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  1. Final Scores for Thursday, April 1st: Castlevania 5 Yoshi’s Island 6 Smashville 2 Popstar 5 Mute City 2 Zebes 3 🏆 series - Bounty Hunter Cup Skyworld 7 Tallon 3 Sarasaland 8 Celadon 10 Los Angeles 4 Hauoli 0 Kongo Jungle 2 Mushroom Kingdom 0 🏆 series - 75m Cup Mayahem 6 Hyrule 7 Bionis 8 Koholint 10 New Donk City 10 Twilight Realm 8 Ylisse 0 Sonic 3 Inkopolis 1 Tokyo 4 New York 8 Corneria 5 Termina 5 Mekanos 0 Great Plateau 8 West City 6 Venom 3 Mimiga Town 5
  2. Man, from the way I beat the first boss, I think the other ones in P5R will change too. Not sure if it will have the P5 DLC content too. Spent good money on some of that.
  3. OH NO! ANTHING BUT... Oh, wrong Jekyll and Hyde. *sighs*
  4. Playing Persona 5 Royal right now. I don't like the new opening and normal battle music so far, since they don't hold a candle to the original in my opinion (I even prefer the original opening animation since it was so fun AND clever), but the new scenes, dialogue, and new "facial" animations make up for it. I also like some of the changed dungeon puzzles and battle mechanics too. By the time I get to the ending, I think this will still rank in my Top 5. Man, even though everyone also praises 4G too, it will be hard to top 5 and 5R in the direction the series is going. Who knows what the PS5 might have in store!
  5. Standings after thirty games, and analysis, Season Spring 2020: Koholint 21-9 West City 19-11 Twilight Realm 19-11 Hyrule 18-12 Sonic 17-13 Celadon 17-13 Corneria 16-14 Mushroom Kingdom 16-14 Popstar 16-14 Yoshi’s Island 15-15 Tokyo 14-16 Zebes 12-18 Hau’Oli City 11-19 Mekanos 10-20 Mimiga Town 8-22 Tallon 6-24 Ooooh, boy this is a headache to look at. Three fourths of last year’s playoffs might return, and three of them happen to be LoZ. Sonic’s new movie made the blue blur famous, but it’s weird his team has been a little inconsistent. Mimiga Town and Tallon were supposed to be high prospects this year, but horrible bad timing mad it not to be. Zebes is dangerously down, but hopefully the next few matches are favorable to them… But with THAT still in our minds, it’s a good reminder to try to take down anything scary. Maybe that’s why suddenly there’s been an interesting spike. Mekanos might be in the bottom 2 because of that, or Hau’Oli City just because Circhester has now ruined things for the seventh generation. Honestly, this time it’s really tough. Why Tokyo being lackluster in spite of what’s happening is baffling. New York City 22-8 Smashville 20-10 Sarasaland 20-10 Bionis 17-13 Los Angeles 17-13 Great Plateau 17-13 Skyworld 16-14 Ylisse 14-16 Kongo Jungle 14-16 New Donk City 14-16 Mute City 14-16 Dracula’s Castle 13-17 Termina 13-17 Mayahem 13-17 Inkopolis 12-18 Venom 9-21 Before we get into the best, I’ll start at the bottom. Like a certain other team I’m glad the Premier League ditched, eventually Venom might leave too. But then the problem is who will join them. The few above Venom are just guilty of being at the right place at the most horrible of times right now. The problem with any of the teams below here and the other league is that they tackle fear in some way, and with a certain dilemma happening in the real world, it has consequently made these teams out to be the villains. The problem is that there is a huge tonal shift right now, where there are more vocal fans rooting for the “heroic teams”. And some of those below have been in the playoffs before, so it’s sad to see this SITUATION hurt them a lot. They have not done anything wrong. They’re just not welcomed until things get better. (That’s why I have refused to be RE3make right now.) They’re not the true bad guys. They’re just victims as well. If things were better, they would’ve been in a better position. Maybe that’s likely to happen when this blows over. That’s why New York City, Smashville, Sarasaland, and Los Angeles are doing well now. In the case of Bionis, a certain edition is to be released, and there’s a lot of hype for BOTW right now. And don’t get me started on SMASHVILLE. Its miraculous return to the top is phenomenal.
  6. Final Scores for Tuesday, March 31: Yoster Isle 4 Skyworld 8 Popstar 10 Castlevania 6 Zebes 0 Smashville 3 Tallon 4 Mute City 1 Celadon 3 Mayahem 0 Hauoli 0 Sarasaland 5 Mushroom Kingdom 7 Los Angeles 8 Hyrule 5 Kongo Jungle 6 Koholint 9 Inkopolis 7 Twilight Realm 6 Bionis 7 Sonic 6 New Donk City 4 Tokyo 4 Ylisse 5 Corneria 8 Venom 5 🏆 series - Lylat Cup *fox emoji* Mekanos 6 Shield 7 West City 6 Termina 9 Mimiga Town 3 Great Plateau 6 There won't be a game tomorrow. A doubleheader on Thursday though.
  7. Okay, I have like so many theories on Flip, the monkey: My first time analyzing an AC villager of all things!
  8. Oooooh, I haven't heard of any game like that. I wonder why... *Japanese release only* Maybe my brother might be interested in this. He's gone through translating all of the Sakura Wars games, also on the DC.
  9. Final Scores for Monday, March 30 Yoster Isle 5 Skyworld 4 Popstar 9 Castlevania 6 Zebes 2 Smashville 4 Tallon 6 Mute City 8 Celadon 9 Mayahem 7 Hauoli 8 Sarasaland 9 Mushroom Kingdom 5 Los Angeles 4 Hyrule 10 Kongo Jungle 8 Koholint 5 Inkopolis 1 Twilight Realm 4 Bionis 7 Sonic 4 New Donk City 1 Tokyo 9 Ylisse 5 Corneria 8 Venom 7 🏆 series - Lylat Cup Mekanos 5 Shield 9 West City 5 Termina 3 Mimiga Town 5 Great Plateau 8
  10. Considering how much those cards go on eBay and Amazon, the heck with the naysayers.
  11. If anyone goes by the username I’m sorry if you came by my island thinking I was someone else. By the record, I’m 4439-4468-5588.
  12. Oh, stay if you want to on my island. Maybe. I had shooting stars a little while ago. Strange that they won't reappear now...