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  1. I got playing with sharpie the other day...
  2. A game I backed on Kickstarter like 2 years ago releases in December! Coming to Steam, Switch, PS4, XB1. It's a Metroidvania Monster Training game.
  3. Galarian Farfetch'd has returned. Can now evolve IF you set him as your Buddy AND perform 10 Excellent Throws. Galarian Ponyta is now appearing in Pink Raid Eggs.
  4. I have neither space nor the right flooring. Even if I did I doubt I'd get it. Seems like it would get tired easily. Oh and a kitten, that would smack my kart around whenever I wanted to play.
  5. I just hope this MK game opens the door for custom tracks in future games. Even if we just pick a layout and basic design and auto generates something like this does.
  6. My sister-in-law bought Doom and I'm home'd with her XB1, but haven't even installed it...
  7. I'm a super sensitive spoiler person, but if there was an official TRAILER dropped, it's fair game. I don't really count gameplay footage videos like a Treehouse as trailer. And even then, I'm only like this with Zelda games really.
  8. took the kitten to his first (with us) vet appointment in his snazzy carrier
  9. Resident Evil 2 Remake - XB1 Both Leon and Claire first campaign. Working on 2nd Run Leon now. Legend of Zelda (NES) - Switch Online
  10. I'm like that with some games and movies.
  11. I ain't do shit. I just complain to myself about it and either use my Pro, or restart the console and it's fine
  12. Is there a "Wednesday enters the Week" Smash-type spoof?
  13. i'm liking a lot of the casting choices https://www.ign.com/articles/resident-evil-movie-jill-valentine-leon-kennedy-chris-refield-claire-redfield
  14. Likely one of those, get the media involved, and try to get a quick out-of-court settlement. Should I send my Joy-Con in for repairs? The right con stick always wants to go down, mostly just when coming out of Sleep Mode. If I restart it seems to be good.
  15. Re: Dead by Daylight; doesn't matter to me if you want to count it or not but: -I've brought a Survivor to level 50 and Prestiged them -I've had a 4-person survival Trial as one of the Survivors -I've been the sole Survivor in a match, exiting through both the Gate and the Hatch -I've had a no-Survivor match playing as a Killer