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  1. Final Scores for Friday, Sept. 25: Yoshi’s Island 6 Mute City 4 Wumpa Island 8 Zebes 4 Narshe 9 Skyworld 6 Avalar 4 Celadon 3 Popstar 8Los Angeles 4 Smashville 6Hau’Oli City 8 Mushroom Kingdom 6 New Donk City 4 *Star & Moon Cup**mushroom emoji* Kongo Jungle 4 Twilight Realm 3 Hyrule 8 Ylisse 7 Mayahem 5 Sonic 3 Koholint 6 Inkopolis 9 Sarasaland 7Carnival Night Zone 8 Tokyo 0 New York City 3 Bionis 3 Mimiga Town 6 Corneria 8 Great Plateau 10 Termina 7 West City 6
  2. Final Scores for Thursday, Sept. 24: Yoshi’s Island 10 Mute City 5 Wumpa Island 7 Zebes 6 Narshe 9 Skyworld 8 Avalar 6 Celadon 9 Popstar 0Los Angeles 3 Smashville 7Hau’Oli City 6 Mushroom Kingdom 5 New Donk City 4 *Star & Moon Cup* Kongo Jungle 4 Twilight Realm 6 Hyrule 7 Ylisse 6 Mayahem 9 Sonic 8 Koholint 8 Inkopolis 7 Sarasaland 5Carnival Night Zone 7 Tokyo 6 New York City 5 Bionis 8 Mimiga Town 5 Corneria 5 Great Plateau 8 Termina 10 West City 8
  3. I heard all three expansions are really amazing. I just have other stuff I want to do, and don't want to be one of THOSE players. I'm just spacing my time with that game, so I don't become too addicted. I agree VII hasn't aged well, but as someone who got back into it after two decades when it came out, I appreciate what it meant to me. It was one of the first RPGs I played as a kid, since I missed out on the SNES era, and was a PSX guy. That's why I hold VII over VI more. Although, VI does a lot more things better than VII, I concede. I played most of the other games in the series before it, I-VI, in the numbered order before I got back to VII to see their merits and what I missed out on when I wasn't born. I played the GBA remakes of I and V, the DS remakes of III and IV, and original SNES VI on the Wii. As for VII, I played it on the Nintendo Switch rather than any of the PS consoles, and the new "features" made the original game a lot easier to get through. But, I know my experience of venturing into the series is not the same as everyone else's, so what VII did for me is not the whole picture. BUT, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. We do NOT want the mobile and Steam versions! Despite some of the bugs and translation, the original VI is still fun to play. The GBA version does have more content, but the style and music has changed for the worse, and one of the most iconic moments of that game, the opera scene, is sadly worse for that translation. And, everyone gave more praise to the original version because it was one of the RPGs on that system. Not much people talk about the GBA version in the same way. I played I on the GBA because the original is a little rough and I did not want to buy a PSP again just for one game, and V on the GBA because it is one of the only official ways to play it, and is the best official version. Though, that's just me.
  4. And don't forget he said he flat out wants a third term as well, because he deserves it. After his mockery at the Supreme Court, I glad he was boo'd the heck out when the... happened. *cries* Still can't believe she's gone. RIP the future of women and LGBT rights. *cries* A lot of my friends are impacted by these things, so don't say that I, a white man, don't care. (Yes, a lot of audience members who participated... that... boo'd him out. That's what happens when you mess with the lives that matter, Trump!) And, worse news is that her wishes might not be held up, as a replacement might happen before the election. Well, to that I say, F U hypoMitch!
  5. I said "may be". I'm really horrible at public reception or whatever. I thought there were a lot of people who make fun of this game or didn't like it. It all started with a YouTuber has gone really downhill with their audience. My rankings of the games I've played, including Tactics: 10. III 9. V 8. Tactics 7. XIV RR (Base game) 6. X 5. IV 4. I 3. IX 2. VI 1. VII I will not play II and VIII. I'm not a "huge" fan of the series, but I did beat III, IV, V, and VIII. VIII is my favorite so far, but that could change when I play XI. I think after ending my main series rush on both series, I'll stop playing RPGs for a while. But, there are the two Tales games I have (Symphonia and Vesperia), Illusion of Gaia, Earthbound, Wild Arms, Suikoden II, Grandia, Skies of Arcadia, Super Mario RPG, Ni No Kune, and Phantasy Star IV that I want to eventually conquer. Maybe the third Mana game. With the SaGa collection or whatever coming out, I might play some of those games to see what I've missed out on. And, perhaps the Shin Megami Tensei games that aren't Persona when III gets remastered. Can anyone say anything on the Ys and Langrisser series? And even though it might be silly to ask this too, Breath of Fire? I'm looking for RPGs that tend to get overlooked because they're not the big ones. Any suggestions?
  6. I beat Final Fantasy X. My least favorite Final Fantasy... On my Top 100! Psyche! But, honestly, even with the new gripes I have with this game along with older nitpicks, it's not as terrible as I thought it was going to be. It is a really audiovisual spectacle, and the world-building and lore is some of the best in the series. And, the combat is a lot more solid than I would've figured. You deserve a bit more love, FFX, even though your minigames can burn in a fire. I think FFVII arguably has the best minigames of the series ever. You may be a black sheep of the series, Mr. FFX, but underneath your wool is a still fluffy and comfy interior.
  7. My tier ranking of stages from Super Mario 64 from D to S, with no secret stages- D Shifting Sand Land. Only went here to get one star. And, for personal reasons, I hate deserts. Wet-Dry World- Ocarina flashbacks. The whole premise here is just obnoxious. C Lethal Lava Land- Bowser's stages are lava, so a stage being like this is redundant. And, I hate those bullies. Dire, Dire Docks- Like Jolly Roger Bay, but Bowser has a submarine. Okay... I discovered this place by accident too. Hazy Maze Cave- It's a maze, and unless one gets the Metal Cap, a part of this place is hard to get around it. Tall, Tall Mountain- Too long for its own good, and that monkey wants to steal my hat. Bad monkey! Tiny-Huge Island- A great concept from Super Mario 3 returns! Although, the enemy AI is rather weird. Rainbow Ride- A lot of this stage is just waiting. But, its appearance in the Smash games help it stand out. B Jolly Roger Bay- Even though the swimming physics are odd at first to get used to, at least the underwater setting and music are neat. Whomp's Fortress- A harder Bob-Omb Battlefield because of bottomless pits, and a boss that's just okay. Nothing really bad about it, just nothing special. Cool, Cool Mountain- The slide part of this stage is annoying. The baby getting part isn't bad, but I wanted the baby to shut up. Also, I hated steering that body of snow. But, I love the music. Tick Tock Clock- Unless I pull off that secret, I hate this stage a lot. But, it getting some love in Mario Kart DS and 8 Deluxe is cool. A Snowman's Land- Not all of the stars in this level are hard to get. Big Boo's Haunt- Nothing really bad with it, I just don't like scary places. Bowser In The Fire Sea- Just goes on for way too long. Bowser In The Sky- Goes on for way too long too. Maybe longer. If they wanted challenge by means of progression, maybe throw in stuff from the second and third floors, and as for the second Bowser stage the basement stages. The next game at least makes the road to Bowser a lot more fulfilling. S Bob-Omb Battlefield- One of the most iconic 3D opening stages. Easy to learn the mechanics, and hard to mess up here. And the song is sooo good! Bowser In The Dark World- A perfect way to introduce what Bowser and his stages will be about, and it has a great first Bowser. But, I'm not here to discuss that. I finally beat another game.
  8. Final Scores for Wednesday, Sept. 23: Yoshi’s Island 9 Mute City 5 Wumpa Island 9 Zebes 8 Narshe 10 Skyworld 8 Avalar 3 Celadon 0 Popstar 7Los Angeles 9 Smashville 9Hau’Oli City 7 Mushroom Kingdom 4 New Donk City 5 *Star & Moon Cup* Kongo Jungle 2 Twilight Realm 0 Hyrule 10 Ylisse 5 Mayahem 0 Sonic 4 Koholint 2 Inkopolis 1 Sarasaland 8Carnival Night Zone 5 Tokyo 6 New York City 4 Bionis 3 Mimiga Town 1 Corneria 9 Great Plateau 10 Termina 0 West City 1
  9. Final Scores for Tuesday, Sept. 22: Yoshi’s Island 3 Smashville 0 Wumpa Island 6 Popstar 3 Narshe 10 Mute City 7 Avalar 9Zebes 5 Celadon 10 Kongo Jungle 8 Skyworld 7 Mushroom Kingdom 9 Hau’Oli City 0 Mayahem 1 Los Angeles 9Hyrule 10 Koholint 3 Ylisse 2 Sarasaland 7 Sonic 6 Twilight Realm 6 Inkopolis 4 New Donk City 8Carnival Night Zone 7 Tokyo 3 Great Plateau 5 Bionis 10 West City 5 Corneria 5 New York City 10 Termina 10Mimiga Town 8
  10. Final Scores for Monday, Sept. 21: Yoshi’s Island 10 Smashville 6 Wumpa Island 5 Popstar 8 Narshe 5 Mute City 3 Avalar 10Zebes 8 Celadon 3 Kongo Jungle 5 Skyworld 6 Mushroom Kingdom 9 Hau’Oli City 5 Mayahem 4 Los Angeles 6Hyrule 3 Koholint 8 Ylisse 5 Sarasaland 6 Sonic 8 Twilight Realm 9 Inkopolis 6 New Donk City 1Carnival Night Zone 2 Tokyo 6 Great Plateau 7 Bionis 5 West City 3 Corneria 4 New York City 8 Termina 8Mimiga Town 10
  11. What about Rareware? That was a pretty big deal and a huge blow to Nintendo two decades ago.
  12. Final Scores for Sunday, Sept. 20: Yoshi’s Island 6 Smashville 4 Wumpa Island 7 Popstar 6 Narshe 4 Mute City 7 Avalar 3Zebes 0 Celadon 9 Kongo Jungle 8 Skyworld 1 Mushroom Kingdom 3 Hau’Oli City 6 Mayahem 9 Los Angeles 4Hyrule 8 Koholint 8 Ylisse 10 Sarasaland 4 Sonic 2 Twilight Realm 0 Inkopolis 3 New Donk City 3Carnival Night Zone 0 Tokyo 4 Great Plateau 8 Bionis 1 West City 2 Corneria 8 New York City 6 Termina 10Mimiga Town 6
  13. As a matter of fact...! 9/20- Super Mario 64 for Nintendo Switch 9/22- Super Mario Sunshine for Nintendo Switch 9/22- Hydro Thunder for Nintendo 64 9/24- Final Fantasy X HD Remaster for Nintendo Switch
  14. Because yesterday is when the 35th Anniversary 3D All-Stars Pack came out yesterday, I'm switching the DK Mountain and Donut Plains Circuits around. Hopefully, I remember when we get to the 10th. Donut Plains Grand Prix - Donut Plains 3 Circuit Final Results 1. Toad 2. Luigi 3. Koopa Troopa 4. Kirby 5. Valentina 6. Conker 7. Mario 8. Crash Bandicoot 9. Booster 10. Fuzzer 11. Chrom 12. Triforcemaster 13. Captain Falcon 14. Lucina 15. Daisy