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  1. I really wanna play these games, see what the fuss is about (never even really seen gameplay of it). But I feel like I'd want to play them all in order aaaaand I don't want to play old-gen versions....
  2. That was one of them. The other was the secret ending (although it's almost the exact same as the Rogue ending except Rogue lives) instead of going back, letting Johnny take over V's body
  3. Yeah I found there were some awesome parts in the game, some great pop culture easter eggs/references, but then also a lot of padding and garbage. I did all 5 endings, and only found one or two to be satisfying.
  4. @ace So I finished the game over the weekend, and am curious which mission you were referring to?
  5. my guess is a half-step, more powerful, same media, kind of like how you can buy XB1 game and it has XB1X compatibility to run faster/smoother
  6. Cyberpunk 2077 - XB1 - All endings Writing was great. Nudity was 100% unnecessary.
  7. I really tried to get something related to a March release, but sorry, Zelda won. penis
  8. Sold my Wii. No. I don't want to hook anything up.
  9. Aaaaaand now I wanna Twilight Princess, but don't want to hook up my WiiU. Nintendo please release remake.
  10. Here are some good'uns Water flowing, not rain Zelda with nighttime ambience
  11. Ohhhh @Tyranogre *puts hands on hips and shakes head*
  12. I listen to rain/thunderstorms on spotify when I'm reading or crafting. There's a few mixes of Zelda music with rain sound effects added that are really nice too.
  13. Snap was already dated. End of April I think. Showing it off with gameplay footage would be nice. Johto Go I could see, but hard pass. The first was boring af. Sinnoh remake could happen. Pokemon Sleep might get brought back up. Sword/Shield Definitive Edition
  14. https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/watch-a-special-pokemon-presents-on-youtube-this-friday-february-26/
  15. I'm also quite curious if there's going to be a bundle. I mean, Skyward Sword originally released with a bundle that had a Gold Wii Remote Plus for the 25th anniversary. This is 35th anniversary and it's launching at the same time as controllers...
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