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  1. Premier vs. Championship/Reserve League All-Star Game 7-8 Flip of the coin: Premier starts first. Inning 1: Lyn pitches. King Dedede is out. Ken walks. TP Ganondorf is out. Shulk is out. CHANGE! Terra pitches. Dark Samus is out. Min Min is out. Lloyd Irving walks. Bowser is out. CHANGE! Inning 2: Paper Mario pitches. Spyro on first. Ridley on second, Spyro on third. Charizard is out. Banjo walks, Ridley on second, Spyro on third. OoT Link on first, Banjo on second, Ridley on third, Spyro is HOME! King De
  2. And it’s the 20th birthday of the PS2 sometime this year... Not sure the PS5 will eventually surpass those sales. Hehe. Well, to be honest I wanted it so I could play my old gen games, while my brother gets to play his games on the PS4, even if I heard that some of the PS4 games have glitches on the PS5. I mean, some of us do have families. I was throwing one stone at two birds. Or whatever.
  3. Yeah, part of me hates the fact I didn’t preorder one beforehand, and I should’ve seen this coming. I think I’m just complaining just to make myself feel better somehow and somehow reason that I should get a PS5. Maybe I’ve blown that out of proportion and I’m just petty. ...But, online BOTs and scalpers are still a problem. This whole mess proves that there should be precautions against them in retailer sites. Why don’t they have reCAPTA or whatever? It would make buying them a lot more productive and we shouldn’t be in this mess at all. There are ways to prevent this. ... Ugh,
  4. Nothing. Walmart’s customer service is a joke online. No one is even restocking because of the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour. Sony and Microsoft handles their releases poorly this year. Don’t get me started on those eBay scalpers. F them! AND the Online Bots!
  5. There’s no PlayStation 5s and new XBOXs in any store this Black Friday. Microsoft and Sony did not handle their stocks very well this holiday season.
  6. The number the retailers are putting for XBOX series and PS5s are a joke for BFF.
  7. Today, the NBL will celebrate not the tragic past of the USA, but the present and future family and friendly get-togethers. And please, stay safe and this year follow those guidelines. The Pitching Challenge! (Out of 30 Targets) Semis: Kefka- 23 Daisy- 22 Peach- 22 Decidueye- 23 Finals: Kefka- 19 Decidueye- 22 Decidueye is the winner of the Pitching Challenge! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Yeah, but who’s gonna play as guy who doesn’t even attack, and just wants to die?!
  9. Yay, goat lady and Hel are a part of it. ... Goat lady is the only OC laguz. I could care less about another dancer.
  10. The Pitching Challenge! (Out of 30 Targets) Pitching Challenge- Funky Kong- 4 Trucy Wright- 11 Sharla- 12 Scarlet Witch- 13 Young Link- 15 Viewtiful Joe- 15 Pauline- 15 Bayonetta- 15 Kefka- 16 Daisy- 21 Peach- 21 Decidueye- 21 TP Zelda- 24 Shantae- 24 Blastoise- 29 Dr. N. Tropy- 29 Quarterfinals! Kefka- 21 Dr. N. Tropy- 20 Daisy- 25 Blastoise- 15 Peach- 24 Shantae- 15 Decidueye- 21 TP Zelda- 18
  11. THE NBAL ALL-STAR FESTIVITIES! Hitting Challenge- Team 1: Purple Yoshi Cecil Metaknight Trevor Belmont Erika Kommo-o Booster Darunia Team 2: Dark Link Darbus Shadow Heavy King Thunder Hawk Falco Hercule Papyrus Team 3: Conker Hunter Booker Soda Popinski Baseball Boy Larry Butz Diddy Kong Karate Kong Team 4: Hammer Bro Captain Toad Black Knight Cadence Cross Dampe Yunobo Star-Lord Pitching Challenge- Peach Kefka Blastoi
  12. Final Scores for Tuesday, Nov. 24: Yoshi’s Island 9 West City 8 Narshe 4 Mimiga Town 2 Popstar 5 Koholint 6 Zebes 4 Twilight Realm 8 Celadon 3 Sonic 2 Hau’Oli City 5 Carnival Night Zone 8 Mushroom Kingdom 9 Tokyo 7 Hyrule 7Corneria 4 Wumpa Island 9 Great Plateau 10 Avalar 4 New York City 6 Smashville 5 Sarasaland 6 Mute City 1 New Donk City 2 Skyworld 7 Ylisse 6 Los Angeles 3 Inkopolis 1 Kongo Jungle 5 Bionis 3 Mayahem 9Termina 10 ---------
  13. Final Scores for Monday, Nov. 23: Yoshi’s Island 6 West City 5 Narshe 6 Mimiga Town 4 Popstar 4 Koholint 2 Zebes 4 Twilight Realm 6 Celadon 8 Sonic 7 Hau’Oli City 4 Carnival Night Zone 8 Mushroom Kingdom 6 Tokyo 4 Hyrule 5Corneria 3 Wumpa Island 5 Great Plateau 10 Avalar 8 New York City 4 Smashville 9 Sarasaland 6 Mute City 3 New Donk City 1 Skyworld 6 Ylisse 8 Los Angeles 3 Inkopolis 0 Kongo Jungle 8 Bionis 6 Mayahem 5Termina 8
  14. I had mixed feelings about TWEWY for Nintendo Switch, so I hope the sequel is a lot improved.
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