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  1. It REALLY bothered me that the teams were "Gear", "Grub", and "Games" The alliteration was RIGHT there!!!
  2. Only lost power for about 5 minutes from the Hurricane. The northern parts of our province and Newfoundland weren't so lucky
  3. Yasss! I was Team Gear as well! Bought the game Friday and played a bit of Splatfest over the weekend
  4. The catch rate on those is so low and the flee rate is so high. I've had like 10+ encounters, no catches, and only ONCE did one of them not flee after the first ball
  5. I played it free via Gamepass, but $30 is definitely worth it. Also, Zelda bias.
  6. Bracing ourselves to be nailed by Hurricane Fiona slamming into us tonight
  7. Added forearm piece and adjustable strap (needs velcro and an upper strap)
  8. These took a startling long time to make: Made my own pattern (using a guide on how to make a pattern) then added in the extra pieces between the fingers (hand stitched) and along the thumb, as well as made them half-finger instead of full.
  9. Your best. Back in my collecting NES games days I was determined to beat this game, I could get do a damageless dam run and get to the final hallway in the Technodrome without losing a single turtle. Then there was that final hallway of respawn enemy spam...
  10. For those interested in Tunic, two things: - I've played it on Xbox and the game is absolutely phenomenal - It was made by someone from my little city!
  11. I wonder if that's why they didn't live stream it in the UK
  12. I'm already pouring over the new Zelda trailer to grab something that be addable to my Zelda sleeve in the little bits of space left
  13. Wait so XBox is doing a full remaster version, and Switch is just getting original?
  14. Every time he jumped I was just waiting WAITING for a Loftwing whistle
  15. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYASSSSS
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