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  1. Sold my Wii. No. I don't want to hook anything up.
  2. Aaaaaand now I wanna Twilight Princess, but don't want to hook up my WiiU. Nintendo please release remake.
  3. Here are some good'uns Water flowing, not rain Zelda with nighttime ambience
  4. Ohhhh @Tyranogre *puts hands on hips and shakes head*
  5. I listen to rain/thunderstorms on spotify when I'm reading or crafting. There's a few mixes of Zelda music with rain sound effects added that are really nice too.
  6. Snap was already dated. End of April I think. Showing it off with gameplay footage would be nice. Johto Go I could see, but hard pass. The first was boring af. Sinnoh remake could happen. Pokemon Sleep might get brought back up. Sword/Shield Definitive Edition
  7. https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/watch-a-special-pokemon-presents-on-youtube-this-friday-february-26/
  8. I'm also quite curious if there's going to be a bundle. I mean, Skyward Sword originally released with a bundle that had a Gold Wii Remote Plus for the 25th anniversary. This is 35th anniversary and it's launching at the same time as controllers...
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