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  1. Tokyo Olympiad Event Draft #1 of Events:- Athletics- 100m: 110m Hurdles: 200m: 400m: 1500m: High Jump: Triple Jump: Hammer Throw: Javelin Throw: Pole Vault: Gymnastics- Floor: Men’s Pommel Horse: Women's Uneven Bars: Individual All-Around: Swimming- 100m Freestyle: 200m Individual: 200m Freestyle: 800m Freestyle: 4 x 100 Medley Relay: (NEW EVENT, KIND OF!) (All in the swimming ones. Those who cannot compete will not compete.) Diving- 3m springboard: Cycling- Time Trial and Road Race: Freestyle BMX: (NEW EVENT!) Madison- (NEW EVENT!) (Those in the 400m track, 1500m track, Time Trial and Road Race, and Freestyle BMX. Will add a character, if any over-lap in those.) (Those who cannot compete will not compete.) Equestrian- Eventing: Shooting Events- Skeet Shooting: Archery- Archery Team: (SORT-OF-NEW EVENT!) Speed, Strength, Skill (Those who qualify for each skill, but for the sake of it, only the top 16 will be have the called teams.) Surfing- (NEW EVENT!) Skateboarding- Park: (NEW EVENT!) Sport Climbing- (NEW EVENT!) Tournament events- (16 people only) Karate: (NEW EVENT!) Wrestling: Boxing: Fencing: Judo: Taekwondo: Team Tournament Events- (16teams only.) Table Tennis: Two of the fastest players from each team. Beach Volleyball: Two of the smartest players from each team. 3 vs 3 Basketball: The strongest player, the smartest player, and the fastest player from each team. (NEW EVENT!) Water Polo: Two of the strongest players from each team. If there's anything that needs to be replaced and/or added, tell me. But, I'm still determined to make the new events happen.
  2. The NBL registry is mostly complete. I'm still waiting for TM3's response if he wants any new team mates to replace any others, so I can get on with where the rest go. (Last page for free agent details.) Because there haven't been many games that caught the NBL's attention by now, the NBL will go on with adopting three teams as we go along the Spring 2020 season. The teams will be replaced, if there's a great movement and cause. One franchise under the scope right now will be Astral Chain, from the last season. It hasn't hit many Top 10 games of many people's best of 2019, but that's because last year was full of competition. As of now, I will be conducting the survey until the end of the regular season. 1. Astral Chain 2. 3. AND... The beginning proofreading of the Toyko 2020 Olympiad has been in progress for a while now. While the 3 undeterminable teams and the free agency period have halted the rest of the progress, the events themselves have been approved by most of the committee. It's now TM3 to oversee the final round of events, so I can plan and change accordingly. The first draft of events will be shown tomorrow.
  3. I think my apartment neighbor is kind of... psychotic. Maybe. I found a shard of glass near my door. It came from their bedroom window... And the window looks nearly broken. I’m thinking of moving out. Not sure if calling the cops is going to be a good idea.
  4. The NBL would like to congratulate Byleth and friends for their upcoming inclusion in Smash.
  5. I beat a game. Yay! What one? My first post tells you.
  6. 11 noms for Joker. Wow. ... And one for Endgame. Visual effects. Knowing how that went last year, it’ll lose to space movie.
  7. I've heard mixed reviews of it. You know, since Sandler. Then again, the theater I work at mostly caters to an older crowd. First movie of the decade some of the audience demands/asks refunds for. It would be highly unlikely if it were to get a NOSCARnation. ... NominOscar. ... You get the point.
  8. ...In response to the modern Kirby games not getting any team reps, Cavios Copycats will become Caverna Copycats. Planet Caverna appeared in the latest Kirby game, Star Allies. The cavern landscape of Planet Caverna is similar to structure, so no worry about ecological differences like the other few team changes. Plus, Halfmoon will be left alone for the Super Star rep. It's like Star Allies knew it was a continuation of Super Star! That is all.
  9. Yeah, that’s a good point. What’s next for the series? Will it pull a Star Waaaar... hopefully, it’s not what happened to the Sequel trilogy.
  10. ... Along with Gyakuten Kenji 2. Their old-school logic makes no more sense, since that game is praised a lot more than the first. True fans been waiting for nearly ten years.
  11. Weathering With You. What a wonderful movie to start the new decade.