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  1. It really is. Anyone who says it's their favourite needs to take a closer look. The weather is crazy unpredictable. It's muddy and gross everywhere. All the bugs and pollen start coming out. OH ANOTHER COLD SNAP AND SOME SNOW LOLOLOL. Oh look at all the dog shit people didn't pick up over the winter. It's nice and sunny, but lol freezing winds! Now it's raining again. ALLERGIES!!! I think people just like it because "winter is over" but spring is like, "nah, not really" Now, late-game spring, like late May and June. We will consider you for employment.
  2. This was the first one that came to mind actually
  3. Tattoo pics!! Zelda work is still too red and swollen for anything decent, but they turned out great. As for the coverup job:
  4. "this time"? You mean, "again"? Yes! Spiritual Stones getting added to the Zelda sleeve. But also getting a koi on my calf to coverup an old crappy tattoo I got when I was 18.
  5. Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that be a true AND literal statement... In my face.
  6. Ty I rarely know what you're talking about
  7. The internet had like no good April Fool's jokes this year
  8. 13 Games (9 unique - I think "Arcade Game" and NES's "TMNT2" are basically the same...) $40 ($50 CAD) $3.08 ($3.85 CAD) per title - $4.44 ($5.56CAD) per "unique" title
  9. GameStop Canada is taking preorders now. $50CAD, that's a crazy deal.
  10. Maybe? I mean it's one of my faves, that's how I knew it was repost
  11. Well Ring Fit and the leg strap only just came this year. With the Joycons they could also try a VR headset peripheral as well. I just think they need to put a little more power in to try and maximize these experiences.
  12. I'd actually like Nintendo to just do a Switch Series X for the next gen, maybe work in new peripherals, but make a more powerful portable/dockable Switch.
  13. Also wasn't really needed with a million fast travel locations via Shrines.
  14. The sandals in one clip and the toga, getting them mythology vibes.
  15. My basic bullet points are: - Jada said in interview a few days beforehand she loves the look (might've influenced whether Rock was going to say something) -Personally, I don't think the comment was that bad. Yes, I know her hair was from a medical condition which is NOT cool, but, um, I always thought GI Jane was a badass. A strong, badass. He picked likely the best comparison that could've been done. -Will should not have hit him. Full stop. Beef beforehand or not, we are talking about an audience member hitting a comedian on stage. I hope this does not set a trend. -They (media) focused too much on Will being a victim. He didn't get hit. He didn't get targeted by the joke. Jada is perfectly capable of defending herself. -THAT being said, 100% with him for yelling at Rock to "keep my wife's name out your fucking mouth" - if that's all that happened, I'd more likely be on Will's side. But he went too far. -I haven't seen a thing on how Jada feels about this. Just her initial reaction to joke. I'm curious if she would've felt one way if Will didn't hit Chris vs how it played out. Regardless of what happened Oscar night, I've been sick of the Smith family for years now. They come off very condescending and entitled for people who air way too much dirty laundry and personal information in public.
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