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  1. Okay... Okay.... I'll try and remain calm... Ahem. This would be PERFECT for a Zelda II remake.
  2. Meanwhile, my little province is at 193 cases (11 have since recovered) with 5 hospitalized and 0 deaths. 7500 tests done.
  3. I need these more than ever to tell what day of the week it is
  4. Oh no, I for sure want motion in SS. Just with the Joycons, unsure if retooling is needed.
  5. I honestly couldn't care if they made Sunshine or not. I'm sorry, but it's terrible. I had to force myself to finish it the first time, and gave up my playthrough of it when I revisited it years later. I hope Galaxy is being used as trial of sorts on finessing out the motion controls using Joycons instead of Wiimotes and then giving me my Skyward Sword remake!
  6. Public schools closed until May 1, at least. Issued their first fines for people in closed parks. First positive case of community spread. My work is now considering lay-offs.
  7. Ori and the Will of the Wisps (X1) - man these two games were fantastic
  8. Staff at the grocery store 3 blocks from my place tested positive. Store is in temporarily lock down while staff are all tested and the place is sanitized. Did I forget to mention I was planning a supply run tonight? (we still have food for days, but wife needs some meds)
  9. I know, I know. But I had to use whatever supplies I had on hand, and the only new material I had were unworn boxers (the front pattern) and unworn pjs (the back flannel)
  10. For an out-of-nowhere "mini" it wasn't bad
  11. Started making reusable masks. They're double layer, both 100% cotton, one flat cotton, one flannel. There's an opening between the two to put in a filter if you got one, and a wire on the nose bridge for a snugger fit. 5 just need the sides pleated, 3 need straps (ran out of elastic) and pleating.
  12. Local cosplayers are dressing in character (mostly Disney princesses and superheroes) and doing daily livecast storytime for all the stuck-at-home kids
  13. https://open.spotify.com/track/3z53GdG0t4fyomZuqMdhfz?si=cBBd9VaASJ-L38flHn_tRQ