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  1. VGWBC Quarterfinals Game 1: Sonic 1 Great Plateau 3 0-1 BOTW Link, BOTW Zelda, and Prince Sidon masterfully and cunningly beat the fast Sonic. Midgar 2 Koholint 1 1-0 The duo of RECloud and REAertith bested Dark Link. Sarasaland 4 Arendelle 3 1-0 Tatanga and the Outfield Bros. warmed the hearts of Anna, Hans, Kristoph, and Captain Hook. Raccoon City 5 Mars 4 1-0 Jill Valentine, Chris and Clair Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Rebecca Chambers survived an onslaught from Icon of Sin, Revenant, The Possessed, and Cyberdemon.
  2. Looks great on my end. But, man, Twilight Realm not going on this year even in the tournament bracket might sting for the Interlopers. Predictions: Sonic vs. Great Plateau- Sonic. *shrugs* Midgar vs. Koholint- Midgar. I love Link's Awakening. But, this has been the year that REMAKE came out. Sarasaland vs. Arendelle- Arendelle. Why did Frozen II have to exist?! And, of course, they'd have to return for revenge! Raccoon City vs. Mars- ... Mars. Doom Eternal came out, and it bested people's expectation, unlike the RE3MAKE, which was okay, but not as everyone wanted it to be.
  3. Atlantis Mars Midgar Spetznatz I mean, these ones never happened, so whatever...
  4. 6th game: Sera 5 Koholint 6 Ultratech 1 Sonic 3 Liberty City 6 Raccoon City 8 Wumpa Island 9 Arendelle 7 Twilight Realm 10 Spetnaz 8 Sarasaland 5 Pridelands 4 Atlantis 6 Great Plateau 4 Midgar 2 Mars 1 Group A: Sonic 5-1 Raccoon City 4-2 Koholint 4-2 Arendelle 3-3 Sera 2-4 Ultratech 2-4 Liberty City 2-4 Wumpa Island 2-4 Group B: Sarasaland 5-1 Midgar 4-2 Twilight Realm 3-3 Great Plateau 3-3 Mars 3-3 Atlantis 3-3 Pridelands 2-4 Spetznatz 1-5
  5. Depends on the length, variation of the gameplay (sometimes), and story. I know that the story is different from the main game, but I don't know how long the usual playtime is compared to the main game, nor if anything is different while playing the game. Though, that's just MO.
  6. Final Scores for VGWBC Group Stage Matchday 4: Sera 4 Raccoon City 6 Ultratech 2 Arendelle 3 Liberty City 8 Koholint 9 Wumpa Island 8 Sonic 10 Twilight Realm 3 Great Plateau 5 Sarasaland 3 Mars 2 Atlantis 2 Spetnaz 1 Midgar 7 Pridelands 6
  7. Darkwater Beach Battle Arena - Timber Island Group 1: A- Zelda Booster Q- Fuzzer Megaman Rosalina Yoshi Q- Donkey Kong Group 2: Q- Daisy Sonic A- Peach Akari Hayami Q- Kazooie Zero Bowser Group 3: Phoenix Wright Luigi Banjo A- Diddy Kong Birdo Q- Triforcemaster Q- Timber Group 4: Q- Crash Bandicoot Amy Rose Fox King Dedede A- Koopa Troopa Pikachu Q- Mario Group 5 Toad Jody Summer Chrom Q- Coco Bandicoot Krystal A- Kirby Q- Conker Group 6: A- Toadette Miles Edgeworth Q- Ryota Hayami Q- Captain Falcon Pichu Valentina Lucina Advancing Round: Q- Zelda Q- Peach Q- Diddy Kong Koopa Troopa Q- Kirby Toadette Semis: Zelda- 4th- 5 pts. Fuzzer- 2nd- 10 pts. Donkey Kong- 1st Peach- 3rd- 8 pts. Daisy- 3rd- 8 pts. Kazooie- 1st Diddy Kong- 2nd- 10 pts. Triforcemaster- 4th- 5 pts. Timber- 1st Crash Bandicoot- 2nd- 10 pts Mario- 3rd- 8 pts Kirby- 4th- 5 pts Coco Bandicoot- 1st Conker- 2nd- 10 pts Ryota Hayami- 3rd- 8 pts Captain Falcon- 4th- 5 pts Final Battle: Donkey Kong- 4th place- 15 pts Kazooie- 3rd place- 18 pts Timber- 2nd place- 20 pts Coco Bandicoot- 1st place- 25 pts Chocolate Island Grand Prix - Choco Mountain Circuit 1. Kirby 2. Crash Bandicoot 3. Banjo 4. Captain Falcon 5. Donkey Kong 6. Ryota Hayami 7. Booster 8. Mario 9. Timber 10. Valentina 11. Conker 12. Akari Hayami 13. Sonic 14. Lucina 15. Fuzzer There. Back on schedule.
  8. Final Scores for VGWBC Matchday 2 - Monday, July 6: Sera 4 Liberty City 6 Ultratech 3 Wumpa Island 5 Raccoon City 7 Koholint 6 Arendelle 1 Sonic 3 Twilight Realm 6 Atlantis 5 Sarasaland 8 Midgar 9 Great Plateau 4 Spetznatz 3 Mars 7 Pridelands 6
  9. Reminding people he had actual experience as a Vice President, more than clown pants over there. I agree that he’s not a perfect candidate, but he’s by far more credible. And I’ll take his stance of how he’ll take care of COVID-19, since our current one doesn’t give a care about science, like he thinks it’s a hoax. Biden, for all his faults, has common sense. ... Maybe, I don’t watch the news too much. The road to getting a better president is going to be tumultuous one at best. Still, it is rather jarring he doesn’t have a VP choice. Dude, the election is in 5 months, what’s this all about? The last two elections have not been kind to Bernie at all, that is a fact. But, he’ll be 82 when he has another chance at running. I think he’ll be too old then. And same for Biden. And perhaps Hillary. If anything, I’ll root for anyone else that doesn’t have a probable case of dying in the case we get into another situation like this. My first choice was... Pete, right. Then, there’s AOC, who seems like a perfect replacement for Bernie when she has more experience. My thoughts for either of them next time. For me, I’m less excited it’s because it feels like I’ve been in this deja vu scenario. Bernie fans hate the fact that they lost again, there’s in-party fighting among ourselves again, and Trump might win again because most of their party is at least united with hate on their side. I’m pessimistic, and I might ... myself not knowing what could happen next. Maybe we are doomed to repeat our history. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll say more random quotes and phrases I have no right of posting. 2016 showed the world its true colors. 2020 perhaps made them more exaggerated. Night.
  10. ... About two months later, and I should be getting 9000$ if the system properly listened to me. Why hasn’t the EDD adapted to using a simple thing as EMAIL?! F this inactive service of NOTHING. I’ll write a complaint the next time they screw me over. There’ll be no nice words to mince with them too! I’ve gotten in contact with someone too, much I’ve been just waiting for nothing to happen. This sucks.
  11. I don't know how to do this, but I beat this collection. July 1- PERSONA 3-5 Dancing Bundle for PS4
  12. EVERDAY'S GREAT AT YOUR BEST BUY! JUNES! I finally finished Persona 4 Golden. I'm going to say it right now... I think Persona 5 Royal is the better game, even though Golden has some things that make it a bit more unique, there are some things that Golden does better, and Persona 4 might be a better cultural phenomena thanks to the endless spinoffs it gets. That's not to say I hate Persona 4 Golden, because it's on my Top 100 now. i just think Persona 5 improved on the ideals Persona 4 had. That does not make Persona 4 Golden a bad game, far from it. Like all games eventually fear to face, Persona 4 Golden has lost some of its polish, not all of it. And if you disagree with me, that's not to say you're wrong. It's just my experience, and I know I can be a bit of a video game contrarian anyways.