania Plus is still going wild, and the Octo Expansion has made the Inkopolis fanbase grow. I have some memories of Corneria and Kongo Jungle in the playoffs before, but I couldn't tell you what's new about them or how they've become better. Though I suspect it's because their opposite teams, Mekanos and Venom, are getting better too. With the big news of King K. Rool appearing in Smash and Wolf coming back after some time of absence, moral for their teams have risen. But, Mekanos is really close to being in the playoffs, while Venom currently has a seat. The other three teams close to the playoffs are Tokyo, who celebrated their 30th year, Mute City, who were given a little spark from Lt. Surge, and Skyworld, who were given some courage since the release of Smash Bros. And Termina might make things interesting if a quad-fecta of Zelda-based teams, along with GP, TR, and Hyrule, were to enter the quarterfinal scene. It looks like a large scale attack from the Zelda armies. As for those who might not make it this playoff season, not only is Moleville, last season's champs, not returning this playoff, but Los Angeles, a notable team, has a shaky chance as well. Who knows what's going on with Moleville, but Los Angeles had to switch things up when the Anaheim Attorneys changed to the London Lookers and had to switch the English players with the American ones. Still, they aren't currently looking to relegation, along with Smashville and Nimbasa, Fuzzer1's and my former teams. Celadon and Mega Man had some success due to the first's new Let's Go games on the Switch and the latter's Legacy Collection and 11, but in the current pool of talent, they may not be playoff worth for now. Valley of Koopa, Mayahem, and Bionis are just doing fine, even if they aren't doing much after the postseason and there's not much new about them. Zebes is probably still under the weather since the whole thing with Conker this year. Not even Ridley's introduction in Smash can save their chances, but it's not like they're currently six teams fighting for the possible... Relegation. Arendelle escaped relegation twice before, but even with the big news of KHIII on their way, they couldn't mount much of an attack. And despite their luck and their Legacy Collection, Neo Arcadia is going back after one season, possibly. Alrest has new fans since the Golden Country expansion, but it might not save them, like Neo Arcadia. Slateport survived for some time due to the ORAS games, but they're at the end of their wave, whatever it's called. Laurasia... they were lucky for a while when they came to the Premier League, but they hardly had anything interesting to contribute. At least with Mayahem and Moleville there were questions of "WHEN BANJO AND KAZOOIE AND GENO", but Laurasia was probably the... Unlike Laurasia, Yoster Isle's importance to the Premier League is so valued, that I'm even shocked that they might be going down. The team has so many treasured members, Peach, the Babies, the Yoshis... and even THE STORK, that losing them to the leagues under might be hard to swallow. But... that's not all of the news regarding relegation... and promotion... From the Championship Leagues, the ones expected to be promoted are... Ylisse... Hau'Oli City... Tortuga... and Guangzhou! The troops rallied behind Ylisse when Chrom finally joined the battle, and fans got behind Hau'Oli City when Incineroar was in the spotlight. Ylisse was once part of the Premier Leagues, so them going back might make have an effect on other teams in the same position. Tortuga going to the Premier League might be in reaction to Arendelle's possible downfall. As for Guangzhou... it's probably because the 30th anniversary is still in effect. Meanwhile, in the Relegation League, Dracula's Castle, Tortimer Island, Saffron City, and West City (home of the DB fighters), are expected to move on up. Dracula's Castle and Tortimer Island's rising stars Simon Belmont and Isabelle made their fanbase grow, Saffron City is riding the coattails of the Let's Go games, and West City... I couldn't tell you the excitement of the crowds who go see a DB team! For those who are close in the other leagues, Carnival Night Zone, New Donk City, Goldenrod, Cavios, Halfmoon, Tallon, and New York City (Avengers home) are making some progress for obvious reasons. Maybe they'll get lucky next season. Still, with promotion comes relegation. Star City, Sauria, Wuhu Island, and Wild World are the current teams sent to relegation. No one else stands out so far of taking their place. The first two are Rare teams, Wild World might be in response to Tortimer Islands' rise, and Wuhu Island is swimming in a lake full of worthy competitors. Now, with the new teams... KHIII and Bayonetta 3 will come by the time and/or after the regular season begins, and there's not enough material from the remakes of certain games. So, like I've stated before, in the event that no new franchises have hit the scene, I will make preparations for a Star Wars team... and an Indie-based team. That will bring the relegation league up to 24 teams. We'll have two years worth of new teams to come to the NBL left, with one being the franchise I am committed to, and maybe new Luigi's Mansion and Fire Emblem teams. (Just updating the Yoshi/Mario and AC teams when the new games come out.) As for the Final Fantasy, Spyro, and Crash hype... to make things fairer for the Sony League, we will not pursue said franchises and teams, even if FF I-6 characters are in the NBL. The same goes for MGS and Persona. We have enough RPGs and platformers on our own. I hope this answers everyone's questions, so TAKE THAT! for now."
  5. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    More on my thoughts for the current standings later on tonight... Or tomorrow morning.
  6. XLW

    General movie discussion

    I saw Green Book. I can not state how interesting the relationship the two main characters is. Saying it's like an "odd couple" variety would be horrible understating it. Both of them bring out the best and worst out of each other. And since these past few years have been... rocky in terms of politics, this movie is especially relevant.
  7. XLW

    Video Games Finished in 2018

    I and my brother beat both the Classic and World of Light modes. Honestly, a better story told than Brawl's.
  8. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Four more series left. A lot of questions will be asked. Will Twilight Realm and Sarasaland come back to the playoffs? Is there any hope for Moleville? What about the new guys in the league? Who will be relegated to the championships? Will XLW stop playing Ultimate? What will happen with the new Avengers and Dragon Ball Z team in the Reserve Leagues? Who's doing well in the Championship and Reserve Leagues? What new teams will come by next season? And will Conker ever be redeemable? A lot of answers will come in the following weeks. (I bought a Daisy amiibo. I forgot the "for what" it's called, but it's about you Fuzzer and the recent passing of your father. I lost a few friends and my grandparents within the last decade, some more sadder and tragic than others. Heck, sophomore year was the... Anyways, I always treasure the memories I have of them, whether it's my grandmother/father seeing Enchanted, celebrating my grandfather's 100th birthday, going to a nearby cafe close to the beach with my grandfather, and playing with my dog out in the back yard. And if you ever feel alone, don't forget you have friends and family who are still there and care about you. Because maybe they too have lost some people they care about, and have the wisdom to help you out in your time of need. I know it's corny and probably horrible to put this song here, but...)
  9. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final Scores for Sun 12/9- Yoster Isle 9 Moleville 6 ??? (Egg emoji) Smashville 7 Valley of Koopas 0 Megaman 3 Inkopolis 9 Mute City 1 Hyrule 0 Neo Arcadia 4 Bionis 6 Nimbasa 8 Twilight Realm 4 Popstar 2 Alrest 0 Skyworld 9 Sonic 6 Zebes 7 Slateport 5 Los Angeles 5 Tokyo 10 ??? (Headband emoji) Celadon 7 Laurasia 4 Kongo Jungle 9 Arendelle 4 Mushroom Kingdom 2 Termina 0 Sarasaland 8 Corneria 1 Mekanos 1 Venom 4 Great Plateau 5 Mayahem 2
  10. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final Scores for Game 1, Sat 12/8- Yoster Isle 9 Moleville 7 ??? Smashville 5 Valley of Koopas 8 Megaman 8 Inkopolis 4 Mute City 4 Hyrule 6 Neo Arcadia 4 Bionis 2 Nimbasa 5 Twilight Realm 8 Popstar 5 Alrest 10 Skyworld 8 Sonic 9 Zebes 5 Slateport 4 Los Angeles 5 Tokyo 7 ??? Celadon 10 Laurasia 7 Kongo Jungle 6 Arendelle 4 Mushroom Kingdom 4 Termina 0 Sarasaland 8 Corneria 6 Mekanos 2 Venom 1 Great Plateau 9 Mayahem 4 ... Final Scores for Game 1, Sat 12/8- Yoster Isle 4 Moleville 6 ??? Smashville 8 Valley of Koopas 7 Megaman 2 Inkopolis 5 Mute City 7 Hyrule 4 Neo Arcadia 8 Bionis 4 Nimbasa 4 Twilight Realm 7 Popstar 9 Alrest 6 Skyworld 3 Sonic 1 Zebes 3 Slateport 0 Los Angeles 3 Tokyo 2 ??? Celadon 10 Laurasia 9 Kongo Jungle 6 Arendelle 9 Mushroom Kingdom 0 Termina 2 Sarasaland 9 Corneria 5 Mekanos 6 Venom 9 Great Plateau 10 Mayahem 5
  11. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Joker from Persona in Smash. When asked about being in the NBL, XLW said, “No. Persona’s been a Sony team. Like Cloud and Snake’s teams.”
  12. So.. no gameplay reveal? ... What, will he be broken as Bayonetta? *shots fired*
  13. Show of hands, who cares when IT has come out/will come out? ... Didn't think so. Besides, it's been ... ten years.
  14. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    With that said, tomorrow’s regular game will be a doubleheader on Saturday to keep up with the series.
  15. XLW

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Sorry for your loss... 😢