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  1. y'all got a messed up way of celebrating independence...
  2. They just lifted the remaining restrictions on our province, despite still averaging 200+ cases a day...
  3. Looks like a blast! Some of those cosplays are fantastic (obv honourable mention to the Link and KoRL). Laugh-choked on my coffee at the FE4 on Switch. How much you want for the signed Urbosa?
  4. Last two I need were all power levels to 10 and the 250-hit combo. After a number of 240 hit combos I finally got it.
  5. Got my last two achievements for the game last night 1000/1000 That is also my rating for the game
  6. my current celebrity crush is Haley Reinhart, could listen to her sing jazz all day
  7. Blanc and Live A Live were the only ones that caught my attention. 60% of the direct was games with farming
  8. I appreciate a good shitpost. Over two months into this pandemic and still working from home, there is little exciting or new for me to even talk about. Even gaming wise. Just the day in, day out grind. Also, I like doing content searches here every now and then to see how many penises you're up to.
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-61928898 Roe v Wade overturned What is wrong with American politics!?
  10. This should not have been as good as it ended up being
  11. Finished seasons 3 of Umbrella Academy, looking forward to more
  12. I didn't think one episode would be enough for a satisfactory ending, but they did it. I don't feel it needs a second season, but I'll take it one.
  13. Kenobi finale, Ms Marvel ep 3, and season 3 of Umbrella Academy dropping today. Time to settle in for some bingeing.
  14. Started and finished a "Chill" solo play of Shredder's Revenge, then start joining randoms and got in a full 6 players. The nostalgia is met with exciting fun and fantastic audio and visuals, they did such a great job on this game
  15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge - XBX
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