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  1. Floor Semifinals: Q- Genie- 20- To “Never Had A Friend Like Me” from Aladdin. Q- Dee Jay- 20- To his theme song from Ultra Street Fighter IV. Q- Captain Ginyu- 20- To his theme from the anime. Q- Athena Asamiya- 19- To “Psycho Soldier Theme (International)”. Q- Rise- 17- To “Pursuing Your True Self” from Persona 4. Q- Star-Lord- 17- To “Come And Get Your Love” by Redbone. Q- Elena- 17- To her theme song from Ultra Street Fighter IV. Q- Eddy Gordo- 17- To his theme song from Tekken 3 (PS). Pauline- 16- To “Jump Up, Super Star!” from Super
  2. OBJECTION! I'M THE ACE ATTORNEY BOY! I'M THE ONE WHO- *looks* I'm overruled!
  3. Day 6: Beach Volleyball Match 6: Mushroom Kingdom vs. Gallia 8-5 South Town vs. Hope’s Peak Academy 8-10 Wumpa Island vs. Corneria 1-0 Los Angeles vs. London 5-4 Narshe vs. Caverna 2-1 Green Hill Zone vs. Dimension X 0-3 NYC vs. Saffron 6-4 Neo Arcadia vs. Khura’in 5-6 Match 7 will be tomorrow. -------------------------------------- Golf Stroke Play Day 1: (For an interesting twist, these will be played in six NBL courses, two SBL course, one MBL, and one D+L c
  4. Day 5: 3 vs 3 Basketball Quarterfinals: South Town vs. Popstar 3-0 ‘4- Andy Bogard ‘8- Joe Higashi ‘9- Terry Bogard Sarasaland vs. NYC 10-6 ‘1- Iron Man ‘1- Tatanga ‘2- Bowser Jr. ‘2- Black Panther ‘3- Bowser Jr. ‘3- Iron Man ‘4- Iron Man ‘4- Daisy ‘5- Tatanga ‘5- Daisy ‘6- Tatanga ‘7- Bowser Jr. ‘8- Thanos ‘8- Thanos ‘9- Daisy ‘9- Daisy Hope’s Peak Academy vs. Antarctic 3-1 ‘1- Maki ‘3-
  5. Beach Volleyball Match 5: Mushroom Kingdom vs. London 10-9 South Town vs. Gallia 8-4 Wumpa Island vs. Hope’s Peak Academy 3-5 Los Angeles vs. Corneria 9-3 Narshe vs. Khura’in 6-3 Green Hill Zone vs. Caverna 9-8 NYC vs. Dimension X 0-2 Neo Arcadia vs. Saffron 10-9 Match 6 will be tomorrow! ----------------------------------- Judo Round of 16 Bracket: Mr. Incredible vs. Bruno Mr. Incredible wins! Blaze Fielding vs. Susato Mikotoba Susato Mikotoba wins!
  6. Time Trial Semifinals: Q- Shy Guy 1:15 Q- Birdo 1:16 Q- Red Yoshi 1:21 Q- Rick Wheeler 1:22 Q- Black Shadow 1:23 Q- Michelangelo 1:25 Q- Luigi 1:28 Q- Tails 1:29 Coco Bandicoot 1:32 Lightning 1:35 Ash Ketchum 1:35 Gary Oak 1:36 Setzer 1:38 Fox McCloud 1:42 Captain America 1:42 K1-B0 1:43 Time Trial Finals: Luigi 1:16 Rick Wheeler 1:17 Black Shadow 1:18 Tails 1:19 Michelangelo 1:20 Red Yoshi 1:21 Birdo 1:23 Shy Gu
  7. Day 4: 3 vs 3 Basketball Match 7: South Town vs. Hope’s Peak Academy 5-3 West City vs. NYC 6-7 Wumpa Island vs. Valla 6-2 Avalar vs. Dimension X 1-5 Popstar vs. Antarctic 6-4 Twilight Realm vs. Epoch 2-3 Sarasaland vs. Zaphias 8-2 Bionis vs. Magvel 1-0 3 vs 3 Basketball Group Results: Group A: South Town- Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi 7-0 Hope’s Peak Academy- Maki Harukawa, Shuichi Saihara, Kaito Momota 6-1 Dimension X- Leonardo,
  8. Men’s Pommel Horse Finals: Wallace- 15.87 Zidane- 15.72 Dark Pit- 15.63 OoT Link- 15.61 SS Link- 15.40 Necalli- 14.72 Dhalsim- 14.56 Onilink- 13.12 Wallace gracefully wins the gold for Slateport. Meanwhile, Zidane, the wild card, wins the first silver for Narshe. As for Dark Pit, he wins the first bronze and medal for Carnival Night Zone. OoT Link was so close with two points away. Here’s to the next time! --------------------------------------- Surfing Quarterfinals: Q- Nag
  9. Day 3: 3 vs 3 Basketball Match 5: South Town vs. Valla 10-4 West City vs. Dimension X 6-8 Wumpa Island vs. Hope’s Peak Academy 9-10 Avalar vs. NYC 5-7 Popstar vs. Zaphias 3-0 Twilight Realm vs. Magvel 9-4 Sarasaland vs. Antarctic 8-4 Bionis vs. Epoch 10-7 3 vs 3 Basketball Match 6: South Town vs. Dimension X 5-4 West City vs. Hope’s Peak Academy 5-7 Wumpa Island vs. NYC 8-4 Avalar vs. Valla 0-5 Popstar vs. Magvel 9-8 Twilight Realm vs. Antarctic 6-9 Sarasala
  10. Men’s Pommel Horse Semifinals: Q- Dhalsim- 16 Q- Zidane- 16 Q- SS Link- 16 Q- Necalli- 15 Q- Onilink- 14 Q- OoT Link- 14 Q- Wallace- 14 Q- Dark Pit- 14 Lt. Surge- 13 Zenyetta- 13 Lars Alexandersson- 13 Goose- 13 Porter- 12 Guile- 12 Tarzan- 11 Mario- 11 The finals will be tomorrow! Dhalsim and Necalli are among the most acrobatic, with the Links having great movement on horseback as experience. Wallace is such a performer too. Dark Pit is alright, but the wild card here is Zid
  11. Day 2: 3 vs 3 Basketball Match 3: South Town vs. Avalar 6-3 West City vs. Wumpa Island 10-5 NYC vs. Hope’s Peak Academy 1-3 Valla vs. Dimension X 0-2 Popstar vs Bionis 7-9 Twilight Realm vs. Sarasaland 0-1 Epoch vs. Antarctic 5-10 Zaphias vs. Magvel 7-4 3 vs 3 Basketball Match 4: South Town vs. NYC 7-6 West City vs. Valla 2-0 Wumpa Island vs. Dimension X 8-9 Avalar vs. Hope’s Peak Academy 0-3 Popstar vs. Epoch 2-3 Twilight Realm vs. Zaphias 8-4 Sarasaland vs.
  12. Archery Team Quarterfinals: Kirby, King Dedede, Metaknight- 1470- Q Saria, OoT Link, OoT Zelda- 1070 Sheik, Young Link, Marin- 1390- Q Ilia, TP Ganondorf, TP Zelda- 1400- Q Centurion, Pit, Palutena- 1340- Q Yellow Toad, Bowser. Jr., Daisy- 1420- Q Leonie, Petra, Ignatz- 1400- Q Cremia, Onilink, Romani- 1170 Hades, Dracula, Alucard- 1330 Susato Mikotoba, Kazuma Asogi, Ryunosuke Naruhodo- 1240 Kiragi, Shiro, Takumi- 1270 Taranza, Queen Sectonia, Spynum- 870 Mii Infield, Mii Outfield, Mii Pitcher- 930 Mercury, K
  13. Day 1: 3 vs 3 Basketball: Group A: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi Goku, Gohan, and Krillin Crunch, Coco Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot Bentley, Agent 9, Sheila Thanos, Iron Man, and Black Panther Xander, Corrin, Ryoma Leonardo, Splinter, and Karai Maki Harukawa, Shuichi Saihara, Kaito Momota Group B: King Dedede, Metaknight, Kirby TP Ganondorf, TP Zelda, and Agitha Tatanga, Daisy, and Bowser Jr. Shulk, Dunban, Fiora Crono, Lucca, Marle Flyn
  14. Day 0: Opening Ceremonies: This year will be one for the ages! The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were supposed to happen last year, but the BBRT made things disastrous. But, everyone now will finally come in unison. And here are the teams coming with their flags! Inhales exhales Yoshi’s Island arrives first, with light green and brown colors adorned with an egg! Green Yoshi struts his stuff! Heliodor arrives second, with dark blue and bronze colors adorned with a sword! The Heroes wave their swords in the air! Na
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